Some lockout odds


Courtesy of Bovada, (,  Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Will Replacement Players be used at any point in the 2012-2013 NHL Season?
Yes                  15/1

Will the NHL cancel the 2012-13 Winter Classic?
Yes                  1/1
No                    4/7

Will the NHL Cancel the 2012 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown on NBC?
Yes                  4/7
No                    1/1

Will Pat LaFontaine be part of a group that buys the New York Islanders before the 2013-2014 Season?
Yes                  3/1
No                    1/5

Will the Edmonton Oilers and the city of Edmonton come to an agreement for a new arena in 2012?
Yes                  3/2
No                    1/2

Will the Edmonton Oilers move to the city of Seattle before the 2013-2014 Season?
Yes                  10/1

Will a player who played in the NHL last Season lead the KHL in Scoring?
Yes                  3/2
No                    1/2

Will a player who played in the NHL last Season lead the AHL in Scoring?
Yes                  2/1
No                    1/3

Will NHL Players Play at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi Russia?
Yes                  1/3
No                    2/1

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  1. He should buy them and then move them to a town on the outskirts of Buffalo, so that they can be a thorn in the side of a different New York team!

  2. It’s 5 AM in the morning. Do you know where your children are?

    Hi. I have no life lol

    Off to a clinical shift!

  3. Will James Dolan pay off a traffic cop with his choice of 2 Ranger or Knick tickets between now and Winter Classic?

    Yes 1/2000

  4. Will 6’7 255 lb. Brian Boyle take advantage of the layoff by scheduling a few boxing lessons?


  5. Will MSG’s two rusting Zambonis be commandeered by Mayor Bloomberg for crowd control during 2013?

  6. Will Vladimir Putin Resign His Presidency and Assume Coach’s Role for Red Army Team, Stock it With Toothless Goons and Challenge Philadelphia to a Rematch of 1976 Debacle?

  7. His medical records were lost in transition from paper base to Electronic Health Records, LW…

    Good morning, boneheads!

  8. Instead of bitterly complaining about something we can’t control anyway, like this clash of quasi-Titans, mixed pseudo Davids/Goliaths teams, fighting each other with the gold-stuffed bags, why can’t we appreciate Rangers virtual advantage of not playing again 8 games on a road, finishing MSG and complete Gabby’s recovery? Seriously, IMO, no matter if even season starts, whoever will win the Cup (the Rangers included), never would be considered a REAL winner deep inside, because the formula – number of games, hence total scenario will be different, not to mention that beloved “fatigue” factor can’t be used for ultimate losers.

  9. What I *really* miss, is a massive and healthy hockey related discussion on RR, generated by ever changing hockey happenings and sharp Carp’s analyses.

  10. “Why isn’t Willie Mitchell a Ranger?”

    His medical papers are nowhere to be found….

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