Happy Thanksgiving … be thankful for everything but the lockout


In perspective, the lockout is a minor irritation.

So on Thanksgiving, be grateful  for the important stuff you have, and not the other relatively important stuff that the NHL owners, the players union and the Lockout Commissioner have taken away from you.

Freakin’ idiots.

And I want to thank all of youse for being here so often and for so long. You guys all rule.

Enjoy the day, overdose on tryptophan, count your blessings and don’t even dream about driving if you’ve been drinking.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving all. I like to be thankful every day rather than just one day a year. But…. thanks Carp for an amazing site filled mostly with amazing people, thanks ilb for being the kind of person we all should aspire to be like, thanks to Blogmama for being the best friend a person could ask for, and thanks Sally/Fozzy/Julie/Tony/BANJ among others for being great friends.

  2. hi Carp.
    you said you did not “bufuglien” know what I was talking about, that was a hostile and an uninformed attack, you have to be challenged more often then you are. If you don’t know what I am “byfuglien” talking about, than it is about the dreaded “decertification”, good moorning Carp and Sallly.

    Sorry for a slightly ridiculous salute, but you do culitivate “on Purpose” the Idiots (aka the boneheads), look at some of the “CCCP ?”. what does it mean?
    Do you really like these people who contribute this poppycock, horsfeathers to your blog ?

    Well. you can always say “byfuglien”, can’t you, buddy

  3. Interesting summary on ESPN:


    The rhetoric may be negative, but when you look at how close they are compared to where they were a few weeks ago, plus the amount of items that are all but agreed then there is some hope this could be concluded in the next 1-2 weeks.

    Who moves the most towards the other will depend on how badly (or how many) owners want to take what is on the table and get people back in their arenas OR how much resolve the players have for more missed paychecks. Bettman has only 30 constituents to silence (under threat of fines and removal draft picks) whereas Fehr has 700 with no way to penalise other than peer pressure. Advantage owners

  4. other hockey blogs and chat rooms are available for those that dont like it here – oh look> Carp’s even kindly provided a list.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, boneheads!

    I saw this one last night, UK. Unedited, from the source. Goes to show how much more happens inside of that room with us only getting small details. All we knew last night that it was rejected by owners. I was reading it and kept thinking “I wouldn’t call it rejecting, I’d call it negotiating”

  6. ilb – i agree. There is a lot of movement in that last proposal, and despite saying publicly the players are getting nothing back there are one or two things in there that could benefit players:
    abolition of re-entry waivers
    cap floor limit not to include bonuses, but cushion to allow them above cap
    retained salary and cap space can now be included in trades
    more power to union in setting escrow %

    one thing im surprised the union put forward is:
    the players cap floor % proposal – it benefits the teams hanging around the cap floor more than anyone else. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, if they had stuck with a floor at 55% this would have made the cap floor $35.5m last season and would have meant all but the Yotes and Blue Jackets could have broken even, if they worked within their payroll within their means

  7. I think there is a good understanding on players’ part that the more revenue growths, the less likely struggling teams will be able to keep up with the floor the way it was structured before. They know that as long as their share remains steady, the money will be there for them. I’m more surprised that the NHL embraced it since that may eventually be detrimental to parity. But I guess they realize it’s an issue too.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Carp. Thanks for all that you do for the boneheads.

    Want to wish everyone a great holiday.

    My good friend in Phoenix (not Tony) who is missing NYR hockey told me he started watching MLS. He says it has all the excitement of hockey but at the speed of golf. LOL

    Have a great day everyone.

  9. Happy thanksgiving to each and everyone. How fortunate are we as we celebrate our good fortune! Godspeed!

  10. Happy Turkey Day, CARP and guys!

    I’m happy for my recovering healthy, my family, my fiancé, this blog! …

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, faithful, except few – new and old bears, lightning and other rods, etc. …thankful for Carp’s existence, endless patience and for having this unique online community.

  12. Get a life, newbear. I still don’t know what you’re talking about.

    UK, your stuff’s going to spam because of your trying to use a banned word by substituting a character. Just so you know.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving All, except the “Lockout Commissioner.” I like that Carp. Gary Buttman, LOC.

    How the man holds his job is a testament to the selfish owners in the NHL, particularly in Boston. If Buttman wasn’t getting his paycheck, something would have been done long before now. Too bad his job performance doesn’t depend on his negotiation skills. If it did, someone by now would have said, “You’re Fired!”

  14. the owners declined the latest offer, what a shock.

    those titans of business are so friggin clueless and they got there stooge buttman doing there bidding.

    why don’t the owners just play after all they are the reason people watch the nhl, just ask the morons…

  15. I haven’t been around in a while, and honestly it is because I have been kind of staying away from NHL related things until the lockout is resolved. But I do check in and read and try to keep up with you all. I am going to the game in AC this Saturday, so if anyone else is going let me know. I am taking the whole family. Should be a lot of fun and it is for a great cause.

    Anyway, I hope you all have a very happy and healthy thanksgiving and enjoy time with family and friends. Be safe, and hand over the keys if you are going to be drinking a lot.

  16. itsabout, the thing is, Bettman is doing exactly what the majority of owners are paying him to do … to be a complete hardliner and not budge in negotiations, to — as I’ve said before — not just win, but win 50-0. Call timeout, put the first string back in, and run up the score.

    The sad part, it’s mostly the owners of teams that can’t succeed, no matter what the new CBA looks like, who are wagging the dog.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving all. Thanks for the tip Carp – word replaced!

    I wish we had some sort of autumn holiday over here, best we can muster is Guy Fawkes night when we celebrate the capture of terrorists who tried to murder King James I by sarcastically blowing stuff up and burning stuff – good old English Irony at its best!!

    I suppose Guy Fawkes was thankful his neck broke in the noose so he couldn’t be quartered like his co-conspirators!

  18. Carp – are you saying that this is all driven by the guys like Jacobs, Pegula, Kroenke, Wang, Vanderbeek, Leonosis, Gagliardi and Leopold’s of the league?

    I’m surprised that the guys like Snider, Lemieux, Melnyk, Molsons, Wirtz, Ilitch, Tanenbaum, Aquilini and Dolan dont wield any power in all of this – but i suppose if the evil goblin only needs 7 others and Sauron Jacobs to vote then it means only a mass revolt can oust him.

  19. carp is absolutely right. instead of changing the hard liners ie move there teams or close them up they are taking a hard line to save them financially when these business geniuses(joking) should realize they are not economically viable.

    again welfare for billionaires, the titans of industry that have no clue… they love welfare for zillionaires but hate welfare for poor people, it is called tiwisted priorities and reality.

    move the debbies to KC, move the islanders to canada, move the preds somewhere else, etc…..

    buttman is a giant jackass ….

  20. Even if he were allowed to, Lemieux probably wouldn’t say anything.

    Mayor Jacobs of Stoogeville aside, Leonsis must be top of the list of hardline owners who really really shouldn’t be, considering his “man of the people” schtick and Ovechkin-signing, post-2005-benefitting ways.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving Carp and you crazy Boneheads!! Home for the first time in 2 years and have plans to gouge myself on food and family.

    Hope your holiday is full of the same things.

    Oh and I hope Bettman and the hardline owners choke on turkey bones!

  22. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

    Just wanted to say thanks to Carp for all he does here. Thanks to all of you for picking up my slack here the last couple of months!!

    And thanks to all the current and prior folks in the military for making this and every other holiday possible for us!!!

  23. UK, I think Mr. Snider’s on the commish’s side for some reason. NBC/Comcast/conflict of interest/Winter Classic, etc.?

    Hedberg, just listened to Alice’s Restaurant. LMAO.

  24. Happy T day a.. LY at this time we were planning to attend the Rangers-Flyers Sat matinee…where Hagelinwould score his first gosl..what a difference a year makes…

    It is time for Bettman and Jacobs to take a hike and let some of the moderate owners take a shot…where is Dolan on this matter…speak out and take the fine…we want to hear from you!

  25. LMAO!!! Mork Sanchez!! Today, Im most thankful that Im neither Mork nor Rex Ryan! Sancheese needs to be deported to the CFL, stat! LOL!

  26. hello to all and (a late) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

    been running around all day
    enjoying one meal with mrs. jpg’s side
    and then
    dinner with my family

    STUFFED and dealing with it.

    hope all are doing well.
    just been so busy trying to deal with life and work (looking for more work)
    that i haven’t been around very much at all.

    at the very least i’m hoping to get a hockey fix by seeing
    a minor league game soon

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