A rally for locked-out hockey fans, and another Sandy benefit


First, I got an e-mail from a regular reader and long-time season ticket holder, George Albro about an fans rally being organized to protest the lockout.

“The fans need to be heard and the season needs to be saved,” he said.

The rally will be held Saturday, Dec. 1, 1:05 p.m., outside of NHL HQ and store on Sixth Avenue and 47th Street in Manhattan. Fans are encouraged to wear hockey clothing. For info, contact George at gwalbro@aol.com.


Also, on the heels of the Atlantic City event coordinated by Brad Richards and Scott Hartnell on Saturday to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims comes this announcement:

“Beginning Sunday, Nov. 25, Rangers fans will have the opportunity to enter into a contest to win an incredible piece of Rangers memorabilia.

“Grand prize winner will take home a hockey stick autographed by Rangers legends including Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, Rod Gilbert, Eddie Giacomin, Harry Howell, Mike Keenan, Stephane Matteau and many others!

“For more details, log onto jerseyshorerelief.com benefiting the Jersey Shore and surrounding areas throughout New Jersey affected by Hurricane Sandy.  100% of the donation will be directed to the American Red Cross. The winner will be drawn on Monday, Dec. 10 and announced on jerseyshorerelief.com.”

To enter, go to the site and make a $25 donation to the American Red Cross.


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  1. I am going through some difficult personal issues right now and having Rangers woulda been such a great therapy…

    I miss hockey so so bad!

  2. That the owners can let things get so close and still sit there and not negotiate, shows how little some of them want to play hockey or how much they expect the players to cave in to all their demands.
    The only leverage the players have left is to decertify i think – time to test how many of those small market militant owners want to blow up the system and let the Rangers, Habs, Flyers and Leafs snag all the talent and buy up the best young stars while they drift though seasons of mediocrity and low revenues

  3. As CARP says, “freaking idiots” … These guys have no clue. They think they can get away with another long lockout and that the fans will just come back. That’s a mighty big gamble if you ask me. I’m sitting here and you bet your bottom dollar I would think 1000x as hard as to whether or not I’d buy an expensive ticket to see a game this year. The default is TV and that’s that I’d likely pick.

  4. One of the best suggestions i saw was to invite Fehr to the Board of Gov’s meeting and let him speak to all the Owners and GM’s. If i was one of those less militant owners right now i would be on the phone to Fehr and feed him as much info as i could.

  5. Everyone says “Bettman, Bettman, Bettman …” – isn’t he just doing the owners’ bidding?

  6. The idea that Bettman is merely doing the owners’ bidding is ridiculous. If the owners wanted to express only their opinions they would hire a representative. Bettman is the Commissioner of the league. That means he isn’t merely beholden to the leaders. He was hired to be an impartial leader among the owners and the players. The guy that is supposed to bring it all together and get people on the same page. He has failed epicly in this task.

  7. Sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Manny, sports commissioners are no longer that. They are now the owners’ stooges. Their jobs are to make maximum profits for the owners. Period.

    Good morning, Sally!

  9. But Bettman is responsible for the current makeup of the owners and the Board of Govs whereby he only needs 8 votes to Veto anything (including any reasonable offer made by the players). So once Jacobs has voted and a few others follow, Dolan, Snider, MLSE, Molson and the guys who would take an extension on the current terms have to sit and quietly watch another proposal torpedoed.

  10. This lockout has me made me soooooooooo much more productive…not sure my wife is going to be as happy next september when hockey resumes…just sayin’
    Or maybe I won’t return as a fan…ahhhhh what am I talking about…I can’t wait for the freakin’ idiots to get there heads out of their carcillo’s!

  11. 7 votes, Manny. The NHL owns Coyotes….He still does what the owners want him too. At least the group of militant ones….

    Good morning, boneheads!

  12. There are couple of ways fans can be heard.

    1. Ask for an end to the lockout by a certain date or we’ll boycott our favourite team’s next 164 matches, whenever they’re played.

    2. Threaten to not spend money on the NHL for as long as Bettman remains in the league.

  13. I just don’t believe that every owner is in favor of this lockout. In fact, I bet it’s a very small contingent that is in favor of losing an entire year of hockey. Therefore, Bettman is not even representing the owners, he’s just representing a _few_ of the owners.

  14. That is probably very accurate, Manny. Not sure how many, but certainly not all of them. Plenty of clubs will take a financial beating by not playing at all. Some will lose less money than if they play.

  15. I think the Lockout is to small market teams what CEO’s pretend Obama-Care is to their large companies.

    Make Sense?

  16. JD and the Straight Shot on

    I’m not in favor of the lockout. Therefore, come see my band play every Monday at 8pm. Sincerely, Jimmy D.

  17. So, in addition to breaking the players, we also have a subset of owners trying to break the other owners?

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in their meetings.

  18. What makes this lockout much more frustrating than the last one is that its a season we were genuine contenders – last time we were in a rebuild state having traded Leetch, Nedved & Kovalev and a few others, Messier retired, Lindros was concussed and approaching UFA.
    This time we are missing a year of Callahan, Hank, Staal and a few others in their primes, plus a look at our new toy (Nash) and a coach

  19. The only bonus being if we do finally get playing by January – Gaby will be ready to go, Hank will be rested and a 48-60 game season should not burn out anyone after last year’s marathon

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