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Hey kids. Sorry I haven’t been around much. Kind of been busy over in the borough of the Bronx thanks in part to the lockout, thanks in part to the Pinstripes.

Might even be getting a bonus trip to Hockeytown if the Yankees can manage to scratch out a run here or there tonight. Seriously, their offense looks like the Rangers’ power play. And they might be done tonight, too.

If not, I’ll stop in as much as possible.

I expect the NHL/NHLPA to get serious toward the end of the month, with more games about to be tossed into the trashbin. I think both sides know where the deal will be made. Just a matter of how badly either wants to get there. Soon enough, I think.

Oh, and tonight’s not only the original Columbus Day, but it’s also the schedule opening night for the Rangers, in L.A. Not. Gonna. Happen. The players’ first missed paychecks are Monday.

In the meantime, if anybody wants to jump in and do a guest blog, we’re open for them. To volunteer, drop me an e-mail at


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  1. To demonstrate the importance of the one-run game the Nationals and Cardinals play a game 5 tonight, despite the Cardinals outscoring them 23 – 9. Is Tortorella a Nats fan?

  2. Ha! Spot on Carp. With their offense, Yanks dont deserve to move on, quite frankly. If somehow they do, it will be a nightmare. Yanks offense makes subpar-mediocre pitchers look good and strike out constantly. Imagine whatd happen if they faced the top strikeout team in the league, the Tigers. Ugh. Either way, the Tigers should be moving on to the World Series. The Orioles have been smoke and mirrors all year long, their magic will run out against Fister, Scherzer, Verlander, Prince and Mr Triple Crown.

    Poor managing again, but ultimately, theres nobody here to blame but the batters themselves. Although Joe keeps letting Granderson throw away ABs…reached base twice in series.

    At this stage in my life, i think i have to stop allowing this stuff to affect my life. Like Brandon Philips said after the Reds game 4 loss to the Giants, it doesnt matter if the Reds win or lose Game 5, it’s just a game. Thats all it is to a guy like Swisher. Its just a game, and he’s not going to let losing ruin his vacation. Too bad he didnt learn from guys like Derek, Ichi, Raul, Chavy, Russ, and Al.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    LA my foot, Carp…

    Go to bed, Tiki. Unless you want to help me with professor’s rounds this morning :-)

  4. Just reading the reports from talks yesterday. It seems Don and the players won t make their offer just yet as that would be seen to be singing from Gary’s hymnsheet.
    I also dont see why, if the NHL is prepared to move from their original offer they dont just present that while they wait for the players next move, surely if they show willing to make a small concession, the players may do the same..?

    It all comes down to brinkmanship and trying to remain in control of the negotiations – the quicker that both sides realise that they are out of control and with every passing day and dollar the pie is getting smaller, fans are getting pi$$ed off more and more with the seeming lack of effort and movement on both sides.

  5. Can’t wait until mama sees this one. For those who do not know, blogmama used to run a pet blog for LoHud.

  6. WHAT?! Vick owns a dog again? what in a holly hell?!

    I wouldn’t let him to own a red brick let alone a dog again! fugger!

  7. watching the Yankees is like watching the Rangers Ottawa series again. Remember how awesome Chris Neil was?

  8. Staal Wart October 12th, 2012 at 12:10 pm
    Fire Sather!

    Why? For creating finally a high potential, dynamic team, you can be proud of?

  9. Who’s demeaning himself more, promoting supermarkets, bars, and dumb products, Avery or DelZotto?

  10. Good morning all! Vick’s comments make me want to boudreau. I hope his dog has a loving bond with the contents of that hartnellers BVDs.

    I need a must win game!

  11. 4everanger
    I was kidding…sorry it didn’t come across that way…Carp knew I was joking…;)

  12. FIRE SATHER! For not having a clue for 11 years! FIRE SATHER! He didnt build crap! Thank you Gordie Clark, Torts and Mark Messier!


  13. Szymon Szemberg@Sz1909_Szemberg

    Rick Nash wrist shot, right circle, PP, 2-1 Davos vs Bern. 2nd goal since coming back from injury #NYR

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BUST UP PRUST !!"...says Greg L. on

    Hey Boneheads. Sorry I haven’t been around much. Kind of been busy over in the slums of Saskatoon thanks in part to the lockout, thanks in part to the run.

    Might even be getting a bonus trip to Regina if the Roughriders can manage to scratch out a touchdown here or there this week end. Seriously, their offense looks like the Rangers’ power play. And they might be done in a few weeks, too.

    If not, I’ll stop in as much as possible.

    I expect the NHL/NHLPA to get serious toward the end of the month, with more games about to be tossed into the Carsillo bin. I think both sides know where the deal will be made. Just a matter of how badly either wants to get there. Soon enough, I think.

    Oh, and tonight’s not only the original Seinfeld night on the tube, but it’s also the schedule opening night for the Rangers, in L.A. Not. BUT we can imagined it happened!! RANGERS WIN RANGERS WIN RANGERS WIN!!! The players’ first missed paychecks are Monday….haha suckers are gonna pay!!

    In the meantime, if anybody wants to jump in and do a guest blog, we’re open for them. To volunteer, drop Carp an e-mail at Oh btw I’d do one but like ive said, Im not a guest.

  15. stolen from – Hockey Talk: The Official Facebook Group for Everything Hockey facebook page :)

    Top 25 reasons Hockey is better than Sex:
    25. It’s ok to bleed during play.
    24. If it’s a bad game, you can call a time out.
    23. Every player usually has two or three sticks to choose from.
    22. There is a limit to the sizes of all equipment.
    21. You can still play when you get married.
    20. You can change on the fly.
    19. Anytime you see an open net, you can go for it.
    18. If you can’t get it up, who cares?
    17. You can score on all the teams in the league over and over.
    16. You can pull the goalie without getting yelled at!
    15. It is broadcast live on TV.
    14. Everyone can shoot at the same goal.
    13. You can shoot in the goal and it’s a good thing!
    12. Because of the facemask, nothing can get in your eyes!
    11. You always know how big the stick is.
    10. It’s legal to play hockey professionally.
    9. The puck is always hard.
    8. Protective equipment is reusable and you don’t even have to wash it.
    7. It lasts a full hour.
    6. You know you’re finished when the buzzer sounds.
    5. Your parents cheer when you score.
    4. When you’re tired you’re supposed to get off and let a buddy take your place.
    3. You can count on it at least twice a week.
    2. You can tell your friends about it afterwards.
    And, the number one reason hockey is better than sex…
    1. A two-on-one or three-on-one is not uncommon.


  16. Honestly, I don’t like how A-Roid* gets all the blame for the Yankee* woes. I mean, I don’t really have much respect the guy anymore….but….let’s be honest here….

    They can’t hit the ball. It’s a team problem…

    With their lineup, the Yanks* should be out -raging- er…. hitting any team they face…

    What about Jones, Swisher, Granderson, Texeira, Cano?????

    A-Roid* still a better playoff performer than all of them combined….and he will always be remembered as a better baseball player over all….

    That is all….

    Let’s Go Whale!

  17. When your partner says “oy” after your best shot, you know you had a good chance to score, but didn’t.

  18. Thanks, sept.

    good news, Staal.

    I think the Empire State Building is lit in orange and black to honor the Orioles … not to mention the Flyers and Mr. Snider and Comcast, et al.

  19. Great news, Staal.

    Whew! Didnt wanna lose to that bum loser Buck. Now its time to get our clocks cleaned by the Tigers.

    You’re 100% right NY R Fan. Except for Jones wasnt on the roster. And Arod is an old and injured 37 years old, and post PED wear and tear. Swisher, Granderson, Cano are all in their prime players.

  20. Mitchell R. Beck ?@HowlingsToday
    Three Stars are Cizikias -3rd , Neiterreiter 2nd and Newbury is your first star

    LOL @ Noberries being the first star in a loss!

  21. By the way, speaking of the AHL….where the hell is Wade Redden?

    Is he on strike…er, I mean….locked out? Does he still think he is an NHL’er?

  22. Oh?

    Mitchell R. Beck ?@HowlingsToday
    Wade Redden is not here as the #NYR did not want to pay him $6.5M so he sits at home waiting to see what happens

    That is tough…

  23. I think his salary is $5M this year. It’s $6.5M cap hit. And he is officially on Rangers’ NHL roster for summer months, so he is locked.

  24. Yankees twenty billion dollar lineup and a bald, aged, over the hill ex-Phillie pulls their fat from the fire.

  25. We got hockey. Scott Gomez as the power-play coach? HA

    Two goals from a Washington Capitals winger and an assist by a Columbus Blue Jackets center added up to an obvious conclusion Friday night when the Alaska Aces opened their season with a 6-3 come-from-behind victory on the road.

    “Heck, we gotta stop calling them NHL guys. They’re Alaska Aces,” coach Rob Murray told KFQD radio after the win over the Colorado Eagles at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colo.

    Joey Crabb’s two goals and Brandon Dubinsky’s assist helped fuel a third-period fireworks display that carried the Aces to victory.

    The game marked the regular-season ECHL debut for three Anchorage NHL players — Crabb, Dubinksy and Nate Thompson of the Tampa Bay Lightning — who are with the Aces because of the NHL lockout.

    “You can’t talk about our team without talking about those guys,” Murray admitted in a post-game radio interview. “I believe these guys are good character guys, they’re not just here to keep their legs in shape, they’re dedicated to the team and they want to do everything they can to help the Aces win.”

    Down 3-2 after two periods, the Aces reeled off four goals in the final period.

    A pair of non-NHL guys scored the pivotal goals to put the Aces up 4-3 eight minutes into the third period.

    Garry Nunn tied the game after a goal-mouth scramble and Nick Mazzolini got the game-winner by intercepting a pass and scoring off his own rebound. The goals came in a span of less than two minutes.

    Then the NHL guys cemented the game. Crabb scored twice for the Aces, with Dubinski assisting on the first one.

    This is the second time the Aces have bolstered their lineup during an NHL lockout. In 2004-05, Anchorage’s Scott Gomez, then with the New Jersey Devils, spent the season with the Aces and earned ECHL MVP honors.

    Crabb finished with three points, as did Tommy Mele, who scored a goal in the first period and assists in the second and third. Nunn and William Wrenn of Anchorage also added goals in support of goaltender James Reid, who stopped 20 shots.

    The Aces fired 40 shots at Colorado goalkeeper Kyle Jones and were particularly lethal on special teams.

    The Aces didn’t score a single even-strength goal all night. Five came on the power play and the sixth, Mazzolini’s tiebreaker, was scored short-handed.

    Murray said the success on the power play was the result of attention paid to Colorado’s systems last season.

    “We noticed a little chink in their armor,” he said on KFQD, “we attacked it and it paid off.”

    Then he laughed.

    “And we’ve got Scott Gomez as our power-play coach. That doesn’t hurt,” he said.

    Read more here:

  26. Good morning, boneheads!

    Have to admire and respect what these 4 guys did. Instead of going to Europe for money they went to their home town in Alaska to play…

  27. With that PP coach, they must be best in the league at skating it into the zone and lazily turning it over at the blueline. Not sure how they got five goals from that strategy.

  28. Hey, those youngsters are being forced to learn some geography! A positive impact of the lockout! (see sidebar tweet “Ryan McDonough has to look up Kazakhstan on a map before flying over there”) Alex Kovalev would have no problem with geography or most other subjects…but he is a throwback to the prior generation.

  29. yeah it’s all the same to them (ESPN)… hockey or badminton, Kazakhstan or Russia…bet they also think that Kazakhstan is full of white bears who roam the streets freely.

  30. I knew a kid when I was a boy, name was Lewinski..Steve I learned later, and he’d just arrived in this country and he was from Kazachstan, and we noticed that he never played ( as most of the kids
    our age did), and not him…he was always working ( out hustling doing anything to make a buck or so anywhere anything, running errands, washing windows, cleaning yards, anything to make a few bucks. In short order, he suddenly had bought himself a bike, and then he doubled his area of activity…lost track of him over the years, and many years later, and when my daughters began
    entering horse shows on week ends, I ran into him as a grown man and found him to be quite wealthy. He owned properties all over the place, had restaurants in various locations, employed quite a bit of people but he also entered the horse shows, with his giant stallion that he named … Kazak.

    I never let on that I knew of him from childhood, but I watched his behavior. Wild man. Would dare anything, and one fourth of July he drove around the area with a jeep that had a small cannon bolted to the rear, (old muzzle loader) and he would fire beer cans from the thing with black power and I swear, he’d try anything. We just called him a nut and kept our distance but he could care less.. He lived his life, his way, and he was a testimony as to what this country is all about. Anyone who wants to improve, can do it.

  31. ESPN also had a “Strawberry is dead at the age of …” headline 10 years ago. So when Strawberry actually dies, he’ll be dead for the 2nd time.

  32. White Bears in Kazakhstan do not roam the streets freely. They must be leashed. Brown bears in Kazakhstan do whatever the hell they want to do.

  33. Good evening all! WTB???? This place is harder to get today than in was to get Tanzania in today’s crossword puzzle…..feels like the same place.

    Today, as Sally told me earlier, we should be booing the Kings and cheering LGR….Hartnell CBA people!!

  34. No NHL hockey, but man was I at a fun AHL game last night. Went to Carp’s favorite part of hockey too :P 6-5 meant there wasn’t a whole lotta defense being played, but it was a win for the home team and everyone went home happy.

    FTR, it was 29 degrees here last night! BRRRRRRR!!

  35. Mickey, I’m going, for the first time, to see the Whale and THE KRIEDER in two weeks. No offense to AHL, but that’s how desperate I am for hockey….Actually looking forward to it..mostly cause I am going with BANJ!!!

  36. Hello heads,
    So Strawberry is like Michael Jackson he had bleach and hydrogen peroxide running thru his veins… But I don’t think Jackson died 2x, though I’m sure some creepy Carrillo went on behind those curtains.

    Got a picture today of Jules in her new penguins hat…priceless.
    Wish I could post a pic.
    Go Yankees!

  37. Olga Folkyerself on

    NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly estimates the NHL lost $100 million from the cancellation of the entire preseason and would be out another $140 million to $150 million with the regular-season losses.

    They’re billionaires. That’s like me losing $20 at the track.

  38. The only people on this $200 million Yankee team who know how to hit are (were) Jeter, the baldie ex-Phillie and the Japanese import.

  39. Good morning, boneheads!

    If my wife tells me about baseball news in am, it must be some really serious news. I hope Jeter is ok. And so is Tiki :-)

    On hockey front, apparently they’re meeting Tuesday. The location is undisclosed. Let’s hope it’s the middle of Sahara without water. We’d be watching hockey in 2 weeks

  40. Tuesday, eh? What happened to Monday? Sure…let the simple folk work 5-7 days a week…poor billionaires…they are working so hard that they need as many days off as possible! Oh and when you meet could you please start discussing important things ready? Thanks!

  41. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Brady Skjei scored his first NCAA goal; it was a bomb from the point, after the fact that he blew by a defender to enter the zone with Kreider like speed.

  42. Not to forget Ducks player Matt Beleskey who had a fight and an assist on the gwg for Coventry Blaze in the aforementioned game.

  43. Good morning, boneheads!

    Yeah, rub it in, Brits…:-)

    Looks like Carp may have more time to spend on the blog very soon….

  44. CCCP

    Now in line with that cogent statement, I cannot help recalling the immortal observation of
    ( I believe) by Rodney Dangerfield………..” Behind every successful man is a great woman…
    and behind every great woman is a great behind.”

  45. One thing for sure, no matter how desperate i get for hockey news – i would still never pay for an ESPN or Newsday subscription

  46. I don’t know if this will work but here’s Jules in her penguins hat…

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