Fehr doesn’t “see a path to an agreement”


Here is Kevin Allen’s story from USA Today.

And it doesn’t sound promising, because it seems to me that the NHL owners/board and Lockout Commissioner want to win every single little piece of this negotiation. They want a rout, not a victory.

E.J. Hradek pointed out Sunday that the 1994-95 lockout (when Gary Bettman was just a Lockout Rookie) ended on Jan. 11 and the league was able to begin a 48-game season by Jan. 20. So it’s still not too late.



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  1. Still not a huge amount of urgency for the owners or Bettman (or the players, to a lesser extent) to get the season started when they can say both:

    “Look, we still have two months to work with to give you stupid fans more of a season than in our first lockout!”


    “Look, we still haven’t taken the whole season from you stupid fans like our last lockout!”

  2. No season for me. When they come back, I’ll attend a game or two if I’m downtown and nothing else is going on. I’ll watch when my schedule permits, but I won’t be a rabid fan again.

  3. The NHL owners are total dopes. THey will add an additional team in Canada after this is over but they want to announce it after the lockout ends so they can keep the 150 or 200 mill for themselves.

    Again the little markets need to be subsidized because they really should not have the teams they do, they should move them. The stupidity and greed is off the charts….

    No season this year so enjoy AHL games…2 lockouts in what 6 years, way to grow the sport…….

  4. Im no longer going to be a rabid fan either. Im not even going to concern myself with whether the Bruins win the cup or not any longer…

  5. I love how the NHL and Daly make it sounds like the owners are making concessions during the negotiations – they are not, they are just asking for slightly less than the archaic proposal they first put on the table. I appreciate there has to be give and take, but what we have is just different levels of take and a question of how much more the players can give up.

    Carp – do you have an idea on what areas are improved/improving for the players in this deal? Is it pensions, safety, travel etc..?


  6. I’m starting to think the money i would have invested in Center Ice should be best spent on an XBox 360 and EA Sports NHL 13..

  7. Cancel it already. Clowns. People’s lives are destroyed. The shore has been altered irrepairedly and they can’t split 3.3 billion? I know the events are not connected other than timing but the whole impasse seems more riculous in it’s wake. Perspective is everything. They are clowns.

  8. Given Bettman, Daly and Jacobs tactics i’m guessing we’ll be expected to pay full price for Center Ice, jerseys, DVD’s etc.. if they eventually play a 64 game season?

  9. It really doesn’t matter to me when the cba is settled. The rangers have already been screwed out of a chance to win the cup these next two years. There won’t be a season this year and by the time it’s settled the rangers will have to dismantle there team because the owners are hell bent to stricken the big market teams and player salaries to the point that no other league has done. All this bull crap because there are owners/teams that have no business being in the nhl. It’s official, the nhl is the worse league in sports, bye, bye, won’t ever get my money again nhl, that’s a fact jack.

  10. Did you just say ridicurous?

    Good morning, Sally!

    tommyG, but Gaborik and Nash should be healthy and MSG is open for home games … so there’s that benefit from this delayed start. Plus they won’t be fatigued this year :)

  11. Friday night, my daughter and I played a best-of-seven series on the best air-hockey table I’ve ever seen. It was much more exciting than watching replays of last year’s Devils series.

  12. Carp, you really don’t think a total loss of a season is going to hurt the NHL fanbase? I’m not necessarily saying it will…I don’t know.
    I will tell you that I used to buy about 8 games a season, my wife and I loved going into the city, however since the last lockout, I’ve been to very few games…
    Last season I saw one game at the Pebble, I didn’t even go to MSG. The season before, I went to one game, cause I landed free tickets. I’ve purchased zero jersey’s, hats etc since the last lockout…
    I know not all fans will refuse to support the league but there are a few of us that will. However, I watch 99% of all Ranger games…on my couch…it’s cheaper and I don’t have to sit next to a drunk guy.
    I will always be a Ranger fan, but I’ll support them without the use of my wallet.

  13. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    Hey all,
    I just wanted to pop in and say hello and Happy Veterans Day to all the vets past and present. Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice…Lest We Forget!!!

    Nice post yesterday Carp!! Thanks!!

    Morning ILB, Manny, CCCP, and all!!

    I think the problem with the lockout is everyones body language

  14. So Sean Avery say’s I should get my sneakers at WEST147…uh ok…the next time I’m “in the market” I’ll keep that in mind for all my sneaker needs…

  15. While most people here dump on Mr Bettman and the owners, I doubt the NHLPA negotiates in good faith – which issue precisely prevents the players from hewing a compromise TODAY?
    It can’t be the HRR, no?

  16. bull dog

    That’s what Buttman thought too until he saw 3.3 billion dollars.

    Does anyone know how many zeros are in a billion? *No cheating!*

  17. My wife is a very gifted seamstress and she belongs to a clique, that goes to events for sewing and quilt making, and these ladies all get together( more or less in gatherings where they contribute their respective talent ( and I do mean talents),and make these weekly getogethers where they display their stuff and then all go to dinner at a fancy restaurant in the area…I encourage her in it because I like to see her make new friends. Now a handful of these folks own a property up in the mountains of North Carolina that they hibernate to in springtime, til fall, and they love it up there. My wife is too busy here to take part in that, but one of those women is from Quebec, and I got talking to her today at a soiree that she held where husbands were invited, and I asked her about Quebec hockey, and why they lost their NHL team.She said that she could not figure it out either because she frequently went to Nordiques games, and they always seemed to have a great and noisy following, and the fans seemed Hockey buffs to the hilt and especially when playing against other Canadian teams. When I suggested that perhaps they didn’t have enough fans to maintain the team, and this also surprised her. She no longer lives up there but lives down here now in Cocoa Beach full time (except for the NC venture), but maintains a year around home in Florida and has for several years. What is really wrong with Quebec, especially when looking at Arizona?

  18. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    Been a long couple of weeks. We had to put our oldest dog down, he was 14 and i had him since he was 8 weeks old (been with me everywhere except military deployments and other “government” work trips). I also am working on a project for the Special Operations community for Veterans Day/Week that I am honoured to be taking part in it with other former spec op guys and their families that has taken up some well worthit time!

    You know and that pesky 40+ hr a week job thing…

    How you been bro?

  19. I went out to my yard just before the Michigan/Slippery Rock game to see if my rines were crossed, but I’m not even sure if I have a rine or what it would look like if I found it. How ridicurous is that?

  20. Good evening all!

    Oh, Wicky, I’m so sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you and the pup, and your service….happy veterans day to all those past, present and future….may the NHL get Sandy’d…I can’t take it anymore!

  21. fran – i suspect there is nothing wrong with Quebec’s fanbase now, they will probably be very hungry for an NHL team – they were screwed due to the small market and weak Canadian dollar at the time. (and the Lindros thing probably didnt help much either)

    I think Hamilton is the place that can support a franchise the best, if the league dares go against the wishes of the Maple Leafs, it also sounds like Seattle has a good fanbase too. Now the Islanders are “fixed” i guess that leaves the Yotes, BJ’s and Panthers as the next potential movers.

  22. CCCP – quick question then – if i go for PS3, what size hard drive?

    My play would be limited to NHL, FIFA, possibly Madden 13 and Need for Speed – i dont go in for CoD or anything like that, maybe the odd shoot-em-up game. I also have some old PS2 games knocking around still that would be good to reminisce with – i gather the PS3 has backwards compatibility?

  23. Good morning all! A very happy anniversary today to jpg and mrs. jpg! Finally, something to be happy about!

  24. UKRanger

    My PS3 is 160GB…i have 3 full games saved on it and bunch of game demos and still have about 90GB available. My playing habits are similar to yours… i don’t really play anything but the sports games. Platforms above 80GB are not backward compatible. When and if you decide to go for PS3 ask the sales person before you buy to make sure.


    Also, keep in mind that PS4 realease isn’t so far away. Sometime late next year. That platform will be something special. It will basically be like a mini PC with all the latest hookups.

  25. november 13th is the day Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. that request came from his wife.

  26. thanks CCCP – the best prices seem to be for the 160gb ones right now – and i quite fancy Lego LOTR, FIFA and NHL13 as my first games. (looking forward to payday!!)

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