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Last night’s went pretty well, and since the NHL isn’t interested in playing, it looks like I’ll be doing these Yankees chats for all postseason games.

Tonight’s will start at 8 p.m. for those who are interested (it also starts at 8 p.m. for those who aren’t interested). As Babu said, “Tell your friends.”

You can join the chat by clicking here.

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  1. Fat guy, that was hilarious! And then trish responded that she wasnt trying to be trisha and that trish is a common name.

  2. Giants’ Will (Thrill) Hill* suspended for PEDs. Shocker. and I just read in one of the NY papers this weekend how he turned into this good guy all of a sudden. Not.

  3. *Britopånsy League lockout signing update*

    My home town team apparently just signed…The Almighty Tostitos!

    Still a playing standard five or six echelons above his “talent”, I suspect.

  4. Carp,

    “I received a doctor’s prescription for *Adderall* prior to signing with the Giants,” Hill said in the statement. “Shortly after signing with the team, I was in a meeting with (Giants director of player development) Charles Way, who reviewed the list of the league’s banned substances. I knew at that point that this may be an issue. “I was tested and the results came back that Adderall was in my system. I appealed but lost the appeal. I accept full responsibility for this situation, and it won’t happen again.

    As for the Yankees, I dont think anybody wanted or wants Teixeira benched. I believe there is a “bench ARod” contingent. Obviously ARod cant be benched, because you risk losing him mentally (because of his historically fragile ego) if you do, and you cant lose him mentally with his huge contract.

    But Girardi and his stupid lefty/righty lineup needs to consider dropping Alex in the batting order. He cant hit a fastball, and he cant hit an offspeed pitch, as the entire team struggles to hit offspeed pitches.

  5. Adderall is a treatment for ADHD. And I felt the following needed to be reposted.

    Staal Wart October 8th, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I don’t know how many of youse are of the religious types, however, if you are…
    I’d covet your prayers…my precious little niece Juliet was diagnosed yesterday with ALL or Acute Leukocyte Leukemia. She is going in right now for a bone biopsy, and to put a stint in for chemotherapy.
    The more thoughts and prayers the better. She’s 4 and her dad love hockey.
    Thank you all…

  6. Another random tidbit:

    Just checked StubHub…

    You can watch Rex and the Super Bowl champs at -MetLife- PSL Stadium tonight, in person, for less than $60 bucks….in the endzone!

  7. Jets tickets shouldnt even be worth 60 cents. Theyre disgusting disgraces to humanity. Only player on that team deserving of any respect is Tebow.

  8. It’s not an excuse. It’s facts. Adderall is banned by the NFL. He tested positive for Adderall. Had a doctor’s prescription. Guilty of using Adderall for ADHD.

  9. Tiki, I do not know who you are talking about, but Adderall is an Amphetamine. It is used in ADHD, especially if person is having academic issues. But it is also a highly abused substance, and is extremely addictive. It is easily becoming the most common addictive drug on college campuses all over US. PED use of it is the least of a problem. I do not understand how anyone would not know he’ll be tested for it.

  10. Thanks for the repost Tiki,
    I’m trying to work and wait for news on her!
    You boneheads rock!

  11. Guilty nonetheless. Bad guy.

    Johnny, and he wasn’t really a sultan. Big Stein can’t be flopping and twitching.

  12. All athletes users and junkies in general are liars. Only the gullible fans will still believe in excuses the users make.

  13. Delay is about 10 minutes, CCCP.

    Im not gullible, CCCP. Im just not going to condemn and then brand a 22 year old kid a bad guy for the rest of his life for using Adderall with a doctor’s prescription. Or anyone for that matter, unless you’re a rapist, child molester or something of the like.

  14. HLundqvist30 Not much of a golfer but #LibertyNational might bring me back.. Amazing course with amazing views..

    LOL…at least Hank isn’t jetting to Sweden to play with his bro…you know he would love to do that…

    he wants to be in NYC…he wants to win the Stanley Cup…

  15. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yankees aren’t trying…

    Jets are very trying…

    NHL is dying.

    Adderall? He’s lying…

  16. You got me there CCCP. :)

    Pettitte being cheated by lucky hits.

    Rest of team is just throwing this game away. Mistake after mistake after mistake.

  17. Cccp, because he along w most of these guys dont bother to cut down on their swing with 2 strikes. It’s all or nothing for them. Swisher cant even luck his way into a hit.

  18. Teixeira not being able to run has cost us 3 times thus far this series. 100% shouldve been pinch run for in the 8th with Gardner. Girardi not bothering to make the proper decision. Jeter was awful tonight, not often thats said, but true tonight.

  19. ThisYearsModel on

    A Rod is the biggest choke artist in NY pro sports. He is closely followed by Nick Swisher. Swisher will be gone next season, but we are stuck with A Rod for 6 more years.

  20. Arod is not a choker. He simply lacks the bat speed and the skill. Swisher is the biggest loser, the guy is up there swinging for homers rather than just going with a ball to the opposite field. No desire to do things differently, no desire to shorten up on the bat with 2 strikes. Hes content to be an effing jerkoff. He put together a few good ABs yesterday and today he crapped the bed.

    Ive seen this script too many times, win the first game, dont win again. Game 3 becomes very important, almost a must win game, with Home Run Hughes pitching Gm 4 against a HR hitting team.

  21. Jerry Sandusky sure is guilty.

    Theres a story today, hes going to proclaim his innocence at sentencing. What a fool, in front of all the victims and families of the victims, hes gonna add insult to injury.

    I hope this guy isnt kept in solitary

  22. At least we got one win today, the Texans winning is important, it keeps them with a 2 game lead over the Patriots for best record, and with the Texans playing the Patriots later this year, even if the Texans lose, we’ll still have 1 game over them. If the Texans win, we’ll essentially have a 4 game lead with the tiebreaker. Maybe, just maybe, if the Ravens continue winning, we can keep the Patriots from having a bye week. I know byes arent that important anymore, but with one extra playoff game, the possibility for one key injury to Brady or Welker or one of their TEs increases.

  23. The thing with baseball is they play in pyjamas and half of the guys are fat and can barely run, bit like the NFL where they let fat guys play sumo with each other and call them “linemen”.

    …and in Hockey you have to be an athlete just to play, apart from one exception, Maarty!!

  24. Wasnt Tom Sestito the one who caught on camera yapping at the Rangers on 24/7 when Richards dropped the “one day in the NHL” line on him?

    Good to see the EIHL is cornering the market in employing borderline 4th liners during the lockout.

    He also has an older brother called Tim who is a Devil, but with only 3 points in the NHL i dont think we can include him in the “I’m an NHL 4th liner playing in the EIHL and my brother is a better hockey player than me” Club.

  25. Wow – they are pouring through the doors now!

    The EIHL Coventry Blaze have signed Matt Beleskey, probably the most productive (and brother-less) of the influx of locked out NHL 4th liners. His 17 points in 70 games for the Ducks last year surely mean he will put up approx 140 points in 42 games with the Blaze.

    Who needs the NHL now!!

  26. The sad thing about you both kidding around is that you’ve seen more NHLers play than we did this season. Even if calling them NHLers is a bit an overstatement.

    Good morning, boneheads!

    So, according to Daly, they will meet tomorrow and Thursday, bur there is no immediate plans to discuss any core issues. It’s too bad I can’t use the word I’d like to use to describe that situation…

  27. Ticki

    You’ve got my prayers, and my Rosary, ( and a little help perhaps from St Jude, the Saint who champions lost causes…..Danny Thomas relied on him most of his life.)

  28. ilb – i havent seen any of them yet, but will report back if i catch any in action. No doubt they will look like #99 and Mario compared to the usual standard we get over here.

    Maybe i should get a Rangers Richards jersey and go and give Tostitos some put-downs?

    On second thoughts, no that that would be undeserved HRR for the league and it would be easier to find and pound my face in a crowd of 2-3000 than at MSG.

  29. I’ll only get to see a game or two over here at Christmas. But if it means the chance if seeing Tostitos in the flesh, I can only hope the lockout lasts that long.

  30. Danny Thomas’ daughter Marlo married Phil Donahue, the main reason Thomas began praying to St. Jude.

  31. A-Fraud is signed by the Yankees for another 5 or six years at $27.5 mil per. Hank Steinbrenner must have figured a way to make it all up in one day when and if Rodriguez breaks the homer record because that’s all he’ll get out of this incredible deal. If he were still on the juice, he’d be closing in on it already. Pretty obvious how almost every un-juiced athlete seriously deteriorates in world-class competition after a certain age. Lyle Alzado, DE for the Browns and Raiders said he got off the juice for one year and his opponents threw him around like a rag doll. He got back on them and the next year won the Comeback Player of the Year award.

  32. I can’t STAND THIS. Another season without NHL hockey. The NHL is such a backward league. The NBA and NFL figured out a way to get through their differences. But the NHL and and its regressive owners will continue to bicker instead of sitting down and getting a few concessions and getting back to hockey. It’s almost bad as the DEMS and the REPUBS. Sit down and get it done for everyone’s sake!!!!

    If that season is sunk then all I can say is shame on the fans who purchase any tickets or merchandise next year. Fans should sit out for as long as the lockout is. I know this will never happen but if we don’t draw the line Bettman and his bosses will resort to this tactic again and again!!

  33. Please dont make jokes about that, cccp. That scum altered childrens lives like he was God, and he feels no remorse for what he did to the children or the countless others hes affected

  34. Jeffrey Dahmer asked his mom over for a dinner party, and she told him, ‘Jeffrey, you know I don’t like your friends.’ Dahmer said, “So, have salad.”

  35. Good evening all! Staal, belated, but here’s my prayers for your niece.

    Dear NHL,

    Is it just that you don’t like me? Or think I should be more productive? Or is it that you want baseball and football everywhere!!!! Come on!

    Thank you,

    A fed-up sad fan

  36. I don’t put this in to gross you all out, but this is an example of the insanity that people will go to ( some of them anyhow), to promote “having a good time”.

    But I saw a notice that a contest that had entered the giant Cockroach eating contest, and died shortly thereafter. I charge that promoters of that abomination should be arrested for taking advantage of the mental patients who joined that monstrous event. If you’ve never see those Roaches you are lucky, for they had even bigger ones in Panama, and we used to be driven nuts when they infiltrated out open air quarters ( no a/c down there back in the fifties).

    They are filthy creatures that carry numerous diseases, and one of the features about them is the speed and nimbleness that they move. ( Ugh, just recalling them makes me shiver.)

  37. Hey folks,
    Got an update…
    Juliet had surgery last night and everything went well. She had a port put in for chemo, bone biopsy and spinal tap, she’s doing really well so far. Praise God!
    She gets to come home Friday with a long treatment road ahead. Keep prayin’
    Thx Drew

  38. LOL! Fran, the most disturbing thing about it was that the winner of the contest was supposed to win a python (snake). They were in Florida….there are pythons all over the damned place…I’d try my luck catching a python in the wild before I decide to eat cockroaches and worms….ew….

    I’m not sure who’s worse….the people that decided to organize the contest…or the contestants…

  39. “Anybody else notice Prust’s growing a mullet?”

    Yup…a 4 year, $10 million dollar mullet…

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dead cockroach eater? It doesn’t bug me…

    1) Darwin Award Candidate for 2012
    2) Just one guy died? :(
    3) A little more air for us all!!
    4) So did he win?
    5) Did they take him off the welfare rolls yet?

  41. Catching up on the blog and just saw the news.. You and your family have my prayers, Staal! And glad to hear she is doing so welll after the surgery.

    Saw a Rob Simpson tweet…Hopefully it means something, but I am praying it is good news.

    Rob Simpson ?@simmerpuck

    According to source close to ownership, even with a little grandstanding for show, thrown in for another 2 weeks or so, Game On by mid-Nov

  42. Staal Wart – my prayers are with you. I had a little sister with leukemia. It is tough on the whole family. Stay strong.


    I hope this strike ends soon, but meanwhile it sure is cool having three NHLers on the local team.

    With everyone bailing, I doubt this labor issue is settled in the near future.

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