Rangers at Sharks tonight


Game 2 of the regular season. Oh. Right. Nevermind.

Ya boys were supposed to be visiting Jumbo Softshelled Shrimp Joe Thornton and his San Jose Shrimps tonight.  Then fly back across the continent for an ECF rematch with the Devils at the Rock Wednesday. Yeesh.

Me? I’m still tethered to the Yankees, though it’s pretty bleak. They’re 0-2 and facing Justin Verlander tomorrow in Detroit, with a lineup that has four prominent guys who couldn’t hit a bull in the behind with a snowshovel.

So they’ve got that going for them.

I have a couple of good guest posts ready to go the next few days, and might be able to post some pics from the continued Garden remodeling and the new “Garden 366” and “Defining Moments” displays.

‘Til then.


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  1. Hey, new post? Wow :-)

    She is cute, Staal…Hope she is tolerating it ok

    Apparently they might be meeting tomorrow..Might being an operative word. Is it me, or is it a little irritating?

  2. ilb, they did another blood transfusion on Saturday to bring up those levels.
    So far she’s doing ok, though she’s fighting taking her meds…
    tomorrow is chemo treatment #3
    Just wanna hug her she’s awesome!

  3. Offense has quit again for this entire playoffs. Save for a few guys (Jeet, Ichi, Ibanez). No adjustments, no ceasing of hero ball aka the hero complex. If these were dominant SP they were facing, then they couldnt be accused of not caring, but the pitchers the Yanks have faced thus far have been the definition of mediocrity.

    And maybe most of the guys care, but they dont care *enough*. *Enough* to make changes in their approach. The 4 guys most guilty of this are Alex, Swisher, Granderson, and Cano.

    Alex takes all the blame, but in the end, Swisher has been far worse.

    The one guy on this team that doesnt care one iota is Swisher. For as long as I live, I never want to see Swisher’s smiling face again after this postseason. No matter how many mistakes this guy makes, he’ll always have that same jerky smile on. I wonder when someone close to him dies, if he has that same jerkoff smile.

    People will say Girardi is trying to make a fool of Alex. I 100% dont think that’s the case. Girardi is a family man and wouldnt try to show someone up. However, he is an idiot who is so sickly obsessed with righty/lefty matchups that there’s no chance in hell he’s going to take out a switch hitter like Swisher. And there’s very little chance he’s going to remove Granderson for Gardner (who’s only had like 3 ABs in 6 months).

    We’ll be a worse regular season team without Swisher, but I wouldnt want him back for 10 cents. He’ll undoubtedly go to the Red Sox, where he’ll undoubtedly succeed in the playoffs.

    At this point, the OF should be Ichi, Grandy, and Gardy, so at least we have better OF defense. Swisher isn’t going to provide anything meaningful on offense, so just ditch him. And if I was the manager, Id bury him in a ditch where he belongs.

    Now that that’s all out of the way, the 9th inning results of Game 1 probably wouldnt have been the same, *BUT* the Yankees scored 5 runs in 9 innings in Game 1. Cano drove in a run in the 2nd inning with a hit, which the umpires cheated us out of that 1 run, and the possibility of more. Just putting that fact out there.

    I still believe we can win this series, but I think the best chance we have is for a Tigers plane crash, or bus crash within Detroit. So Im hoping breaking news of such a crash is imminent.

    I wonder what the emergency protocol is for that. Would the Yankees have to face the Tigers minor leaguers? If so, they wouldnt be able to hit their minor league pitchers either. LOL

  4. And yes, Im just joking about a crash. Although, I dont believe in lying so, I certainly wouldnt be the least bit disappointed if one did happen… to the Tigers of course. Maybe Id celebrate it, maybe not. But Id definitely celebrate Joe Girardi burying Swisher in a ditch. :)

  5. Celebrate it or not celebrate it… re: moving on to the World Series

    Girardi could cremate Swisher alive and flush his ashes down a Yankee Stadium toilet. That’d be a fitting resting place for him. :)

  6. I wonder if Swisher were being cremated alive, would he still be smiling??

    One day, when he’s in his casket, will his corpse be smiling?

    These are questions I need the answer to.

  7. Enough jokes about crashes and cremation for the day. It’s easier for me to handle any sort of pain with jokes about death.

    Just one more, Swisher would make the perfect skeleton, since skeletons always appear to be smiling!!

  8. Manchester United is desperate for a fake independent investigation hired by their own owners to say that the Munich Tragedy never happened.

  9. They should be called the Hero Complexes. Or the Strikeout Squad. If I was stuck covering this sorry excuse for an offense, I’d tell my boss that I wouldnt waste another moment of time and I wouldnt spend one day away from my family for a bunch of jerks.

  10. Id love to do heart transplants, transplant the heart of Raul Ibanez into Cano and the heart of Ichiro into Nick Swisher. And the heart of Alex Rodriguez…… nevermind, he doesnt have one!

  11. Probably not a good idea to tell my boss that, Tiki. Also, they’re not all jerks. Just a few. And being lazy and a choker (in one case of an unnamed player who refuses to run 90 feet ever, no matter how big the game or how great the consequences) doesn’t necessarily make one a jerk.

  12. CCCP and others are right. These guys get paid millions of dollars, and dont even have the heart to try for their fallen captain, to change anything in their approaches, or even try for their pitching staff. Against inferior pitchers.

    Lazy is another way of saying lack of honor and integrity. Alex is probably just a phony. Swisher is definitely a phony, and he also has a baseball IQ of 10. Cano lives in his own little world. This is the most dis-likable team I can ever remember. Id rather have Wade Redden and Kei Igawa complaining about being Whaled than these guys.

  13. If the “Bombers” kayo Verlander and win 9-1, then squeak out a win in game 4, some Yankee fans will reverse course and say that this might be the best NY team since 1927. :-)

  14. Theyve handled Verlander in the past relatively well. It’s possible. However, I dont see this offense gaining any desire/heart/urgency/brains/work ethic in one off day. And I didnt say it was the worst or best team, I said most dis-likable.

    Im sure he’s a fine teammate, Im just tired of his act. Maybe he’s dealing with other injuries unbeknownst to the media and fans (like the Gaborik injury), but when you cant or dont even get productive outs when given the opportunity and just swing thru 85 mph fastball slop, I get the feeling it’s intentional.

  15. Nobody said anything about being the best/worst, and every fanbase is the same. Except the fanbases that dont care, like the Mets fanbase

  16. Seems like only yesterday Torts was reacting to Jumbo Shrimp’s comments:

    “It surprised me. I never heard a player say that. Joe’s a heckuva player. But here’s a player popping off about our team. Joe hasn’t won a God damned thing in this league. He could go down as a player, one of the better players in our league who has never to win anything. So what he should do is just shut up. It was uncalled for. It was classless. I’ve never had it happen like that before.’’


  17. Carp – Can you text Chad and ask him to answer more of my chat questions over on the Yankees LoHud site?

  18. Fat Guy, he stoned you on one of your questions that got through LOL :)

    Hambone, you caused the Patriots to lose yesterday! Thanks.

  19. come to think of it, I miss youse guys too. Doesn’t even ONE of the New Yorkers on this site know someone with a little muscle that can “convince” Bettman to get the guys back on the ice?

  20. I take almost all of your amateur dramatics with a mountain of salt, Tiki, but your barely-veiled “humorous” remark about the Hillsborough disaster is staggeringly, staggeringly inaccurate and ignorant even for you.

  21. wish we had something to talk about…heck even line combo’s would be a welcome change…just sayin’

  22. It wasn’t veiled at all. It’s sickening that they paid someone off to absolve the blame those drunk, rowdy Liverpudlians rightfully deserved.

  23. Although part of me is mildly curious to see quite how far you can push your exhibition of outrageously crass trollism about (only) 96 deaths, safe in the knowledge that Carp and 99% of the posters know even less about the subject than the minuscule amount in which I suspect you revel, in the name of an invented, self-absorbed “feud”, beyond this single meak, week but fatuously long-winded response, I doubt I can be bothered to perpetuate this, even in the absence of any new update on how Messrs Bettman and Fehr plan to decide upon talking about not talking.

  24. after losing in ot to the kings on friday we need this one tonight. need big effort from stepan line tonight.

  25. TIKI you should really get psychological help wishing for teams and people to lose their life so your team can win. that is absolutely repulsive.

  26. Ok- ya Made me look….16 hour day will make one think twice…back to reality … Thanks for the updates Carp! Let’s Go Yankees!!

  27. Hello

    1-I wish I was little bit taller,
    I wish I was a baller
    I wish I had a girl who looked good
    I would call her
    I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
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