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  1. I remember how deeply it hit the American guys on the Rangers when they visited during the playoffs last year (I think it was on the off-day after the triple-OT game).

  2. Great pic Carp. I was in DC a few weeks ago & the first place I went to when I had free tourist time was Arlington national cemetery. The place brings out a feeling of awe and patriotism in me that nowhere else can (exception – pearl harbor). The changing of the guard ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier is a heart-pumping experience as well. This all makes bitching at a hockey lockout seem minimal in the big picture.
    Anyway, thanks to all the vets out there, and to all who serve now and in the future.
    BC wins 4-2 FYI. The only good hockey around!

  3. Wouldn’t mind getting a post card from the White House on Veterans’ Day saying ‘thank you.’ Instead of dumping hundreds of millions on the failing Post Office, just give ’em some business.

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