NHL owners to cancel all November games


What does this mean?

Nothing, really. Just an attempt to put a little panic on the players’ side.

1) Remember, kids, canceling of all November games doesn’t mean it would be impossible to strike a deal and play games in November. Big difference there.

2) Also, the original schedule is now irrelevant and obsolete. when/if they strike a new deal, the schedule will have to be completely re-done. And, in fact, the NHL probably has a 70-game schedule and a 64 and a 60 and a 54 etc., already generated and ready to go.

3) People are making noise about calling teams and demanding money back from tickets they’ve already bought. That would be a good step … but a lot of people would have to do that for it to have any impact at all.

4) Owners don’t even feel pressure from fans, because you’ll all be back the minute they drop the puck, and you will continue to buy all the alternate jerseys and caps and Center Ice and $18.50 prime rib sandwiches and anything else that they sell. They aren’t worried or concerned in the least about losing fans, or pressure from fans.

5) The Winter Classic is the big carrot. The NHL will soon cancel that. That doesn’t mean it won’t be played. But the NHL’s Super Bowl does take a lot of planning and preparation, so they couldn’t make a deal in, say, December, and still play the Winter Classic on Jan. 1. They will eventually have to kill that event.

6) I still believe this battle will get darker and more gloomy before serious negotiations bring it around, and I still expect that there will be a deal in place in November and possibly hockey by Thanksgiving.

7) Players lose their second paycheck of the lockout in the middle of next week.

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  1. jay reimenschneider on

    The next press release should be from the players union noting that an additional 50 players have signed european contracts.

  2. I think we can rebel against the NHL owners by swearing allegiance to the KHL and moving to Mother Russia.

  3. Boston Bonehead on

    Re: point #4: I have no willpower. Ill admit that. They’ve got me. I’ll be back. Probably Chariots of Fire style

  4. think us jokers could put together a scab team, and reserve ice time at the Garden

    I guarantee you that no one will be able to get the puck past me in net…stand-up, butterfly, call it whatever you want, but I got it covered

  5. Finally losing interest in this greedy league which always ends up charging fans for its incompetence; and not just charging us, but glomming us! Hockey, itself, remains a great sport, but this league thinks it is bigger than the game itself. The Rangers could sign Victor Cruz and Tim Tebo for about half of Prust’s new salary. No knock on Prust and his like, who, like the rest of us, are just pawns on the chessboard.

  6. Regarding point #4:

    I live in FL… So I don’t go to that many games (maybe 4 or 5 a yr). The last time they pulled this crap, I didn’t go to one game for the following season… Didn’t buy the center ice package and spent nada on merch of any kind for that season.

    Now that they’re doing it again. I’ll impose a two season walk out… Whenever they settle this crap. It isn’t much but it’s all I can do.

  7. Carp wants a 51% cut of posting related revenues (PRR) otherwise there is no point in blogging.

  8. jay reimenschneider on

    Most of the posters signed deals to post on european fan sites for 80% of what they could make posting here. Plus they get the added advantage of being less likely to get clobbered by a troll and have their posting career ended abruptly.

  9. Carp is probably lining up a birdie putt on the fifth green at Winged Foot. Already three under after four. Wish I were there (and leading by one.)

  10. Its amazing how time changes things, eventually there will be an agreement, but in the meantime its like….oh oh oh oh, its December 16 now…..well well well, we weren’t expecting THAT. Oh my, the other side wants a larger slice of the pie??? Noooooo, we weren’t expecting that too! Oh, we’re not receiving paychecks? Thats news to me! Donald Fehr isn’t going to roll over, capitulate and die? Who woulda figured that one? This is a game of chicken, its sad because it reflects negatively upon the business of the game. Its sad because many of these organizations are well run and successful and many employees depend on them to put food on the table. But lets be realistic, when we see how the league is run in some aspects, work stoppages at the end of every agreement are not surprising and should be anticipated so long as the current hierchy is in place. Be honest, the final year of the next agreement, will you expect hockey that fall? Its comical.

  11. Fans should cancel ALL NHL products until Bettman is fired.

    No tickets, jersey’s, hats, center ice package. NOTHING!!!!

    I enjoyed my trips to New York, and spending money at MSG, and the irish pubs across the street.

    Hard not to cheer for the Rangers, especially when Dolan has the table set for a championship season.

    What is a Ranger fan to do?

  12. Watching this game of overseas hockey, reminded me what I like and dislike about the Olympic dimension rinks. It opens up a lot of ice surface for the real skaters, and the goal tender doesn’t have to watch out for trapezoids, etc. but boyo, do it ever leave a lot of spare room behind the nets.
    If I had a roster of the teams I’d have been able to follow it better, but so many of the names were foreign. I kept seeing the name Stapleton coming up, and I know nothing about the lad. But hey…it was a bona fide hockey game in the true tradition, and was I surprised at the following in the stands, which were crowded, and it was different to hear the yelling at the teams from the seats
    ( just like the Garden).and they really got behind their favorites just like the Garden. It was fun. And yeah, I shoved those stumps out of the way, but didn’t “remove” them…yet. Home made apple pie is my favorite, and I also like home made Mince, but the fancy ones with all the gooey stuff leave me cold. And my favorite cake is what we all called Jewish Coffee Cake, because it went so well with coffee. She used to make it in the past, but she tells me that sour cream is an ingrediant, and she has to watch her calories. Ah me, As old Rosannadana used to say, ” It;s ALWAYS Sumpn!

  13. We’ve been watching on TV the damage to NY etc, in this incredible interruption of the NHL negotiations, and I must admit that I’m looking ( to my shame), at the gorgeous blue cloudless skies above and everywhere, and the mild off shore breezes that make it seem like CT in October …normally. It’s been like this for the past couple of days, and we cannot explain it. (It was in the forties last night.)

    Personally, I’m beyond trying to figure it all out. I just keep tuning in each day hoping that someone has found the solution to everything. Not yet…Josephine. Or is it, “not tonight Josephine?”

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