Back to the table, back to the Yankees … and NYR news


So the sides are going to get back to the, ahem, bargaining table today, supposedly. Remember, the players lost their paychecks Monday (Oct. 15). The next one would be due at the end of the month.

I truly believe both sides know exactly where the deal is going to be made, but that neither side — especially the players side — wants to make a sudden move toward that number because of, perhaps mistrust, or fear that the other side will see that move as weakness and dig in to try to get more.

Silly stuff, really. I think they will get there somehow. I expect hockey by Thanksgiving. But that’s a total guess.


Me, I got a reprieve on the Hockeytown trip. But I will host a live game chat for Game 3 of the ALCS tonight. First pitch 8:07. We’ll start chatting around 8 p.m. Join me? Also, if you’re a Yankees fan and you haven’t plugged into the Lohud Yankees blog (by Chad “Hardest Working Man in Sportswriting” Jennings), you’re really missing out. So check him out, and come chat tonight at


From the NYR:


New York, October 15, 2012 – The  New York Rangers will team up with USA Hockey and community ice rinks across the tri-state area to host the second annual “Try Hockey for Free Day” to celebrate “Come Play Youth Hockey Month” throughout November. The month-long event will introduce the sport to over 1,500 children ages 4-9 through free skating and hockey lessons at ten participating rinks in the area. Rangers alumni Adam Graves, Nick Fotiu, Brian Mullen, Ron Greschner, and Dave Maloney will be on hand throughout the program to help teach the basics of the sport. Complimentary rental skates and a limited supply of loaner equipment will be available at each rink, and every child who attends “Try Hockey for Free Day” will receive a free Rangers hockey stick.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to get the chance to play the greatest game on Earth,” said Rangers legend Adam Graves.  “These are kids that might not otherwise be able to experience the game of hockey.  They are sure to love it and hopefully this ignites a lifelong passion for the sport.”

Participating rinks include Danbury Arena (Danbury, CT), Floyd Hall Arena (Little Falls, NJ), Playland Ice Casino (Rye, NY), World Ice Arena (Flushing, NY), City Ice Pavilion (Long Island City, NY), Brewster Area (Brewster, NY), Ice Time Sports Complex (Newburgh, NY), McCann Ice Arena (Poughkeepsie, NY) Skylands Ice World (Stockholm, NJ) Oyster Bay Skating Center (Bethpage, NY).

For more information, including program schedules and locations, please visit


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  1. If you pick Nick Fotiu, you don’t even need skates. And you get a miniature pair of boxing gloves. :-)

  2. 2 things i dont like about my page this morning;

    Rangers v Sharks – cancelled
    Chris Carpenter (0-1)

    ..and apparently the the talks will resume in Toronto today. Until George Lucas turns up with the original Death Star garbage compactor to place them in its just blah, blah, blah to me now.

  3. In other news my broomball team is 0-2. we need an infusion of offense. Anyone know of player availability?

  4. Good morning, boneheads!


    ” Keep hearing about a radically different PA proposal. NHL also pondering its next move. It’s all spin until a proposal is made.

    — Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) October 15, 2012″

  5. I was at a wedding last weekend, and none other than Gary Bettman was in attendance, with some NHL cronies (“yes men”) whom I recognized, but can’t place their names. I was dissapointed with myslef as i forgot to wear my Rangers’ cufflinks as i normally do on these occasions, for the lockout has tempered my enthusiasm for NHL hockey. Apparently, Bettman firmly crowed aloud in the men’s room to some young man, “well, the bride works for ME.”

    In observing this diminutive guy throughout the night, who was respectful, and who did a little dancing, and a good amount of eating, I was saddened about the constant labor “strife” under his tenure. I know a lot of you here would have punched the guy out, broke his leg on the dance floor, or spiked his pasta, but I just couldn’t think of anything to say to him. At least, I had nothing good to say.

    At least Gary had a nice weekend in the greater NY area.

  6. Per Djoos

    You partied with Gary and said nothing to him?! BOOOO YOU! :)

    Man…I wouldn’t let this kind of opportunity go by w/o saying at least something! Knowing myself I wouldn’t leave Gary alone all evening! That miserable pos!

  7. Cccp –

    He made me kind of sick and uncomfortable actually. I rationalized that I’m sure he’s heard it all from other fans before in these situations and would only give me some stock baloney answer to whatever points I’ve raised.

    The only thing I can think of if that this were football, the President of the US and various other politicians would be involved in ending the labor lockout. I mean, there was some politician in New Jersey who is/was trying to pass a law to ban replacement referees… It’s insane. Yet, hockey is allowed to flounder. I guess whatever garners the most votes.

  8. Did Bettman catch the garter belt? Would you want him under your bride’s gown fiddling with her violin?

  9. Inside A Secret NHL Focus Group: How A Top GOP Strategist Is Helping Hockey Owners Craft Their Lockout Propaganda

    I assume most of you guys read this already…anything that comes outta NHL’s mouth right now is nothing but a total bush-league bull-poop…

  10. Luntz in his official response letter said that basically he was hired to understand what fans truly want and what he discovered was that fans want to see their favorite teams play hockey. Freaking eureka! As if poor NHL wigs had NO IDEA what fans want until they hired Luntz to help unlock the secret minds of NHL fans! This is insulting!

  11. Did Bettman catch the garter? I mean, would you want this guy under your new bride’s gown, fiddling with her violin?

  12. Per Djoos – I don’t blame you. Why bother a perfectly good wedding with such a useless discourse. Bettman doesn’t live in a vacuum and I’m sure he gets a good thrashing once a day from some irate fan. I can just imagine the kind of greeting he gets every time he touches down in a Canadian airport. But in truth, he’s just the ringleader of this circus and not a very strong one either. He’s a mouthpiece for the owners, who are the part of this equation that many don’t take into consideration. Were there dissension among them, this lockout would be extremely short-lived. They’re Bettman’s boss and the true villains of this mess, IMO. They’re the hypocrites who shell out $50 million contracts and then cry poverty when they can’t sell $250 dollar seats in the nosebleeds. Anyway, kudos for taking the high road. Though I do think you could have at least crop dusted his table just as he was raising a bite of food to his mouth…

  13. You never let a chance to crap on Gary go regardless of where you are or who is to blame in this lockout mess. Never! :)

  14. sorry for the multiples guys, thought my web connection was on the fritz and doubted my other posts had gotten through…I feel dirty

  15. Fat Guy, for some reason I’m finding a lot of your comments in the spam queue … then I have to go in and approve them. I don’t know why. Sorry.

  16. I could see that, I leak Spam out of my pores, so why would my comments be any different?

    Seriously, tho, I have no idea why, so I’ll just keep hammering away until I see that one got thru the site’s 5 hole.

  17. NHL offers 50/50 share of hockey related revenue? Read on SNY rangers blog…
    Maybe someone did spike Buttman’s drink at that wedding…

    Let’s see what the player’s are made of now.

  18. At that same wedding, while the bride and groom were up on the chairs, I proposed to Bettman that he mandate 41 split day-night doubleheaders. He promised he’d consider it when he was done dancing the Kazatsky

  19. A full 82 game season. Oy vey. Thank goodness we have Oktoberfest Biron, so Henrik doesnt have to play 96* games inc. playoffs

  20. Trying not to get too excited….There is still very little details on how exactly they are going to preserve players’ salaries during first years, 5 year contract length could be an issue too. But it’s hard to imagine the players rejecting this one. Unless those small details are worse than described. One extra game every 5 weeks? Can you say *tired*…..

  21. I’m speculating that this blog will be filled with gibberish over the next couple of days, Sally. Sprinkled with jiberrish.

  22. I’m also speculating that the little hambone will be attending her first hockey game soon, Sally.

  23. If the players take 50-50…offers on other keys issues as follows…

    Free Agency would be at 28 and 8 years of service
    Entry Level Contracts would be 4 years in Length
    Revenue sharing would be at or near 200 million dollars
    Contract Lengths would be 5 years.
    Arbitration would still exist
    The only core issue that remains intact from previous NHL offers is the length on contracts (on all new deals)

  24. If the players bite on this we will start Nov 2. Does that mean a compacted schedule? 3 games in 4 nights every week? Or hockey in shorts all the way to July 4th weekend?

  25. Supposedly, NHL players that have been sent down to the AHL will count against the cap in this proposal…

  26. _Supposedly, NHL players that have been sent down to the AHL will count against the cap in this proposal_


  27. is the only answer 41 split day-night double headers?

    I was at that same wedding, and Bettman promised me he’d consider the idea right after he was done dancing the Kazatsky

  28. To get way ahead of myself, they’ll still have training camp, right? No preseason? How does this work? Let’s all make bets on when we get to see real hockey! I bet one Buffalo baby buffalo wing sangwich on November 5th.

  29. Fonzie called it the Kazatsky, so it’s good enough for me. I have fond black-and-white memories of my Dad and Uncles dancing this every chance they could. Then one of them would inevitably grab the mike for a drunken version of “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You”

  30. _Is this as promising as it sounds?_

    i don’t know Manny…if you were around more often maybe we would answer your question. But…

  31. I think if the NHLPA doesn’t counter offer within this framework, I think we can kiss the season good-bye.

    Perhaps NHL counters with any combo of:

    – Phase in to 50/50 over two or three years at 52/51/50 isntead of immediately
    – Extend the Contract Length to 6 or 7 years (NBA is 5 or 6, I forget)
    – Front-load the mechanism in which they’re made whole on whatever additional escrow they’re is going to be to get from 57/43 to the new Year 1 split

  32. Sorry, @CCCP@ . I see before you said “Kazachok” which is one of the lines from Black Cat, White Cat that I remember. The scene involves a wedding and a grenade.

    Safet! Kazachok.

  33. Someone better lock The Kreider in a padded room til we’re sure we have an agreement. We lost 3 Whales in practice today.

  34. Have to assume that some sort of buyout for cap albatrosses (sp?) will be included if all of a sudden Redden comes back on the cap. No way he ever sees MSG in a Rangers uniform again.

  35. Are there that many teams with guys like him in the minors though? I know Souray was a similar case but didn’t he get make into the NHL with somebody?

  36. On Redden – I seem to remember both sides mentioning a buy-out period as part of the deal. But if there wasn’t one, get this: The Rangers could still technically fit Redden under the cap if they have the $10.9 million in cap space that says they have. Gotta figure Del Zotto isn’t going to get much more than $3 million per. That leaves just enough to squeak him under. Of course, that means Bickel and/or Eminger will be gone on waivers. And the numbers get even trickier next year when they would have to buy him out at a cap hit of $3 million and change, then try to sign Hagelin, Stepan and McDonagh. Man, would it be a trip to see Redden in blue again.

  37. and the rollback crap isn’t addressed in this proposal, is it

    no way this is getting accepted. but maybe they’ll still manage to play hockey again within a month or so.

  38. Supposedly, they preserve current salaries somehow, Lloyd. That isn’t clear yet, we’ll have more details later I guess…

  39. It sounds like the proposal includes some sort of structure to preserve current contracts over the length of CBA, so it may include some immediate rollbacks. More details will be available soon I guess.

  40. What do I mean – do not think about it too much. The best job is a job someone is doing for you — and there are plenty for that.

  41. Am I the only one who would prefer they play a shortened regular season? The season should be less than 70 games anyway.

  42. Because, if you don’t know what you want, it means that you will get whatever left.(of the season)

  43. I always want to be here, ilb. When I am not swamped I will be. How could I go without my daily dose of you guys/gals!

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