Official announcement, statements about November cancellations


From the NHL:


NEW YORK (October 26, 2012) – The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through November 30 because of the absence of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players’ Association and the NHL.

A total of 326 regular-season games – 26.5 percent of the season — were scheduled for Oct. 11 through Nov. 30.

From the NHL:



NEW YORK (October 26, 2012) – NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly today issued the following statement regarding cancellation of the 2012-13 NHL regular-season schedule through Nov. 30:

“The National Hockey League deeply regrets having to take this action. By presenting a proposal to the NHLPA that contemplated a fair division of revenues and was responsive to Player concerns regarding the value of their contracts, we had hoped to be able to forge a long-term Collective Bargaining Agreement that would have preserved an 82-game Regular Season for our fans. Unfortunately, that did not occur.

“We acknowledge and accept that there is joint responsibility in collective bargaining and, though we are profoundly disappointed that a new agreement has not been attained to this point, we remain committed to achieving an agreement that is fair for the Players and the Clubs — one that will be good for the game and our fans.”

From the NHLPA:


TORONTO (October 26, 2012) – Don Fehr, National Hockey League Players’ Association Executive Director, released the following statement regarding the NHL’s decision to withdraw its October 16, 2012 proposal and cancel further regular season games:

“The league officially informed us today that they have withdrawn their latest proposal and have cancelled another slate of regular season games. This is deeply disappointing for all hockey fans and everyone who makes their living from hockey, including the players.  But it comes as no surprise.

Last week the owners gave us what amounts to a “take-it-or-leave-it” proposal.  We responded with the framework for three proposals on the players’ share, each of which moved significantly, towards their stated desire for a 50-50 split of HRR, with the only condition being that they honour contracts they have already signed. Honouring contracts signed between owners and players is a reasonable request. Unfortunately, after considering them for only 10 minutes they rejected all of our proposals.

Since then, we have repeatedly advised the owners that the players are prepared to sit down and negotiate on any day, with no pre-conditions.  The owners refused.  They apparently are only interested in meeting if we first agree to everything in their last offer, except for perhaps a few minor tweaks and discussion of their “make whole” provision.

The message from the owners seems to be: if you don’t give us exactly what we want, there is no point in talking.  They have shown they are very good at delivering deadlines and demands, but we need a willing partner to negotiate.  We hope they return to the table in order to get the players back on the ice soon.”


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  1. I saw 3 posts in 1 day and for a second thought they’ve done something positive. Oh, well…

  2. Good evening, Sally!

    Fat Guy, I was there, seated in the old pressbox directly in the corner where Gillies broke Hospodar’s jaw … the most hideous thing I have ever seen in person.

  3. actually, two, ilb.

    also, the only way I’m getting on Winged Foot is as a caddie. And the only way I’m going to be 3-under at any point is if I’m caddying for McIlroy.

  4. ’74 playoffs wacko Dave Shultz tried to make a point by grabbing Isle’s rookie, Clark Gillies and finally was pummeled as he had for long richly deserved. Schultz later admitted that was the moment he knew his career as the resident thug was on the serious wane. “They’re getting too big.” he admitted.

  5. Haha, if he’s in jail, let him have his right Nut at least. I win, you meet me and Mama for pizza at Spumoni Gardens in my NY trip subsequent to the season starting, Mama’s treat. If no season, same deal. Ok?

  6. leetchhalloffame on

    To the owners and Donald Fehr I say Eff ’em all. Thanks for ruining the only sport worth a damn.

  7. CC: I was worried that I translated the “beer” incorrectly. I knew it wasn’t Brodeur. :-)

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "RIP RANGERS"...says Greg L. on

    perogy is ukraineian fran…but many cultures mak em..cottage cheeese are goood.

  9. Carp – If I’m getting you right(from the last excerpt), we as fans are pretty much powerless to do anything. That’s just sad. Not that I disagree, because I don’t. But seriously. I feel especially cheated as a Ranger fan because we had to go through a bunch of BS last year when Time Warner and MSG were quarreling. It’s just sad in this day and age that the teams can throw their ticket prices through the roof, force fans to go through these rip-off artist second-hand dealers like StubHub for tickets to any game remotely interesting and now they don’t even feel compelled to play. What the hell kind of capitalism is this? I’d love any economic guru out there to explain, because it seems to defy logic.

    Honestly, fans need to have a revolt. Man, I wish people would just abandon the NHL for the AHL this year. But like you said, once the puck drops, we’ll all be sniveling back.

  10. That last line is exactly why the will do whatever they can to squeeze every last nickel out of everybody. It’s capitalism alright … At its worst.

  11. I love freedom and a “compassionate capitalism,” if there is any such thing, but as someone once said, “when the last bourgeois is hung, a capitalist will sell the rope.” It is also true that without either capitalism or coercion, no one would have the incentive to make ropes. I’d quickly choose capitalism over the alternative, but those who who have been blessed with riches and stomp roughshod over the marketplace run the risk of killing the good goose that lays those golden eggs.

  12. “The National Hockey League is an unincorporated not-for-profit association.” Wikipedia

    If only that were true…

  13. You see kids, you’re being bamboozaled. These capatalist fat cats are inflating the profit margin and reducing your total number of hockey games.

  14. Good evening all!

    Carp, re: last post.

    4) agreed, but what are we supposed to do? We miss out sport and our team. The league has the fans by the short ones, but yeah, if I has season tix I’d be screaming like a banshee for my money back (btw, has anyone ever heard a banshee scream? Must be bad).

    7) I sure as carcillo hope so. A short, asterisked season is better than none.

    Sorry is this was posted earlier, but the Times did a story on our favorite Donut today.

  15. I have to stop reading about the lockout. It’s just making me *really* mad. Guess I better start learning @Russian@ so I can get a job in a country where there is actual hockey…

  16. >>…we as fans are pretty much powerless to do anything.

    Fans may be powerless now, but they sure aren’t when play resumes, when it really counts. I have already sworn that this league of greedy men will not get another dime from me for a long time to come. If I can live without NHL hockey during lockouts and strikes, I can definitely live without it all other times.

  17. I wouldn’t call this “living”

    Honestly, I think we are powerless. Unless Owner’s have really thin skin, they aren’t going to worry about our jabs and disses. Plus, moving forward, whatever hurts the owners hurts our teams and then hurts us in the end.

    I think we just have to topple Bettman. It’s the ONLY thing we can do. People have to remember how much we loathe him and wear shirts and scream things and do whatever they can to make his reign over our lives come to an end.

  18. JBytes post brings to mind a conversation I had with a business colleague a long time ago. We were at a regional meeting and for one thing it was boring as hell. I said something like I wish they would get it over with so that I can get back to the office.

    He said, “What’s the matter. Do are you afraid they can’t get along without you.

    I said, “No. I’m afraid they’ll find out that they can.”

    What will the fat cats do when the fans find out they can do without the NHL?

  19. Mayor Bloomberg has reminded residents that it is illegal to drink large caloric sodas during this extreme weather event.

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