NHL cancels games through Jan. 14


This is just book-keeping at this point, because the entire 2012-13 schedule is obsolete and will have to be re-done, presumably with a 48-game (or so) season with conference-only play, if there ever is, you know, an agreement.

Plus, if the world ends Friday …

From the NHL:


NEW YORK (December 20, 2012) — The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through January 14.  The cancellations are necessary due to the absence of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players’ Association and the NHL.

A total of 625 regular-season games – 50.8 percent of the season – were scheduled for October 11 through January 14.

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  1. Gotta like how these cancellation announcements are still timed for Friday afternoons, as if to minimise the PR impact. Like the league has any positive PR left to be extinguished at this point.

  2. we’ve all seen our last Friday, LW.

    So, in case this is it …

    “Ad the difference between me and you carp, is that if this team came out and looked great, i would be the first one to eat my words and say i was wrong about turderella, and be happy i was wrong. You,n the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potential Ranger disaster here, and that the clueless coach “in charge” might be implicit in what is happening, or more accurately what is not happening.”

  3. Rob in Beantown on

    Freakin’ idiots. At least there’s lots of college hockey to satisfy my appetite up here in beantown

  4. Wait a second….Is it 11:11 ET? Or in general? I think Australia should be exploding in a couple of hours then….

  5. Chris from Albany on

    So is this the dark, gloomy period? And the drop dead date has got to be what January 1st or around that date?

  6. Good evening all!

    LMAO Carp! Great last words!
    LW, if you’re not around in 30 minutes…glad to have met you…

    although…is the end at midnight, or later? Cause I’m surprised places in the world where it’s 12/21 are still around….

    though I believe the real end of the world was 12/20…goodbye 2012/13 NHL season.

  7. If the “season” starts on Jan. 10 or so, how many games played? Seriously, I so hate to say this (as I have before (first?) at that point I’d rather have no season.

    I miss my boys and hockey so much, but what a farce that “Cup” would be. Hartnell everybody!

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    Are there any Mayans left? And Where is Maya anyway? Then where is Yucatan? What about the Aztecs? So who lives in Mexico?

  9. Forgive me boneheads, for i have sinned!

    I went to the NHL store in the city and bought a Callahan jersey for my cousin’s baby boy who’s turning 3 months in a few days! Gotta start Blue, Red and White alliance early! Please don’t hit me!

  10. Bruce Garrioch @SunGarrioch

    DALY: “I would clearly not understand why we would be in a position of having to cancel the season over the issues that separate us.”

    Retweeted by Rangers Report


    well make the freakin’ deal then! you freakin’ idiots!

  11. I bought my 1 year old nephew a Ranger pillow bear thing….so what….they know not how we hartnell things up…

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    You sheep that are buying NHL products make me sick. You only have one vote- with your wallets. And you have just voted for the owners. The ones that locked out the players and are going to cancel another NHL season.

    You deserve all this…

  13. Olga Folkyerself on

    Awww, I was just cranking you guys up. Spend your money however you wish. Actually I object more to the Xmas commercialism. I gave up on Christmas years ago. I have the only dark house on my street. No tree, no presents, no eggnog. And yet I can’t wait for Christmas. Then they will stop playing that effin’ music.

    Festivus for the rest of us.

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    Does anyone know who wrote the song “Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow?

    I’d like to kill that F—er! I hope to hell he’s dead! I bet he never moved a shovelful of snow in his life. He’s probably retired in Florida, collecting royalties, sipping orange juice and laughing his Assen off.

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