NHL, NHLPA big meeting today … or not


I told you a while back that it would have to get really, really dark before there is an agreement. Not sure if we actually reached that point.

But last week it appeared that the sides were just going to stay miles apart — especially since the owners don’t want a victory, they want a 50-0 rout — and then it got darker when the Lockout Commissioner suggested they take a few weeks off from negotiating.

That did get a rise out of the players, who wondered how in holy hell it could possibly be a good idea to stop negotiating at this late date.

And, according to Larry Brooks yesterday, the union even discussed its options, including decertification.

They’re getting back together today, and here’s what I think will happen. They will go nowhere again, it will be gloom and doom … and soon there will be a breakthrough.

As we also said last week, noted by E.J. Hradek, the 1994-95 Bettman Lockout ended Jan. 11, the season began Jan. 20, and they played a 48-game season.

So I still think there will be a new CBA and a partial season.

My outcome prediction will be the usual: That everybody will say how lopsided the owners’ victory was, and by the end of the new agreement the owners’ will be crying poverty and about how much they need a new system that works for them.

Freakin’ idiots.



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  1. Well, I hope that they come to some agreement, but I’m not expecting that they will – I watched a KHL game on Sunday ((Lokomotiv vs. CSKA) and I wasn’t really impressed, but maybe I’m just aggravated that we’re being deprived of the NHL game…

  2. As I mentioned earlier, the de-cerrtification is a serious threat, but there was no resonse from ILB, Tiki, Fran, the insders, the “family”, LOL. Why not ? You decide who deserves your “respect”, even if they don’t watch Seinfeld hockey ? Come on Carp, step in…. Or not?

  3. based on what i’m reading the players arent considering it (de-cert) as an option. I think the 2011 ruling against the NFL players all but assured that wont be a tactic this time round.

    I also think that the owners like Snider, Dolan etc need to be increasing the pressure on Bettman (and from what we’re reading today Jezza Jacobs). The concessions they seem to have achieved already will help the have-nots – they wont have to spend as much and will receive a few $m more to cover their “losses” – which if anyone read that article on the Fla Panthers over the weekend can only be regarded as highly dubious.

    What the owners are asking for now seem more like tools to keep their own GM’s and player agents in check – why not just make their jobs more precarious by linking it to profitability or setting an in-house salary cap at a level linked to their own income?

  4. At this point, Bettmen probably feels he needs to deliver the 50-0 rout. It’s his only hope of keeping his job. Even so, I imagine the owners will make him the scape goat soon after a deal is done, however long that takes. My prediction is he’ll resign as commisioner to take another job in the league office. The owners will say sad that you’ve decided to step down (you’re fired), thanks for a great job (jerk, you promised the players would cave and it wasn’t going to last this long), glad that you’re staying on with the league (Here’s a nice wad of go-away money, stay clear from the games, and when the stupid fans forget – and 99% will – fade away).

    The owners will convince some old, well-respected superstar player, who never dreamed of making the kind of money today’s players make, to take the position. Some people will think things will be different and a lockout will never happen again. They won’t be, and it will.

  5. bettman as despicable as jeff lauria..

    3 lockouts in what 15 years….the shrewd owners, what a crew of bubble living greedy scoundrels..

    a player cost to much to sign, newsflash don’t sign him you genius businessman….

  6. Have to agree there guys – i cant see how Bettman can keep his job after this. He wont be able to get the big win some owners want and other owners will be irked they lost money and games because of this. He also failed to look far enough into the future last time, and left far too many holes that were exploited in the last CBA. Not to mention he will be hated by the fans, most of the players and i’d imagine a lot of organisational people for whom he has affected by the lockout.

  7. Bettman losing his job would be a huge plus. As long as he is replaced with someone who actually _likes_ hockey.

  8. HockeymanRangers on

    I wish there is something we could do to make a statement as fans??? Have no idea what that is?? I mean we could, not go to games, not purchase the TV channels that air the games but with how much we all love hockey we can’t do that. Some one needs to come up with a plan. How about forming our own organization, HOCKEY FANS CLUB and get our own commisioner?? I DON’T KNOW?? What are we going to do??

  9. Right. We have the least amount of power here. The only thing we could do is demand that Bettman be impeached and refuse to go to, or watch games, until that happens.

  10. Bettman…the fans alway’s boo him…(thats one of my favorite parts of the Stanley Cup presentation is to see this moron booed)…now its pretty obvious the players also can’t stand the sight of him.
    I wonder if the owners are starting to think the same thing?

  11. The NHL is in serious trouble if even I’M starting not to care if they ever play again. In a few years, the 2011-12 season will be that warm, hazy, distant memory that brings a tear to my eye like the Native American on horseback who sees the litter. Then my grandkids will ask me – Saba, what was that sport called again? And what is “ice” ?

  12. Go to the games, support your team & players, buy food and drink and visit the bars and restaurants as normal game day (as that keeps people in jobs) – just dont buy any merchandise off nhl.com (or even visit the website)

  13. Pepe Auto Group.
    There’s a mechanic that walks around there. Big guy, short name. Sam? Moe? Sol?

  14. I’m just bored with the whole thing. Settle already, enough is enough. You’re growing fan base is going to dwindle. Knicks and Nets are doing well, nationally nobody cares much about this work stoppage really, and soccer is starting to actually become more popular, especially among the networks. Hockey, you’re committing hari kari and you don’t even know it.

  15. Yes. That is the issue. Supporting the Rangers supports the NHL since the NHL controls all product licensing, etc.

  16. You guys who think this is costing Bettman his job are dreaming. The power owners — Jacobs, Snider, the small-market losers — they love this guy, and he is following their orders to a T.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Johnny, a nickel. they just put out more donuts.

    newbear, I have no idea what the byfuglien you are talking about. nor do I really care.

  17. I know what newbear is talking about. His argument is that if the owners decide to de-leverage the total non-binding payrolls going forward, it would be a write-off for them. They’ll just write it off.

  18. Things could be worse. How would you like to be a Mets going into the coming season in what can only be described as fans, and realize that the movers and shakers of that team, are prepared to trade off all the players who were the only reason Mets fans flocked (and yes they did flock, for a remarkable period of time before it all became a joke) and now they are readying for the next season…(and no Chipper Jones on hand to bring in the Braves fans), and I believe that one would have to go back to the days of Casey Stengels’ “Amazing Mets”), to find a greater laughing stock for a sports franchise.

  19. That’s _Mr_ Snider to you, Carp.

    I enjoyed the five minutes in which it looked like he was going to end the lockout singlehandedly…

  20. the big owners; rangers, leafs, detroit, etc let the little owners get away with murder.

    agan for the 50th time, debbie,, fishticks, preds, etc should be eliminated or moved… they cannot survive economically on there own…

    buttman is a dick,, plain and simple. even a bigger dick then the other commissioners and the bar is not real high….

  21. Once I had the promise of a full season with the Rangers a viable Cup contender, the memory of a Winter Classic that I attended, no hurricane and an election that was going to go my way. Life seemed better.

  22. Fran, I have to disagree with you about the Mets. Both the Florida Marlins and Miami Dolphins are even worse organizations, hands down. Whenever I read any articles about them I literally do laugh out loud.

  23. -Florida- Miami Marlins are an absolute disgrace with what they just did to everyone. Even worse than when they pushed for revenue sharing and then pocketed the revenue they received in the deal. Then MLB had to demand that they spend $86M at least on a team. And now this whole, field a contender, get a stadium, cause a debacle by trading everyone.

    But hey, at least Reyes has to pay $5M more in Taxes in Canada than he would in Florida.

  24. And don’t even get me started on the Dolphins’ inability to commit to a quarterback for more than half a season.

  25. I enjoy reading the uneducated people on Facebook that say the Marlins have done what no other team has ever done with the dumping of contracts… when less than 6 months ago, the Red Sox dumped $260M+ in commitments, nearly $100M more than the Marlins. There really is no bigger laughing stock than the 2012 Red Sox. Perhaps only more of a laughing stock is their fake home sellout record that even Pete Abe acknowledged is a sham.

  26. Evrockrise

    You could well be right…my experience with the FL teams ( tho I live on the Space Coast)is zip.
    and I was specifically comparing only among NY sports organizations.

  27. thinking of laughing stocks can anyone name the teams in the major sports that have lost a series after being up 3 games to zero

  28. Fran, in NY, the Jets are likely the biggest laughing stocks. Turmoil in the locker room, inept and unintelligent coach, guys stabbing each other in the back, the worst statistical QB in the league, the list could go on forever. One of the only guys deserving of any respect is Tebow, he deserves to be utilized, but that would require intelligence.

  29. Incidentally I just wanted to point out what could happen to any NY team that lets’s it’s team flounder.

    I spent the entire years of 1951in Chicago, and often went to Cubs games because I was driving a cab and the guys I brought up they would be coming back after game time, and I wanted to get as many of them into the cab going back downtown…they didn’t want you to dead head anyhow.

    I just paid my 85 cents bleacher seats, ( and saw some great teams playing there ( none of them were the Cubs, but you could literally sit anywhere in the park you wanted to), I saw great players tho, the entire squad of the Dodgers “Boys of Summer” Robinson, Camponella, Furillo,Reese,
    Musial of the Cards, Alvin Dark and Bobby Thompson of the Giants,…….and the stands were almost empty. No night games via old man Wrigley. Couldn’t happen hear? Don’t be too sure.
    And I also got to see every Blackhawks game of that year and the same situation in the old
    hockey stadium with the organist above the home Goalie.. And that team won only 17-18 games all told for the season. I once was in the balcony and I was the only one up there covering three levels. Tix there were also in the cents. I have to tell you….it is a grim condition if it happens.

  30. Sure the Yankees win a lot of championships. With that comes plenty of bad. We have to, as fans, own the fact that the Yankees had the worst collapse in the history of sports. They were even winning in game 4 and game 5 with MO on the mound. Oops.

    We have to own it to be able to move on.

  31. Plenty of chances to win and the players failed in every single instance. Thus, the Yankees are responsible for the most embarrassing collapse EVER.

  32. Manny, you’re lack of intelligence is on display again. You have to own it :)

    Bruins led 3-0 in Game 7 at home against the Flyers. Red Sox blew a 14.5 game in 1978. It’s not that difficult to lose 4 straight games as compared to blowing a 14.5 game lead. But why am I trying to educate someone who’s unwilling to be educated? I’m a martyr! :)

  33. Let’s talk about Mork Sanchez before his annihilation or Thanksgiving. He’s of Mexican heritage and from Southern Cal. What made the Jets think he’d be successful in the NFL?

  34. Mexican Americans don’t like to just get into gang fights,
    they like flowers and music and white girls named Debbie too.

    Mexican Americans are named Chata and Chella and chemma
    and have a son in law named jeff.

    Mexican Americans don’t like to get up early in the morning
    but they have to so they do it real slow.

    Mexican Americans love education so they go to night school
    and take spanish and get a B.

    Mexican Americans love their Nana’s and their Nono’s and their
    Nina’s and their Nino’s…….. Nano Nano Nina Nono!

    Mexican Americans don’t like to go to the movies where the
    dude has to wear contact lenses to make his blue eyes brown
    cause don’t it make my brown eyes blue…..

  35. Please someone end this lockout. I need NHL hockey. My evenings during the week are so boring after work.

  36. Sanchez had a pretty good game on Sunday. I think his passer rating was 115+

    15-20 maybe close to 200 yards?

  37. Hey Dirtbags! Just dropped by to see how you hideous vermin are doing.

    Of course, Carp banned me yet again for having the audacity to, IDK, notify him 6 months beforehand (and before ANYONE even mentioned the possibility) that the Rangers were acquiring Rick Nash (and that Dubinsky was part of the package).

    Carp prefers to run a tidy little shop, where he can practice his highly selective enforcement procedures, ban anyone who dares challenge the Blogfather, & where all his buttkissers hang on his every word – or at least the few words he issues in between rounds of golf! Whatever. I don’t even read the blog here anymore, and what do you know, I’m no less-informed!

    Anyway, a special ‘Hello Dirtbag!” to the frightening lunatics (like Gregg) and assorted creatures that loiter here. You are not missed.

  38. Saying “Rick Nash WILL be a Ranger by tomorrow” and it not actually happening for another several months could be spun as being especially prescient, I guess.

    This dirtbag misses you, FWIW, Rodney, reciprocity or no.

  39. At the risk of being thought to be a BS,ing wise guy, I’m gonna add a bit of other information.
    I have always been interested in foreign language,m and I knew he was a Mexican American from Los Angeles, and also a very good boxer. I told him I wanted to enter the boxing smoker that the base was holding, one squadron against another, and he taught me, by working hard with me, and I picked up quite a bit, but still was nowhere near his class ..his name was Wedo xxxxxx..name withheld in case he or family is still alive ( this was in 1948). I noticed a small tattoo on his wrist and inquired about it..he said that it was a gang ID, called the Pachucos….and everyone belonged to a gang. He worked a lot with me and I came along pretty good but no where in his category. I alslo asked him to teach me some Spanish. He said OK, how how ab out ” Chingas tu Madre”///////
    Asked what it meant he said that it meant Mmmmmh Mnnnnh your Mother. Oh great, just what I was looking for to get myself killed. He got a good laugh out of that but he did spend some time on Spanish with me and I picked a fair amount, The smoker came and I plied my learning, but lost the bout. between rounds he told me to throw more punches. ( I was looking for just one solid shot that I could put him down, and rocked the other guy pretty good, but he shook his head and said. L more punches: I lost the bout due to too few punches thrown. He went in, at Middle Weight, won the bout then did a lot of skipping, drank no water and dropped two pounds and reentered
    as a welterweight..won that one also. He really was a good fighter. It was an interesting experience for me but I never did it again. I still have a couple of photos of that fight somewhere in my souvenirs.

    A Polish friend was always spouting Polish items and I asked him to teach me some Polish. He said OK ” Et soya moya dupa Asked what it meant, he said it meant “Kiss my arse”

    Why do people always teach you the cuss words first?

  40. Not missed but you still had to troll back on in here in yet another desperate attempt to get attention. Yawn!

  41. Spacek retired!? There goes the over-the-hill guy we were about to pick up to “QB” our powerplay. Looks like we will have to sign Tebow.

    Just a casualty of the lockout.

  42. @KatieStrangESPN@ #CBA Large grp mtg was on player contracting rights. Fehr said league unwilling to engage on issue. Still good possibility they meet tmrw

  43. torturing myself by watching game 5 of the 84 series against the Isles. had forgotten how good Pavelich, Hedberg, and roustalanen were. Gresch is about to school Potvin.

  44. dominated the the first period, and make a mistake and Bossy buries one. should have been about 4 zip. Rangers were actually the better team in 84.

  45. the 6 Ranger D in that game were Rexi, Maloney, Gresch, Patrick, Laidlaw, and Huber. Beck had been hurt the game before. that was one deep D group. Larouche, Pavelich, Allison, and Leinonin were the centers. they actually scratched Mike Rogers in that game. very deep team all around.

  46. Hey, everybody, I see the all-knowing Rod was here today. unfortunately he didn’t give us any of his hot tips from inside sources this time. how are we going to know what will happen in the future? jackwagon.

  47. Btw bull dog… I saw your post about fantasy league the other day… I will def. have the league running again as soon as these jackals decide to start.

  48. Rod, missing buddy, lost soul and total digress. What’s up with the low quality trolling tonight? The carsillohead isn’t parroting talking points. You seem to be trying to express coherent thoughts of your own and failing miserably. Then sit down and shut up!
    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….’’…\………. _.•´

  49. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….’’…\………. _.•´
    Rod, missing buddy, lost soul and total digress. What’s up with the low quality trolling tonight? The carsillohead isn’t parroting talking points. You seem to be trying to express coherent thoughts of your own and failing miserably. Then sit down and shut up!

  50. Good morning, boneheads!

    Ah, Rod was here. That’s why it started to smell like hockey. And like long unemptied porta potty

  51. The lockout WILL end by tomorrow (and a new CBA will be part of the deal).

    I’ll see you dirtbags in six months to receive my acclaim, if it happens by then.

  52. LW! Peace out Bean sprout. See you in six months(ish).

    I think today the players will show up in uniform. They can then place Bettman at one end of the room and fire pucks at him until he submits to their “formal” proposal.

  53. Avery tweets he needs a donated pair of Air Jordans to go with his Armani suit and his inflated ego. Size ten. (the shoes)

  54. The hockey picture may look bleak, but very often we can not see the forest for the trees.

    Now, can I offer you some Kasha Varnishkas?

  55. I also have the Snackwells which are very popular, but I think that sometimes with the so called fat free cookies people may overindulge forgetting they may be high in calories.

  56. Mr Snider will extend the lockout until Giroux is healthy again. Or as long as Lord Jeremy of Jacobs tells him it should be.

  57. Good afternoon, Sally! That happened to me the other day and I just added an extra exclamation point and it allowed the comment. And often the extra exclamation point is warranted!!

    Johnny, do you still have the time share in Myrtle Beach for after the High Holy Days?

  58. Mannuuuuuuuuuu?

    We need to catch up soon.

    Carp, it would warrant extra exclamation points if the morning was *actually* good, but as there is no hockey, it is not good.

  59. Good morning, boneheads!

    Night shifts, CCCP? Welcome to real Medicine :-)

    I think today is a big day. May not be “make it or break it” yet, but could be close to it. At some point the NHLPA will have to agree to percentage split as opposed to guaranteed number. If it isn’t today ( providing they’re ready to present their proposal today) then there will be no further moves on the NHL part towards system issues. They will likely wipe out the whole schedule of December games. And I believe that if they’re not playing in January, they aren’t playing this year at all.

  60. Its comments like this that give me hope:

    Only to have it dashed again at the end of the day!

    I kind of appreciate whet Fehr is doing, its the tactics of a master negotiator. He’s not tipping his hand as to what they will finally settle for, he’s making very minor concessions each time and forcing the NHL to move further despite the amount of times we’ve heard the words “best offer” or “off the table” from Daly/Buttman. I think he ( and the players) know they are going to lose out, its just a case of how much Fehr can minimize the losses and possibly if he can find a minor concession elsewhere as a mini-victory.

  61. I really hope they are ready to present today. Somebody better have stayed up late making pie charts and getting plastic report covers and making copies because this season has GOT to get under way soon or else I am going to snap…..


  62. feels so good to be…waiting…
    I hope Buttman eats too much turkey and falls into a tryptophan induced coma…

  63. Good morning all, and Staal!!!! An early Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope everyone has a grand holiday, and don’t let this lockout ruin your turkey day….Manny, thanks for that, I was wondering if I should grow my beard back…now I have my answer.

  64. I’m sure it can go unsaid, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Busting out my new elastic band jeans, and my muumuu will have its maiden voyage to CT. We all have alot to be thankful for, even without hockey. Let’s not forget our Native American bros who, let’s just say, don’t think of this as quite a holiday. Anyone recall LT’s pick 6 against the Lions at the Silverdome all those Novembers ago?

  65. Sorry Native Americans. Sorry for stealing your country and giving you smallpox and massacring you and then subjugating you for endless years on “reservations” and inundating you with poverty, drugs and other garbage that we invented to keep you down.

    Even though I didn’t do it personally (nor did my Jewish ancestors). It still sucks.


  66. Manny,
    I’m sick of everybody over apologizing…
    I don’t know the answer to this but… have the Germans ever apologized?
    Have the Palestinians apologized for lobbing rockets into Israel?
    BTW…Go Israel…kick some tail…
    If I just stirred the “proverbial pot”…I’m Sorry…lol

  67. Haha! I didn’t realize…maybe Carp will just erase it…make it disappear…
    Hey I did apologize!

  68. Maybe they’re starting to realize that, ilb. That is obviously what it’s going to take … the point of no-return, or maybe just past that point … to get a deal done. That’s how it usually goes.

  69. Given the quotes from Crosby it sounds like they might be reading from the same book at least now – even if they are on completely different pages!

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