FDNY, NYPD in “Rivals for Relief” hockey at the Garden Saturday


From MSG:



New York, NY (December 18, 2012) – The police officers and firefighters, who day in and day out put themselves in harm’s way to protect the citizens of New York City, come together with former NHL players in “Rivals for Relief,” a benefit hockey game to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  The hockey game is scheduled for Saturday, December 22, at Madison Square Garden.

New York Rangers alumni including Dan Blackburn, Ron Duguay, Chris Ferraro, Peter Ferraro, Rod Gilbert, Ron Greschner, Ed Hospodar, Mark Janssens, Chris Kostopolous, Eddie Mio, Brian Mullen and Steve Vickers will join the FDNY hockey team and face off against NY Islanders alum Eric Cairns, Pat Flatley, Butch Goring, Benny Hogue, Gord Lane, Mick Vukota, Randy Wood; former NJ Devil Ken Daneyko as well as former Philadelphia Flyers Andre “Moose” DuPont, Brian Propp and Dave Schultz who will team up with the NYPD team.  Additionally, former NFL star and current host of the Boomer and Carton Show on WFAN and MSG, Boomer Esiason is also expected to lace up for the New York City Fire Department Hockey Team.

A portion of the proceeds raised by the unique hockey game will be donated to the Red Cross and the Stan Lee Foundation, which seeks to provide access to literacy, education and the arts throughout the nation.  Through generous donations, 4,000 children and young adults affected by Hurricane Sandy are expected to attend and will be accompanied by select New York Rangers alumni.

Tickets for “Rivals for Relief,” priced at $25.00, $50.00, $65.00, $90.00, $250.00, are currently on sale and can be purchased at the Madison Square Garden Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster charge by phone (866-858-0008) and online at www.thegarden.com.


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  1. “A portion of the proceeds” should be allocated to an on site MASH unit with cardiologists in the forefront.

  2. Don’t get too excited, Carp. 23rd is two days after 21st. It will take a real miracle to rebuild the whole universe *AND* recreate the Festivus. You think aluminum will be available ?

  3. Did you know that Alexei Yashin is a GM of the Russian women’s hockey team for the 2013 women’s world championships?

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    The longer they go without talking, the easier it is to forget about hockey. For a casual fan, at least. Freakin’ idiots.

  5. Now that its all about legalese i’ve tuned it out.
    I’ve read the occasional story on Skjei or Miller running up to the WJC’s but i can’t be bothered to read about judges, lawsuits, disctricts, labour practices, antitrust etc.. especially when it doesnt change the fact that we are discussing the difference of a small % of total revenue and a year here or there in contract lengths and CBA lengths (not to mention that the owners have already won, but they are too greedy to leave it there and now seem intent on destroying the union)

  6. ilb,
    totally agree. I’m not a casual fan at all, however most day’s I never give it a thought.
    I have found so many other things to do that I’m really enjoying.

  7. I still miss hockey, but now what I am rooting for is the NHLPA to bury Bettman. even if that means no season. if they settle, and Bettman stays, we will be back in the same spot in 5 to 7 years.

  8. I see that Dave Schultz, and Moose Dupont are playing in the game. as an older Ranger fan here, I will just say this, charity or not, those 2 should not be invited on Garden ice ever. complete dirt bags.

  9. Hey guys I was hoping you could help me out with something. I am getting ACL reconstructive surgery tomorrow and I’m supposed to be using the patella graft method, I heard there is pain later in life with that method and now I’m starting to second guess this. Does anyone have any experience with ACL surgery?

  10. bull dog … Bettman’s not going anywhere unless he decides to retire. He’s doing exactly what the owners (most owners) want.

    agree on Schultz. I mean, Dave Brown at least is a good guy (actually, a great, polite, soft-spoken guy). Schultz was a dirtbag.

  11. True Blue- I have to look into some current articles using UTD, I’ll be able to do it some time later today. Briefly, from what I remember, that is the most common surgery used these days, surgeons are more experienced in patellar graft, and it has excellent results. While it is known to have more postsurgical pain comparing to hamstring autograft and allograft because they use a part of patellar ligament, most of the time the pain goes away in 2-3 months. I’ll have more info later.

  12. Carp,
    you are probably right about Bettman not going anywhere, but if they lose a 2nd season under his watch you don’t think it is at least a question that should be asked?

  13. You can always count on ilb to help someone.

    I really don’t miss hockey at all. More free time, less stress, less Joe Micheletti, less referees. That being said, I’m not a hockey fan, I’m a Rangers fan and an anti-Bruins fan.

  14. True Blue- a few newer articles I looked at have more compelling data that hamstring graft is as good ( in terms of strength and postoperative recovery time ) as patellar graft, with less risk of knee pain. It sounds to me that you should talk to a doctor who performs hamstring graft procedure predominantly so that you can compare both opinions. Very few orthopedic surgeons perform both procedures, so they have their preferences, obviously. Ask specifically which one would be better for you considering your age, what you do for a living, and how much you are involved in sports.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey boneheads, sorry I’ve been absent lately. Lots of goings on in the world of Machetto.

    Puck and Gavel is definitely dead. Aside from not having as much time to put into it as I would like, my firm is being absorbed by a larger firm and the new firm has put the kibosh on my P&G endeavors. We hardly knew ye…

    Just a quick story: Back in high school, one of my teammates’ dad was a higher up in the NYPD. He got the whole team tickets to the NYPD-FDNY game out at the mausoleum. Before the puck dropped, they took a moment of silence for their fallen brethren. Well, the moment lasted a bit too long, until it was suddenly broken by someone’s echoing scream of “LET’S GO RANGERS!” The crowd erupted in laughter and the puck dropped soon after. I don’t remember the game too well, but that moment will forever be in my mind.

  16. In the spirit of children and good deeds, Ill share a story I heard today. A lady and her mentally and physically disabled child, with Red Sox hats on, were at an airport. Jeter saw the child, introduced himself and spent a half hour talking with the 2 of them, gave them a couple autographs and wished him well.

  17. any ny jet except Tim Tebow. Genuinely great guy. I hope he gets traded to another team, preferably the Patriots, where he’ll be utilized and succeed.

  18. Tiki,
    agree on Tebow…a true role model…never seen a guy take so much heat for his beliefs.

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’d like to see a charity game where the players play to compensate for the money all the employees of the NHL and the arenas, and all the local businesses are losing thanks to this lockout. I know I couldn’t weather a 20% pay cut, or worse, very well.

    Maybe they could solve the lockout with a hockey game: players versus owners and the owners can bring in whichever ringers they want to play for them. Of course the refs would be on the NHL payroll so we know how it would go, but at least the lockout would be over. And regardless, the game would end with in a shootout, eh Carp?

  20. is that the exact moment, ilb?

    Good morning, Hambone!

    I hope the players threaten to cancel this season and next unless the Breakaway Contest After The Hockey Game Ends (BCATHGE) is eliminated from the CBA.

  21. I prefer to call it the Marek Malik trickshot competition after the hockey game was drawn despite overtime (MMTCATHGWDDO).
    I think it will catch on..!!

  22. Is this proof the NHL is becoming more and more irrelevant…
    My Facebook is full of NHL “fans”. People from Canada and the USA
    I’ve seen 1 post about hockey since the lockout started… Just sayin’

  23. From an article called: “The Worst Commissioner in Professional Sports”

    “Instead of viewing his job as the custodian of a sport with a long and proud tradition — the Stanley Cup has been around since the 19th century — and a deeply devoted fan base, Bettman is acting like the chief executive of a restaurant chain who can’t stop looking for new markets to exploit, regardless of whether there’s demand for his product. This hasn’t worked for the NHL any better than it worked for Krispy Kreme.”

    read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-19/the-worst-commissioner-in-professional-sports.html

  24. ~Sometimes, I wonder if some decisions in the sports world are made solely to spite me.~

    ~The Lakers are one of the most prestigious franchises in the US. So after having the greatest coach of all time, Phil Jackson, they hire the worst coach of all time, Mike Brown. Finally after a year, they fire that bum, and instead of hiring Phil Jackson, they hire the 5th worst coach of all time, Mike _’Antoni. How could they be so stupid to make such poor decisions? They cant be, these decisions are made solely for me.~

  25. What if it is true? What if the world _IS_ ending tomorrow? We worked all week like idiots and now there won’t be a weekend? Bullcrap!

  26. When the dawn comes up,
    There’ll be bluebirds over
    The White Cliffs of Dover
    Just wait and see.

  27. No worries, men – Torts can reverse the cracks in the Earth’s crust like Chris Reeves in the first Superman movie

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