NHL cancels games through Nov. 1


 From the NHL:


NEW YORK (October 19, 2012) – The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through November 1. A total of 135 regular-season games were scheduled for Oct. 11 through Nov. 1.

The cancellation was necessary because of the absence of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players’ Association and the NHL.


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  1. … though “cancels” isn’t really the correct word since, if they can get an agreement, they plan on playing all 82 games, which means these games are simply postponed. Whatever.

  2. so in total 9 ranger games cancelled. 8 game road trip to start year and home opener nov 1st.

    be shocked to see hockey before thanksgiving. black friday day after in boston was suppose to be nbc first game. wouldnt be bad idea start day after thanksgiving

  3. Are they delusional about still trying to start the season on November 2nd?

    Did you guys mention “contraction” in previous post? Change it to “expansion”. You can bet on 2 more teams joining the league sooner than later. Why do you think the proposed realignment last year had 2 7-team conferences and 2 8-team ones?

  4. “Why do you think the proposed realignment last year had 2 7-team conferences and 2 8-team ones?”

    Yeah, Gary wants to expand. He thinks that the more revenue sharing there is the better off everyone will be. Sounds like a familiar theme in today’s economy. Share the wealth right? I think The Board of Governors knew that the PA would reject it within a week. Just like this last “proposal” by the NHL for an “82-game season”.

    The players don’t want expansion. Sorry to state the obvious, but, without the players, there is no NHL.

    Canada can support its own high level pro League…

    So can the East Coast of the US…

    The veteran players and star players don’t want to sacrifice so much salary for so much uncertainty. Rightly so. They know they can ultimately win with or without the NHL…they have signed legal contracts…

  5. Buttman is/has ruined the NHL. There won’t be a season and if by some miracle there will be a season, it will only be a abbreviate one. It figures, right as the rangers are favored to win a cup this year a possibly the next 2 years, this crap has to happen. It’s all on Buttman and the teams that are losing money. The only solution is to contract or find areas in canada/US where it can support a hockey team. I’m a disgusted NHL fan.

  6. Whether or not it is the “right” thing to do, if expansion increases revenues and creates more big league jobs, why wouldn’t the players be in favour?

  7. I would be willing to sacrifice hockey for a whole year, if it meant, stronger competition and healthier markets. A luxury tax system would work better then a salary cap in a smaller league…

    If we lose most of this year to lockout, just to lose another one in few years (with players losing money)…is that ideal?

  8. LW, I think that’s a sound theory. Success largely has a lot to do with selecting the “right” markets. The players and Don probably don’t have much confidence given Gary’s record: Ohio, Georgia, Arizona…etc…

    Mexpasnsion, would probably not be the “right” choice.

  9. Not that big an “if” really. A few hundred million in expansion fees (not sure if any of that gets shared with the players though) and teams in Ontario and Quebec wouldn’t create revenue?

    Again, not saying its the right thing to do, but the interests of owners and players aren’t mutually exclusive on this one.

  10. The changes that need to be made by the NHL and NHLPA to avoid this situation happening again will not be made. Patchwork is the best we can hope for

  11. Miley Richter? :-)

    LW3H- the estimated total fees of a new NHL franchise by Forbes is around $280M. Not a penny goes into the players share.

  12. Slightly bigger if then. But as shortsighted as the owners are, if the union sees 45 new jobs and a few more $ (Cdn), they probably don’t care much about “diluting the product” and so on.

  13. >>Buttman is/has ruined the NHL…

    There’s no reason why we should be disrespecting the man’s family name.

  14. Good afternoon all! I think if they lock both sides in a room with me, with no means of escape, they could get this thing done. I would begin my opening speech with, OK, you byfuglien hartnelling carciilos…..WTB is wrong with you! Now, let’s chat….

  15. That remark makes me uncomfortable tiki. I always think of blogmama as ceil saidel-esque. A wizened yet awesome granny style ranger fan. Now you’ve done destroyed that there image.

    On a happy note our broomball team is off the schneid.

  16. Pbr, i think its for the best. Mama is mid 30s, as gorgeous as can be, dresses impeccably, amazing in every way. :)

  17. >>That’s a French version, Jbytes….You wouldn’t understand :-)

    Say it in Broken English.

  18. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Kreider just got a 5 min major boarding and game misconduct. Dammit barely got to see him.

  19. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Gilroy scores second pp goal to tie at 2. Of course tje Admirals first goal was off a turnover by Gilroy at the blue line.

  20. I’m still in shock as to how some of these teams were giving out contract terms with lengths longer than they are bargaining to accept as well as contract dollars well over what they would be able to fit inside their reduced team salary cap. The only way the owners make those last minute deals this summer with such high price tags was by knowing that they wouldn’t go another hockey season with those reduced salary cap numbers.

    So the whole idea of those negotiations from months ago was based on sandy ground. Were all parties in the room (agent, player and management) fully aware that their words were spoken with fingers crossed and winks in their eyes? No wonder Parise came out to the press and said what he said about honoring existing contracts.

    This very subject I believe has a lot more to do with the strife in the negotiations, and has been one of the highlights of the disconnect between the two sides. I think the players need to figure out a way of accepting some sort of give-back even if only at the end of contracts with lengths over a few seasons. I believe that in most cases you should get whatever it is you signed for… but when you’re talking about big money like the type of money the top tier players in the league make, and typically with multiple years still to go, it’s easy to not understand the difference in monies so large.

    I just wonder if the players will be able to make any more concessions to the owners at this point when it is in regards to money they were promised (cough, wink).

    Geez, I really hope someone does more than wink and finally blinks!


  21. PBR,I don’t know whether to be honored or insulted….but kudos on even being able to cite Ciel!

  22. Interesting tweets from Larry on the widget ———->

    So it WAS a take it or leave it from the owners.

    God I hate Bettman and the owners who are ruining this spot (Jacobs, Snider to name a few). I really do wish Dolan would speak out about it, we already know he hates the league and he can certainly afford the penalty.

  23. Well, to synthesize all this bush-league endless analysis, we are dealing here with a cartel called the NHL and as such, it is hard to destroy, even though I am a ferocious fan of such action. The NHL needs competition, not expansion, the competition that would attract the best players. Such a thing is extremely hard to pull off, the reasons are fairly obvious.
    The profitable teams’ owners could start some sort of a revolt while in control of their taxpayer financed venues (mostly), and we would be left without hockey for a couple of seasons, while the stuff gets through the courts. So nothing doing, gents and dames.
    Yes this is for you as well, Blogmama , you sound real whimsical upon a successful shopping trip at Bergdorf-Goodman – sorry could not resist “ad hominem” – won’t happen again, I promise. But I reserve the right to question, now and then, your lumpen-shmaternal credentials.
    On a serious note, though, we as fans of as a hard sport as ice hockey obviously is, should realize the psychological origins of such FAN-dom in most of us, e.g. need to blow off unrelated tensions and hostilities, and also happily find a venue that is populated with germane spirits, and, in my case, I’ve found y’all.
    But that also means an occassional invective is coming your way.

  24. One thing that I can never get around with all this moping and groping, and that is condition of New York hockey. Now we know that as of now the Islanders will field a team. Whether it is successful, and/or will have an arena to play in is something else again. But we do know that NY is capable of fielding two NHL teams ( did it years ago with the old NY Americans). The question that arises is, does NY WANT two major league teams. Another thing to keep in mind is whether Long Island is considered part of NY. Now Sterling does Yankee games….you can’t get much more Bronx than that,and I recall him doing Islander games, years ago, and he annoyed me even then.

    With all it’s vast resources, it’s difficult to accept that NY has to settle for mediocrity in their sports play by play. Too bad that NY newspaper coverage is so disinterested when it comes to writing up the Rangers, ( unless it’s to rant about some minor aspect of the players or the team.)

    The City that Never sleeps…ahhh Frankie, we hardly knew ye.)

  25. Kyle Jean is going to be a player. could be a find like Mike Ridley was in 86. keep an eye on Jean.

  26. Leetchhalloffame on

    The only thing benefitting from the lockout is my bank account. Dolan ain’t got my money.

  27. How are things working for the 1 %’s? Those titans of business,shrewd owners that need Socialism(a salary cap) to make sure they control themselves and live within a budget?

    Again owners and cities that cannot afford teams are subsidized(more socialism)to keep this charade going on?

    gary buttman is a jackass just like the hard line owners who are jokes.

    move the teams that are not getting adequate support….what a concept…

  28. CCCP, should have replied to this yesterday … in Mile Richter’s first regular-season game (he had already made his NHL debut in Game 4 of a sweep by the Lemieux/Jagr Penguins the previous spring), he also stopped his first penalty shot, and there was a line brawl in which he ended up matched with big Sean Burke. What was Richter thinking at that moment? “I was wishing my parents were taller,” he said.

    Headzo, Harrison is much, much better this year … but in this series, that usually doesn’t mean much.

    Good morning, Sally!

  29. Carp

    yeah i made a mistake… that was Miley Richter’s NHL _regular season_ debut. I realized it when i posted it yesterday but since nobody really cared i left it alone.

  30. Reading Fehr’s letter I see assuming a 5% increase or 7.2% increase or 10% increase in revenues, blah blah blah. If they keep this lockout going they’ll be lucky to only have a 5% decrease! Are these people that stupid?

    It’s like reading financial projections …”assuming an 8% annual return on your investment…” Yeah, and when was the last time somebody got an 8% return on their investment? Have you invested in a CD lately? Get more than 1%? If you have, you’re lucky.

  31. I don’t know, …………so much going on I cannot keep track of it all, and actually I just plain don’t understand most of the commentaries. Much is said about the non producing, smaller city franchises,
    You all may know which ones they are, I don’t. I keep finding myself coming back to the old Quebec Nordiques, and the way they used to destroy the old Whalers, and suddenly they are out of hockey completely, and I asked some supposedly knowledgeable folks why this was, and the response was that they couldn”t draw at the box office. Really? So instead of re instating the old Nordiques, they insert West Gizmo out in panhandle land…………and watch them “not draw”. Where does this all end?

  32. Where does all this end? According to NostraMayan, on December 21st. (the world, but not the lockout)

  33. CCCP – “23 years ago today Mile Richter made his NHL debut in a victory against the Hartford Whalers.


    No knock on Richter (one of the greats), but wasn’t Glen Hall still playing after 23 years?

  34. CCCP – “23 years ago today Mile Richter made his NHL debut in a victory against the Hartford Whalers.


    The Hartford Whalers…lol…I sure miss those days…green uniform, white whale, cheap tickets and a below average team for most of it’s NHL run.

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