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TORONTO (November 2, 2012) – Don Fehr, National Hockey League Players’ Association Executive Director, today released the following statement:

“The NHL’s decision to cancel the 2013 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic is unnecessary and unfortunate, as was the owners’ implementation of the lockout itself. The fact that the season has not started is a result of a unilateral decision by the owners; the players have always been ready to play while continuing to negotiate in good faith. We look forward to the league’s return to the bargaining table, so that the parties can find a way to end the lockout at the earliest possible date, and get the game back on the ice for the fans.”


(Editorial note from the author, who has spent 99 percent of the time since Monday morning without internet access, not to mention electricity, phone or internet, plus with a bad cell phone signal. Not complaining — actually any of the millions in my boat should consider ourselves lucky compared to those who really lost much more):

Don Fehr, much as I agree that this lockout was designed by the owners and mostly the fault of said owners and the Lockout Commissioner, should shut the ef up.

This line that the players have always been ready to play while continuing to negotiate is such a pile of bullcrap. You’d have to be pretty naive or stupid to believe that is anything but a PR stunt, to get people to take sides. There is no chance in hell that an agreement could have possibly been reached without the lockout, if an agreement obviously can’t be reached with a lockout. So shut the ef up.

And get back to the table.


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  1. 1st!

    Welcome back Carp. Glad you’re safe & sound. And I concur…Mr. Fehr – shut the F up!

  2. sorry guys, i have no problem with Fehr, this is 100% about greedy amoral owners who don’t give a &?|% about hockey

  3. Amen, Carp. Enough of bullcarcillo. Admittedly, we do not have any particulars as to what the latest owners’ concession in terms of absorbing some or all of “make whole”, but it was made on Tuesday, obviously in an attempt to salvage the WC. That is the best bargaining point Don Fehr has. Time to make a deal, big guys. Enough of those egos. Everyone knows you’re both tough.

    PS. Would love to see the details of that offer though…

  4. Glad to hear you are ok, Carp.

    And I whole-heartedly agree. Both sides need to shut up, shove their egos in their pockets and make a deal that is balanced for both sides.

    If the NHL wants some good PR, they should take that $800 million (or whatever amount it was) that they had said they lost caused they locked out the players and donate that exact amount to Hurricane relief.

  5. Agreed Carp. My power came back on minutes ago. My power was out for about 5 days but I’m one of the lucky ones who only lost power. The devastation in the New York/New Jersey area is hard to believe.

  6. Carp
    good to hear that things have been inconvenient
    but not as devastating as they are for so many others.
    good luck

  7. as far as the Fehr comment
    i don’t know if it’s the stress from the past few days or what
    but i don’t see why you have to flip out so much on that line

    the latest NHL Make Whole pr stunt may just be another stunt
    as the saying goes
    the devil is in the details
    and so far
    there have been tweets
    that go from Make Whole to fund a part of contracts
    which were previously agreed upon by these owners
    and okayed by the league office
    if they were so odious then they never should have been okayed

  8. HockeymanRangers on

    First of all I have to say we were very blessed down here in my part of the country. My thoughts and prayers to all affected and all the heroe’s out there that have made a difference. Thank all of you.
    Both sides need to shut the ef-up and get to the table.
    I got 3 D-1 college games on tonight, and so far all 3 are good games. The hell with the NHL, to bad they play most all of their games only on Friday and Saturday nights. Needs to be spread out throughout the week. The college boys play for a TEAM not a business. Funt to watch.

  9. Carp: Fehr shut the F up – totally agree.

    I’ve said since he started mouthing that line that it’s meaningless, save to try to make the players look like innocent victims.

    I don’t like Bettman at all. I like Fehr about the same.

    I wish they’d both go away and let someone else negotiate.

  10. Paul in sunrise on

    I love rangers hockey. I know this process sucks and is frustrating for us fans but I just want hockey. I will watch and be there when they come back. Make the deal already and play. The rangers have a narrow window in my mind. Two years at best. This is their time. Lets play.

  11. So much for hockey by Thanksgiving…don’t see it happening…

    Both sides are way too content in accepting the decisions to cancel games..

    Fehr is paid to be a tough SOB. Players hired him to take a hard-line stance…

    To his credit, he has said what the players wanted from day one and he hasn’t budged much…

    I guess he thinks that there is no point even considering anything below the current CBA…

    He believes players might as well play while he hacks it out with the NHL…tough to argue…

  12. turns out, jpg is right….last night’s “make whole” offer was a pile of BC as LB points out today


  13. stevezipay It’s early, but Roman Horak, sent to Calgary by NYR as part of Tim Erixon deal, leads AHL with 10 goals in nine games.



  14. Former New York Ranger and Stanley Cup winning goaltender, Mike Richter will be making an appearance at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY on Saturday, December 1st from 2:30pm-4:30pm. Bring your own items or Unsigned Photos. Pucks, Jerseys, and Sticks will be Available For Purchase on the day of signing. Don’t miss out on meeting the all-time winningest goaltender in Rangers history! Limited tickets available at Click events to purchase tickets .

  15. Carp, well said and love the extra spice – to be expected given the situation most of you out there are facing. I do hope things are improving for everyone and I do hope these hockey ef-tards get their acts together sooner than later.

    That aside, I’m traveling from the west coast to NYC on tuesday for business and would like to lend a hand where needed. Obviously there is plenty of info on the interwebs (almost too much) but if anyone here knows of a particular place in need and can point me in the right direction that would be helpful. I figure I’ll try to pack as many warm items as possible for donation (though I question how useful “warm items” from a west coaster will be) and whatever food/goods that seem to in short supply out there. Not trying to be a hero but figured i could lend some time in between work commitments to help clean up, distribute clothes/food, or wherever I could lend a hand. If you have suggestions on a organization/effort that may not be getting as much help as others, please post and I’ll check back later.

    Good luck with the recovery for those affected.

  16. Malt, bring lots of D batteries. they are for the bigger lanterns and impossible to find.

    i was 5 days without power in north NJ; it was so exciting when it came back on. 36 degree nights with no heat suck.

    on the “bright” side…i didn’t miss any ranger games :(

  17. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Hello to everyone. Been a long time. No better time to get back on this great blog than after the devastating assault on our area known as Sandy.

    My northern NJ home is still without power and we had 5 over 50 foot trees fall, one squarely on our house. Had my 22 year old not been home, seen the tree falling, and pushed yours truly and his younger sister away, I might not be writing this message. Life is to be appreciated.

    Carpy, your extra spice is duly noted and much warranted. Fehr is a showman and is talking out of both sides of his face. It is time for his and Buttman’s shenanigans to end, as this delay is doing nothing but making us all realize just how entirely meaningless these fellows can make this grand sport.

    Our Congress refuses to find common ground and compromise. The NHL and NHLPA need not learn a lesson from them. Collaborate. Kiss and make up. Or the sport will just flit away into obscurity. I have no patience for the BS comments emanating from Fehr’s mouth. Holier than thou, he simply ain’t.

    Thank you, as always, Carp, for being so poignant. Your are dead on!!!

    My thoughts and wishes to all who have been effected by Sandy. Godspeed.

  18. Carp, Glad to see you are back on line! Well articulated, but I think both sides should remember the lawyers’ maxim, a bad settlement is better than a good judgment…it is costing both sides big time to take such hard stances. It may have cost them a season and momentum from the highly rated playoff games of last spring, not to mention their fan base. I think the fans should threaten to boycott the remaining games to protest their shenanigans…at least it would give us a voice and a little leverage! I’m not supposed to regain power until late Wednesday night here in northern Westchester, where 95% of my village has no power, but lucky to have suffered no property damage and to have a generator (although my fuel supply is running low.) Hope your power is back!

  19. yes it cost the owners on their gains on their own capital. They still have their money.

    The players own their talent. How long can you live on that?

    Who’s “fault”is it that they cannot agree? Do they “OWE” you as a fan, anything? NO.

    I guess I am in a mood tonight. The New York Rangers exist because some rich people want to make money sponsoring hockey.

    If the two sides don’t agree, there will be no “NHL” hockey. So what? there is lots of good hockey

  20. Tomb, that is why we may end up flying overseas to see good hockey in the future, or a new league may evolve out of this mess. Will be interesting to see them wallowing in court cases involving breach of contract if this happens.

  21. Good morning boneheads!

    The power was restored last night in Todt Hill area finally at 1 am. Much earlier than expected. My neighbors are ecstatic. Our generator turned out to be a great investment and it held it’s own for 5+ days without any problems.

    Things are getting back to normal, but not in those places that got hit hard. Monetary donations are always the easiest way to help, but if you want to volunteer, there are plenty different ways to do it:

  22. Reading RR much, eh Brooksie? In today’s slapshot he’s calling Buttman (sorry JBytes) “Canceler-in-Chief”…naughty boy Brooksie lol

    I like Carp’s “Lockout Commissioner” better.

  23. If you miss seeing Gomez, Poti, Redden, Avery, Roszival, Drury, and Colton Orr all in one game then turn in the NHLN right now.

  24. Gotta say I love that Vermont, which was hit really hard by Irene last year, has a group that is organizing lists of where to send supplies, where to go to volunteer to help, etc and is retweeting that people are going by the busloads to the hardest hit areas. Those folks are pretty dang amazing if you ask me.

  25. I hope everyone is recovering as best you can and that no one is seriously hurt. I hope that no one falls for this pr stuff the owners and players are speading. They are all responsible for this lockout. Neither of them seem to take any responsiblity for the conditions they face now. Greed on the part of the owners and players is key to the deadlock. They expect us to welcome them back with open arms. I still love this game so much. I haven’t spent a single dollar since the last lockout and will not supply them another dollar again. I hope hockey fans in general let them know with their wallets how they feel.

  26. Steve – i agree there needs to be a fan boycott of some sort when this jackwagon gets rolling again. It either needs to be a No merchandise for a month (bit hard with Christmas due soon though) or a No Attendance game or something like, all fans turning their back during the opening face-off (although that lacks a real punch and won’t hurt the owners much).

  27. rangers are scheduled to be here in january
    i am really looking forwardto seeing them again

    if this gets cancelled, i’m gonna kick the carcillo out of someone.
    come on arp, talk to somebody for me

  28. Tony, I’m fine. thanks. How about you? … also, not to be the bearer of bad news, but at this point we’re looking at a reduced schedule and probably conference-only play this season … if any. don’t shoot the messenger.

    Got it Tiki. Haha. How did you get that?

  29. DiPietro, who missed most of last season with a groin injury that required surgery, is keeping warm by playing for SC Riessersee, in Germany’s second division. Did I say “playing?” I meant rehabbing another injury.

    Translated from a German paper, via Bleacher Report:

    “Rick DiPietro is suffering since Thursday to a groin problem. DiPietro’s loss was something of a godsend for the guests.”

    man…this guy should just look for another job. sad…

  30. Carp, after today I have a new appreciation for when you talk about high school football insanity. YIKES!

  31. 5-2 Russia

    Looking very impressive. A lot less individuality and much more team oriented with tons of skill. New breed of Russian hockey.

  32. Carp, I was buried at work in dealing with high school football games from the weekend. All day long too. I just remember you talking/writing about having to cover multiple games in one day. And now I sympathize with you a little on that. That’s all I meant :)

  33. Eric
    We were told by November 11th…got power today
    I think power companies are under promising and over delivering so they look good!
    Hang tough man!

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