Lockout headed to federal mediation


… but don’t confuse this with binding arbitration. The mediators can help the process, but nobody has to agree to anything they suggest.

From the NHLPA:


TORONTO (November 26, 2012) – Don Fehr, National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) Executive Director, released the following statement today:

“The NHLPA has agreed to the addition of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) to our ongoing negotiations. We look forward to their involvement as we continue working to reach an equitable agreement for both the players and the owners.”

From the FMCS:

Statement by FMCS Director George H. Cohen on NHL Labor Talks

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Director George H.

Cohen issued the following statement today on the ongoing labor negotiations between the

National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association:

“I have had separate, informal discussions with the key representatives of the National Hockey

League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association during the course of their

negotiations for a successor collective bargaining agreement. At the invitation of the FMCS, and

with the agreement of both parties, the ongoing negotiations will now be conducted under our

auspices. I have assigned Deputy Director Scot L. Beckenbaugh, Director of Mediation Services

John Sweeney, and Commissioner Guy Serota to serve as the mediators.”

“Due to the extreme sensitivity of these negotiations and consistent with the FMCS’s longstanding

practice, the Agency will refrain from any public comment concerning the future

schedule and/or the status of the negotiations until further notice.”


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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Mediation doesn’t do carcillo unless the parties want to settle. The owners do not want to settle.

  2. Good evening all! I’d hoped the mediator would be me, but oh well, whatever gets the hartnelling job done.

    Sad in a way that it takes a prize to get people to donate for Sandy relief, but kudos…as usual…to our boys for stepping up to help where they can.

    And just fyi (this is my donation to you, Carp) a certain former player has been all over this since the storm. Even our long lost friend noremy agrees….Can you say Sweet 16!?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    It would be the perfect topic, except P&G is dead. I wish I had come up with the idea a couple of years ago, but I don’t have the time now to make it worth a damn.

  4. This wouldve been the next step had the union decertified and filed an anti-trust lawsuit. So this is a positive step. Wish it wouldve happened sooner.

  5. If it was binding I’d be happier but any recommendation can still be shot down by the “majority” of 8.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually Tiki, this would not. If the union decertified, the next step would have been the filing of class-action lawsuits by several different players. Furthermore, in that case, the mediation likely would be Court-ordered, rather than mutually-agreed upon by the parties. When parties agree to mediate, there’s a chance they genuinely want to work together to get this worked out. When it’s court-ordered, the parties generally aren’t working with each other very well, hence the Court order.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    UK, while it’s true Bettman can act with the “majority of 8,” if the actual majority disagrees, he will find himself without a job when this is all done.

  8. Thats what I said. Following the decertification of the union, the players would file an anti-trust lawsuit, followed by mediation ordered by the courts. We’ve skipped the union decertification and are already at agreed-upon mediation.

  9. Alright, I believe we have a deal here in principle: Arby’s – no more than once a month. In exchange, Mr. Bettman comes to your hockey games, and doesn’t read a book.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    This is a new low. I’m watchings the KHLS coverages on the MSGS theres. Ugh.

    Moscow Dynamo and some other europansy team. There are several NHLrs out there though. Be right back, I’m going to go throw up.

  11. billybleedsblue on

    Tyutin on the back check there. OH NO, GOAL!

    I don’t know who scored, but Atlanta’s up 1 to nil.

  12. billybleedsblue on

    Yeah, the Moscow Dynamo there. What with Boikov on defense there and Volkov in goal, they’re set to make a run at that Gagarin Cup there. Ovi for tripping, eh? Say it ain’t so.

    Be right back, gotta throw up some more.

  13. billybleedsblue on

    There actually is some checking in this game. Even more reason for NHL players to stay away from this. Not to mention the difference in the play. There was a move Zherdev made there where he would’ve gotten creamed in the NHL, but in this game the defender gallantly (if that is a word) stepped aside. If they don’t get injured somehow (see DiPietro), they will need to adjust back to the NHL, assuming there is still a viable league here. I understand game situations and getting ‘rusty’ but these ‘pros’ should skate practice and simulations to limit exposure to injury. Aren’t most still under contract? Insert joke about DiPietro injury here.

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Ha, I’m desperate for NHL, but the troll, I mean… come on. Fill in the blank complex here. I really liked the DiPietro jokes I made, they are still funny. I mean, come on, really? Unreal.

  15. billybleedsblue on

    Ovi is lazy and a cherry picker. He ain’t no Gretzky. Get out from behind the net you bum! You don’t belong there!

  16. billybleedsblue on

    When was the last time you heard anyone (nevermind Joe Mich) say, “Zherdev’s played a good game…” Gimme a break, what a joke.

  17. I think I was the first who mentioned the de-certification as the ultimate option, then Carp said “Huh?” and y’all fell in line with the “freakin’ idiots” line.
    Hey Carp, you may not know what I am talking about, but I do not get a cogent analysis from you either, so you are just a “Blogpapa” ? The job descripton should be challenged or analyzed or something – Godd Morning Sally is a nice fog, thank you very much.

    Regards Rad

  18. No-one was expecting de-certification to become such a major topic because a lot of people (press, fans and players alike) expected a negotiation after the NHLPA’s offer last week. I’m less optimistic about this mediation tomorrow as i don’t think the NHL has any interest in moving off its current position.
    A mediation service will probably ask questions like “if the players are willing to concede ground in this area, will you give them something here in return” – at which point Bettman will state we dont have to give anything back and storm out.

  19. Newbear- if you only bothered to pay more attention to what is actually discussed on the blog and less time attacking people and trying to create disjointed posts that nobody ( including yourself, I suspect ) can comprehend, you would actually know that decertification was discussed here long time before you ever said it. We talked about Forbes’ article regarding legal options for NHLPA sometime during first weeks in October, IIRC.

    UK, this mediation is an attempt to show the parties are trying to use all available tools rather than a true attempt to end the lockout. Another PR move, nothing more.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  20. ilb – i know, but if details leak, as i suspect they will, that the NHL are steadfastly holding their position and waiting for the players to cave on all demands then its not going to be good PR for them.

    I also agree with Doodie that at the end of this Bettman will be out of a job, the league cannot go forward with such a divisive presence at its head – it needs a new face to bridge the chasm between owners and players and fans that Bettman has created with his lockouts.

  21. There is an ongoing theme of people showing up here angry that they weren’t given ALL the credit in the world for predicting the obvious option.

  22. I predict that i will die some time in the next 50-60 years, and when i do i’ll come back and tell you i told you so!

  23. newbear, if I said “Huh?” it was to pretty much anything else you said, not “de-certification.” Jackwagon.

    Good morning, Sally!

  24. Important to not confuse your Bs and Ds, CCCP. As I found out in school when I needed a pen and asked somebody to pass me his Bic.

  25. Watching KHL makes me realize how much more I like the Europansy sized rink.
    I claim no credit for this observation…

  26. It is so easy to use Google to find old posts with ridiculous commentary by us. Ahhh….the internet.

    Staal – so when the NHL expands rink size are you going to come back here and be all, “I TOLD YOU SO BUT NO ONE LISTENED” ?

  27. Manny,
    last year I came on and said the NHL should have expanded the rink size to increase the speed of the game and allow for better playmaking. I told all you “freakin’ idiots” that the players associations should “de-certify’…I also said that the feds should get involved last year and this whole lockout could have been avoided by having Mr. Obama fly in with his cape to NHL headquarters and demand equality for all…you know…level the playing field if you will…
    You know last year I came on Carps blog where he favors all his “regulars”. Then he bans guys like me who last year came on his blog and asked that Sean Avery just model full time.
    I came on here last year and said Redden should be Redden’d, and Carcillo should be Carcillo’d and Byfuglien should just just…you know…

  28. Now that you mention it I think I remember that….word for word.

    Actually I do remember us talking about expanding the rink size. I really think that would cut down on injuries. As well as bringing back the two-line pass. And, for the love of God, limit the padding that these guys can wear below the head! It does more harm than good.


  30. “‘m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive. ” – Happy Gilmore

  31. Carp should decertify this blog and we’ll start over somewhere else with a pay-to-play, NSFW steel-cage match

  32. The good thing about no hockey in Florida right now is that I don’t have to worry about leaving a freezing arena and then immediately having to strip down to my underwear to survive the onslaught of an unforgiving sun.

  33. Btw, I just want to remind everyone that a long time ago I said that next year would be 2013. So every time you write the year I want you to remember I told you so.

  34. or somebody who complains about guest bloggers …

    just want everybody to remember that last year I said it would be a snow/rain mix in the Northeast today.

  35. pretty sad when fireman freakin’ ed gets publicity on tv as opposed to the (lack of) ANYTHING on the nhl lockout….think bettman noticed?

  36. …hopefully this lockout will kill Dancing Larry. Wonder where he’s dancing like a fool at now. :)

  37. this sucks! i miss hockey. did watch Boo Nieves play the other night. down the road he could be a player.

  38. Carp
    2 years ago I predicted I’d still be coming to RR in this current lockout… Just sayin’

  39. Manny don’t know if you saw my earlier post…about ps3? Wasn’t sure if it was u I was talking to about it.

    Yes I’m sure u could kick my carcillo with these here letters…

  40. Look at this, they are redoing the Cloud Club. I conceived this whole project two years ago.

  41. Also, and UGH, I hate to bring this up again (and specific apologies to Carp for bringing it up again) but referring to Mexican-American Quarterback Mark Sanchez, or any other hispanic individual, as _any_ collection of spanish words, or a Mexican food dish, is *racist* so please refrain from continuing to do it in public. You’re only shaming yourself.

  42. Sanchez has stated in ESPN NFL Countdown interviews that arroz con pollo is his favorite dish. Without facts, as you oft are, you’re only shaming yourself and those who raised you.

  43. I came on this blog last year and mentioned that Sanchez the American quarterback was terrible along with his entire team of “freakin’ idiots”.

  44. Ok, Carp. Since you know me, you know I meant nothing by it. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.

  45. Staal, I said on this blog early last year that Mark Sancheese was good. But Mark Sancheese es malo. My apologies to that freakin’ idiot Rod who tried to educate me in 2010 as to how terrible Sancheese was, but I wouldnt listen.

  46. I am Mexican-American too and I did not find the remark offensive. Someone is being overly sensitive.

  47. The only reason Mr Cohen and others were invited in is that the de-certification process has been initiated in earnest by the NHLPA, a little fire-fighting scheme to stem a possibly dangerous precedent as far as the “cartel” unions are concerned.
    I concede that I may not have been the first to mention the de-certification as such, but if a very few others did mention it here, it was in passing with a little “boneheads” acclaim. I am sorry if some see me as an attacking “jackwaggon”, I do not know any of you enough to attack you anyway. So forgive me for my disjointed posts, as Ilb astutely observed – they are infreequent enough to be easily tolerated or ignored by the tough hockey fans amongst you.
    But I still believe that my attitude fills the gap on this blog, as someone who cannot be banned for a lack of civility and it gives the other members the opportunity to display their solidarity in critical thinking.

  48. If you ever needed a reminder of how the NHL is still the poor cousin of the other 3 major leagues – this quote on the Seattle arena deal:

    “Building of the Sodo arena is not contingent upon an NHL franchise; it’s an NBA franchise that would be the crown jewel, but inclusion of an NHL team would change the financial structure of the deal between the city of Seattle, King County and arena ownership.”

  49. I came on here about 1 year ago, to the day, and told you guys that newbear was a bitter idiot. Called it.

  50. I miss hockey, can’t stand Buttman, and all that crap…
    Not buying any NHL stuff this Christmas…oh wait…I’m getting NHL13…but I’m not buying it…

  51. Morning Staal, ilb, and heads! Staal, will you be getting a Dirty Sanchez jersey for use as toilet paper? ;)

  52. Haha Tiki! No! I only tune into the Jets to watch the clown show of “freakin’ idiots”…Good grief!

  53. Golf needs a union. These guys have it rough…

    In related news, Carl Pettersson has announced he is retiring from PGA golf and becoming a professional beer drinker.

  54. Hey guys. Have only posted a couple of times during the lockout. I could really use some NHL hockey. What’s November/December without discussing line combinatioins?

    I really think that these guys think it’ll be the same as the the last lockout. They had no problem getting the fans back and revenues continued to pile in. I don’t think so this time. They are doing long term damage to the league that will take a while to recover from.

    Oh well. Back to lurkdom.

  55. One thing about the city of Seattle Washington being granted a franchise is that I’ve seen too many people describe the weather there as very very rainy most of the time. A very astute and droll friend of mine, overhearing that there was more rain there than most cities are burdened with, he opined from his own experience there that it is a “dry rain”.

  56. IBleedRangersBlue on

    i miss counting down the hours at work till puck drop….it sounds sad but ive realized how big part of my life hockey is…without it i feel like i have nothing to look foward to….it used to be like ok its wednesday…tomorrow thursday theres a game that will break my week up a little…now its just wednesday, thursday, friday…zZzZzZzZ…start all over again

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