UPDATE: Brad Richards and teammates in benefit for Sandy relief


The Rangers’ Brad Richards and teammates will join forces with the St. Joseph by the Sea Vikings hockey team and hold one-hour hockey clinics Friday at the Staten Island Skating Pavilion, with all proceeds going to the Hurricane Sandy victims, via the Cardinal Egan Fund.

A donation of $75 is requested of participants.

The clinics are set for 3:30 and 4:40 p.m. Friday.

Space is limited. If interested, email vikingshockey@yahoo.com by Thursday with the participant’s name and age.

Richards tweeted Tuesday that Ryan Callahan, Marian Gaborik, Carl Hagelin, Marc Staal, Brian Boyle, Dan Girardi and Steve Eminger have all confirmed they will take part in the clinics.


If you want to go and watch the Rangers players during the clinics, general admission is a $10 donation for kids, $20 donation for adults, all going to the Sandy relief effort in Staten Island.

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  1. Sounds good. More of this less squabbling over 3.3 million. Clown factor still off the charts this powerful benefit notwithstanding.

  2. It happened in the former USSR. Imagine if each state could print its own money? California’s problems would be over (for a few years.)

  3. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Even when there is nothing to be gained they do the right thing. We had a saying on the submarine. “Truth of Character is shown only when one thinks that no one is watching.” I equate that to what the majority of hockey players do to give back to their communities without reward or compensation. The wholesomeness and selflessness of these fine professional atheletes will keep me following this sport until either the sport itself bores me, or the atheletes disgust me. [see NBA, NFL, MLB]

    and a belated Thank you to all veterans past present and future. Also, an even bigger Thank you to all those that support and serve our veterans or fellow man.

    Wicky.. GBY my friend

  4. Good on the players for doing this – yet another example of why i dont support the NHL owners in this lockout.

    Its not a squabble on how to divide a pie its a dictatorship asking for more pie than it needs and giving equally to the fat kid at one end of the table and the starving homeless child sat on the floor next to him, instead of taking less and giving it to only those that need it.

  5. Can the Rangers secede from the NHL? I’d sign that petition.
    CCCP…this country’s been a joke for awhile…anyone see the 4 star clown fest we call our military leaders?
    it took the media less than 2 days to find Petraeus’s babe’s but 8 weeks after Bengazi we still have no clue what happened.

  6. Guy’s I need some advice…
    My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas. So I’m looking for ideas.
    I’ve never owned a gaming system…but I’ve played a few…I’ve never really liked X-Box, alway’s been more of a PS guy. Loved the game SSX tricky and all the EA NHL games…I’ve never been a first person shooter type…they make me sick…I tried a few of them and I alway’s feel like yakking after a few minutes…
    So…any thoughts? Never realized they came in so many hard drive choices…WTB…
    What do I need?
    Any other thoughts?

  7. Staal – i asked something very similar the other day – i think the consensus was PS3 160GB

    Will be buying myself one as a treat for Christmas i think (along with NHL13 and FIFA)

  8. Sweet UK!
    I’ve just been looking at Assassin’s Creed…looks kinda cool since it’s not a first person.

  9. _It happened in the former USSR._

    yeah well, it did…but not be petition ;)

    American people don’t know what’s good for them. Spoiled and unappreciative. Send those who want to separate to Ukraine where you REALLY fell like the 99%

  10. lol CCCP. I am no longer going to concern myself with politics…too much energy devoted to something completely out of my control…
    Instead I’m going to waste time playing PS3…that is…if I get it for Christmas…lol

  11. Exactly, Staal…Your personal life most like won’t change much even with Obama being in the office for four more years…no reason to fight him now. He won’t run again ;)

    Focusing on family and yourself is more important than dirty politics.

    RE: PS3.. let me know if you get it (and UKRanger too) i’ll add you guys so we can battle each other in NHL13 and FIFA!

    PS4 is schedule to come out late next year.


  12. Dinamo Minsk vs. SKA St. Petersburg in 10 minutes on MGS!

    Let’s go…uumm… sigh…whatever! Let’s just watch some hockey!

  13. Dubinsky is cursed.

    @NYP_Brooksie@ Injury update per agent Kurt Overhardt: Dubinsky suffered clean break of right ring finger blocking shot on Sat. “Just a few weeks” recovery

  14. 4generations 4 cups on


    Didn’t you say that before a deal would get done, it would seem as if there was no deal to be made and possibly no season? Could that be this very point right now? Pretty predictable…..lets hope!

  15. Good evening all! Staal!!! I hope Santa gets you what you want, even though it’s all Swahili to me all this P stuff :)

    TONY!!!! LMAO! I was thinking that the other day, poor Carp is losing so many quarters!

    I’m sorry, I love my sport, but watching the KHL just doesn’t do it for me….sigh.

  16. CCCP – No worries, as soon as i have one will let you know. Can we play Rangers v Rangers? lol

  17. If you want to go and watch the Rangers players during the Brad Richards clinics, general admission is a $10 donation for kids, $20 donation for adults, all going to the Sandy relief effort in Staten Island.

  18. Perfect scenario guaranteed to end the lockout immediately:

    [Setting: Dark room in the back of an Italian restaurant.]

    GARY BETTMAN: Ah, excuse me, I’m looking for a Mr. Giggio.

    GIGGIO: Si, Si, imma Giggio.

    BETTMAN: Donald Fehr sent me to see you Mr. Giggio.

    GIGGIO: Si, Si Fehr.

    BETTMAN: Um, did he did he mention to you why I called?

    GIGGIO: Si, hockey lockout.

    BETTMAN: Yeah, right, right. So have the players made an offer?

    GIGGIO: Si. Two million lira. You sign here.

    BETTMAN: I didn’t actually want to sign it.

    GIGGIO: The pen, here is the pen. You sign here. Two million

    lira. Seventeen hundred Americana. Molto generoso.

    (A man approaches Mr. Giggio and whispers in his ear.)

    GIGGIO: (To the man) Si, Si.

    (Bettman watches the man walk away and appears to be very frightened)

    BETTMAN: So see um, I didn’t say that I wanted to sign it, I was just wondering if

    there was an offer made.

    GIGGIO: Si. (holds up the offer) Thissa one!. Capiche?

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