Rangers, Flyers and others get together in Atlantic City tonight


Boy, there are sure some knuckleheads on the other side. I hope the spirit of this charity game doesn’t allow anybody to do anything stupid. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

Here’s a preview from USA Today, with rosters.

Maybe we should light up the Empire State Building in Orange crud.


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  1. Big Deal They should have agreed to some form of arbitration or mediation quite some time ago. What a waste. Say goodbye Gary

  2. Um, Gary’s not going anywhere. In fact, he will probably be rewarded for this performance.

    Wish I could do a Go Time! But I won’t be there and the only way to follow the game tonight, as far as I know, is right over there on the widget ———->

  3. I think it is time for the players to take a stand. Bettman must go, and the players strategy should be to force that to happen. if that means to decertify, and no season, then so be it. this is the 3rd lockout bettman has forced. for the NHL to go forward Bettman must go. eventually the team owners that want to play will stand up. the lockout is about small market teams, vs large market teams. not players and owners.

  4. There will be no television broadcast but 97.3 ESPN will broadcast the game over the radio in South Jersey and via an online audio stream.

    End the lockout already 4COL.

  5. I sooooo wish Dolan would speak out. He can afford the fine and its well known he hates Bettman and the league anyways. Or start his own coaliton of owners that want to play and somehow force an end to this.

  6. I want to say this at least once this season.

    New York Wins over New Jersey!

    It’s only AC Operation Hat Trick, but SO NICE to hear live

  7. Well ND is in the national championship game. Regans and McCormicks are excited in my house this night. I am as well as it has been such a long time.for the irish. Loss in miami in 1989. Rocket clip call in 1991. BC debacle in 1993. And again in 2002. Bush push in 2006. ND football has been down for so long and now greatness is possible although a loss in the finals coukd happen as well.

    However there is a part of me that senses
    something isnt quite right……can anyone put their finger on it?

  8. Just got back from the game in AC – it was awesome and sad at that same time. The players were great. I swear Boyle never stopped smiling. Lundqvist and others gave out sticks to kids in the stands at the end of the game. Of course, the sad part was the feeling that it might be the only time I get to see NHL players this year. My parents and my in-laws both had their homes destroyed by the storm – no matter how you feel about the owners or the players, you really have to give it to Richards, Hartnell and all the guys for putting this charity game together. I rooted for both teams (but a little harder for our boys) and the stick salute at the end gave me chills.

    On a side note – I knew that it would be Flyer heavy there tonight, but I had no idea how heavy. I would say 70 percent Flyers, 29 percent Rangers and 1 percent Devils. (there to see Marty in orange crud) One girl about 10 rows behind me kept trying to get a “Lets Go Devils” chant…

  9. I just got back from the game with my family. It was definitely a really fun evening for a good cause. Definitely heavy Flyers as Teek said, but it was a good atmosphere. No fights as far as I could see, and the Flyers fans surrounding my family were respectful and kept the language PG-13 because I had my kids with me. I think everyone was just excited to be watching some hockey. I know it was a very watered down game, but I will say that Hank was absolutely LIGHTS OUT tonight. We need to get a season going now. He is more than ready to pick up where he left off last year.

    Instead of penalties for infractions they had penalty shots instead which was pretty cool. Hank proved once again why he is the best in the shootout.

    James Neal was all over the place and scored 4 goals. Richards looks very comfortable playing with him.

    Marty got heckled all night long and it was hilarious to watch and hear the Rangers and Flyers fan taunt him in unison.

    Teek, I hope you has as much fun as I did.

    Vinny from Jersey Shore was the bench boss for our squad, don’t ask me how or why, but the boo birds were in full effect and it was hilarious. You would think Betteman was in the building.

    All in all it was a really fun night and I am glad they did it.

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Sounds like everyone had fun at the game last night. Good for the boys! They had fun and raised some money for a very important cause.

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