Bill Daly’s statement


From the NHL:


TORONTO (October 18, 2012) — Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the National Hockey League, released the following statement regarding the third Union proposal:

“The so called 50-50 deal, plus honoring current contracts proposed by the NHL Players’ Association earlier today is being misrepresented. It is not a 50-50 deal. It is, most likely a 56- to 57-percent deal in Year One and never gets to 50 percent during the proposed five-year term of the agreement. The proposal contemplates paying the Players approximately $650 million outside of the Players’ Share. In effect, the Union is proposing to change the accounting rules to be able to say ‘50-50,’ when in reality it is not. The Union told us that they had not yet ‘run the numbers.’ We did.”


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  1. Game is over. (and more important) – SEASON is over. Good riddance.
    Both sides, unwilling participants, *fatigued*.
    Game is over. (…and more important) – SEASON is over. Good riddance.

  2. So, in other words, in the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher..mumya mumya muy ya

    Farging hell….

  3. I am so confused….then what was Bettman talking about?

    “The so called 50-50 deal, plus honoring current contracts proposed by the NHL Players’ Association earlier today is being misrepresented. It is not a 50-50 deal.”


  4. Oh for fug’s sake.

    TONY from AZ says hello to all the boneheads..and gives love to Carp….

  5. Sterling on ARoid: “He is high, he is deep, he is gone! Never thought I’d live to see it, Suzyn.”
    Suzyn: “He looked the whole series like he needed a shot of adrenaline, John”
    Sterling: “A shot of what? Oh, adrenaline, right.”

  6. Let’s Go Knicks… running out of teams to root for. END THE LOCKOUT.

    For the Yankees i hope to see the following:

    In: Jeter, Pettitte, Mariano, Girardi (now that Tito is gone i dont want to risk it…), Ichiro, Ibanez, Eppley, Rapada, Logan, Soriano, Robertson, Kuroda, CC, Texiera, Cano, Hughes, Nix, Martin

    Out: Chavez (iffy, would be ok with him being back), Jones, Nunez, Garcia, Lowe, Nova, Joba, Swisher, Granderson, Stewart

    and most important is Arod. I dont think there’s any way back to the way things were so I think it’d be best for all parties for him to go elsewhere.

    And if Arod is gone I dont think they go after Hamilton. Although I would.

  7. Chavez is good in a backup role. Nunez is a young guy with ability to hit. Needs to play winter ball and work on defense. Can start for Jeter if Jeter isnt ready by the regular season. The team needs an infusion of youth, Nunie fits the bill. Joba is still under contract, not a bad pen guy. Nova is still young, he needs to work in the offseason on his mechanics.

    Agreed with everything else you said.

    No to Hamilton, maybe we can upgrade the C position. Martin would make a nice backup C.

    Soriano is likely to opt out because of the excellent season he had. I hope he doesnt.

  8. Id take Chavez back in backup role. Last year he said that it’s Yankees or retirement. I guess this year is the same although I think he’ll choose the latter. Nunez can definitely hit. The defense is a huge question mark and to be honest, based on the relatively large sample, i dont think he can do it. But i guess stick it out for a bit. Joba as a 6th inning guy, i guess. The only upgrade at the C i can see is a trade for Mauer and that’s going to take quite a few pieces. I also think Soriano will opt out. He wants to close.

    Did you hear Swisher’s post game interview? He kept calling reporters “bro” and “dude”.

  9. I didnt watch the postgame. Thankfully. If I had to hear that stain on humanity say dude and bro, I wouldve jumped thru the TV screen and strangled him. I hope the Yankees didnt allow him on the team plane and I hope they dont allow him to gather his belongings from Yankee Stadium, and if he tries to enter, have him arrested for trespassing.

    I dont know if Nunie can play defense either.

  10. Chopper..TONY really misses hockey, a lot, as do I..He’s doing great but wants his Rangers…as do I…especially here….Oy…Niters all…TA!

  11. “No bro i thought we played alright.” “Sorry dude i couldnt hear ya, can you repeat that?” “I love it here bro and i wanna play here next year bro” He had a big smile during most of the interview too. I actually like the guy’s positivity most of the time, but “dude” common…

  12. Oh ye and some reporter said the past two weeks reminded him of a train wreck. Swisher took about 5 seconds to comprehend that and asked with this annoyed expression, “You think this was a train wreck man?”

  13. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok so if and when Daly and Bettman and the Fehr brothers get this CBA done. I would like to see their contracts rewritten. They get fined for every day they don’t have a agreement done. How can they not know what they are doing to the sport???

  14. I used to like his positivity too. Until these 9 postseason games, the straw that broke the camel’s back IMO.

    Nobody wants you back bro. Please go to the NL where we dont have to see you laugh like a hyena (or as ilb says, constantly have orgasms) anymore or tumble around in the OF like a wannabe circus performer.

    We miss you around here, Lev.

  15. Thank you, Tiki. I miss being here regularly as well. I’ll be back soon. Hopefully with some hockey. Till then…

  16. DAMMIT! I should be on my way to Buffalo later today to hang out with Sally and watch the Boys play live. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the byfuglien greedy owners and the little weasal Bettman! GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC YA JACKWAGONS.

  17. The good news is both sides have hit the 50/50 mark.

    The bad news is how they both interpret 50/50:

    This is my take on it (i could be wrong with the maths):

    the owners still want to renege on all the deals signed pre Sept 15th, or find a way so the players get deferred payments taken out of a non-guaranteed pot created by their own share of any future revenue increases.

    the players want their money paid in full by the owners – so if you look at it as it stands that would probably make it more of a 54/46 split, as current contracts are valued against 57% and future ones against 50% – which would mean it dropping to 50/50 as the old contracts are completed.

  18. Here’s how I see it – this is what it boils down to:

    1. 13 of the 30 teams lost money. That’s not healthy.
    2. The owners making all the money, frankly, don’t have a ton of incentive to see the ones really losing money do any better. The Rangers, Leafs, Flyers, Bruins, and Habs for example will all make tons of money even if they simply play each other all the time. Perhaps there is better television revenues with more markets involved, but TV revenue is not a huge deal in the NHL. Still, owners get some money when a new team enters the league so maybe there is incentive there.
    3. Because of this, the richer owners don’t really want to subsidize the poorer ones. No skin off their nose if Phoenix folds.
    4. The NHLPA, however, wants to have 700 constituents and not 400 or 500 or 600. So they want as many teams as possible in business.
    5. The richer owners then basically say to the PA, “Fine, you want there to be 30 teams, fine. But I am already paying for my own team, I dont see why I should pay for someone else’s. So instead, you are all going to make less.”

    You can point to record revenues all you want but its only certain teams making them. This is really a fight between owners and owners in some ways, and the players are, well, the players. What do the players get in return for 50/50? They get to make millions playing hockey for a living.

  19. Good morning, boneheads!

    Peter, make no mistake, the owners want more teams too. That’s how they will make more money. This league is going to expand, no doubt…

    UK- I had a little different math, though admittedly, it was a very superficial calculation on my part. I don’t think it’s important at the moment. What’s important and unfortunate, is that they are still posturing. If you, folks, haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend you do. It sums it up exceptionally well:

  20. Whats lost in all of this is that they both focussed on the core economics and agree on 50/50 split – the main sticking point seem to be how the current set of contracts fit into that scenario.

    The owners want it rolled back straight away and the missing $$ covered by future growth in the players share.
    The players just want to get paid in full without it impacting future increases in their 50% share.

  21. This is going to need a mediator. If they are so close (both say 50/50) and cant agree within the next few days then get someone in. Both sides are right: the players need to take a smaller share; the owners need to honour the contracts they bargained in good faith

  22. Extra “A” in that yawn, pretty powerful. Must be something to do with HGH or *C*onspicuous *C*onsumption of *C*ontrolled *P*harmaceuticals

  23. Miami Pimp October 19th, 2012 at 8:18 am

    Yankees* are amateur-hour

    LOL! Well said. Just had to add the asterisk.

  24. Rangers West has a good point….a rival hockey league for players to flock to to put some heat on the NHL. As it is, they don’t seem to mind losing revenue in order to achieve their goal of destroying the players’ union.

  25. Just rid the league of the 2 worst teams, Blue Jackets and Coyotes. They are so in the Red, its killing it for everyone. Who puts a hockey team in a desert. i mean really.

  26. those are good ideas, no doubt. But a rival league can’t work without the main arenas and local TV networks, and there’s no chance Bettman will allow contraction.

  27. Meeko,

    Vibin’. Hockey in the desert…ridiculous…Thanks to Buttman….

    whats next…Mexico? South America?

    Artie Party seems to like it there…based on his tweeters…

  28. 4 more ranger games gone including home opener. hey if there is a positive here the opening 8 game road trip is squashed.

  29. “there’s no chance Bettman will allow contraction.”

    That’s why I think the only way this resolves itself is if the owners get what they want and nothing less…

    So, that’s not happening.

    NHL = history

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