Please be smart, be careful and be safe!


That is all. Carry on.

See you when the electricity comes back.


One more thought: They should make Bettman and Fehr stand outside Monday and not let them come inside until there’s a deal.


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  1. Good evening all! I’m a tad worried about this one…my whole terrace is now in my apartment. Talk about indoor/outdoor living….this is a must win!!!

    Good luck all!

  2. Neither rain, nor snow … it’s the first one.

    One more thought: They should make Bettman and Fehr stand outside Monday and not let them come inside until there’s a deal.

  3. Menu change! All out of organic tofu burgers. Serving Orzo Salad temptingly accompanied by a succulent spinach and onion compote. Dessert? A Hereford organic blackcurrant souffle snuggled up with a swirl of Kentish Apple and sorrel sorbet to die for. Free moonlight by Dior. Oh, and bring money. Be there or be square, fashionista fans! – Sean

  4. I like your idea, Carp!

    If anyone wants to still out, I have a comfy couch here in ROC that people can crash on. We’re getting wind and rain, but nothing as bad as the coast.

  5. @JohnTortorella2

    Homemade banana/pumpkin bread! Just in time for hurricane weather! I won’t be going hungry ;)


    Torts is cooking! He’s going soft! FIRE TORTS! Before it turns into inevitable disaster!

  6. Good evening all! If nothing else, thank you Dolanvision for FINALLY settling with PIX in NY….Recently got two of my fave Seinfelds…Hellooooooo! and, These pretzels are making me thirsty. Which, if you’ll recall, is when Jerry met the virgin, which leads to the domain episode….

    yes, sad, but I could give a carcillo about the other athletic events going on now.

  7. I did warn you about this coming monstrosity,because we got ‘Swiped” by it and I mean we’ve really learned to judge how good or bad a storm is gonna be for those directly in it;s path because this one behaved exactly like one a few years ago named Floyd. I have a travel van ( sort of modest sized
    camping vehicle,) which has complete living quarters including commode,shower, gas grill,micro wave, fold away dining seats with table, and great sleeping quarters in the rear, and the entire thing is no longer than a Lincoln Town Car. It’s called a Road Trek. We bought it when we first came here and I use it as a spare car despite it’s horrendous gas mileage ( about 12 mpg city and about 19 over the road). Well they evacuated us during Floyd, and our trip to the west from right on the Indian river where we live, was bumper to bumper, and a thirty five mile trip to Orlando airport, which takes about a half hour, took us five hours. People’s cars were stuck on the roadside, no protection,
    ( and no toilet facilities, which was a bad sight the men and women going by the roadside). That venture eventually took us all the way to Atlanta GA, where we parked in a Walmart parking lot, and went to bed.)Now I have this big old bird on my hands, and I cannot sell it, because folks aren’t buying these things now with the gas shortage etc., and the ones who are interested, want me to practically give it away. No thanks…it may come in handy again some day, and in the mean time it;s “My car”. as tbw has her beloved little 1995 Toyota Corolla which is mint condition.)

    It will become a collector’s item before she let’s it go.

    It’s still windy down here, with occasional rain cloudbursts, but thank God no lightning strikes . Been there, done that last spring.

    We feel for you, because we still have kids up there in CT.

  8. Is everyone safe out there? It’s getting nasty, especially driving over the bridges. I had to go in to the hospital to arrange things administratively and to see a few patients early this morning. Back home safely. VB lower level is already closed, and it isn’t even that bad yet. Stay inside, folks

  9. Hello Bonepeeps….Lol..Carp..couldn’t agree more with the Fehr and Bettman statement. Be safe Everyone!

  10. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Hey all,
    Sorry carp and all that I haven’t been around much lately, but been crazy busy with a lot of things going on.

    I just wanted to check in and tell all of you we are thinking of you and hope you all stay safe and dry!!

    No surfing in the streets!!

  11. “Hunkered down” here in Woodside – it’s windy as all hell out there, but not so rainy – all utilities are working, as of this moment..

  12. And all of a sudden the lockout isn’t the most important thing in life, no is hockey in general, eh…This one will take some time for NY to recover.

  13. That’s not his hospital, Mickey. And I hope you’re safe. All of you.

    If only Manny’s “sense of humor” got some *fatigue* ;)

  14. All of Manhattan below 39th Street is without power. Flooding is prevalent in many places.

  15. Oh my. Homes in Fire Island have collapsed. I pray to God all the Giants, Knicks, Yankees and Rangers are safe.

  16. This is just awful, Jimbo. How many people will lose their lives because of the NYU power failure.

  17. Just an idea – but couldnt we tie Gary Bettman to a pole in battery park until he agrees to sign a deal?

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Check in, please, if you can. Let us know you’re ok. No serious damage in my house. The whole area lost power, expectedly. And our generator didn’t fail us, as opposed to the one at NUY Hispital. That’s a major disaster, it will prompt serious investigation.

  19. Ok here. Still have power. Trees survived.sound shore had wicked high tides last night. Todays should be bad as well.

  20. You are so right Ilb and over in Queens where that fire is raging, sort of looks like Frankenstorm is taking a page out of Chicago’s book and old Mrs O’Leary’s stumble footed cow.

    In a way it makes all this hawkey tawk, become unimportant , when so many lives and personal disruptions are at stake .. they mentioned the fact that the storm managed to strike
    heavily at Stonington CT, and Westerly RI ( which is borderline to Stonington,) and that is where the great museum of Whaling ship days is located, and there are priceless and irreplaceable features of that entire area. Even that is insignificant when so many lives are at stake throughout the entire NY / Ct area. And what had us on our tip toes down here wondering whether it would pulverize us, and it passed right on by without so much as a shiver. In fact the weather down here has been absolutely beautiful, clear skies, mild temps, not a single threat, and we are almost
    ashamed to revel in it,based upon what has happened up north.

  21. My thoughts and prayers to those without power, of course including those who were at NYU Hospital. Repairs are underway in CT with 480,633 experiencing power loss for CL&P customers. Dunno about UI. Last year we got nailed and lost power for 2 weeks, twice. I feel for you! Stay safe Boneheads!

  22. My job is without power so no need to report for a while. And, oh look, the liquor store is open. Convenient!

  23. I’m OK in Woodside – on relatively “higher ground” here in Queens, so no floods or neighborhood-eating fires here. Breezy Point and the Rockaways are right at ocean level, as is Fire Island. They were doomed by Sandy. Our prayers go out to them.

    Glad that everyone is relatively OK here in Bonehead-land.

  24. Can you please get Sean Avery out of the Twitter feed. Now he’s posting pictures with Casey Neistat? It’s double punch in the gut for me.

    In the words of George Oscar Bluth……COME ON!

  25. Good afternoon all! I got power and an up and running neighborhood so huge sigh of relief, but man, some other people and places got hartnelled. Going to take the city a while to recover….Yeesh.

    I still miss hockey though. And if WC is canceled, that ain’t sounding good. This week is for carcillo.

  26. Hi, Mama! Sitting high & dry in your town? I’m good here….so many folks have been slammed, though…

  27. Looks like #30 didn’t care enough to decorate his Empire State Building costume (>>) in the correct orange shade.

  28. Repeatedly making “jokes” about the deaths of 96 people because it happened in another country + Posting two minutes later expressing happiness at people’s safety = Crippling lack of grasp of the concept of irony

    But please keep it going, Tiki. The more who can share in the amusement you provide, the better.

  29. You keep saying that, L Dubya, but it doesn’t make it true. I’m not joking about the death of 96 people. Then again, you already knew that. :)

  30. Evening gang. Glad to see everyone is ok! Wicked wind last night, but no damage whatsover. It was warm and dry-ish here in ROC today.

  31. Good evening all leather lovers all!

    Sighhhhhhh. I promised, promised myself I’d never do this, and I really don’t….get involved in this carcillo here…but LW, let it go please, really. And Tiki, let it go. Enough already.

    Yes, there’s lots of horror in the world, and hopefully most of us haven’t experienced it first hand, but let’s not play who’s got the worst story…OK…and maybe pause in our carcillo for a bit.

    Today I interviewed the uncle of an 11-year-old who got killed in the storm last night. We all have our stories, big and small, but today I’d just like some place to go and not feel like I want to boudreau….

    Sorry for the rant, but there it is…

    mama love to all…..

  32. Man. Everybody back off LW. Aside from his country attempting to killl us (see1796ish), NBD. Dude is funny. And correct.

  33. Good morning, boneheads!

    And the recovery phase has begun…Having hockey would help too, dammit.

  34. ilb – don’t hold your breath – Thursday could see the end of the season. I think if the winter classic is canned this could get a whole lot of nasty, until one of the sides starts to crack and i doubt any owners will want to risk losing cash and draft picks for speaking up.

  35. interesting watching some of the stuff on my twitter feed:
    Allen Walsh obviously very pro-NHLPA, surprised by Darren Dreger’s seemingly pro-NHL stance saying players are divided etc..

    Mind you what does it matter if neither side is doing anything constructive and seemingly concentrating on PR?

  36. iBillyBleedsBlue on

    Here’s hoping everyone’s ok! I’m on 3G but we have power luckily somehow because there’s plenty of power down in our surrounding area up in Westchester. Stay off the roads if you can help it :/

  37. iBillyBleedsBlue on

    Here’s hoping everyone’s ok! I’m on 3G but we have power luckily somehow because there’s plenty of power down in our surrounding area up in Westchester. Stay off the roads if you can help it :/

    And, hockey please.

  38. p.s. sorry for talking hockey – i’m presuming everyone is safe and still has a roof over their heads as a minimum?

  39. iBillyBleedsBlue on

    There’s a good game on phx and chi from last season. Yes I have cable and power. Sorry people who don’t. You’re not really missing anything anyways.

  40. The ‘Yotes just laid off staff, if ever there was an ominous sign of impending major cancellations – or lack of faith that they can reach an agreement – then the NHL is guilty!

  41. When disaster strikes in foreign soil the U.S. always sends humanitarian aid (supplies money volunteers) to the impacted area. Where is the reciprocal support during our nations time of need?

  42. Good evening all! Tony is back in the house! Yeah!!!!! Can’t wait for that game buddy!!!!

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Rain rain go away!!!!"...says Greg L. on

    #1 Glad TONY is Back!!!!

    #2 All my Ranger fans in NY and around the wicky area…..My heart goes out to youseee!!

    #3 Islander fans , I even care for you guys!!!

    #4 NHL you SUCK!!!!

    #5 ALL NEW YORK RANGERS…FLY AWAY , just fly away…

  44. Looks like the owners aint moving and the Fehr led NHLPA aren’t, either. If the owners hold fast, the PA will have to capitulate, but when will that happen?

    July 2014???

  45. HockeymanRangers on

    I really am having a hard time with any kind of respect for either side. Never thought I would say this but it is going to be difficult for me to come back as a hard core hockey fan. I can really see now that the owners really don’t give a crap about the fans, they just want their money. I still say that, Bettman and Fehr need new contracts, to which they get fined X amount of dollars for everyday they do not have a signed contract.

  46. Great to see Tony is back. jpg & my Uncle is going through the same thing right now.

    Good to see so many people on the board. Hope you are doing best as you can considering #Sandy

  47. The NHL has taken way too long to behave as a cartel, hockeyman. Any mature cartel would have found answers long ago in either shrinking itself tactically or better yet, addressing creatively the patently paradoxical situation where the product competition is constant (teams) and the quality of local marketplaces (location) is wildly uneven.
    Can they figure out a formula for subsidizing weaker location without creating “moral and ethical hazard” for both sides? They (NHL owners) need the NHLPA’s help in thinking this out, but it must be the kinder and gentler NHLPA that is also fully informed of the economic facts on the owners’ books.
    I hope that the end game is not to eventually de-certify the NHLPA, such a threat is certainly not far off.
    Pecunia non olet…. for the Latin scholars amongst us.

  48. Speaking of cheese, why does the Swiss have all the holes when it is the Gorgonzola that needs the ventilation?

  49. Evening heads! After 68 hours, the power is back on. Thank god. What a week. Consider me and family lucky considering the amount of damage and death caused by the storm. It will take time for the tri- state to recover. Thoughts and prayers to all affected!

  50. Good evening all! C3, yes, we do need a new poll >>

    What shall it be? When will the NHL come back?

    Oh no, if SI is going to be hit again, please all send thoughts to the blog doctor and his little baby.

    fyi, C3 posted this on FB…worth watching….

    Is that OK C3….???

  51. Wanna know what i find disgusting… is how in a time of need, a time when people should stick together and help each other out, there are those, and plenty of them, who are using this as an opportunity to rob and scam people at their most vulnerable time.

  52. the fans should threaten to boycott ahy remaining games…it is the only way we could have any power to affect the deadlock. I expect we will not see NHL hockey until 2013, IF the NYHL survives this lockout.

  53. Good morning, boneheads!

    Things aren’t getting much better in some areas. I think the city underestimated the aftermath of this storm. The gas supplies are low at the moment, and if it doesn’t get better a lot of vital companies will be without workers who can’t get to work. Another concern is potential infectious issues within those areas that got flooded. And lastly, probably most important immediate issue is that the temperatures are starting to dip in mid to low 30th at night. There are way too many families with children out there without power. Try to help, if you can. You’ll be surprised how many families with children out there haven’t seen hot water or are cold at night.

  54. Good morning ‘heads! Just hoping everybody is safe & sound out there. Carp – hopefully you got some power back. My family says it’s a mess up in westchester. No hockey is making this situation worse, although it’s a small inconvenience compared to what some of our nyc residences are going through.
    Keep safe out there!

    Let’s go Whale!!

  55. Good morning, Carp!

    I’m sitting in the Minneapolis airport, next to a stack of Wild merch, and feeling bummed that they didn’t get it done. Coulda been watching a game tonight. It’s just no gouda.

  56. NHL Season Over – BizNasty2point0 is on his way to the UK!

    My only disappointment is that i have to wait till 27th December as the Coventry Blaze played Cardiff this week just gone.

    He could actually prove quite a success over here, British fans like a fight or two and in terms of talent level he should find his ice time and goal scoring numbers take a significant jump.

  57. Saw Shane Doan being interviewed the other day by someone, somewhere, about something,and it was all so forgettable, and he seemed so amiable, which is a rarely marketable feature, and I kept wondering where all the star feature that always seems to crop up about him, which I’ve rarely seen evidence of on the ice. I don’t know if Rangers are really after him, but tell you all I’d much rather see Dubinsky back in Ranger blue.

  58. anyone in NJ…Emporium on rt 9 will be open as of 1:00pm if anyone needs anything come on by! Ready made food will be available!

  59. let me give you all update in my situation in long island. I have been without power since monday morning at 8am prior to the storm as a transformer blew. my father in the town over from me has been without since monday at 6pm. fortunately we have a family friend who has power close by that we have taken hot showers and bathed my son who is turning 2 soon. the issue we have is a freezing cold apt complex that all 482 units are without power and putting the baby in the crib at night with no heat. we have been staying out all day to come home to a cold apt at night just to sleep. its beyond cold and i am more concerned each day for the baby.

  60. Bless This Mess on

    hi all….first time commenting…love the site and the die-hardness (pretty sure thats not a word but works for us ranger fans) im from Staten Island and know many people that were affected greatly by the storm…and in a time like this our boys in blue would be a get-away for me and my father who have had season tickets for a long time and refuse to miss home games from our home away from home sec.104. It’s more devastating than ever to be a hockey fan during this lockout because rather than last time in 04, this time it is based on who has a bigger ego (fehr.bettman) and strictly about greed and not bettering the game.

    Well, i guess a get-away from reality might not be as great as it seemed as we need to focus on helping all who do not have the luxury of even typing on a PC anymore..

    anyway–carp great reviews and i hope we start seeing them in my lifetime again (im 24) based on Fehr and Bettmans rep it might be a while.

    Lets Go rangers-

  61. Thats really sad Eric. I pray that you’ll be able to keep the baby safe until power and heat are restored.

  62. OM>G, i miss ranger hockey
    and i miss you boneheads
    thanks mama for your voncern about rose
    she doing great
    she went to the heart doctor snd she’s scheduled for lotd of test
    you tooTIKIK

  63. this stupid lock out bettewr end soon
    i’ll be in new york in december to see a giant game with tiki and mama
    i would love to see a ranger game while i’m in new york

  64. Good afternoon all!

    Tony, I look forward to that trip!

    eric, wow, I can’t believe your boy is 2 already! Maybe if he bunks with mom and dad he can stay warm. And lots of blankets!

    Bless, welcome! BTW, we are all 26 here.

    My heart goes out to everyone still suffering from Sandy. What a mess. I wish I had generators and stuff for all….but I couldn’t deliver anyway cause there’s no gas to be had. Insane.

  65. Looks like I missed allot of personal stuff. Tony, glad to see your posts. Too bad I missed nothing about the NHL.

    I live on the Pt. Pleasant / Bricktown NJ border and I still do not have power. My office just got power back about an hour ago we were running off a generator since this morning to do simple tasks.

    I am finally getting to see pictures and WOW. I hope everyone is doing well.

    I was having withdrawals from this blog.

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