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So keep your eyes right over there ————> today and those who are covering the talks will have large chunks of details on the latest from the lockout … while I play golf, finally, thank freakin’ heavens.

Haven’t had a day off in at least three weeks, still have to do a Yankees live chat tonight (*Game 4, if necessary?) and maybe another chat tomorrow afternoon if CC comes through tonight … so I’m goin’ golfin! Yee-ha!

See yas later.

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  1. 2 week training camp. sounds like a good idea for the quality of play and injuries…


  2. One thing i like about being 5 hours ahead is that often i wake up to a mass of news stories, game recaps etc… This morning its that finally one of the sides has blinked in order to save the season.
    It seems Bettman and the NHL (shock, horror!) has actually listened to the fans – most of us have said 50/50 is fair but they need a mechanism in place to preserve current contracts and help teams deal with the salary cap issues for the next 2-3 seasons. I think the changes to entry level contracts, UFA years and arbitration should help with these stupidly high contracts for the likes of Taylor Hall etc., but then again the removal of the offer sheet process would have made that change too, wouldnt it?

    If the NHLPA don’t react to this with a degree of urgency and positivity they could lose the PR war here very quickly. They need to fire something back today and it needs to be close to what they just got offered.

  3. One thing i dont like is the Redden rule. If teams cant bury an underperfoming vet in the minors then the buyout system needs to be fairer against the cap. I’m not saying the player shouldnt get paid his money, but maybe the player should get 2/3 value of his contract and the team takes a financial penalty over what would have been the duration of the contract, rather than this system of doubling the term as of now.

  4. I think this was the plan all along. Expect the union to counter this.

    Obviously players currently Reddened will be exempt.

    four more weeks minimum till hockey.

  5. tomb – at the moment Redden isnt Reddened – he’s on the NHL roster and counts against the $70.2m + 10% summer cap.

    Currently we sit at $59.3m, not counting Redden’s $6.5m or whatever we sign MDZ for ($2.0 – 2.5m?) Obviously getting under the $70.2m can be easily achieved this year, but Redden is still on the hook for 2013/14.

    This will be all be dependent on how existing contracts are recalculated i suppose: dropping to 50% would mean $59.3 becomes approx $52m against the cap.

    Lots to think about! (and a little Kudos to Bettman for swallowing his pride and putting an offer on the table, instead of waiting)

  6. Wow – just read some comments on TSN.
    Canadians are really pro-owner in all of this.
    Anyone commenting about how much the players are giving up still to get to 50% or that the NHL is still getting a 15% increase on what they were previously receiving is getting serious negative feedback.

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    This is as close to playing hockey as they have been since the SC was raised. I’d be very surprised if NHLPA doesn’t start serious negotiations right away using that proposal.
    I’m pretty sure there will be a buy out window that will allow to remove Redden from their cap completely. Thereafter- consider anyone having NMC with option to trade only. Sounds fair to me- his contract, and any similar ones, is a serious expense for owners, but it isn’t included in revenue split.

  8. ilb – after a day where the NHL nearly completely lost the PR war with the Luntz thing, Bettman has taken his team from lagging seriously behind, to racing in front. Don Fehr and the PA needs to be very careful how they respond to this as the NHL have seemingly pulled back from their extreme stance, its now time for the players to make a significant move.

    I’m no negotiator but if i were Don Fehr i’d go back with:
    53% gradual decline to 50% over next 4 yrs
    UFA to stay as is, maybe give up 1 yr of arbitration rights
    Max contracts 7 years
    Current contracts fully honored, but cap value discounted to help teams stay under cap, which stays at $70.2 for this year
    Revenue sharing pot $225m

  9. Yes, UK, I agree. It’s now totally up to NHLPA. Even though the NHL changed from asking for an arm and a leg, to demanding “just a few fingers”, it’s still a very good ground to make a reasonable deal. But that’s what Don Fehr was hired for. He is good at balancing between PR and being a hard core negotiator. He won’t reject it, but he’ll come back with firm assurance of preserving current contracts. I think, from minimal tidbits around, the NHL’s proposal to preserve current contracts involves paying back the difference during the length if CBA. Is it going to be dependent on revenue growth? Or is it guaranteed regardless? That’s where I think he’ll have his main questions. He’ll want them to pay it fast, and without any ifs. I don’t think that 5 year contract will be that much of an issue. It was probably put on the table in order to pull it back as another mean if negotiating.

    Have fun, Carp

  10. For the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with 5-6 year contract length limit without significant difference between the salary and cap hit.

  11. What’s the chance that these negotiations get done today?


    What’s the chance that the Yankees win tonight and force a Game 5 in Detroit tomorrow night?


  12. Morning heads.
    Carp you got some really nice looking weather…hope you have a great day!

  13. Are the Yankees still playing? I thought they gave up when Jeter got injured?

    For anyone who ever thinks sports authorities are out of touch with the game they represent and the actual fans, ladies and gentlemen i give you………The Serbian FA. I guess the days of Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic are not as far behind us as we think

  14. Maybe Lance Armstrong* could swing a job with the Serbian FA? Similar reactions to overwhelming evidence against them.

  15. As for Armstrong, he is in the same boat as a lot of other drug cheats who duped us over the years: Big Mac, A Roid, Clemens they never got caught doing it, only afterwards. People need to stand up to this while it is going on and the sports authorities should protect the people who are attempting to clean up their sport. I have to respect what Armstrong has done in fighting cancer and promoting cycling over the years, but his legacy will be forever tainted now, and rightly so.

    On a hockey note – given the new “Redden rule” if it comes into the next CBA then the Flyers are stuck with Bryzgalov (and his salary) until 2020, unless they can trade him – hahahahahaha!!!

  16. Spent a sleepless night after last night’s Yankee debacle to figure out new ways to spam up this blog.

    No lightbulbs over my head on that one, so I’ll just continue with business as usual.

    Carp – for the most part, good stuff on last night’s Yankees chat, but do you get the feeling that most Yankee fans who tune into your chat are under 15?

  17. Anybody see this on Puckdaddy? (Emphasis and nicknames added by Me)

    Here’ is Andrea Gallo’s letter that she sent to Commissioner Gary Bettman. It’s a powerful one:

    Dear Commissioner Bettman,

    I’m a *New York Rangers* season ticket holder. I was so excited about their Spring run that I decided I’d write a book about following them this season. It’s called “DIE-HARD: A dying fan’s year of NHL hockey.”

    You see, I’m living with stage four stomach cancer, so I’m not sure if I’ll expire before Brad Richards’ contract does.

    In the last 18 months, seeing hockey live with 18,200 close friends has been an honest-to-God life-affirming way to spend many of my evenings. Now I’m going to have to write on the LOSS of the pro game. Ugh.

    Hockey runs deep in my blood. My father was a Bruins season ticket holder. When we moved to New York when I was ten, I picked up on the local kids’ sports allegiances. He said to me “Well, at least you’re @Original Six@ .” Even he could understand my infatuation with Jean Ratelle and the GAG Line. Of course, the Bruins were Bobby Orr’s beasts back then and he must’ve thought my fandom was misguided.

    I’ve taught my niece and nephew about the game and they’ve learned to love it too. Josh is a stat-head who plays fantasy hockey and thus knows more about the Western Conference than I do! Nina doesn’t watch as much because since she was four, she’s played organized hockey and would rather be on the ice. It’s my pleasure to report that she’s a Connecticut State High School hockey champ. As a third-liner, she’ll never be elite, but it doesn’t matter to her (or me.) She loves the teamwork, the comraderie, the rush up ice, the ref signaling a goal for her senior scorers, the handshakes after each contest.

    And I know how she feels. After the game, I’ll rush to hop on the uptown C to be home in time to watch the post-game interviews. Yep, the NHL employs the best athletes in the world. And there’s nothing better than a glimpse into a winning lockerroom. And *I NEED John Tortorella* [Tort] in my life!

    We fans are going to miss all of that: The thrill and tension of the game, its speed, its rare hipchecks, the goal songs, the fans’ chants, the players’ personalities, even the stale popcorn leftover from the *Knicks* previous game.

    This is not to elicit sympathy. I’m 52 and have enjoyed the life I’ve wanted. Josh and I attended this year’s Winter Classic in Philly. I’ve been the volunteer art director for Ice Hockey in Harlem for over a decade. I attended the Cup parade on June 17, 1994. I love this town so much that when I was laid off from on top of a prominent magazine’s masthead in 2008, I got my license to be a tour guide. It’s an enormous paycut, but it adds to my quality of life. When I’m on that big red bus passing MSG, I talk about the glories of the hometown team and enjoy being razzed by the Canadians on board.

    Like many fans, I live a rich well-rounded life, but hockey is a HUGE part of it. Tonight, I’m heading to Hartford with other *NYR* diehards to cheer on Chris Kreider [THE Kreider] and welcome Jeff Beukeboom back into the *NYR* family. Tomorrow morning, Nina has a game I’ll attend. Oh, I’ll find hockey. And I’ll enjoy it.

    But tonight I’m going to miss seeing the Kings’ banner go up, with my team in attendance. We’d be SO inspired by that. And Quick vs. Lundqvist? WHAT a match-up!

    So, I don’t know what more to say. Get a deal done, I guess. Like soon. My doctors have verified that I bleed blue. But now I’m blue for a terrible reason.

    Please bring back the game we love too much.

    Thank you,


  18. spent a sleepless night after last night’s continuing Yankee train wreck to come up with new creative ways to spam up this site.

    no light bulbs went off so I’m just back to business as usual here

    Carp – for the most part, a good chat during last night’s game, but do you ever get the feeling that most Yankee fans in that chat room are under 14?

  19. _On a hockey note – given the new “Redden rule” if it comes into the next CBA then the Flyers are stuck with Bryzgalov (and his salary) until 2020, unless they can trade him_

    I think LeBrun was saying that the proposal has a provision that for any contracts with more than five years of term remaining, the cap hit stays with the team that signed the player even *after* they are traded, demoted or retired. Which applies to Bryzgalov, Hartnell, Simmonds among others (er…Brad Richards).

    There is some thinking that this provision will also apply to existing contracts that have already been moved too, which would be mildly funny for the Flyers with Carter, Richards and JVR. Can’t imagine Mr Snider signed off on that one though.

  20. Funny how mr Bettman can’t avoid adding at least a touch of brinksmanship to his best offer to date. “It’s contingent on 82-game season”

  21. Morning Boneheads.

    Not alot of Hockey to talk about lately. Perhaps the NHL is getting closer to starting to hammer out a real deal.

    Lucky for me the “Fighting Sioux” start there season this weekend. #2 Team in the polls. Some hockey is better than no hockey at all.

    Have a Sioux-per day Boys!!!

  22. Well, i forced out a carcillo, im shaved, i feel like a new man. Maybe theyll feel the same way tonight!

  23. Im playing around, CCCP, being humorous. But Im also serious. And what do u mean, 2 days in a row? First time since Friday night was this morning. :)

  24. spent another sleepless night after the continuing Yankee plane crash, trying to think of new and creative ways to spam up this blog

    no light bulbs popped up, so I’ll just continue business as usual

    Carp – Good Yankee chat last night, but do you ever get the feeling that everyone in that “room” is 14 or under?

  25. Tell you what, Tiki, why not explain to everyone on here what your hilarious 96* “joke” (ROFLMAO, :) etc) is about? Then see what everyone thinks about your GSOH…

  26. Secrets of Golf:

    Keep your head down while keeping your head up.
    Yell “fore,” shoot six, write down four.
    After every one of your partner’s bad shots, tell him he “looked up.”
    Never lag a two foot putt.
    The best wood in your bag for lowering your score is most likely the pencil.

  27. $500 to the first person who drives ever loquacious and obnoxious Avery off the Ranger tweets.

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nice marketing if Bettman can make a 7% salary cut for the players look like a “concession” on the NHL’s part.

  29. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Bettman: “OK, we will give you back half of the salary we wanted to take away from you. Now, what are you going to give back to the owners?”

  30. This really should have been the starting point for negotiations, not that ridiculous “offer” that they put out first which was ridiculous. Bettman does a good job of making this offer sound like they are the ones making concessions, when in fact, they have just made their demands for give backs from the players “less extreme”.

    Having said that, this is going to finish somewhere around 50/50, but not until the owners make more solid guarantees on existing contracts and more of a phasing in to 50/50 and possibly another $20-30m into the revenue sharing pot. I hope they get it done this week, I NEED SOME HOCKEY IN MY LIFE!

  31. fortunately the Aces are in town this weekend.

    the owners picked their starting point. split the difference and start the season

  32. I think the NHLPA needs to get over this sense of entitlement that what terms they had they should keep. They’ve benefitted greatly from a CBA design that didnt anticipate such large growth figures, but they’ve also benefitted to the detriment of the smaller franchises who now have to reach a cap floor which has grown too fast.

    The original cap (05/06) was $39m and the floor $23m – thats a floor which is 59% of the ceiling.

    If we applied that through the following years (59% cap in brackets):

    $44m – 28m (26m)
    $50.3 – 34.3m (29.7m)
    $56.7 – 40.7m (33.5m)
    $56.8 – 40.8m (33.6m)
    $59.4 – 43.3m (35m)
    $64.3 – 48.3m (37.9m)
    $70? – 54m (41.3m)

    See how if we applied that rule teams like the Isles, Avs, Canes, Stars etc which could have spent $10m less on salaries and we probably see less of those $3m-$5m deals for 3rd liners (eg Sean Avery).

    I agree wholeheartedly that any contract signed under the previous CBA should be honoured in full by the owners by one means or another, but the terms of the new CBA should be to reduce those player costs in the future either by a gradual decrease to 50% or immediate decrease with guaranteed deferred payments.

  33. Good morning, boneheads!

    Expect some serious fireworks this afternoon in Toronto as Mr. Fehr is going to pick the new NHL proposal apart. And according to his letter addressed to the players, he already has a good idea on what to say:


    The question is what is he going to do next: counter-proposal or a totally different plan? And how will the NHL respond? Fasten your seat belts, ‘heads!

  34. ilb – i think they will counter based on what Cory Schneider was quoted as saying:

    Like his teammates, Schneider’s focus will now shift to an NHLPA response Thursday to the owners’ latest offer to end the collective bargaining impasse.

    “Our response and how they [owners] react to our response will be very important,” added Schneider. “They’ve given us an offer in which we can come back with counter-points.”

  35. Rumored counteroffer, and if I am wrong who cares this is an interesting discussion:

    52-48, 51-49, 50-50, 50-50, 50-50
    HRR as it was in last agreement
    Reject the “make it whole” thing
    Expected today

    Have no idea if its right, heard from someone with ties to the PA.

  36. Carp – Before your Yankee game chat last night, did the powers that be come down on you and warn you not to let it disintegrate into this Rangers chat room?

    You seemed to post less jokes and forced to post more dumb repetitive Yankee questions

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