Happy Christmas Eve


Hope those who celebrate can spend this wonderful night with family and friends.

And I hope Santa comes down the chimney with a new CBA for those jackwagons holding hockey hostage.

Freakin’ idiots.


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  1. Happy Christmas to all boneheads. I hope Santa has a new CBA in his sack or at least a reality check or two for Bettman, Daly and co.

  2. Merry Christmas Eve to everybody, especially to Carp and to all of you who have kept this blog space warm while the NHL and NHLPA have kept hockey away from us.

    May you all be safe and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. While I would certainly love to see those silly jackwagons finally compromise and save a half season, I have little hope that it will be done. I also feel the damage they’ve done to the sport and the league is substantial and will be long lasting.

    I, unfortunately, will be presenting my wife with a Lundqvist Winter Classic jersey that I purchased well before the lockout began. What should have been a great gift for my wife who has gone from hockey newbie to rabid fan is now instead just another reminder of how stupid this lockout is.


  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Happy Christmas Eve, everyone. First for my little girl. She already had her first Hanukkah a few weeks ago. Life’s little pleasures. Enjoy, everyone.

  4. I am happy to report that Kat Dennings pinned me for Festivus, although to be fair, I did let her win

  5. Carp – It was a Chrismakkah miracle – She loves the motorboat! And I was just the man for the job!

  6. iDoodie Machetto on

    Gary Bettman is being visited by the ghosts of lockout past, lockout present, and lockout future.

  7. Good Merry Christmas Eve all! Miami, Alex always did have crummy timing when it came to the Rangers :)

    Peace and joy and all good stuff. I will not let Buttman ruin my Christmas.

  8. I walked by the NHL store today. So sad. I mean, can’t they at least close to protect me from myself?

  9. Spirit of Christmas to Come on

    I have a truckload of coal for Mr Bettman’s front door tonight…and it ain’t carbon neutral.

    Ho Ho Ho! Have a Merry Christmas fans. I can see those owners starting to wish for paying fans walking through the gates. They are feeling guilty for keeping those lunch bucket players off the ice, and just now visiting with the spirit of Christmas past…

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