Don’t forget to vote!


It is your duty and privilege to vote. Do it.

Even if you want to be a jackwagon like me, who counts up all the times politicians call my house and then votes for the ones who called the fewest times. Or against the ones who called the most.

Sorry for the infrequent posts lately. Hope to get into a more regular schedule soon. Got one or two more guest posts coming, too.

Then maybe some actual news. Yeah, right.


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  1. if you’re undecided eho to vote for

  2. Atta boy, Tony!

    They’re talking today? In an undisclosed location? How about Rokaway Beach? New Dorp Beach, perhaps? Kids are drinking water from fire hydrants. Jackwagons.

  3. Voted over lunch!!!

    I haven’t been in here for awhile do to lack of Hockey News.

    But I hope everyone is safe and sound!

    After the Flood here in Fargo a couple of years ago I can’t imagine the pain some of you or your families have to deal with.

    Take Care. And vote for change :) if you have any left in your pocket :)

    Have a Sioux-per-day!!!!

  4. only question remaining is whether Bettman gets himself on the cover of NHL ’14 for Mario’s XBOX

  5. cccp,
    when and if the season starts, are you going to have another fantasy league? my team was just getting to good when the season ended. I have momentum!

  6. Still “negotiating”? Sounds promising already since they’ve been in undisclosed location for more than 10 min?

    How’s everyone doing so far?

    If someone is in medical field (doctors, nurses, NPs, PAs) and is interested in volunteering in disaster struck neighborhoods, email me at You need to be comfortable in administering vaccines and attending subacute medical needs.

  7. ilb, can I volunteer? I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express in Ottawa last spring.

  8. NHL and NHLPA are hdiing from the election coverage. That’s the only reason why they are negotiating so long for today. :P

  9. So if I’m reading CNN’s lighting up of the Empire State Building correctly, congratulations to Mr Snider on becoming the new President.

  10. Good Lord where will it ever end? Ilb, I sure hope you and yours on Staten Island
    came thru it unscathed. From the moment I first saw pics of that damage there and with great motor boats piled up and broken, I thought of you out there and sincerely hoped that nothomg
    happened to you. Even seeing repeats of the damage not only there but in Jersey, sort of brings this inter league spat into it’s proper perspective. Hopefully everyone comes thru undamaged and safe. I was stunned when I heard an announcer state that the water was circling and going north to R.I. and then curling around to Stonington ( CT)…….the awfulness of it all began to sink in/ O was ten years old when the 1038 hurricane hit LI and on up thru CT, and the teachers in school sent us all home early afternoon, and we lived 15 blocks from the school. ( And no buses back then,) we walked to and from school. I recall taking my little sister 4 years younger than me, all the way from school, and some of the giant Elms being uprooted and crashing around with electric wires snapping and hissing all around us……………those elms were so huge that they not only became uprooted from their roots outward, and ripping up not only the trunks, but the very sidewalks among them. Do you know that those uprooted trunks, had city workers come and cut the trees away from the trunk stumps and those same uprooted trunks and sidewalks remained in those exact positions for the NEXT TEN YEARS? When I got home to the house, a large Catalpa tree in the front yard, had been driven into the front of the house, and the big branches went right
    thru the front of the house upstairs and when we opened the bedroom door the branches came sprawling through the opening and out into the kitchen. What a mess. It happened 75 years ago and I recall it as though it were yesterday.

  11. I walked every day uphill for 5 miles to get to school. Then I had to walk uphill 5 miles to get home. And when I got home, my mom cooked live crickets over a Bic lighter. And we were happy to have them.

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    We used to dream of eating crickets… Best we could manage was to pick the fleas off of the dog.

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