More time to kill as we wait for a deal … and wait … and wait


First of all, I should have said this over the weekend: Happy Chanukkah!

As for your favorite team in your favorite sport, well, here we are in the second week of December steamrolling toward the drop-dead date, whenever that is … and, truly, it’s still probably a few weeks away, and there’s no reason to believe the owners will agree to a deal before that without complete capitulation.

That said, if these owners think they are going to divide-and-conquer these players, if they think they’re going to get the union to splinter at this point, they are sadly mistaken. I don’t see that happening at all, and another 700 or so player paychecks go down the toilet next Saturday. They hired Don Fehr for a reason, and they won’t turn on him, and they won’t try to get a deal without him.

Going back to the drop-dead date, whenever that is … only then will we learn if the players and owners can actually bend a little, move toward the middle, on what are obviously the key remaining issues here — despite that the Lockout Commissioner in his little snit-fit said that everything else was off the table. Ridiculous.

Those issues are the max length of contracts, and Bill Daly called it “the hill we die on” … and the term of the new CBA, if there is one. The owners want a 10-year deal with an eighth-year opt-out, the players want a shorter deal, and that, to me makes zero sense. The sooner this new CBA, if there is one, expires, the sooner we get to the next lockout and more givebacks by the players.

As for the max contracts thing, the owners are sure set on five years. Wow. That’s going to take a big move for the players to get there. And, of course, the owners wouldn’t need that limit whatsoever if they could just stop themselves from doling out the idiotic contracts they’ve front-loaded these last few years in every attempt to circumvent the salary cap, which was what the last lockout was all about. Duh.

Anyway, the two sides spoke over the weekend and I expect they will meet again this week, and I predict there won’t be a deal because of those two issues. Not yet. I also expect more cancellations, maybe today. We’re headed for the drop-dead date. And then we will have hockey.

Freakin’ idiots.

Here’s an interesting take on the lockout from the Globe and Mail. And I’m sure you saw Larry Brooks’ column Sunday.

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  1. Its just getting beyond a joke now – we all know the Bettman playbook, all the journalists in the world (apart from one or two clearly biased towards the league) have written about how its all based on locking out as a primary move then separating the players from their leadership (again) then trying to hammer a deal down their throat that they don’t want. This was really badly telegraphed by the “if he comes back in the room the deal is off the table” comments from last week’s player-owner meeting, which again was clearly an attempt to undermine Fehr.
    Unfortunately a combination of the last lockout, the starting offer this time around and some really bad PR moves by the league have galvanised the players and thanks to twitter it has become really easy to circulate information, something the journalists and players have grasped and the NHL is still light years behind on.

  2. Let’s see the NHL announces in May that they are giving their required 180 day notice that they are terminating the current CBA.

    The NHLPA was telling it’s members as far back as 2 years ago to expect a lockout so stash away money which most did.

    Neither side said “hey how about we sit down now in May and start working on a deal?” Of course we had a better chance of Moses coming back and parting the Red Sea before that happened.

    Players who want to make money are playing somewhere; owners are still collecting TV money and can still collect a sizable share of their advertising revenue with as few as 42-48 games.

    Both sides are playing the PR game to win fan sympathy because both believe that as soon as the game is back all will be forgiven. The only way that anyone is going to prevent future lockouts is to hit both sides in the wallet.

    No Center Ice for me I used my money to purchase College and junior hockey packages. I got a better bargain for my dollar too

  3. No Center Ice. No NHL related purchases. This will be the first year my kids get NO NHL associated gifts. I already told them. They both agreed on AHL Jerseys of their choice!

  4. 4generations 4 cups on

    I seriously was weary as hell on buying any NHL products after the last lockout. I seriously dont remember a single item ive bought at the team store other than a t-shirt.

    No reason to go to games, give them my money. They hate me!

  5. Morning Carp and heads.
    No NHL merch is the way to go…
    ~But I know someone bought me NHL13 for PS3…~

    I’d bet money we will be on this blog on Dec 23…
    The Mayan’s just ran out of chalk bro, or their chisel broke…one or the other.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    I thought it was December 21st, no? If I knew it was 22nd I wouldn’t rush that much with some of my projects.

    A morning entry on this blog December 22nd:
    “Mayans? Freakin’ idiots.”

  7. There can be no doubt that while the owners have one group putting together CBA options, they each have their own team devising ways to circumvent whatever they put into practice, as they did last time with the salary cap. They’ll find a way to compete for players, no matter what rules they put into place now.

    The only question is, how will that cheating help Rick DiPietro this time?

  8. I am dying here – really a drop dead day? I dont know if I can hang on much longer watching old Cup series on NHL network –

  9. Incarcerated Bob. That guy is just a giant tub of hot horse manure. How that guy got any street cred is beyond me.

  10. Not caught up with Incarcerated -Rod- Bob lately, but I did see him admonish the mainstream media for not announcing that Phil Jackson back to the Lakers was a “done deal” before he did.

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