Big bargaining events yesterday …


Wednesday rolled into Thursday and the players and owners were still at it when I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer and went to bed.

So, apologies if something major happened in the early hours of the morning.

But as you know by now, a day after the selected players-owners meetings on Tuesday, the Board of Governors met Wednesday, the sides met again, the NHLPA made a proposal, the sides continued to talk through the night, with some breaks for dinner and for discussing events of the day.

Obviously, it was the most positive day in the 81 (now 82) days of the lockout.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the lockout is over, but floating around already are the ideas of a 54- or 60-game season starting asap (after a training camp), possibly on Christmas Day, and probably a schedule of intra-conference games only.

At least there’s that possibility. I imagine there still is quite a bit of bargaining to be done before they get to the middle, and then there will be some smaller issues to be worked out, and there remains a possibility that one side or the other tries to grab a little bit more at the last second, and that we go back from optimistic to pessimistic.

We’ll see. Stay tuned.

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  1. tomorrow better be BIG!!!!!!!!

    I did get on Twitter so I could follow…….

    after this lockout is over, my account will go back to hibernation.

  2. Thanks for the twitter updates Carp.

    I’m all over my twitter feed this past 2 days. A few others you guys might want to follow (if you dont already):

  3. And if it ends on Friday, as rumored, Cindy will get more praise from the hockey world!! Yuck!

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Interesting how little information is getting through to the media during the last 2 days. Probably good news.

  5. The Players are going to have to concede on the contract lengths. I know the report says a 5 year cap for contracts with a new team, but if the NHL is going to allow those staying with their current team 7 year deals, then teams will simply do sign and trades like they do in the NBA.

    I wonder if the players/owners realize that…

  6. I love how some of the reporting makes it sound that by sticking with the same arbitration rules and free agency age that the owners are making some sort of concession. Oh, and theyve agreed to pay an extra $50m of the hundreds of millions they are trying to duck out on!

    I really do hope its at least an 8 year deal, cant imagine going through all this again in 5 years and if the tactics of the owners are never going to change then Fehr would be wise to take a longer deal with an opt-out clause after 7 or 8 yrs.

  7. And by following those new people on Twitter…..

    @JSportsnet@ Can confirm NHLPA is insisting that Don Fehr return to the Negotiations…and if that’s the case the Commissioner will be on other side.

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