Big day in the lockout, and in Detroit


What the players’ answer to the owners’ last proposal will determine if that proposal really was progress … or if they’re going to be stalemated for a while. I’m assuming and hoping that cooler heads prevail and the players come back with something that can be tinkered and eventually lead to a deal.

But I wouldn’t be floored if Don Fehr’s guys continued the fight, and therefore extended it. Again, keep your eyes right over there ———-> for coverage.

Me, I’m still on the Yankees and will host a live in-Game 4 chat at 4 p.m. over at

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  1. Good morning, Sally!

    Fat Guy, no, nobody ever tells me what to say or do, or what tone to take, on these chats. But I was inundated with the A-Rod trade stories/rumors/stupidity, and also forced to take on a couple of jackwagons, and with the sheer volume of people on the chat I wasn’t able to be my usual sarcastic idiot.

    But I hope to be an idiot again today at 4.

  2. Katie Strang ?@KatieStrangESPN
    #CBA Both Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews among players on hand in Toronto for labor talks today, I’m told.

    That means Crosby will cry and Bettman will feel bad and start the season.


  3. It’s always sad when a season ends. If the offense cant score, today will be that end. On the bright side, this may be the last of #13* in Yankee* pinstripes. If I’m the Yankees*, I pick up 96* million USD and ship him off to Miami! :)

  4. Definitely, Hal Steinbrenner* picks up his HGH down here in Hillsborough*, FL in the offseason.

    Guess not, Carp. Picking up ladies phone numbers during playoff games?! #13* will always hold a place in my heart, but it’s time for a clean divorce. :)

  5. It’s not his phenomenally* bad playoff performances, not his phenomenal* HGH abuse*, it’s picking up girls during playoffs* that did it for, Tiki! PHENOMENAL* RATIONAL!

  6. Still no explanation of the 96/Hillsborough thing for everybody else, Tiki?

    I’d like everyone to share in the hilarity. LOL :) LMAO

  7. This A-Rod stuff is being completely mismanaged by the Yankees and is nothing but a distraction for an already dead team.

    Money > Everything

  8. It is, Manny. I dont see any way back from this. The distraction* will linger all next year if #13* is not gone.

  9. I’ll happily send you an email, ilb, but I wouldn’t want to deny Tiki the first opportunity to take the credit he deserves for both his wit and Pulitzer-standard journalistic endeavour.

  10. If anyone *e-mails* ilb I hope he would be nice enough to forward that *e-mail* to me. If he’s not *fatigued* of course.

  11. I got it, LW. Sorry for being a schmuck, I just didn’t connect two together right away. It isn’t a funny topic at all.

  12. Police and Thieves In the Street
    Oh Yea ea ea
    Scaring the Nation with Their Guns and Ammunition

    Police and Thieves In the Street
    Oh Yea ea ea
    Fighting the Nation with Their Guns and Ammunition

  13. Guys, cease any mention of Hillsborough or the 96 please. Not a nice topic, I sat and watched events unfold on TV when I was a child. Heysel and Bradford too. Dark times for soccer they were.

  14. Is Crosby’s presence designed to make Jeremy Jacobs go all weak at the knees and misty eyed so he makes ridiculous concessions (pun intended)?

  15. A-Rod Ad in Personals: Swarthy, aging, wealthy ex-athlete, seeks any youngish blond in audience for moonlight walks on beach, expensive dinners, opera, and cunnilingus.

  16. Interesting that along with Jacobs, the owners of Minnesota and Washington teams are in attendance. Both teams with hefty contracts that will seemingly extend into next century.

  17. >>Kiss the season goodbye boys and girls.


    [em]TORONTO – Le commissaire de la Ligue nationale de hockey (LNH), Gary Bettman, a rejeté les trois offres soumises par l’Association des joueurs (AJLNH), jeudi.

    «On a fait un pas en arrière, a-t-il déclaré aux journalistes après avoir rencontré les représentants de l’AJLNH. Je suis très déçu.»

    «Nous ne parlons pas le même langage. Nous ne sommes pas près d’une entente. Les choses ne progressent pas comme nous l’anticipions.»[/em]

  18. Bettman says the NHL Players’ Association made three counter-proposals, but none that were acceptable to the league.

    Bettman says none of the union’s proposals approach the 50-50 mark and calls the offers a step back in negotiations.

    Bettman says no new talks are immediately scheduled.

  19. Good afternoon all!

    JBytes….C’est correct. Merde!!!!! Nous ne parlons pas le même langage. Nous ne sommes pas près d’une entente. Les choses ne progressent pas comme nous l’anticipions.

    Hartnellers!!!! Let me in the negotiations…..

    Wow, this place really needs hockey…..

  20. btw, major kudos to Carp for his Yankees chat…I just popped in to post a humorous hockey question, which I understandably have no anticipation of getting answered cause he’s crazed over there….but holy carcillo….Bravo!

  21. loose translate:

    “We do not speak the same language. We are not close to an agreement. Their proposals were not even close to ours. ”

    “Things are not progressing as we expected.”

    lockout hattie?

  22. This was an attempt by the owners to make it sound like they wanted an 82-game season…

    All they did was make their demands a little less unreasonable…

  23. Already done, 3C. I didnt like this team as a whole all year. As likeable as the Rangers were last year, thats how unlikeable this team has been. Save for a handful of players. We didnt get no-hit or perfect-gamed, so it was a successful day. Please bring hockey back. I need something to look forward to.

  24. IBleedRangersBlue on

    heres what i dont get….NHL makes and offer says its a good starting point…NHLPA agrees good starting point..NHLPA makes proposal (which everyone KNEW wouldnt be perfect) which is common in negotiating…why is NHLPA offer like armagedon all over again and it needs to stop discussions all together?

  25. Because the players believe that existing contracts should be honoured and the owners think they should be allowed to renege on the millions they handed out prior to Sept 15th.

    50/50 and honouring existing contracts is fair – the players get their win in that they get the deals they signed, the owners get their win by reducing the players share to 50% from 57%.

  26. IBleedRangersBlue on

    the problem with that is if the owners have to honor the current contracts then that really cant be 50% because unless im understanding this wrong the 57% is made up of the current contracts…if they honor those contracts there still at 57%

  27. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I was very pro-players for a LONG time. but the days of 57% are not gunna happen again…at last glance the players wanted somewhere around 54%…the owners were around 47%…the owners actually come up to 50% the players need to make a movement too not expect to get the 57% they had

  28. The last CBA was designed to be around the 54% mark but the record revenues pushed the cap up higher than anticipated mostly because the floor was calculated on an absolute dollar value not a percentage less than the ceiling.

    Only 60% of players are currently under contract, so by guaranteeing the deals theyve already given out it reduces drastically the pot left to fill out the remainder of the rosters, doesnt necessarily mean it will be 57% – this is why the players want guaranteed deals and a gradual reduction to 50%.

    The owners want to take back 14% of the current value of the contracts and only pay it back if revenue increases to cover it.

    I’m not pro either side, i read the Forbes articles and i agree that going forward the only way to keep the 30 teams in business is if the players share is reduced, more revenue shared etc..

    The thing that pi$$es me off is the money thrown around not 3 months ago that owners had no intention of paying in full.

  29. potato, potahto…..get on the hartrnelling ice…every five or six years we gotta deal with this carcillo….

    UK, your last line is the crux of the hypocrisy for me….fire everybody!

    P.S. Carp, great job tonight on your “other job”

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