Big decisions for NHLPA


Here’s Kevin Allen’s story this morning, from USA Today.

Because after the marathon bargaining sessions yesterday, a lot is on the table, and now it’s crunch time in terms of a deal.

The groups of players and owners who moved the talks in a good direction are now gone, and we’re basically back to the original negotiating sides — which means Don Fehr and the Lockout Commissioner back in the room.

So whatever traction was gained yesterday will need to continue going forward, and that’s not a given.

Gut feel: this is last attempt by both sides to grab concessions & it will get gloomier before deal is made.


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  1. Now Burkle has to get himself heard over Jacobs & Bettman!
    Whats this with “the players will meet this afternoon” – what are they doing this morning? A spot of Christmas shopping? Get out of bed, get in the meeting room and order breakfast and coffee from the hotel, dont rest till its done!

  2. the sad fact is that most of what the players are pushing for would only benefit superstars anyway. They comprise of what – 1% of the league? so it’s a microcosm of society….the 1% doing battle with the other 1% over how much richer they can get.

  3. Ask the Canes and Devils fans about their post-lockout cups – 50 games or 80 games you’ve still got to beat the best to win it.

    If they do get it done (big IF as tweets today are starkly more negative) and only have a conference only format thats great for me – West Coast games always started at 3am over here.

  4. Haven’t been on in a while with my personal life too busy to allow a moment to waste on the NHL…

    But I refuse to be one bit optimistic about anything. I told many of my friends and family in the summer that I fully believed that Gary Bettman and those owners who control him could really care less if they lost another full season.

    I honestly feel that the NHL has shown, once again, how inept a sporting league it is. There’s a reason we get little to no attention in the U.S. and there’s a reason why we aren’t on ESPN anymore… (While even Dodgeball gets on! ESPN 8, The Ocho!!)

    During the last lockout, there was sense of urgency, agony, emotional whatever…

    This time, I’ve barely paid any attention whatsoever. What’s the point? Gary Bettman has done everything possible to try to ruin the sport of hockey to satisfy those few owners who keep him employed.

    So, whatever…if and when there’s ever NHL hockey again I’ll follow the Rangers like all of us die hard fans.

    BUT, I’m gonna make a very, very strong effort to not give a single dime to the NHL when it comes back. I’m not gonna attend any games live for at least a year. I’m not gonna buy any merchandise. Not gonna get the NHL Network or in any way contribute a dime to a sporting league that has shown contempt for it’s fans.

    Okay, ranting done…

    Sucks without hockey. It really does. :-(

  5. Yeah, I’m a great quitter: it’s one of the few things I do well… I come from a long line of quitters. My father was a quitter, my grandfather was a quitter… I was raised to give up

  6. If winning the Cup after a shortened season means one less thing I can say to annoy Devil’s fans, so be it. I’ll take the Cup.

  7. You win, you win. It doesnt matter how you do it. You beg, borrow, cheat, and steal to win. You videotape other team’s practices, you do drugs, you intentionally injure the opposition. Nothing anyone says… including whiny, bitter sports journalists… can ever take it away from them or the fans (except in the NCAA).

  8. Rangers Report ?@rangersreport
    Completely disagree that today is make-or-break. Could still get a deal done in coming days, weeks, and have a season. Both sides know it.

  9. Lost in all this, I forgot the latest *Tostitos update*

    Sadly, he’s leaving this corner of Europånsyland before I get the chance to watch him. Final tally 8G, 11A, 69 PIMS in 17 games. He’s sure to light up the NHL now he’s found some confidence.

  10. Pitbull has tweeted some interesting thoughts on the NHL’s latest offer regarding pension contributions and RFA contracting rights.

  11. Did you mention “thoughts” and “Pitbull” in the same sentence, LW? Your perfect English must be deteriorating….

  12. Good afternoon all! I don’t know what’s worse…all these NHL shenanigans or that I now have that dang song in my head and am singing it out loud.

  13. Blogmama – You’re definitely not alone on the Bossonova – with its magic spell and all

  14. Ya know, I know I dont have to read it, but my interest is piqued because the Garden has like $8000 of mine for tickets and frankly if we’re not gonna go, I want it back. But those play-by-play twitter scrolls over there are just excruciating.

  15. the Yankees signed Eddie Mio to catch! they should also sign Steve Baker to back him up.

  16. Bettman not returning calls right now – he’s busy propping up his steno girl on the office copy machine at the NHL office Chrismakkah Party

  17. IBleedRangersBlue on

    All the positivity from Tuesday is gone.. .bad feeling tonight’s going to turn nuclear

  18. IBleedRangersBlue on

    And that I’m going to be up til 1am staring at twitter for a third night in a row

  19. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Good idea CJP. I am going to cancel my NHL Network.

  20. IBleedRangersBlue on

    NYR i thnk ill need a bigger bucket! but im holding back

    all day dreary ugly negative news/tweets = presser seems positive and in right direction

  21. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Response from PA at press conference sounds optimistic?

  22. “drop dead is probably around New Year’s Day or thereabouts.”

    Actually, we are all scheduled drop dead on 12/21/12. At least…that’s the plan.

  23. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Are they kidding me they can’t agree between 5 and 8 years! Make it 6 years and 7 years for your own free agents and lets drop the puck!

  24. No deal will be made, because the owners are too busy whining about how unfair and mean Fehr is and want to essentially make the players their slaves for life. What they NEED to do is put on their big boys pants and deal with the fact that they met their match in Fehr and should at least acknowledge the players as human beings not chattel.

  25. Hope you guys are plugged into my twitter for re-tweets on this.

    Renaud Lavoie ?@RenLavoieRDS

    Expect bad news soon.

  26. yea, the owners still have the mentality of our way or the highway. Bringing in other owners was just a PR move by buttman to try and make it look like the players are unreasonable. The rat strikes again, NO SEASON!!!.

  27. I’ve been saying all along, and still do, it has to get to the brink before a deal is made, because until then both sides will try to squeeze a little more out of the latest proposal. and a little more. and a little more. and a little more.

    Especially under the Lockout Commissioner.

  28. yep, fugg the nhl. Daly went back to Buttman and of course Buttman shot it down. If I was fehr I would decertify, no other way to go.

  29. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Was Fehr coming to the podium and talking about movement and a deal a PR move…make it sound like they conceded and then when NHL shoots it down makes them look bad?

  30. if anything, the past few days to me was a smoke screen created by Buttman to try and make it look like the players are the bad guys. What a piece of carcillo. I despise the greasy little rat (Buttman).

  31. Two more weeks of dilly-dallying, trying to get each other as far from the middle ground as they can, that would be my guess. Puck drops January 1st. Don’t get sucked in into that emotional roller-coaster, ‘heads! They are all ^jackwagons^

  32. IBleedRangersBlue on

    mickey thats the last thing i wanted for a long time…but at this point if they just did it at least it would be over and they would stop playing with our emotions

  33. Don’t know about anybody else but I knew there wasn’t going to be a deal and I still feel there won’t be a season. The owners want it there way or no way. I think Buttman is underestimating the players union unity, big mistake, another season wasted and there is no excuse. Buttman strikes again.

  34. Don’t you worry, guys. Camp will start at December, 14. Ironclad inside info..
    With (dis)regards – Me and Rod.

  35. Coaches and managers are already calling players around the world to get ready.
    Buttman just has to reload his flare, signal pistol by green(s) and shoot.

  36. Gary and NHL owners: Making Stalin, Genghis Khan and other mass murderers look like saints. At least they didn’t kill a 3 billion dollar league.

  37. IBleedRangersBlue on

    carp i know you said it would get worse before it got better…but i dont see how it can get better from here

    seems like they were really close and now buttman says make wholes off the table…how do they ever get back to the table on that note?

  38. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    So the players gave the owners the *cap* last time to help them control their spending , now the players have to help them not give out 7,10,15 year contracts cause they still can’t control themselves. What will they want from them next time the cba expires?

  39. Hi Mama.

    Ria, they want the players to be their slaves, give them blood to drink AND their first born children.

  40. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I wonder if when the NHL can no longer stay in business because of this damage and offically has to shut down…if theyll be another league started up after like they did with the MLS

  41. IBleed, re: the worse before it gets better thing, this is how every single strike/lockout I’ve seen has played out. it’s darkest and gloomiest just before, or at drop-dead date. In three of the previous four (or is it four of five, I forget?) the season was saved at that moment. In the other one it was flushed.

    I still don’t believe these owners or this commissioner and all his sponsors and partners will flush this season.

  42. after this is settled, this year or next, anybody who spends a dime on anything other than a ticket or a center ice package is a sucker. i mean, anybody who buys a jersey, a hat, a t-shirt, a keychain, an arena prime rib sandwich, a pretzel … anybody who goes to the NHL store, anybody who goes into the merchandise store at the arena, anybody who logs on to, is a complete sucker and a sap and exactly the kind of fan the owners are counting on.

  43. Can someone break down decertification for me? I feel like when it happened in the NFL it signaled the end of the union’s fight and things got settled? Is my memory off?

  44. IBleedRangersBlue on

    but at the end of the day carp, we love the sport and we love the rangers and if we dont spend the money on the jerseys the hats the tshirts the key chains the prime rib sandwhichs the pretzels (the icecream my personal favorite) the league will NEVER survive without the murchandising and then what do we have? no more NHL

  45. Only thing NHL I will spend my money on is the (very small) amount I pay to my cable provider (not an NHL owner) to watch the games on tv/over the internet. That’s all these blowharded, greedy byfuglientards deserve. I hope all the owners go broke for real.

  46. I don’t think they will flush it either, but they don’t have as much time as you think. Deal has to be done in a week, tops 10 days. I suspect over this weekend. Just a hunch

  47. Amen, Carp…

    The NHL has made it clear what it thinks of the fans. So I will no longer spent a single dime of my money on ANYTHING NHL related.

    I MAY go to a live game again some day. But I will absolutely refuse to give a single solitary penny to a league that goes out of it’s way to stick it to the fans.

    The NHL, when Bettman took it over, was close to rivaling the NBA (Remember the Sports Illustrated cover story in ’94?)

    Now…The NHL is considered a joke. A fringe sport. Hardly ever referenced on the major U.S. Networks. A joke sport that has to keep coming up with new gimmicks in fleeting attempts to draw viewers. The ONLY thing they came up with that worked was the Winter Classic…and that was a fluke.

    The National Hockey League…an absolute total joke.

    You would really have to think that these clowns were actually TRYING to destroy the league.

  48. the owners and Buttman’s agenda is to try and discredit fehr and make fehr look like the villian instead of getting a deal done. I understand why the nhl is the 5th followed sport behind football, baseball, basketball and soccer. These owners and Buttman are complete carcillo’s, fugging idiots.

  49. Judging by a sharp increase of activity on this blog, The End is near…Is it the end of lockout, or the never-born season, fiscal cliff or end of Mayan world, anybodies guess, but it’s coming. Alleluia!

  50. …and based on latest talks “development”: “Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch\’entrate”. – Abandon All Hope…What a FBI -Freaken’ Bunch of Idiots. They all have a welcome call from Dante’s inferno 7 circle. Good bye.

  51. Carp,

    Thats easy for you to say Carp but explain that to my 8 year old. All the kid wants for Christmas is Rangers gear.

  52. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    We should start a petition and have it sent to all the NHL blogs out there, saying that when the season starts – if it ever does – that none of us will spend a dollar on HRR (besides watching the games on the T.V.).

  53. Rob, I completely understand, and it’s not easy for me to say. But this is what the owners know. They have your hearts no matter what they do to you. So they can get away with crap like this. And you’ll be back emptying your pockets and filling their pockets.

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