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from the NHLPA:


TORONTO (November 23, 2012) – Don Fehr, National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) Executive Director, released the following statement this afternoon regarding the NHL’s cancellation of games through December 14th and the 2013 NHL All-Star Weekend:

“On Wednesday, the players presented a comprehensive proposal, once again moving in the owners’ direction in order to get the game back on the ice. The gap that remains on the core economic issues is $182 million. On Wednesday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said that the league is losing $18-20 million per day during the lockout, therefore two more weeks of cancelled games far exceeds the current economic gap. It makes the NHL’s announcement of further game cancellations, including the 2013 All-Star Weekend, all the more unnecessary, and disappointing for all hockey fans – especially those in Columbus. The players remain ready to negotiate but we require a willing negotiating partner.”


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  1. NdAt some point during the “game” last night, shortly after showing Fireman Dead, NBC put up pictures of Brady and Sancheese on magazine covers, at which point Cris calls them both hunks. Brady is a hunk, but given how stinky Sancheese is, he’s a skunk, not a hunk. So we can call this lockout Sancheese or skunky. Either term is apropos!

  2. Wow. Just wow. Decertify the union. Make these jackwagon owners sweat it. Or cancel the league. What a colossal waste.

  3. Forgive me ignorance but can anyone explain wtf does “decertification” means and why would it scare the owners? Thanks :)

  4. cancel the league. the owners are insane greedy a holes.

    buttman is still getting paid so he could care less…

    the level of arrogance and stupidity in this group is off the charts…

    blow it up and have the players start there own league, f the owners……..

    name 1 fan that comes to see the owners………..

  5. CCCP, decertification means dissolving the union. The union would still exist, but wouldn’t be able to negotiate on behalf of the players. With the union decertified, it would make the relationship between the owners and players to be governed by anti-trust law, and thus allowing the players to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the owners, which in the end, could prevent the lockout. What a decertification would do is delay negotiations and put the players against the owners in the court system, and that could take a while.

  6. a players league would never work. you need the big city arenas, and the TV deals, etc. Players would be playing for relative pennies without those things. Would be better off capitulating completely to the owners’ demands.

  7. >>name 1 fan that comes to see the owners…

    But it is thanks to the owners that you’re able to see those fantastic superplayers. The NHL is the owners’ business and risk; I don’t know why you’d be surprised or upset that they’d want to change the rules to favour them. Players will always get their fat paycheques no matter what collective bargaining agreement gets signed. The sooner the NHLPA realise they’re employees of the owners, not business partners, the sooner we’ll have hockey again.

  8. jbytes what are you talking about? owners risk. really when they pay for the stadiums tell me about risk. it is a monolopy, that is not risky.

    cities, states, and provinces, finance these crooks….

    owners have a monopoly and create rules that are anti capitalism the thing guys like them a jbytes babble about all the time. free market my ass…..that is for the peasants for these fat cats they like a monopoly(price control) etc just fine…..

  9. salary cap, non movement clause, a drat(limit where someone can be employed, those are so anti capitalist in nature I laugh when some yahoo tries to tell me how smart the owners are and what real business leaders they are… IT IS CALLED A MONOPOLY…..

    it is a damn sports league and then bozos can’t make it work because some teams really are not economically viable but thsoe are the teams who are dictating the terms… ooops, i thought they believe in supply and demand????

    not realy they believe in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    anyway anyhow……..

  10. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I am about as tired, bored and disgusted with this as I was with the Political Campaigning. Maybe even more so as i feel more invested with Hockey. It really surprises me at how angry this has made me. Not towards the owners or the players, just in general. I don’t need the added aggrivation. I’ve got my own problems. I think I will sign out untill the next playoffs……However

    I am so tired of TV melodramas and if i am forced to watch one more re-run of BIG BANG……

  11. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    so, what part of this deal will bring ticket prices down to realistic levels???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. “Freakin’ idiots” is a trademark of Rangers Report and may only be used with permission.

    Permission granted.

    Matty, I think that will be in the “flying boar” provision of the new CBA.

    Good morning, Sally!

  13. screw them all!!

    went to Bridgeport last night to catch Whale v Sound Tigers. great game! 7-5 final. whale score 4 times in last 8 mins. kreider and gilroy with 2 each. great saves, 3 or 4 fights. good crowd and a really nice arena. well worth the $40 tickets!

    everyone should be supporting these teams!! pack those arenas its hockey,not NHL level but good entertainment for your $$$

  14. In a “must win” negotiations, both sides qualified as a “freakin’ idiots” are experience “fatigue” and deserve a game misconduct according Avery Rule.

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