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Today is the “deadline” for a new CBA in order for the NHL to play a full 82-game season, both of which everybody and his uncle had to know wasn’t going to happen. Middle of next week, the players miss their second paychecks. Maybe soon the two sides can get down to some, you know, negotiating?

In the meantime …

From MSG Network:


New York’s Hockey Home Will Telecast Two KHL Games in October

Dinamo Minsk vs. Barys Astana – Friday, October 26

SKA St. Petersburg vs. Dinamo Riga – Wednesday, October 31

New York, NY (October 24, 2012) – MSG Networks, New York’s hockey home, will telecast two Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) games in October. The games, on Friday, October 26 and Wednesday, October 31 on MSG, will be presented at 1:00 p.m. Eastern with an encore presentation in primetime both nights at 8:00 p.m.

MSG’s John Giannone will call play-by-play alongside analyst Joe Micheletti from the MSG Studios at 11 Penn Plaza.

Formed in 2008, the KHL includes 26 hockey clubs from Belarus, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine split into four divisions. The league runs from September to April and the winner is awarded the Gagarin Cup.

MSG’s presentation of KHL games is in association with the leagues’ media partner, UFA Sports GmbH.


Editor’s note: Barys Astana features Ryan McDonagh and the immortal Nigel Dawes; Dinamo Minsk features Pekke Rinne, Joe Pavelski and Evander Kane; SKA St. Petersburg features Ilya Kovalchuk, Sergei Bobrovsky and Viktor Tikhonov (no, not that one); Dinamo Riga features Rob Schremp (did I just type that?).

Also, congrats and good luck to John Davidson, the new president of hockey operations of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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  1. Yes best of luck to John Davidson. I imagine we’ll hear good things about the Blue Jackets in a few years. I still miss his Ranger calls, “Oh baby!”

  2. JD’s done a great job with StL, maybe in 3-4 years time CBJ will be a legit team too. His first job however is to get on the phone to Bettman and demand we play hockey now, so he can start his rebuilding job in earnest.

    p.s. are we having a competition or poll to see how long Scott Howson keeps his job?

  3. Ah well, I guess KHL games are better than nothing…..(sigh!)

    I still can’t believe that the Fishsticks are going to sully the Borough of my birth with their presence! ;-(

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Welcome to another deadline, folks! “Dead” being an operative word. So now the NHL is talking about having to cancel the WC event. Brinksmanship continues. Garry, can you hear Don Fehr yawn? Idiots. It won’t happen until they all ready to negotiate.

  5. Lets get the NHL going on

    KHL games I can not wait.
    I want to see the Moe, Larry and Shremp line they moved Curly back to defense with the influx of NHLers.

  6. I only hope that I can get the games on TV. Yikes, where did all that RAIN come from?
    Woke me up from a sound sleep and sounded like a train going thru the bedroom, and then came the off shore boating warning..Sandy is a comin’ so batten down the hatches etc. I couldn’t believe that we were coming up on Halloween, and still getting Hurricane weather. You got some really
    funny folks on this blog, ( Curly Moe and Schremp) Wunderbar!

  7. I love the Islanders fans calling WFAN complaining about their team moving to Brooklyn and saying, “We are diehard out here. They took our team. We go to every game.”

    So they are supposed to stay for 10 people?

    They realize that the “tough” commute they have to take now is the same commute all their other fans had to take before…..

    I am going to _miss_ Uniondale.

  8. I mean…..Did the Islanders fans out there think that their team was going to stay? Shouldn’t they be happy that in name, logo and state they are STILL THE SAME TEAM? Kansas City seemed like it had a chance to be a reality and, as a former CT resident, I know the pain when your team moves. Luckily, I had the Rangers. An Islanders fan would have no acceptable teams to root for. Here they got a MUCH better arena that might actually be LOUD during their games. And they can get there on PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Their players will be less disgruntled and sad. Maybe players will stop REFUSING to play for your team. Maybe they will be excited to have the exposure. This is a win-win for everyone (except people that live in Brooklyn and hate seeing Islanders fans).

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Puck and Gavel is on indefinite hiatus. My firm is merging with a larger firm and the new place takes a very dim view over that sort of blogging. I wish I had thought of it about a year earlier. Oh well.

  10. Dooooooooood. Congrats on the Merger. Sounds like your life could get either

    a.) Great
    2.) Terrible; or
    D.) remain the same.

  11. can NHL become the only league in ANY sports history to cancel TWO full seasons?! are they really this fudging dumb?! I hate the world!

  12. Taylor told a Manhattan jury that he had a history of hiring women for “company” when on the road, but didn’t expect them to automatically have sex with him. “I still like the chase,” Taylor testified. But he added, *”I like to stack the odds in my favor. … I don’t like to work too hard.”*

  13. In response to players potentially being distracted due to the lockout, Tort said this:

    “The one thing we have to make sure of as a franchise is that we do not allow this interruption to hurt our _momentum_,” Tortorella said. “We cannot use this as an excuse.”

    -NY Post

  14. Yes, CCCP, they may actually be that dumb. And if I were to look at this business as an investor, I see that over 10 years (2004-2013) the NHL generated nearly $18B. Good number, eh? However, because of two lockouts they lost close to $5.5B. Why? Because they didn’t do what they should- play hockey for 2 years. No, thanks. How’s the pharmaceutical industry doing these days instead?

  15. Maybe he finally got together with a gorgeous supermodel? Good for him. Beats blogging about basebowl. That’s for sure…

  16. Maybe ORR went off to college. Maybe his parents cut off the internet. Maybe he was forced to join the military. Maybe……..

  17. Maybe ORR is just *fatigued* and possibly has no *momentum* right now.

    Can we at least get a *simulated* ORR?

  18. First thing that Johnny Davidson should do in Columbus is make it mandatory for the players and everyone in the enitre organization, to grow a John Davidson moustache

  19. Good afternoon all! Really complete coverage of Fishsticks move in NYT today except for this one dumb-aasen line:

    “The Rangers are in the midst of a three-year renovation of the Garden and have steadily raised ticket prices. That income will offset any loss of fans who might switch allegiances.”

    Wha? A Rangers fan is going to become an Islander fan because the team is now in Brooklyn? I would like to meet this person, if in fact he or she exists.

    P.S. Just me, or did it tick anyone else off to see Bettman celebrating a move three years away when there is no hockey today!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!

  20. Fat Guy, I have no idea why your comments to go spam … but maybe it’s the screen name? don’t know. I don’t think we had this problem before you shortened the screen name … want to give it a couple of tries and let me know how it works?

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  21. I give up. I cant find it at all. Tired of looking. So sick of looking at baseball still being played, and football,? ……………………eh.

  22. stevezipay Grin RT @Proteautype: David Stern will step down as NBA commish 11/1/14. QUICK, SOMEBODY TELL BETTMAN THERE’S JOB OPENING AT OLD WORKPLACE!


    wow… i wonder why… Buttman! Go back to where you came from! NBA!

  23. yes Tiki…i have a few. Mostly old actors and old singers… new Russian entertainment stars don’t tickle my pickle that much.

  24. So the NHL is withdrawing their latest offer from last week since today was their DEADline. Somebody pass some Kleenex to Don Fehr, please. He just sneezed….
    What a bunch of kindergarten attendees…

  25. Glad for JD. He will feel at home over there, almost like baby Rangers: Tyutin, Duby, AA, Prospal. We should start rooting for them, when and if hockey will come back. Meanwhile he should fire moronic Howson and …don’t step on his blue jacket!

  26. _Now, John Tortorella has succeeded in making the Rangers into a laughingstock team that players avoid like the plague._

    I hope the lockout that will never happen puts a stop to that trend.

  27. How to make oneself busy in disastrous time? Playing golf, Carp, is easy – penguins could do it. Hockey is another matter…

  28. iDoodie Machetto on

    Not me. I’m just an associate. Partners looking to cash out and retire in a couple of years. Merger is first step toward that.

  29. CCCP, please send more links to nursery rhymes shtars, I liked it very much. What does “CCCP’ stand for, I am curious… Oh forget it, I know and I reveal it in my next visit, as soon as I consult the proper dictionary.

  30. Oh I see. Associate is a good title. Are you on Partner track and all that Jazz or are you looking to make moves. I just went public and, aside from the pay ceilings, it’s a heavenly lifestyle.

  31. cccp;

    Again thanks for the info…I’m pretty sure that I’ll hook onto it now this afternoon. Thought for sure that it was supposed to be yesterday. Trying to get news down here from up there is like trying to grow an extra set of teeth. I’ll bet Pimp is experiencing some of the same frustrations.

    Look folks I don’t want to cause you all any unnecessary alarm, but this is a no sht storm coming your way, and it only brushed us today and yesterday, but I tell you………….be prepared. I thought for sure I was gonna lose an oak or two with the wind and unbelievable amount of rain.

    TBW asked me earlier what I was doing here inside, I told her I was taking a breather. She said that she thought I was gonna get rid of the broken up stumps out back, and I said I am, I am,
    but a little later.”hOW MUCH LATER?”………………………”Right after the game” “Oh that’s your idea of “a little later” So I leveled with her…” Those logs have been there for a long time, a couple more hours ain’t gonna hurt.” Hope that she’s gonna save me some of that apple pie she makes
    ( greatstuff)…..she says….maybe, if your grandson doesn’t eat it all. ( He’s been living with us for the better part of the past couple years.) He’s a big Mets fan.

  32. Good morning all. I haven’t been here in a while… as a poster. I told somebody that the Fishsticks are getting to0 close. We should be able to smell them this season (if there’s a season). HA!

    Fran, my mom made the best apple outside Florida. :)

  33. Great another storm…my town of Denville can’t handle another monster like last year…ugh!

  34. Good morning, Sally!

    Remember, kids, canceling of all November games doesn’t mean it would be impossible to strike a deal and play games in November. Big difference.

  35. … also, the original schedule is now irrelevant and obsolete. when/if they strike a new deal, the schedule will have to be completely re-done. And, in fact, the NHL probably has a 70-game schedule and a 64 and a 60 and a 54 etc., already generated and ready to go.

  36. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    You are absolutely right Carp! I think its time for the fans to start putting pressure on the owners to end this & we the fans cannot just say we won’t go to games ,or support them in any way when they decide to give us back our games we have to unite & send them a message. Thats all I have to say. Fade to silence.

  37. How does one go aboot putting pressure on the owners?
    outside of not buying tickets or jerseys what else can the fans do?
    A march?

  38. Owners don’t even feel pressure from fans. because you’ll all be back the minute they drop the puck, and you will continue to buy all the alternate jerseys and caps and Center Ice and $18.50 prime rib sandwiches and anything else that they sell.

    They aren’t worried or concerned in the least about losing fans, or pressure from fans.

  39. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Manny your one of the more BRILLIANT posters on here and an lawyer to boot figure it out & get back to us!!! LOL

  40. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Not me Carp, haven’t gone to a game or bought anything with the nhl logo after the last lockout. I don’t have one of those rating boxes on my T.V. so they can’t track what i’m watching either.

  41. I guess we could refuse to watch CBS or MSG or at least drop any cable provider that shows either of those channels.

    2 owners down. 28 (groups or persons) to go.

  42. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Also anyone who had center ice last season check to make sure their not charging you for this “non season” . I heard a few people that had it last year were being charged already. Really fading back to silence.

  43. Dont fade back to silence, Ria! We need you. Directv, though they are criminals, actually pro-rate the center ice package if the season has less than the standard 82 games.

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