Bleep You Fans!


I don’t even know where to begin about what happened on Day 82 of the lockout, after all the feel-good built on Day 81.


1) As I said last night in the comments, after this is settled, this year or next, anybody who spends a dime on anything other than a ticket or a center ice package is a sucker. I mean, anybody who buys a jersey, a hat, a t-shirt, a keychain, an arena prime rib sandwich, a pretzel … anybody who goes to the NHL store, anybody who goes into the merchandise store at the arena, anybody who logs on to, is a complete sucker and a sap and exactly the kind of fan the owners are counting on. This is what the owners know. They have your hearts no matter what they do to you. So they can get away with crap like this. And you’ll be back emptying your pockets and filling their pockets.

2) As I also said last night, this is how every single strike/lockout I’ve seen has played out. It’s darkest and gloomiest just before, or at the drop-dead date. In three of the previous four (or is it four of five, I forget?) the season was saved at that moment. In the other one it was flushed.

3) I still don’t believe these owners or this commissioner and all his sponsors and partners will flush this season. I still believe it has to go to the absolute brink before it is settled. That’s the only way the owners will get their best possible deal.

4) It’s so ironic that term limits on contracts is such a big deal to the owners, when the reason they “need” limits is entirely their fault. These guys killed an entire season to get a salary cap, and they and their GMs spent seven years jerking around deals that circumvented the cap.

5) While I put a whole bunch of this on the owners, if the owners did indeed make it clear that this was a “Yes” or “No” point in the negotiations, and the players union countered with another proposal, then you can’t really blame the owners for walking away in disgust, and for instantly shooting down said proposal. The players, if they weren’t ready to say “Yes” or “No” should have said nothing.

6) That said, the Lockout Commissioner taking everything off the table — all the concessions, all the progress that had been made — in his little snit-fit presser, seemed a little unnecessary and unproductive. You can watch the snit-fit (courtesy of TSN) here.

7) There is still plenty of time to get a deal done and have a season. We all know in ’94-95 (the Lockout Commish’s rookie lockout) they settled in early January and were playing a 48-game schedule, all intra-conference, by mid-January. But — and I’m quoting from a New York Times story — the NHL will get 100 percent of its sponsorship money if it plays 62 games, and just 68 percent if it plays 56 games, and 61 percent if it plays 50 games. So perhaps the owners/NHL are under more pressure to get this thing done than are the players.

8) I truly feel for the players who don’t understand how this bargaining game is played. And this also illustrates so clearly to those players who stupidly, repeatedly said early in the lockout “why can’t we continue playing while we negotiate?” This is why. You can’t get a deal done under these dire circumstances, with both sides blowing millions of dollars every day and the whole year close to being blown up.

9) It doesn’t matter the length of the next agreement if there’s a seventh-year opt-out for the owners, and it doesn’t matter how this CBA irons out. In seven years, we’ll be doing this all over again. Take that to the bank.

10) Freakin’ idiots.

11) This was a week in which I didn’t find twitter to be the stupidest thing ever, as I do most other weeks. So please follow me at @rangersreport.

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  1. not so sure about the sponsorship bit. if they screw the sponsors by playing a 62 game season to get 100% the sponsors just might say the heck with the nhl. would be very short sided of nhl although not the first time for that.

  2. not really sure how that’s screwing the sponsors. the bigger issue is how the window for a 62-game season is rapidly closing. assuming they start by (roughly) Christmas and they get a brief training camp in beforehand – and if they don’t allow that, these owners are even bigger reptiles than they’ve already revealed themselves to be – the lockout would basically have to end early next week.

    but there’s not going to be a hockey season anyway so it’s all moot

  3. No season. Gary and owners have killed the league. Might as well start counting the days til pitcher and catchers.

    Also, I hope Gary and the owenrs rot in hell.

  4. haha, Mickey! But we’ve gotta check with the omnipotent blogger to see if we can hope Gary and owners rot in hell. ;)

  5. CCCP, just cool it, we don’t call you an idiot yet, just a jejune one, learning to be an American, slowly but steadily learning Ukraninian. I write this because I know you cannot read anything by newbear , but I included certain word that you heve to look up, schlemiel.

  6. buttman still getting paid?

    the utter stupidity of the owners is hard to fathom.

    limit length of contracts. ok, tell your employees ie. GM’s not to give contracts for more then 5 years. Problem solved.


  7. The problem is that although these owners “apparently” stand together and attempt to batter the players into submission, the minute this thing is done GM’s, execs and player agents will go into their own offices and dissect it and attempt to find the loopholes they’ve so happily been exploiting over the last 7 years. for those 4 statements from the owners – don’t insult our intelligence with this scripted BullCarcillo.

    Having said all that, the pressure is on the NHL now, they have to decide on whether to upset their sponsors even more and lose a third of their sponsorship revenues over what seems to be something they could control if they reigned in their GM’s a bit. They couldnt annoy fans any more than they have already.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    I don’t think NHL is under that much pressure to play 68 games vs 61 or so. Their total sponsorships money is around $100M. Losing third of it would be easily offset by recovering $50M from TV deal they signed which pays them $200M if any games are played vs $150M if they cancel the whole season. And they’ll find more loopholes no matter what the agreement looks like. Sign and trade, opt out, early extension etc.
    And that statement about taking everything “off the table”, as well as D. Fehr announcing that the deal is very possible while knowing very well it’s not the case, indicates that they’re still posturing.

    Jackwagons. They don’t care about fans.

  9. So I was talking to my 4.5 month old daughter the other day telling her that we may be watching hockey this season together after all. But yesterday I had to tell her it’s all looking gloomy again, unfortunately. What does she do? Promptly spits up. She is a true hockey fan already. :-)

  10. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Carp, love the expression “snit-fit” he’s like a child stomping his feet because he didn’t get his way

  11. ilb, I’ll be honored the day you read to her something I wrote and she spits up … if she hasn’t done so already.

  12. ‘Morning, CARP!

    Epic entry. Great read this morning. I’m now up and about and my blood is boiling.

    Q: Would you support a movement by the fans to NOT show up to the first home games?

  13. I don’t know. I listened to both sides on the radio going to work this morning. First Fehr then Bettman and Daly. It appears to me that both sides are being hard-line about this. The players union is just as much to blame for this as the owners. They’re trying to squeeze every little bit from a bunch of owners that are losing money. The owners, as Carp said, created the problems that they are trying to fix.

    It looks to me that both sides are idiots.

  14. Sponsors aren’t going to care if it’s 62 games. And besides, I don’t think they can care. Those are usually locked-in long-term contracts. I think once you go over that 62-game cliff, you’re all in. Which is why I’m really befuddled at Bettman blowing up. Man, screw this. Is there an AHL Center Ice?

    Where’s Rod when you need ’em…

  15. Miami, it will never happen. Fans are going to show up.

    phil, Rod knew this would happen exactly this way. He has sources.

  16. Carp, that is probably the best piece that I have read about this whole situation and process thus far. Hit nail exactly on the head and I couldn’t agree more. Depressing days here while we watch this PROcess unfold. I like how Canadian people pronounce process like PROcess, it always gives me a chuckle. However they are handling this like anything but Pros. To quote the great Ron Burgandy, “What is this, amateur hour??”

    Best to all of you.

  17. Well, of course, but Amateur Hour isn’t my favorite saying of yours. I am sure you know what is though.

  18. The owners don’t care about the fans but neither do the players.

    Regarding the 8 vs 5 year contract term – why not eliminate it altogether and instead, whatever you pay a player in a given year, INCLUDING BONUSES, counts against the cap?

    Mmmm…makes sense to me!

  19. I must say that this whole situation is insane.

    This dog’s-breakfast-of-a-league is run by the least-talented clowns I’ve ever seen.

  20. BTW, I know why the owners are against the 8 year deal: Sign a 33 year old who is still an effective player for 8 years for $40,000,000 but pay him $9,000,000 in each of the first 4 years, then $1,000,000 in each of the second 4 with the intent of him retiring at 37.

  21. I still feel that Buttman and the owners main objective is to break the union to get rid of Fehr. Until the owners change there mind set, nothing will change.

  22. Yep Buttman is a nob. So is Donald Fehr. Guaranteed that man gives not a hoot about the game of hockey.

    He’s all about winning. His ego matches Buttman’s.

    No hockey this year? Who cares! No hockey next year? Who cares! As long as he wins…

  23. You’re right about not touching anything the NHL has for purchase. Three ways to show your New York Rangers pride without supporting the NHL:

    A.) New York Rangers Logo Face tattoo;
    2.) Purchase knockoff Jerseys made in China (which Tony taught me about) – ; or
    d.) Make your own Rangers gear!

  24. TO buy some great NYR stuff may I suggest The stuff is great and the guy who runs the site and store is a very very good guy. Check it out.

  25. Carp, you would get a kick out of that one. It is made to look like a college shirt and it says Tortorella School of Communication.

  26. Carp, how HILARIOUS would it be if you or hell, Brooksie went to the post game presser wearing that. After a tough loss, LMAO. HAHA

  27. Yeah Manny, it really is, and the guy who runs it is a good person. Got to know him on twitter a little bit and in talking I mentioned that my little guy who is 5, and has a low form of autism, loves Captain America and really took a liking to the captain america logo. He sent me a Direct Message asking for my son’s info and sent him a shirt for free. Things like that go a long way in my book. Much rather give someone like that my money.

  28. That’s pretty terrific. I will be exclusively buying T-Shirts and Whatever else he sells from him beginning…

  29. Yes. He and my daughter a huge fans. It is so bad that they will sit and watch me play NHL13 on my xbox and cheer like it is a real game, ha.

  30. Good morning, Carp!

    Off to the Rochester Amerk’s game tonight!!! And normally I root against Americans, but they’re playing the Philly Phantoms so obviously…


  31. Love those t-shirts – $15 to ship to my side of the Atlantic though.

    As for Fehr – he’s clearly got Bettman ruffled, which means he’s done his job. Now lets hope Buttboy stops sulking and gets back with something instead of crying in the corner

  32. Carp, my young friend, you’re so naïve. You are so, so naïve. You know about a few things. You know about The Honeymooners, a little bit about relationships, some baseball, but you are so far out of your element here, you are embarrassing yourself. Now listen to me. They are negotiating. Negotiation, this is what you do in business.

  33. Any NY fan who doesn’t wish to line the pockets of the NHL can simply buy Power Rangers shirts, hats and ephemera and just remove the Power. Comes in kids’ sizes, too. As a bonus, Samuri Megazord looks a bit like Lundqvist.

  34. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, mighty fine Twitter curating last night. It’s a hard thing to do well, but you’ve got a knack for it. Thanks for keeping me in the loop with what was happening.

  35. _And normally I root against Americans_

    Take your xenophobic leanings back to the TSN message boards (or to France or something), Sally.

    U-S-(Vince)-A! U-S-(Vince)-A!

  36. This is all just a huge game.

    Bettman and the NHL want to split the PA away from Fehr just like they did with Goodenow. So that was their “ploy.” Remove the lawyers from the room, let the players talk to the moderates, convince them Fehr isnt doing them any favors (remember one player was told Fehr’s re-entry would be a deal breaker), and then get them to sign without appropriate legal counsel. If it works, hooray, if the players bring Fehr back in, we’ll blow the whole thing up.

    Problem is, I think Fehr actually played it better. He now knows that the NHL will go to $300 million on make whole. He knows the league will not insist on 57/43 or 55/45 in their favor, but will do 50/50. He knows they’ll do the pension thing. He knows that UFA/RFA will be unchanged in some respects. When the NHL/owners realized this, they took a real hard stance on some ridiculous BS issues that are not all that significant. So th PA knows how far the league will go. How far will the players go? The league has no idea – they gave up all their leverage this week trying top separate Fehr from the PA but it didn’t work. THAT is why Bettman is so PO’ed, and why everything is now “off the table.” He’s trying to get back his leverage, and that abnd more lost paychecks are the only way to get that.

    There will be hockey as long as Fehr doesnt push too hard. Or didnt already, and my money says he didn’t.

  37. Carp, I almost expected you to put a point somewhere saying: Girardi = Monster. Just like old times.

  38. Bless This Mess on

    Great point Peter…The one thing that needs to be kept in mind as well is Don Fehr is NOT Goodenow..Fehr is the answer to the infamous question “why can’t they negotiate while a season is going on…” it was during his term as PA leader of baseball that they played a whole season without and actual my opinion thats wayyyy worse than missing a year. Again, Fehr is NOT a hockey guy..he is a businessman…and one that was begged out of retirement by the players to represent them.

    I think Bettman has met his match in ego competition…and i think it hurts the league in the end because the players do NOT (atleast to me) have that veteran leadership(aka a Trevor Linden) to admit when a deal is close enough and call off Fehr and his goons. Fehr will lead the PA to the point of hurting their own game and biting the hand that fed them…

    No matter how bad of a deal they think they are signing it will not be worse than 04-05 and how did that end up for most players and the league a couple years down the road??

    For Reference——> Gomez and Redden contracts

    We KNOW how bad Bettman is…we DONT know how bad Fehr can be and that is what scares me

  39. Good evening all! Nasty!!

    Carp, number 4 has me the most pissed off of all, 5 makes me want to channel ilb’s daughter reaction onto his face, and 10 just caps it all off perfectly.

    fyi, agree on webleedblue…I’ve ordered from him before, and now want to even more.

  40. Crosby is going to most likely go to Europe…get another concussion and the NHL will loose it’s “face”

  41. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I think its funny how all the reporters were negative when the talks were still going on and after last nights blow up and talks breaking up its almost like there more positive a deal will get done

  42. Great piece, Carp. Phil, you stole my line about Rod. The fans are disgusted…so why don’t they boycott official NHL gear when the season resumes, if it resumes? If what Carp quoted from the NY Times is true about sponsorship money, they might as well hold out for what they are asking for at this point in time.

  43. At the Baby Flyers/Baby Buffalo Baby Buffaloes game. Baby Flyers team is basically half the Flyers, Baby Sabres are meh.

    2nd row center ice with my mom though = awesome.

  44. OK, the Ice era is over….for now. Blame global warming for that. Too bad Bettmansaurus and Co. are still alive….

  45. Is this thing on? Or everyone hibernate from boredom/
    Where is ORR?
    Another day tomorrow without a food.
    Good night Sally.
    Good morning Carp.

  46. Staal Wart – Funny, ’cause I think that’s something that might push along a deal, as stupid as that sounds. The NHL’s worst nightmare is to have their golden boy end his career in the KHL. Crosby boarding a plane to Europe would certainly get the Penguins owner scrambling. That’s like a kick in the nuts and a vasectomy in the same day.

  47. Happy Birthday Doodie! Assuming this is your first child, it’s your first birthday as a parent. Enjoy it!

    Happy Hanukkah all!

  48. The fact that some Jewish wiseguy, few thousand years ago was sneakingly added oil for candles to burn and others believe they saved 7 expensive candles, is not good enough reason for me to celebrate it, Tiki.
    I’m just kidding silly!… Happy Hanukkah to everybody and Happy 4 x 26 to Dooddie!

  49. Good afternoon all!

    Happy 26th Doodie and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

    And screw the NHL.

  50. hrllo all my boneheads friends –
    i just started to work 3 days a week – it’s a start
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    thsat’d why i am now anthony from AZ

  51. the National Felons League? Did you see the USA Today story where players estimate 75 percent of NFL players have guns?

  52. I did Carp, can’t believe the NFL is so supported and emulated…it’s pathetic.
    Our whole country and society in general is on it’s head. The things that are the least important are made out to be the most important while the things that actually are important are dismissed…

  53. Hey if the Jet’s want to sink lower they could sign Michael Vick, then they’d have opposite sides of every spectrum… A really good guy who “can’t play football” and a really bad guy who can play ok football.

  54. Guess who i saw on facebook today? ORR! I wrote to him but he signed off immediately! Bastage! So at least we know he’s alive :)

  55. Katie Baker writes an article for Grantland on….

    Dolan led a group of owners that tried to oust Bettman in 2008. He was opposed largely by Jeremy Jacobs.

    Dolan wanted to be involved in the meetings this past week, but Bettman wouldnt allow it, because he knows Dolan opposes him.

  56. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Well, Tiki, that would make Bettman a grudge-holding, stubborn, egocentric jerk.

    Consistency is a wonderful thing.

  57. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Perhaps someone can help me with this thought. I heard Matthieu Schneider on NHL Radio as a NHLPA rep, bemoaning the fate of his side. He presented his side of the owners insisting that 3 things are deal breakers…. You know the 5 year player contract, 8-10 year CBA, and no outside costs, etc.

    So, to hear Schneider talk, he talks about (almost whines) the fact that the league has grown in revenue over 100% since the last CBA, etc. Ok, I get that. It’s a fact.

    However, what I hear neither side say is….you know we have increases our gross…because the prices we charge the fans are so high. Fact is, my MSG tickets have gone up from $65 to $165 during that time, just about 5 years!!!!!!!!. Any NHL hat, shirt, whatever, has increased in end cost by 20-75%. Food costs have gone up almost 60% in 5 years!!!

    In essence, it costs a lot, now, to go to a game. And to be a season ticket holder, the costs have almost spiraled out of control. The fans are footing the bill for YOUR profits and high salaries and the cost has risen dramatically to support the owners AND the players.

    My question to Mr. Schneider, Mr. Fehr, Mr. Bettman…..what are you doing about making the costs to your loyal fans more realistic? All you guys want is more money for YOUR interests.

    WHAT ABOUT THE FANS??????????????

  58. >>4) It’s so ironic that term limits on contracts is such a big deal to the owners, when the reason
    >>they “need” limits is entirely their fault.

    Ironic or not, isn’t it within the owners right to try to correct their mistake?

  59. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    not much bro, just working A LOT and trying not to get overly pissed about the stupid lockout and Buttman!! Just wanted to check in with you and see how you were holding up and love ya;)

    Miss seeing everyone here and feel bad i’m not getting carp extra $$$$$ for my totally irrelevant posts!

    And, off to work!

  60. Carp are you expecting a fine in the mail from Buttman, considering the title of this post?
    I’m pretty sure you’ve “over-stepped” the boundaries.

  61. isn’t it great that he would probably just love to fine me, but he can’t? and he’s aware of what’s written here, believe me.

  62. I know Gary Bettman and I asked him if he has heard of the Rangers Report and Rick Carpiniello. His response was: Who?

  63. Carp, do you think this week is when we should expect some serious steps made by both NHL and NHLPA? Or they believe there is still time?

  64. Carp, Rod told me that Buttman knew about this place a few years ago…
    Hector, tell that dumbass to stop playing games with the fans…we are the ones really
    locked out…and we gettin’ pissed!

  65. ilb, I don’t know what the jackwagons are thinking, but there really is some time left … looks like they’re going to take it right to drop-dead. Obviously they want the players to give on the contract limits, and the length of the new CBA, among a few other things.

    Bettman would not say “who?” if you asked him who I was.

  66. Getting pissed, Staal??? I’m beyond the getting there point by now. I was at pissed a long time ago.

    How’s everything by the way?

  67. For the record, I don’t really understand why the players wouldn’t want a longer deal. I don’t buy their argument that in 5 years, because of high turnover, they want new players negotiate for themselves. It will take time for the league to recover, but when it does they will be generating close to $4B. That is $2B in salaries with 50/50 split, close to $70M mid-cap. Do they really think they will be able to hold on to 50/50 during next round of CBA war? Not a chance. A 8-year deal allows them to hold on to that number for good amount of years, and that includes a “new generation”

  68. Because lockouts make the best sense in all the world. The people who run this sport, aka Mr “I’m gonna take my ball and go home cause mean Mr Fehr and players don’t agree with me, wah, wah, wah” and his dumassen owners. Amazing how they’ve been able run successfull busineeses elsewhere if they use these kinda stupid tactics.

  69. By gar, anyone who does not believe that Ranger fans are among the greatest in the world, should take note of these comments posted here.

    I am stunned to find this many folks still talking about Hockey this season as though it were a possibility. Well, possibility perhaps, in some sort of watered down fashion but………hey. I noted that the Caps are getting Space Coast Stadium in Rockledge FL ready for the coming season
    ( they’re selling Caps hats and jackets, etc., and I always go when the Mets or the Yankees come to town..always been a big Mets fan since the loss of the Giants to SF years ago, and I always admired George Weiss manner of keeping the Yanks solidly in the winner circles. Find a team that had a Yankee killer ….go buy him. Roger Maris,,Bob Turley, Don Larsen, etc. One guy he could never get though, was Chicago’s Billy Pierce. And I still have that photo taken at the last Giants game in the Polo Grounds..want a copy? Tell me where to mail it.

  70. By gar, anyone who does not believe that Ranger fans are among the greatest in the world, should take note of these comments posted here.

    I am stunned to find this many folks still talking about Hockey this season as though it were a possibility. Well, possibility perhaps, in some sort of watered down fashion but………hey. I noted that they are getting Space Coast Stadium in Rockledge FL ready for the coming season
    ( they’re selling Washington’s hats and jackets, etc., and I always go when the Mets or the Yankees come to town.. ( son in law is a rabid Yankee fan)always been a big Mets fan since the loss of the Giants to SF years ago, and I always admired George Weiss manner of keeping the Yanks solidly in the winner circles. Find a team that had a Yankee killer ….go buy him. Roger Maris,,Bob Turley, Don Larsen, etc. One guy he could never get though, was Chicago’s Billy Pierce. And I still have that photo taken at the last Giants game in the Polo Grounds..want a copy? Tell me where to mail it.

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