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As a long time NHL and New York Ranger fan, going back to my early teens.  I still remember the sting of the Rangers losing to the hated Bruins when I was in eighth grade.  That sting was nothing compared to when they traded two of my favorite players Jean Ratelle and Brad Park a few years later. Later I was able to have season tickets from 1983 through 1995 thanks to thoughtful uncle who moved to Florida and rather than give them up, he gave them to me. But I’m not writing a history lesson or memoir of a fan, but I wanted to establish how much I have lived and died with the Blueshirts.

The highs of 1979, 1986 and ultimately 1994 (I was there, Section 402, Row A, Seat 2) have long since subsided. This year, unlike 2004 when I got so upset with the lockout that I forced a self-imposed blackout on myself just saying “wake me up when it’s over”, we are experiencing new lows as Rangers fans of the most helpless kind. The 24-second news cycle we now live today, makes it even harder to avoid and all the more frustrating.

We have a team ready to challenge for a Cup, a Vezina winner in his prime, a coach that’s has set a tone and tempo and he has the pieces in place to implement his plan. A leadership group in the dressing room that that keeps this talented, outworking bunch united.  THIS IS TORTURE.  Denying this iteration of Blueshirts the chance to play feels worse than seven straight years of missing the playoffs, it feels worse than hearing chants of “1940” and knowing you had absolutely no comeback.  Dale Rolfe … Anders Hedberg … I’m getting depressed writing this.

For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be a hockey fan. Even more embarrassing than the fact that this is the third work stoppage in 18 years (Bettman’s legacy) is the lack of coverage in the States.  Do the owners not see that no one in the national media gives a crap about the lockout. The NFL and NBA keep them more than busy.

In this era of sports labor discord, I find myself siding with one party over the other for the first time. So thorough is my support for the NHLPA that I would rather see them not play again than bend to this club of billionaires.

I don’t know when they’ll play again. Naturally I hope it is soon. If you told me there would be NHL hockey starting next week and the reason we have a CBA is because the players splintered, gave in and took what the owners “offered” against the advice of the union leadership, I don’t know if I would be that thrilled to watch them play.

I’m with you Carp, taking a hit-em-where-it-hurts approach.  I told my family: This year for Christmas, I want no Rangers merchandise. I am waiting to see the outcome of the lockout as to whether or not I will cancel my Center Ice package. I know boycotts are usually pretty futile, but I am trying.

If I could impart one wish, one whim, one request onto this process, it would be to have them build in some protections against this happening again.

How about:

1.         18 months before the expiration of this CBA, mandatory monthly bargaining sessions would begin.

2.         If no agreement is reached 6 months before the expiration date, the process goes to binding arbitration overseen by the FMCS.

3.         An overhaul of Commissioner’s office so that it becomes neutral, as Mark Everson wrote in the Post:  “That Commissioner’s sole duty, his mandate, would be to further the best interest of hockey — not just the interests of the franchisees, nor just those of the laborers. He would be “The Protector of The Puck”. It would require the franchisees and the players to agree to submit to someone with irreproachable motives and judgment.”

4.         A buyout of the current Commissioner’s contract with both sides splitting the cost of that buyout.

5.         The nominee for Commissioner would have to be approved by both sides and could only be removed before his contract is up if both the NHL and NHLPA agree on it.

6.         A new Commissioner, who is paid 50% by the owners and 50% the NHLPA, will be installed.

Of course this will never happen because it would mean the owners giving up some leverage in future lockouts — I mean negotiations.


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  1. Good read Mark. Agree with you completely. This lockout has shown that Bettman is not commissioner of the NHL – he’s just a Billionaire’s puppet who has no interest in furthering the sport, only further lining the pockets of his employers.
    NHL Commish should be a neutral person who brings both sides together for the good of the game. Give the job to Mario, Gretzky, Mess or JD

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good work, Mark. You are right, it won’t happen.

    And in terms of who wins this war, the answer is always the owners. Having said that, the players have the best “general” they could’ve asked for. As it stands now, the players gave up their share from 57% to 50%- right at the level of other major sports. And that’s it. It isn’t over yet, but I believe Fehr is doing exactly what he was hired to- minimize their losses.

  3. Carp, that’s a pretty impressive group of artists lined up for today’s concert. And it’s run by Robin Hood Foundation for poverty, which has one of the better track records of any charity out there. Their program expenses are at over 90% so you can rest assured every dollar you give will go directly to Hurricane Sandy relieve Fund in NY.

  4. McCartney, Jagger, Springsteen, Joel, Clapton, Waters, the Who, Alicia Keys, Dave Grohl, Cold Play, Kanye West (ugh, how did he get in there?), I’m sure I’m missing a few others, plus there could be some surprises (there always are at these things). Awesome. I think it’s on a bunch of networks, and also streaming online.

  5. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Carp you kept saying you dont think were at the point of no return, and these past negotionations wernt do or die….do you think this round is? or do you think were getting close?

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    All of your suggestions about the commissioner completely misunderstand what the role of the commissioner is. He is not supposed to give a damn about the players. That’s why they have a union. He isn’t supposed to give a damn about the fans beyond them buying tickets and swag. He has one job, and one job only: make the owners as much money as possible by maximizing franchise values. Period. End of story.

  7. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Good morning all. I need help , my laptop has a virus in it . Has anyone ever gone to the geek squad to have viruses removed? Not to worry Carp i’m on my old desktop *dinosauer* .

  8. Probably more thoughts about what the role of commissioner _should_ be rather than what it actually is, Doodie.

    Still, I doubt the job description is quite as basic as that. Money making is obviously the primary objective (if he doesn’t, the owners find someone else to do it), but he’s still a league figurehead and has some (arguable how much) responsibility for non-financial aspects of the game.

    Won’t happen, but a “commissioner” should be a completely different job from just acting as the owners’ agent/CEO/lapdog, which is mostly what Bettman appears to do.

  9. buttman is a hack. the scum owners will probably give him a raise.

    buttman is the spokesperson and leader of a group of welfare kings that would make ronald reagan blush.

    extorting cities for $$$ for stadiums, big market teams for addtl cash, and wanteing to terminate contracts they signed with no coercion.

    phx. nashville, nj, fishticks, blue jackets, those are the new charity cases…don’t blame dolan on this 1, only complaint about dolan is he should speak up about this stupidity,,,,,

  10. Will we see another Bettman hissy fit today? Will Murray Edwards decide they want a 12 year CBA now? Has anyone actually found that hill yet so we can send Daly and Bettman to meet their makers and the rest of us can get back to hockey?

  11. Good read Mark, great ideas, all rooted in reality and a love for the sport, which is why none of them will happen.

    On another note, I nominate Gary Bettman to be the first man launched into the sun. How is this man going to ever appear in an NHL stadium again without starting a riot? I can’t wait to hear the reaction when he presents the cup whenever that happens again.

  12. IBleedRangersBlue on

    i understand the media being “lockedout” of the negotiating is a good thing….but its not alot of fun following twitter when you dont see “the owners have left the room” “the owners have returned to the room” “the players have left the room” “the podium is up” “the podium is down” “pizza is being served” i enjoy the live updates

  13. According to @JSportsnet – its each party in their own rooms and mediators shuttling between the two. Not sure that will work as it takes the Fehr “poker face” out of the equation – although it also removes the Bettman “hissy fit” too!

  14. Mediator: “What position would you like us to present to the league?”

    Fehr: “Tell Mr Bettman that he has a big nose and that we can smell Mr Jacobs’ poopy pants from here, even though he’s in Boston.”

    Mediator: “With respect, Mr Fehr, we are federal mediators and this is a seriou….”

    Fehr: “Just do what I say, now!”

  15. Dolan was on the Today show this morning talking about the concert tonite. There was a part of me that wished be slammed Bettman during it but I totally understand that it was the wrong time.

    Good post today!

    Wonder when we get Bettmans tantrum today .,,

  16. Totally agree with everything you say Mark, and I’ve been watching almost as long as you. As much as I hated the Ratelle/Park/Espo trade, it brought us to ’79.

    Anyway, I am with you as to who to blame as the owners making record revenues just want a bigger piece of the pie and forced this. The problem is you also have Fehr who has a track record of being a hard a$$ when negotiation and was part of MLB canceling the WS in 1994. So you have TWO sides who don’t care about whether there’s a season or not apparently, only winning. And while this stupidity is going on, on the majority of NHL markets there are other things going on. NFL, NBA, college football and hoops. There’s enough other things that general sports fans, the ones who you need to convert to hockey fans, have completely lost interest. This is SO bad for the growth of the sport. Us die hards will be back, but the casual fan won’t be, at least not for a couple of years.

  17. Doodie, that’s not what the role of commissioner once was. It was once to oversee the game, for the good of the game.

    IBleed, yep, close. But not there yet.

  18. Good afternoon all! Great read Mark! I think if were at the show tonight Id have a heart attack. Gonna be real frustrating watching on TV. Especially since so many tix were scalped and people paid huge prices – money that isn’t going to the cause. Ah well.

  19. Carp,

    Thanks for posting and thanks to all who read. However Carp, I did intend to use the phrase “24 second news cycle”, referring to Twitter.

    Thanks again,

    Lets go Rangers!

  20. IBleedRangersBlue on

    “Game 2 = Must win” lmao carp

    you think people on here go crazy when the rangers loose game 10 of an 82 game season…watch all the “THE SEASON’S OVER” comments when its game 10 of 42

  21. “All of your suggestions about the commissioner completely misunderstand what the role of the commissioner is. ”

    Hey, Doodie, since when can a suggestion misunderstand? How’s Puck & Gavel after you went bankrupt?

  22. I have rights to everything, Manny. Judge and jury, buddy.

    I think that’s a third twidget, for my tweets and retweets. Or something.

  23. Thought you might need better legal representation there, Carp.


    *LATONA!!!!!* The man who gave us WASKEA.

  24. I hope Mr. Petty, Mr. Campbell and co. make a surprise appearance at the concert tonight!

    Hello Manny.

  25. IBleedRangersBlue on

    im confused….first reports “no progress” then daily says “no conclusion” OBVIOUSLY…we werent waiting for you to come out and say DEAL!…but no conclusion doesnt mean no progress! i hate this i really really really hate this!

  26. IBleedRangersBlue on



    i wish there was no reports about this at all…no twitter, no updates….id rather just know we were locked out and not all this up and down and up and down i cant handle it

    i dont recall 04-05 being AS HARD (except for that brief period where there was a small bit of hope we MIGHT have a partial season)


  27. I’m really hoping for a shortened season, not crammed into too tight of scheduling space. Then we hopefully wont get tired down the stretch of the season.

  28. BillyBleedsBlue on

    Jerry goes viral with a video of a joke that’s not funny; decides to put it in his act to prove a point to Elaine. George loses his edge at a marketing meeting after confusing ROI with SEO. Kramer entertains Chinese venture capitalists at Jerry’s stand up. Wait I think this is too long for a tweet. Are we still doing this?

  29. _Mens Warehouse? You’re gonna like how you look. I guarantee it._

    You’re gonna like _the way_ you look. I guarantee it.


    you’re welcome.

  30. I kinda wish the players would call the owners bluff and be all OUR proposal is take it or leave it and if you leave, go ahead and cancel the season and end the league. Wonder how many owners would be making a mess in their pants if that happened.

    OR tell the owners they will take their deal IF Bettman is fired on the spot.

  31. Clapton was great as was Eddie on comfortably numb. Good read Mark with a bonus Hedberg shout out but I didn’t know if that was good bad or indifferent since it was along with Dale Rolfe

  32. Clapton is just freaking awesome.

    Based on the performances so far, I just pre-ordered the music on itunes.. Well worth the $12.99

  33. Nice piece, Mark. OK, I have already substituted Rotislav Dubinsky and Rivka Golani for the former Ranger on my fantasy league team this season. Eric who? Nice event, sad that it coincides with death of Ravi Shankar, reminds me of the Concert for Bangladesh in the 1970s in its breadth.

  34. Holy hartnell Carp! Your tweets on concert are hysterical! And I said Jagger was younger than Chelios on FB with Linda and Mickey!!!

  35. Carp, the chick was Olivia Wilde… Was on House, and a bunch of movies. Better than thank unwashed skunk Kristin Stewart.

    LOL, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they try to bleep the f work in Baba O’Reilly, but never get it right.

    Also, did you know today would have been Ol Blue Eyes 97th birthday? Kinda fitting since he’s from Hoboken..

  36. Thank you, Mickey. I wasn’t going to sleep without knowing that. … also, fitting that Bon Jovi honors Sinatra in the song he did. “Like Frankie said I did it my way.”

    Mama, where the eff is Linda????

  37. Saw the Who in DC last month shockingly excellent especially Pete’s voice, should let him sign tonight.

  38. Oops, I meant Ulf Nilsson, not Anders Hedberg. These two always seemed to be mentioned together. Pardon my old, addlepated brain. Referring of course to the unfortunate broken ankle that gave us a chant that lives to this day.

  39. Borodin mentioned the Bangladesh Concert. I was not fortunate enough to attend that, my brother and cousin were. I was lucky to see many great shows at the Garden over the years: Led Zepplin, John Lennon, Allman Brothers, Johnny Winter, Procul Harum. I miss living so close to New York and having the best venue in the world a short train ride away.

  40. The Who took the top spot so far… Except they played FOREVER.

    One thing… in 40 years, the people playing concerts like this will be Bieber, Nicki Minaj and One Direction. How scary is that thought?? (Unless the Stones are still alive, which may happen..)

  41. Jay Z woulda been better. Just saying.

    Also, as someone pointed out on twitter.. Imagine the Beatie Boys at this concert..


  42. Billy Joel hasn’t lost a thing, except maybe his hair. He sounds great. Looks like Alan King, but sounds great.

  43. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Had no idea who this Chris Martin guy is, but his couple of songs were damn good.

    Kanye awful, awful, awful…..awful…..should have used a hook to grab him off.

    The Who took it for me. BJ was damn good, and of course, The Boss.

    Not a hard concept. Play the songs the fans want to hear.

  44. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    gonna be expecting a little ‘Twist and Shout’ with Sir Paul and Bruce. Could Mr. Jagger join in?

  45. Always thought the Who was better than the Stones. Better live, more blue collar better catalog for me, I know not for everybody. Stones were great but the Who connected with me growing up.

  46. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    What was with the Stones playing 2 songs? I know they’re old and they have a show tomorrow here in Jersey, but….2?

  47. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Agree, Hedberg. The Who showed a ton of varied talents there. Nice little playlist.

  48. I’m in awe of McCartney as much as anybody, but, geez, he has to play some Beatles. I mean, if his career started the moment the Beatles broke up, he’s be answering phones tonight, not lead singing on stage. Gotta do some Beatles. Sad.

    Also, funny when Michael Stipe is considered one of the young guys.

    Will say this. Jim Dolan’s big house sure does the big-stage events better than any other place anywhere.

  49. Matty, I expected the same…bummed that finale did not involve Bruce….:)


    all, I have commented so much all night about this….must pass out. Show was almost perfect…Carp’s tweets…priceless.

    Kanye..go away…


  50. I wish i’d had the chance to watch this concert as a way to distract me from the negative tweets i was reading about hockey. I actually thought the NHL would realise their mistake from last week and concede a year or two on the CBA length and max contracts and we’d have the foundations for a new CBA and a start date of 1/2 Jan. This thing is going to the wire and i’m sure the NHL won’t move until they have to, i’m not sure i see the players conceding much ground on the major sticking points having conceded so much on the revenue share already.

  51. Concert last night was good until Kayne West came out, for me, totally killed whatever energy was in the building from artist who performed before West. I thought the best song of the night was Adam sandler, priceless.

  52. Good morning, boneheads!

    Some concert last night. Couldn’t watch it all, but it’s all DVRed. Does anyone know how much they raised? From some reports it may be close to $50M

  53. Guest bloggers, that makes me happy.

    ilb, I could raise that much if they pay a dollar a comment during the playoff :) … if there are playoffs.

    Good morning, Sally!

  54. Just found out – its on our TV tonight at 10pm, that might shake me out of my lockout gloom. I’ll make a point to skip Kanye given the reviews above my my distaste for Pop/R’n’B and given Carp’s reaction i cant wait to hear Vedder singing Comfortably Numb!

  55. I wish I could see that song again … and Bruce’s opening act.

    in fairness — and I don’t hate Kanye — his performance started out terribly and got better at the end.

  56. IBleedRangersBlue on

    im really hopeing right now is just the NHL and NHLPA making there final push but this thing will be over by the begining of next week

    the nhl HAS TO KNOW the NHLPA is not going to accept a 5 yr term on contracts but they also know theyll move a little on the 6 yr max CBA…i can not see this dragging on too much longer over such stupid issues.

    I know they said the NHL is being stubborn and not moving right now…but Fehr has to see that there getting close to the best deal possible right now and he cant loose a whole season over whats left here

  57. not sure the NHL will relent on the five-year term. … that’s why it will go to the drop-dead date. and the NHL might just call the union’s bluff — in other words, cancel the season if it doesn’t get the five-year max.

  58. anyone care to venture a guess about how the conversation would go between Torts and Kanye West’s skirt?

  59. Carp as a huge Bruce fan. Vedder was the best followed by the Who, Bruce was good. Thanks for posting

  60. although I don’t live in CT, I was surprised and a little disappointed that there wasn’t more talk last night about THEIR destruction. Still part of the tri-state area, no? I got nuttin but luv for my CT honkies.

  61. I think Mess, Leetch and Richter should have been invited on stage to sing back up to at least one band…fine, Starks and Larry Johnson also…they could have at least been allowed to belt out New York, New York

  62. Those Twidgets are getting kind of insane over there. Can we ditch the middle one and then REMOVE SEAN WAIVERY FROM THE PLAYERS ONE?

  63. well, maybe on Avery. We need the middle one because those are direct tweets from important people covering hockey. the one on top, while redundant in some cases, contains stuff tweeted and re-tweeted by me. A lot of times I won’t be able to do a lot of the re-tweeting because of my “other” job so we need the middle one … make sense?

  64. It makes sense. Just Sean “Early Retirement” Waivery and Whyshynski are getting on my nerves with the non-hockey related stuff. Also, Del Zaster’s tweets only make me dislike him. R

  65. “us and them” by pink floyd one of the best headphone blast in you ears tunes…underrated song and it was great to hear it last nite

  66. Other than Brodeur, Jagr, Selanne, and Sean O’Donnell, all these NHL players are young enough to remember that it was only recently when they were happy, hungry, and didn’t even have the money to put gas in the car that they didn’t have. Hockey players (most) are a tough bunch and would still be thankful for a long night’s sleep on a relatives couch if it came to that. Laughable that this could ever be said for the NHL suits.

  67. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Honestly, i think this whole thing is about to come to an endby this weekend….I think its wierd that the NHLPA asked to meet with the NHL’s laywer a day after “no progess”. I think Donald Fehr realizes that the time to make the deal is now. everythings almost TOO quiet and i think thats a good thing. i have a wierd gut feeling i havnt had untill today

  68. I posted on here at the end of the season that there will not be a season this year. My thought process was Fehr hired as the represenitive for the players. Fehr’s track record and seeing buttman on the Mike Francessa show state that there needed to be major changes to the CBA told me, here we go again. The players didn’t hire Fehr for his reputation. The players were in this for revenge because of the last debacle nonsense in 2004. There will not be a season. I really don’t care anymore. It doesn’t matter to me what happens.

  69. Not sure how losing the whole season of salaries and a year of their careers would qualify for a revenge.

  70. BillyBleedsBlue on

    Comfortably Numb could have been better. It could have had Chris Cornell on high harmony. Otherwise, it was great.

  71. Tony, try removing the trousers.

    I forgot to tell youse, I’m at a hockey game tonight. High school game, outdoors. Maybe Mike Rupp will pot a pair.

  72. Miracle on 34th Street is one. I kinda wish it was about the end of the lockout instead of Kris Kingle and Santa Claus.

  73. Check out the link in my latest retweet ——–> Makes it sound as if the owners know exactly where the deal will be. (but again, IMO, it will take a drop-dead date to get there. Forty-eight game season coming up.

  74. On Thursday, Obama was asked about the lockout again, because that’s what happens when you’re interviewed by a Minnesota television reporter. Frank Vascellaro spoke with the President at The White House about the fiscal cliff, but found time for this question about the NHL work stoppage:

    Frank: Minnesota’s known as the state of hockey, and we’re under the NHL lockout right now. Would you be willing to intervene in that lockout?

    President Obama: _You know, look. I’ve got to say, because we’ve had an NBA lockout, we’ve had an NFL lockout during the course of my presidency, the president of the United States shouldn’t have to get involved in a sports lockout. My message to owners and to players is, you guys make a lot of money and you make a lot of money on the backs of fans, so do right by your fans. You can figure out how to spread out a bunch of revenue that you’re bringing in, but do right by the people who support you. And I shouldn’t have to be involved in a dispute between really wealthy players and even wealthier owners. They should be able to settle this themselves. And remember who it is that’s putting all that money in their pockets._–nhl.html

  75. Happy 26th Birthday to the perfect mrs. ilb. Like her exquisite husband, she’s the kindest, most genuinely beautiful person. And lets not forget our Captain’s birthday in 11 days!

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sounds like the Prez hit it right on the head. My only consolation is that both sides are losing money. I know it will be a damn cold day before I spend any money on NHL products, games, Center Ice, etc. again. I did buy a Black Hawks jersey in 2010 when they won the Cup and went to Ranger games in Buffalo and Raleigh. Come to think of it, I haven’t bought a Ranger product since Sather took over.

    So I’ll watch the games when they return, but the NHL will not get another dime! It’s the only leverage that fans have. I don’t even wear the NHL crap that I have anymore anyway. I’m embarrassed to be a hockey fan.

  77. Do we know how much are the union dues that players have to pay to NHLPA ? Would be cool to know. Would also stop so much of the idle banter, am I wrong?

  78. Whoever this exec is needs to take Bettman’s job:

    Its called compromise, and its what is needed to save the season and secure labour peace enough for sponsors to want to do business with the NHL. One side is at A the other at Z, lets meet somewhere between L and P and get on with this mess.

    Its going to be hard enough for fans to get excited about guys aiming for 20-25 goal seasons instead of 40, and someone winning the Rocket Richard with 32-34 goals or a goalie winning the Vezina with less than 20 wins – not to mention the feeling that fans should in some way punish these guys.

  79. No Bettman is a piece of Carcillo! I think Fehr is doing an outstanding job, given how the players splintered last time.

    Just read one of Jamal Mayers retweeted articles from the NBA lockout – it was like reading the script of this lockout but swapping the names for their counterparts! Stern=Bettman etc..

    If they follow that script: next up this week decertification, then within 2 weeks a new CBA and shortly after that the start of the season.

  80. what a disaster this stuff really puts hockey in perspective. my heart to those in newtown connecticut right now.

  81. Knicks, Rangers, Giants, Jets, Yankees, Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots should each adopt one of the Newtown families and pay for everything for the rest of their lives

  82. Sorry, I can’t even think of anything to say. My sister’s family is there. I have friends there. Spend a lot of time there. Horrific. Sick.

  83. hey Carp, hey everyone. been awhile and havent kept up much with hockey, but for anyone who knows or has family and friends in newtown conn. my heart goes out to you. i squeeze my 6 year old daughter so hard when i picked her up from school. it makes me so damn angry why anyone would or could do something like this. just heartbreaking. anyway hope everyone has a safe and good holidays, and hopefully we get some hockey at least this year. been watching college hockey when i can, and i’ll be around more often chattin with you crazy boneheads. see youse later.

  84. shocking the nhl owners want to destroy the union.

    what a shocker. no way multi millionaires and billionaires want to crush a union, never heard that 1 before.

    i go to the games to watch the owners sip wines, smoke cigars, and how they pace the luxury boxes….

  85. innocent children die, innocentchildren starve to death all around the world daily, while billionaires fight w millionaires over nothing. how about taking the difference and helping these families who wont have christmas this year.

  86. tiki never happen, the greed and arrogance is a diseease the owners and many players cannot overcome.

    most of the owners are guys you would hate, they would screw there mothers for a buck and will do almost anything to feed there humonous greed, arrogance, and narcissism. that is why they are rich, they can never say enough is enough. they never have anough….

  87. Ugh, just a horrible day. :(

    Also, shame on you NHL for filing a lawsuit against your OWN players on a day like this. If you want total control, shutter the league and start a new one, with anyone dumb enough to play under your dictatorial rules.

  88. onecupin73yearsancounting on

    Awful , awful day.. Strange about those clear blue sky days , Nov 22, Sept 11 and now today.

    But December 14 will always remind me of the day my dad took me to Gerry Cosby’s at the old MSG on 8th ave and 50 th and bought me hockey equipment..

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