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    Johnny LaRue

    Submitted on 2012/11/15 at 7:24 pm

    Perfect scenario guaranteed to end the lockout immediately:

    [Setting: Dark room in the back of an Italian restaurant.]

    GARY BETTMAN: Ah, excuse me, I’m looking for a Mr. Giggio.

    GIGGIO: Si, Si, imma Giggio.

    BETTMAN: Donald Fehr sent me to see you Mr. Giggio.

    GIGGIO: Si, Si Fehr.

    BETTMAN: Um, did he did he mention to you why I called?

    GIGGIO: Si, hockey lockout.

    BETTMAN: Yeah, right, right. So have the players made an offer?

    GIGGIO: Si. Two million lira. You sign here.

    BETTMAN: I didn’t actually want to sign it.

    GIGGIO: The pen, here is the pen. You sign here. Two million

    lira. Seventeen hundred Americana. Molto generoso.

    (A man approaches Mr. Giggio and whispers in his ear.)

    GIGGIO: (To the man) Si, Si.

    (Bettman watches the man walk away and appears to be very frightened)

    BETTMAN: So see um, I didn’t say that I wanted to sign it, I was just wondering if

    there was an offer made.

    GIGGIO: Si. (holds up the offer) Thissa one!. Capiche?

  2. carp! i heard you accidentally called a guy i work with and he asked you about the lockout… what are the chances that a misdial lands you with a ranger fan that wanted to know what you thought!

  3. I’m so past the blame game…it’s pure stupidity at this point…

    it is not even greed anymore…at least you can rationalize greed to an extent….

    logic tells you that the longer this goes on (in this economy) that it isn’t going to be good for the owners’ or the players’ pockets…

    so let’s just get it the byguglien over with, ok boys?

  4. Anonymous Owner of an anonymous NHL team on

    Kudos to Mr. Snider in remaining steadfast in his approach to this unfortunate situation. Thank you, Mr. Snider for everything. We love you.

    Gary Bettman is a visionary with a clear roadmap to a healthy and financially stable NHL.

    I like Turtles!

  5. gregm_section403 on

    You know, i’m a rangers season ticket holder for 15 years, and i read this blog every day. But, guess what? I don’t miss hockey one bit. I really don’t.

    October through December hockey is stinking carcillo anyway. The real hockey is in the late winter and spring when teams get desperate and the playoffs start.

    Byfuglien them all for the lockout! It’s their loss (literally).

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