Lundqvist’s mask fetched a record $66,000 in Sandy benefit auction


From Cirillo Public Relations:


New Rochelle, NY, November 28, 2012 —  The facemask worn by New York Rangers star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist garnered a winning bid of $66,000, the highest ever for a goalie facemask, to benefit for Hurricane Sandy relief in an auction which concluded Sunday on  Molly Heines of New York placed the winning bid, which surpassed the June 2011 sale of Los Angeles Kings goalie Rogatien Vachon’s mask, which sold for $24,655, according to Barry Levine of

“It is great to see Henrik giving back to the city of New York for Sandy relief,” said Levine.  “The money raised is going to a great cause, and $66,000 will go a long way in the relief efforts.  That it is the highest priced goalie mask ever sold at public auction speaks volumes to how much people want to help out.”

Heines, the winning bidder, is a long-time New York Rangers fan and an avid collector.  Her collection consists primarily of goalie equipment.

“I think it’s an amazing amount of money, said Lundqvist.  “To be able to donate this amount to people that really need it right now is great.  I am incredibly thankful to everyone who bid on the helmet, especially the winner.  This money will hopefully be able to make a real difference for some families who were directly affected by this storm.”

In collaboration with Steiner Sports, the Ranger put his own game-used facemask up for auction on November 5 in an effort to raise money for relief from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated much of the tri-state area.

“This is certainly humbling, seeing the strength of the Steiner Sports name in the collecting hobby; twenty-five years of so many supportive collectors,” said Brandon Steiner, Founder & CEO of Steiner Sports.  “We are extremely proud to be given the mask on behalf of Henrik, to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and realize what a huge milestone this is.”

Lundqvist, originally from Sweden, has served as the New York Rangers’ goalie since 2005 but began his professional career in 2001 playing for the Swedish hockey club Frolunda.  Lundqvist was awarded the Vezina Trophy for the 2011-2012 season, an award recognizing the NHL’s best goaltender.

This is just one of many charitable contributions the Rangers’ goalie has been linked to.  He also serves as the spokesperson for Madison Square Garden’s Garden of Dreams Foundation which is similar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, granting wishes to children with terminal illnesses.  More recently, Lundqvist played in a charity hockey game, Operation Hat Trick, bringing together several other NHL professionals including teammates Brad Richards and Dan Girardi.   All proceeds from the game were donated to the American Red Cross, Empire State Relief Fund and the New Jersey Hurricane Relief Fund in addition to a $20,000 donation from the NHL Players’ Association.

The mask received over 25 bids in the short time it was up for auction, spanning just 20 days.  Other notable facemasks to be auctioned off include Gerry Cheevers’ game-used mask for $21,405 in March of 2006 and Bernie Parent’s game-used mask for $21,000 in April of 2004.

Several of the jerseys worn in Operation Hat Trick are also available on auction.  For more items benefiting Hurricane Sandy relief, please visit


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  1. I think part of the -meditation- mediation is that they can’t talk about the process. It’s under lock and seal, etc….

  2. mum’s the word, apparently, ilb. I read that the federal mediators have told the parties that there’s no need to be yappy about the proceedings. but they are expected to meet again tomorrow.

    Fehr: “A small group of NHLPA staff and players met today with two experienced FMCS mediators. We expect that these discussions will resume on Thursday.”

  3. Out of curiosity, how many people here are planning on attending that fan lock-out rally this Saturday?

  4. I like the idea created by Brad Richards and Scott Hartnell, and the help it will give to the Sandy victims, but I wonder how much these players take out of their own pockets and donate to help Sandy victims, through Red Cross or any other means. You’d have to think that any personal donation would be reported by the media. I’m in no way attacking Jeter, but he just built a $22M mansion in Tampa. Couldnt he give $1M of his own money to help the victims. Just write it off as a deduction on his taxes. Same with Brad, Henrik.

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, I, for one am glad that both sides are now taking medication in order to get through these difficult times. If medication is what it takes to get this settled then I am all for it. Bring in the doctors. Medicate everyone!

    (What’s that? It’s “mediation”, not “medication”?)

    Never mind…..

  6. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s not as good as my last job, though. I worked in a women’s underwear factory.

    I was pulling down about 500 a week…

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    My job there was as a diesel fitter. I would hold the wear up to a model and say “diesel fitter”!

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    Then there was that job in the watch factory. That was easy money. I just sat around all day making faces…

  9. lol man i miss this blog and how great it can be during the hockey season…this place feels dead now…these bastards are ruining everything for everyone!

  10. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jobs today are hard to get. There was a sign saying “WANTED: TREE FELLERS” But unfortunately, there was only two of us…

  11. Olga Folkyerself on

    I had a good job at a deli, but I was fired for putting my finger in a meat slicer.

    She was fired, too. I didn’t know she was the boss’s girlfriend…

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    I even worked for a Proctologist for a while. He was really good; a crack proctologist in fact. I gave the patients their pain medication injections. Turned out to be another dead end job…

  13. Olga Folkyerself on

    Even back in High School, when I met with the guidance counselor, he said that if I went to college, I had a future as an astronaut. He said based on my grades, I would be taking up space…

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    Drop the vernacular….
    It’s a derby!

    Raise your right hand.
    Now put your left hand here…
    Take off that hat!

  15. My wife and I just split over religious differences. She worshiped money and I started running out of it.

  16. Team value: $750 million
    Owner: Madison Square Garden, Inc.
    Revenue 2011-12: $199 million
    Operating income 2011-12: $74 million

    The value of the Rangers increased 48% during the past year mainly due to revenue-enhancing renovations at their arena.

  17. This is also a good read – actually suggests expansion but in a meaningful way to tap available markets and grow revenue where it is available (Quebec, Toronto, Hamilton and Europe)

    I’m also reading lots more about Bettman’s position being untenable going forward, in almost every article today – lets hope this mediation leads to hockey by New Year and a new commissioner

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good articles, UK….It supports what has been a common notion- it isn’t easy for a casual fan to understand all the intricacies of financial health of the league in general, and each team individually. Sometimes all we see is how much money they make…It isn’t that easy. We want them to drop the puck, we want to see hockey. But they also have to make it right because, for many reasons, it hasn’t been working.

  19. Something’s definately going on this week ilb – i’m reading a lot more criticism of Bettman and Jacobs (and some of Leipold) – are we starting to see leaks from more moderate franchises to try and undermine the hardliners position – or distance themselves to appease their fans?

    If i were Jimmy D i’d be seriously considering making a statement and identifying the hardliners so that media and fans in those markets can apply more pressure – even if he lost a draft pick or a couple of $$m he would be seen as a hero who forced the league to stop this ridiculous money grab.

  20. Shouldn’t these negotiations have started with a mediation team? I mean we all saw the lockout coming for at least a season (newbear and rod in particular). Everyone knew the negotiations would be horrid. So why not just begin with a framework and professionals?

  21. in case youse guys were wondering

  22. IBleedRangersBlue on

    i kind of posted this yesterday but then there was a new post and im bored so…

    i miss having hockey at night to look foward to and break up my week. i miss being able to count down the hours till i got to go home and put the pregame show on!

  23. IBleedRangersBlue on

    shocker: mediation didnt work!

    i was very optimistic all season….my optimism is out the window…season over

  24. I laugh everytime Daly feigns disappointment that his “stick your fingers in your ears and say LA-LA-LA” method of negotiation didn’t work

  25. IBleedRangersBlue on

    so now the magic word is going to be disclaimer of intrest instead of decertification. now whats the difference between those two?

  26. Great tweet Carp, just great, hilarious as always. Is Bettman trying to save face with that idea “It’s not me, it’s these guys, stop acting like its me”? What will the exchange look like:

    Sidney Crosby: Please sir, I want some more.
    Jeremy Jacobs: More? More? Excuse me Mr. Snider, did Sidney Crosby ask for more?

    Oh wait, that’s them doing Oliver Twist.

  27. Sidney: We think its more than fair of us to come down to 50/50. We think you should…

    Jacobs: You diving, whiny little b6786! Who gave you permission to speak?

    Dolan (singing): I got the lock-out blues, straight shooting from the hip

    Zdeno Chara: Hey, you can’t talk to him like that!

    Jacobs: Why not, you do all the time? What are you gonna do, knock me into the stanchion?

    Max Pacioretty: I resemble that remark. We want more contract rights.

    Chris Neil: Arrrrrrrgh!!!

    Ed Snider: Yeah, sure, contract rights, no problem. We’ll write them out into a quick 17 page single spaced document and you guys sign…

    Dolan(singing): The worst old blues my band has EVER had….

    Marty Brodeur: Can we finish up here please? I have to go see my nephew/stepson/nephew/stepson – whoever he is – play goalie in a junior tournament.

  28. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Richards “james, i think i should be paid the full amount of my contract!”
    dolan “i agree…but even though you signed your contract with us, and im the one who pays you…im not allowed to make that decision…talk to jacobs”
    Richards “jacobs i think….”
    jacobs “no”

  29. I think Richards has already pocketed most of his money, Nash too.

    and it’s Mr. Snider.

    also, the owners can hire Torts to talk about Skidney. He likes that.

  30. players only meeting suggested by Bettman stinks of desperation. players should counter with a meeting without Bettman.

  31. would hope you are right Carp. removing Bettman from the process is the only way I see a deal getting done. his ego has prevented a deal from being made. Bettman wanted to best Fehr, and has so far failed.

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