OK, enough of this … get a deal done


Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as usual lately.

Between the lack of, you know, hockey or hockey-related news, and the Yankees and their magical run (cough, cough), and the other parts of my “other job” it’s been hard for me to find time or ideas.

But now that the Yankees have finished their clutch hitting and Robinson Cano is done hustling to first …

Well, I’m hoping to spend more time here. I still have a couple of guest blogs in the can, so I’ll unleash those in the next few days.

And I suspect we will have hockey, again, by Thanksgiving, and once we do, I will be given more time to do this.

First — based on my experience with previous strikes/lockouts in sports — I expect there will be a “setback” in negotiations again, and there will be a day when it looks darkest, as if the season is absolutely doomed. All that is is both sides trying to greed a little extra out of the deal both sides know is more or less inevitable.

So be prepared to have it appear that there will be no hockey in 2012-13 … only to miraculously have the sides come together and save some semblance of a season — 72 or 68 or 64 games or whatever. It’s going to happen. Trust me.

Predictable rich idiots.



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  1. I am ready for the NHL.

    There is already snow in the driveway. the local NHL boys aren’t exactly lighting up the ECHL yet, so the sooner the better.

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    Watching the Yankees was torture. Kind of like following the Jets season, an NHL lockout or a presidential election. Hopefully, allof them will be over soon.

  3. The one time in my life that i can remember supporting a bostonian (John Kerry), and solely to help the Yankees, he messed up David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez’ name and he lost because of it. Now, I go against Romney to help the Yankees, and surely he’ll win. UGH! Get this election and this lockout over with!

  4. Kerry did clumsily mix up the names giving lie to his statement that he was a “life-long Sox fan.” And Lies will always ‘ketchup’ with you.

  5. I’m so puzzled why this isnt being hammered out in some conference suite somewhere. Both sides came to 50/50 very quickly this past week.
    There is one main issue to sort out – how to ensure the current contracts are honoured while maintaining or gravitating to the even split.

    The rest is small-fry and just needs a little give and take on both sides.

  6. You think its weird that both sides had ways to come to a 50/50 split… It’s almost like it was preconceived during their private meetings…

    Both sides are playing the fans… All the fans say we don’t care anymore…we won’t watch… then what happens? Bettman comes out with a 50/50 split and Boom the fans are overboard excited about the possabilty of a season… played right into their hands… they know the fans will come back… now just need to figure out how much money they can get from the fans…. it’s all a game…

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    They haven’t been that far apart for a very long time. They are just closing the gap way too slow. A lot of posturing and big egos involved. Jackwagons.

  8. HockeymanRangers on

    That is 3/4 of the problem big egos, I say Bettman and Fehr need a new contract of there own. They get fined for everyday that they do not get a contract signed.

  9. I’ve made up my mind that I’m not buying anything that is official NHL merchandise for at least 2 years.

    It doesn’t matter if I watch games on TV or the internet. I’m not a person with an Arbitron hooked up to my TV to measure my viewing. Nobody knows if I am watching or not, so I am not putting money in their pockets by watching the games.

    I’m not in the NYC area, so I don’t go to games. I would have gone to the Rangers-Carolina game this week if they played it. Not any more – for two years anyway.

    I’ll still wear whatever Rangers stuff I already own. It doesn’t put any money in their pockets. They already got my money when I bought it. So, wearing my Rangers stuff doesn’t do the NHL any good financial-wise.

    I hope others follow my lead (which I doubt will happen) and show these rich idiots that fighting over all that money that comes from the fans isn’t a given. You deprive us of hockey. We deprive you of revenues.

  10. Stanger Nation on

    64 game season starting just before Thanksgiving is what the season should be. Odds this year’s SC finals will end before July 4th.

    Is the union on board with 50/50? Didn’t realize they capitulated so quickly on that issue.

    good article in the NYTimes about Fehr and the architect for the Pro Leagues using Lock-Out as tool to save idiot owners from themselves. The law firm of Proskauer Rose was named and even the partner at the firm who designed the strategy – Bob Batterman. Someone should ‘batter’ that man’s head…


    Who was a former attorney at Proskauer???

    3 guesses…first 2 don’t count

  11. now or never nhlpa and nhl.

    still think back friday day after thanksgiving rangers bruins in boston first nhl game on nbc kicks off season

  12. Let me put a different spin on it:

    The players have decided that the NHL doesnt pay enough, so they are only going to give 90% effort for the next few seasons, until their pay rises a few % points.
    So no blocked shots, no fights, Zdeno Chara will only hit the puck at 94mph, Hank will sign no autographs, Cally will turn away from a couple of body checks each game, no stick salutes and no interviews to the press.

    How does that sound? Fair?

  13. First official Penguins practice will be the first NHL game televised. All goals Crosby scores will count towards the official stats.

  14. Why do people, like Larry Brooks, whom I actually think does a pretty good job generally and isn’t afraid to speak truth to power, keep saying the two sides are so close? The “50-50” that the NHL proposed wasn’t actually 50-50 by the NHLPA’s definition, ever. So it’s not 50-50. It’s not such an obvious settlement on the player’s side. Just calling something 50-50, when you’ve rejiggered what’s in 50-50 doesn’t make it so. That’s moving the goal posts.

  15. if they start looking for scab players, a la the 1987 NFL, I’m in…just need a jersey that fits and I guarantee you that no one would be able to move me from the crease

  16. Crosby has an infinity Corsi rating. All shots directed toward his team’s net are really just the other team’s way of saying “here you can have the puck back”.

  17. Someone needs to inform M-A Fleury of that arrangement, so he actually remembers to put himself between the puck and the net.

  18. You got that right Sally, now that the yanks are out and IMO the NFL is lame there is nothing in the sports world worth watching….

  19. Well Fleury letting in all those goals was so Crosby would have chances to break Giroux’s wrists on the ensuing faceoffs.

  20. *Neal or No Neal?*
    Watch as NHL referees debate whether to “open the box” in response to Penguins winger’s flying headshots. (Spoiler: they don’t)

    *Meal or No Meal?*
    Watch as New Jersey’s veteran goalie and stable family man considers whether to skip two or three of his mid-morning, mid-afternoon and mid-evening snacks in response to his declining income during the ongoing NHL lockout. (Spoiler: he doesn’t)

  21. The best part of the Jets game yesterday was hearing that perpetual piece of filth Phil Simms, as usual, give the Patriots a bath. At one point, he said “the Patriots invented the hitting the wide receivers at the line of scrimmage.” That’s hilarious, considering he was a part of the Super Bowl XXV Giants that had Bill Belichick as the defensive coordinator and did the same thing to the Bills. That entire Bills passing offense was designed around timing, and the Giants defense consistently hit them at the line to throw off their timing.

    Is there anything more nauseating than seeing Rex Ryan pump his fists for no reason??? Bury him and Sancheese alive with a casket full of tacos…. Sancheese doesnt belong in the NFL or with Kate Upton or Eva Longoria. He belongs in a Taco Bell slinging tacos for a living.

  22. *Real or No Real?*
    Watch as starstruck Americans weigh up whether Lance Armstrong’s many victories and vast personal wealth were a result of being injected with enough chemicals to make Roger Clemens’ personal trainer blush or simply the pure motivation of sticking it to the conspiracy-theorising Frenchopansies.

  23. LOL it’s sad that players like Ray Lewis, LT, Plaxico Burress, Michael Irvin etc etc are loved and adored by some, but a guy like Tebow who may or may not be qualified to play in the NFL are hated…I’m not a Tebow fan, but I’d rather see him as my kid’s role model than any of other loosers.

  24. Nice to see Carp weighing in on the state of affairs in the NHL..giving his Fearless Forecaster hat a try (tip o’ the hat to Steve Sommers for that one)

    I have to say, and I’ve been mostly absent from the blog for several weeks, I simply don’t miss hockey at all because I knew once the season ended that Bettman and the owners are fully committed to losing an entire season once again.

    So, if they do start up the season by turkey day…I’ll be thrilled, of course!

    But I told my wife flat-out “I think they’ll lose a whole season. They really are that stupid. And the sad thing is, nobody outside of Canada and a few circles in the U.S. will care.”

    Speaking of my wife, the wedding last month went fantastic…especially with the Ice Carving at the cocktail hour with the New York Rangers logo.

    AND…my brother somehow snagged a personal autograph from Adam Graves wishing me and the mrs. much luck with our wedding and our future. My brother (kinda) works for Cablevision so he spent a few months trying to get something special. Don’t mind saying, that was pretty cool (and that pic will be framed!)

    I’m a Yankees fan who didn’t waste a moment’s time watching after Jeter went down. What a pathetic bunch…calling out the fans for booing them. That’s called “No Heart”. Damn shame.

    So, what’s to be thankful for? New York Giants and Eli Manning. Otherwise I think I would miss hockey.

    But being a fan for almost 40 years and especially knowing how little Buttman cares for the sport, I wrote off the entire season.

    I hope I’m wrong. As a Rangers fan I REALLY hope I’m wrong. I don’t want to lose a season of Hank in his prime.

    So…the optimist in me hopes a deal gets done and hopes the shortened schedule means we might actually have something left in the tank come playoff time.

    If the Rangers get in, of course. ;-)

    Hope everyone here is livin’ well and enjoying life. Thanks, Carp for holding the fort here…

    I hope we get to talk actual hockey in a few weeks…

  25. yes, ilb, the Jets lost.

    Congrats on the nups, CJP.

    They’ll be back. I’m pretty sure … unless Fehr goes for the last nickel. I don’t think that’s what the players want him to do.

  26. *Steal or no Steal?*

    Watch mr. Dolan try to talk STH into transferring their deposits into next season if this season is cancelled.

  27. Tim Tebow is an excellent man, role model, and football player. *Not an excellent NFL quarterback. Only reason why people hate Tebow is because they think he’s a phony. Mainly because they’re jealous and disagree with his religious beliefs. I believe in the right to abortion, but Im not gonna hate Timmy T because he’s against abortion.

  28. It is pathetic, Staal. Sad commentary on where we’re headed.

    You couldn’t have a better role model than Phil Simms … (well, maybe an Adan Graves or a Jeter).

  29. Maybe when the lockout ends, we can honor Mr. Snider here in NYC by lighting the Statue of Liberty in Orange crud and black?

    That would be a nice gesture…

  30. Tiki, I agree with you…and personally I can agree with you on Tebow’s “talent”. However, I find the NFL to be unwatchable. 4+ hours to watch a 60 minute game that gives you “action” in 8 second bursts…IMO it’s everything that’s wrong with America…commercialism, big corporate, advertising, stupid players who are completely irresponsible and get away with everything from drunk driving to rape etc…. there are a few good seed’s, but generally speaking…
    And for people to disagree with his religious beliefs…really?…what ever happened to open minds? and “tolerance”(which is a joke).
    Most people are tolerant until the someone opens their mouth and has a different view…

  31. ilb!!!!
    Jules is doing ok…really tired last week.
    Chemo is starting to take a toll. She has little energy…
    The steroids she’s on are making her eat and eat…
    Doc’s have said the first month, month and a half would be really tough…thankfully she’s a strong willed little fighter.
    Thanks for asking!

  32. After 3-4 cycles it gets really tough. The kids are resilient though, she’ll be fine. Hard on everyone, they just need to have faith.

  33. Hoping to go a Rochester Amerks game soon. Bumme they’re not playing the Whale at all. Gotta go all the way to Syracuse. :p

    Staal, tell her we’re all rooting for her! Go Jules!

  34. Oops. Glad that she’s got the fight, and sorry she’s dealing with this, Staal.

    Staal, also, I think it’s ok to have personal heroes and sports heroes, and to differentiate between the two.

  35. Kneel or No Kneel

    Watch Tim Tebow drive millions of Americans happily insane when he kneels to Rex Ryan and Jets’ impeccable record.

  36. “A vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Withing the sound
    Of silence.”

  37. Im looking to move my DVD collection to hard drives. DVDs are becoming too difficult to store. Anybody know of a good external hard drive? Im looking to pay about $45 or less per 1TB.

  38. Thanks CCCP. Axiom and Lacie are reliable? Then Ill look into them. I dont want to lose everything Ive saved over the years. Thanks again. Phenomenal friend!

  39. IMHO, Axiom is the best in quality and customer service. Use Axiom for years, never had a problem. It’s pricey tho.

    LaCie is great too… i bought a 2TB drive last year and couldn’t be happier…extremely fast if used through USB 3.0 port.

  40. actually Tiki,
    the Raiders were the big bump and run team before anybody else. what the Giants to Buffalo in super bowl 25, was not bump and run. they actually allowed a free release and made the Bills throw short and underneath, then they came up and pounded them.

  41. Thanks for informing me about the Raiders. That goes to my point that Phil Simms is nothing but your common criminal broadcaster. One day when cancer is finally cured, he’ll give the credit to the Patriots for that too.

    I disagree on SB25. The Giants played a mixture of both. They did jam the WRs at the line numerous times to disrupt the Bills’ timing, and yes, Belichick was the DC. The Giants pounded them on both sides of the ball, almost identical to SB42.

  42. and what happened to your ideal, that once somebody wins a championship for you you’re loyal and indebted to that person?

  43. Sorry, Carp. Im only speaking to his professional responsibilities as an unbiased broadcaster. I guess Ill call him a clown then, no offense to clowns.

    Did anyone read read the espn article by Grant Sonier opining that Kreider will only be a 2nd liner capable of 30 goals a season??

  44. Nick Swisher won a World Series in 2009, i have no love nor loyalty lost for him.

    Phil Simms has more loyalty to Bill Belichick than to the Giants organization. When Plaxico Burress signs with the Patriots and calls them the greatest organization ever, Ill lose my loyalty for him too.

  45. The Red Sox org and fans should be grateful to Tito Francona forever for his contributions to the Red Sox. He helped do something for them that 4 generations of people never got to experience. And even when the Red Sox sold him down the river for his prescription medication abuse and marital issues, he still went to their 100 year anniversary celebration and hasnt spoken a negative word about the organization. Tito is an admirable guy.

  46. The MLB playoffs are on, NFL is on, the NBA is just starting to get going (with a “new” team in Brooklyn) and Gary Bettman thinks it’s okay to lockout the players…in the middle of a recession no less…good going Gary. Canada has other leagues to tide them over. Does anyone in the United States (besides hard-core hockey fans) even care or know what is going on?

  47. So if there is a season, I think there will be, what young’ns make the team?

    Is Kreider really a lock? I thought so–but how is he doing in the AHL? I haven’t heard anything good or bad–but in the few games he’s played he isn’t lighting it up. Does that mean anything?

    Will Bourque ever make the team?
    Thomas, Yogan, Miller and McIlrather are at least a year two away right?

    Is it possible that Jean or Hrivik will surprise people? I?d guess not but have very little to go on right now.

    The older Whale players are interesting too. Gilroy, Haley, Newbury and Kolarik?seem like really long long shots to get regular shifts in NY.

    It would be interesting to see what others think and compare what people come up with to what we see on the ice. The thing I love most about training camp is when dudes who were penciled in for the AHL or ECHL make the team and become an important part of the team. Thoughts?

  48. Kreider was lighting up the AHL. He’s great. Hrvik will be a great 4th line player on this squad since he’s a big body.

    Go Rangers!


  49. Why in the world are we disparaging Phil Simms!?

    Black spiral. What a night to come catch up on the blog comments for the day……

    The Sox should be the most loyal to a guy that most of them can’t even misremember. Keith Foulke.

  50. “Bury him and Sancheese alive with a casket full of tacos…. Sancheese doesnt belong in the NFL or with Kate Upton or Eva Longoria. He belongs in a Taco Bell slinging tacos for a living.”


    That comment seems pretty racist to me.

  51. Also, Sanchez took his team to the AFC championship game two years in a row (his first two). Look who he’s throwing to! Give the guy a flipping break. Remember when people used to let QB’s develop and not just expect them to dominate from the get? I seem to remember more than a few Elite and All-Time Great QB’s struggling early in their career…

  52. He’s regressed since then. He constantly makes foolish mistakes that are inexcusable for a guy thats been in the league as long as he has. He doesnt throw the ball away even when he gets out of the pocket. He takes the sack. Comparing this guy to elite qbs is as foolish as it gets. With the mistakes this guy constantly makes, its almost as if hes braindead. Part of the blame falls on foot sucker Rexy that puts him in positions to fail rather than succeed. Bill Belichick could make this guy succeed, like he did with Matt Cassel. Football is all about systems and adjustments.

    And there was nothing racist about my comment.

  53. And look who Eli Manning throws to. As Ernie Accorsi said in his pre draft scouting report of Eli, Eli throws to nobodies on Ole Miss and makes them look like theyre good. He makes everyone around him better. Kevin Boss, Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, what are these guys doing now? Nothing. In Sanchez’ defense, he did have one of the worst o-lineman in NFL history last year. And a good o-line means everything for a qb. Thats helped Eli become as elite as he is.

  54. Mexican-American Quarterback being buried with Tacos? Racist.

    Just wanted to point that out. Now I am going back to ignoring Tiki.

  55. Obviously the Taco Bell comment is just over-the-top to drive home the racist aspects of the comment.

  56. You know as much about racism as you do hockey, football, baseball, etc.

    I guess Rex Ryan is Mexican American too….

  57. Oh, ok. I will just let stuff go. Especially when I see questionable remarks made by the person that usually is the first to declare something “Racist!” when it’s someone else saying it.

    I am sure I am the only person in the history of this blog to ever get on this guy…..

  58. Thanks, Mama. But dont worry, I’ll be the bigger person as usual. Everyone that knows me knows I’m not racist! :)

  59. Sorry everybody (except Paul obviously…. -GO- PLAY RANGERS) but saying a Mexican-American that they should be “buried alive in a casket full of tacos” and should be in a “Taco Bell slinging tacos for a living” is virulently racist against Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, Latinos, Latinas and Hispanics in general.

    But no big deal. I should “knock it off”

  60. why is tiki still allowed to comment. he is always in the midst of trouble. blogmama then gives it to manny. give me a break.

  61. I’m sorry everyone that Manny has it in for me because he feels inferior to me. He shouldn’t feel inferior because he’s living in a studio apt., married to an unattractive woman, and working at a job doing grunt work for carcillo pay. He should try to make his life better.

    I could have used McDonalds and hamburgers for Rex and Sancheese, but I’d had Taco Bell last night, so it’s the first fast food joint that came to mind.

  62. In other news…

    Hey Ilb – did you once recommend the Park Slope restaurant, “Bogota” (which is on 5th Ave.) on this blog or in any other place?

  63. Yup, Bogota Bistro on 5th Ave. Last time mrs and I went was a few day before she had a baby. No connection :-)

  64. I honestly was in Park Slope for the first REAL time where I was just walking around and enjoying myself. We are kind of beginning the search for a new ‘hood to live in.

  65. Tiki, you are way over the line, buddy.

    MRN, we’ll take you seriously if you ever settle on one screen name.

    Manny, thank you for dropping the subject and being the bigger man.

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