Since there is no hockey … how about some Yankees?


I’m going on Yankees duty starting today. I know a lot of you guys are also baseball fans. So since there’s this lockout thing going on …

Why not join me for a live in-game Yankees chat by clicking here?

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  1. Sorry for being ignorant already, but why are they playing in Baltimore? Didn’t Yankees win the East?

  2. Carp,
    I’m down with the Yanks…
    Do you have a favorite baseball team, or are you also not a fan of any baseball team?
    BTW…I’d imagine the worst “duty” to get right now would be Jet duty, or doodie.

  3. ilb, this year they’re trying something different, thinking maybe it’s more of an advantage to have the last three games at home than the first two and then Game 5.

    Staal, I grew up a Yankees fan. … but lost that after several years of covering them.

    Worst coverage … anything that’s mediocre. I’ve always thought you want to cover a really good team, or a really bad one. Mediocre is awful.

  4. Because of MLB scheduling issues, MLB made it 2-3 with the 1st 2 games for the lower seed and the final 3 games for the higher seed.

    It will only be like this for this postseason, and go back to the normal 2-2-1 format in 2013.

    The 2-3 format is an inherent disadvantage for the higher seed. The higher seed can lose a series while only having 1 home game.

  5. Dear Lord,

    Please please please bring back the NHL. I am deluged by football and baseball and want to scream.

    Sure, let’s go Yankees, but I really want to LGR!!!

    Thank you.

    P.S. Now that JD has left St. Louis, can you return him to where he belongs?

  6. Bill Belichick is putting on a clinic in how to coach against John Fox and the Broncos.

    John Fox is a ball-less loser. Down 14-7 at the Patriots 39 yard line, 4th and 5, Peyton Manning as the QB, he punted it away like a sac-less loser. The ball was downed at the Patriots 1 yard line and the team celebrated on the sidelines, but as I knew, the Patriots were already past the original line of scrimmage, the 39 yard line, within 3 plays.

    They go to the no huddle offense, dont allow defensive substitutions, value first downs, and tire out the defense.

    More than likely, they get the ball 1st in the 2nd half, because they always defer when winning the coin toss, and other teams are too stupid to defer when winning the coin toss, they’d rather receive 1st.

  7. ….and like I said last week, that loser Michael Vick reverted back to the real Michael Vick again this week. Only against the Giants could that waste of humanity clean up his play, protect the ball, and make smart decisions. Back to turning the ball over this week like the loser he is.

  8. Mama – that was the first thought that went through my head when i saw that JD was leaving StL.

    Any rumblings on this weekends talks anyone?

  9. Michael Vick’s name should only be mentioned if it’s followed by the word “jail”….or snakebite.

  10. For the moment its Go Cards, Go Steelers in my house, but i really dont follow NFL and MLB with anything like the same passion i have for NHL hockey. Someone needs to break the Bettman dictatorship and lets here what some of the other woners have to say – p.s. did anyone see that the NHL only needs 8 committee votes to veto anything, doesnt matter that 22 is a much bigger number than 8?

  11. tiki, can you go and participate in live chat with Carp? I have no idea what they are talking about lol

  12. Sorry, Carp. It’s all GO CARDS for me. (yes, they infected me when I was in the Loo. I swear, it’s like a disease there!! But a GOOD one.)

  13. Theres a dirtbag guy on the Yankees chat insulting Carp and Carp just gave him the business, hahaha! He said Take a hike, junior!! LMAO!!

  14. Rain is starting to clear out. Each time rain is involved and impacts a Yankees playoff series, it screws the Yankees. It’s God’s way of punishing me (via the Yankees) for something Ive done. 2004 and 2011.

  15. Its the Land of Hopes and Dreams from the Bruce!!!!!!! Springsteeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. As Bruce says, get up on this train!!!!! The Yankees train!!!!!!!! This train!!!!!!!! This train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Ok, so Im already fatigued. Been preparing all day and psyching myself up for the game, and this rain delay has really worn me down. A quick nappy before first pitch at 8:40

  18. “If only God would give me some sign that he is real – like making large deposit in my name in a Swiss bank.” – Woody

  19. Mariel Hemingway, who starred beside him in “Manhattan” told the story that a few years after filming, she met him on the street in NY and he seemed nervous and didn’t know who she was. LOL

  20. There is a documentary called “Woody Allen: A Documentary” about Woody’s life we never get to see. I thought the documentary was excellent. Check it out

  21. “I heard (that the magazines) ‘Commentary’ and ‘Dissent’ had merged and created ‘Dysentery.'”

    Woody to girlfriend: “A relationship, I think is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies. I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.”

  22. Right now I am watching live Amur Khabarovsk vs Metallurg Magnitogorsk 15 hours ahead of ET Time :) Mats Zuccarello is playing with Jevgeny Malkin on the same line but there is not much happening out there, both playing very defensive style and there was only one scoring chance from Malkin in the first period….really a boring game….0-0 after first period

    please give us the NHL back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. with 1.55 left in the game, there was the only highlight of the game when Malkin scored one of his typically breakaway goals for a 3-0 final result in favour of Metallurg.
    oh man KHL what a terrible game, so boring, I would have really seen the stats shots on goal, play mostly in the neutral zone, they wrestled each other most of the time instead of really playing, the best were the cheerleaders and the usually beautiful russian woman at the arena..

    I dont understand what makes fun to play in this league with that grueling traveling( Moscow is seven hours away from Khabarovsk). Arena was so quite you didn´t hear anything as its seems to be a full house as it was dark in the background

    In the KHL they work hockey, in the NHL they play hockey, when they play;)

  24. No baseball, but 3 NHL’rs.

    That’s unusual, no Gomez. I suspect Dubi will bail for the regular season, but still will have two NHL guys on the team.

    Four current NHL guys from a small town in Alaska says something.

  25. Good morning all! And a tremendously tremendous happy 26th birthday to the hamboniest bonehead of them all! Happy Birthday, Sally! Lots of mama love….

  26. The Krieder got a hat trick for the whale that’s hockey news worthy and hopefully the sides are meeting wednesday

  27. With Drew Miller and Anthony Stewart, the Britopånsy League is cornering the market in fourth-line NHLers with a much better NHLer as a brother.

    Eat that, KHL.

  28. LW – LMAO!

    We did have Theo Fleury for a couple of seasons playing for Belfast and Wade Belak during the last lockout, playing for my local team Coventry Blaze – 24 points and 178PIM in 42 games

  29. Recall Woody describing an incident in his younger years….a “tough Irish kid” watched him going by with his violin case on way to lesson, and the kid yelled “Hey Red- “where ya goin with that violin?”

    woody says he walked right up to him and in his toughest voice said “My name ain’t Red!”

    He paused and then said, ” a team of doctors worked feverishly to remove the violin.”

  30. Here is the live chat in summation:

    Question: “Hey Carp. Do you think the Yankees will win tonight?”

    Carp: “50/50”

  31. Voracek injured in the KHL? Karma’s a bitch isn’t it Mr Snider?

    Will Malkin, Datsyuk and Ovy survive injury-free? What about if Tukka Rask gets run over by Ryan Hollweg Mr Jacobs? What if Zetterberg gets injured in Switz? Will Mike Illitch ask for Nazi Gold by way of compensation?

    Not sure if the Molson’s will be bothered if an eskimo takes out Blowmez as we all know, “No Gomez is better than a Gomez”.

  32. Manny is *working* these days….And he doesn’t want to get *fatigued* when the real season starts….And if it starts, dammit.

  33. I believe it will. Friday’s unexpected meeting may have been the best news we’ve had in awhile. There may be some internal pressure to get this deal done.

  34. Dolan needs to be stomping on Bettman’s head to get this done (and not to hamstring us with a ridiculously low salary cap), then we can start the season with a fit Gaby (and hopefully fit Nash), a resigned DelZ and go win (in the immortal words of Jake Taylor) “the whole f*&king thing”…

  35. To paraphrase George Carlin: In Hockey, they wear Helmets. In baseball, they wear caps. In Hockey, they have the Power Play; in baseball, they have the bunt. In Hockey, you Skate Furiously and Body Check your opponent into the Boards; in baseball, you can walk. In Hockey, You’re Allowed to Pummel Your Opponent to the Ice if He Offends You; in baseball, you just want to go home.

  36. Manny, you missed it when I totally went off on one of these “game over-series over” Yankees fans last night. Reminded me of a few people elsewhere … “if the Yankees lose this game, there’s no way they can come back and win three out of four.” and “CC will never be an ace again” after he gave up a couple of cheap hits … etc. … also, “Fire Girardi!” …

  37. In Hockey, the team is run by a Coach; in baseball, the team is run by a manager. In baseball, the manager and coaches wear the same uniform that the players wear. Baseball begins in the Spring, the season of new life. Hockey begins in the Fall, when everything’s dying. In Hockey, you Get Penalty; In baseball, you make an errror. In Hockey, the Specialist comes in on the Power Play; in baseball, the specialist comes in to Relieve somebody. Hockey has Spearing, High Sticking, and Slashing; baseball has the Sacrifice. Hockey has Sudden Death; baseball has the Seventh Inning Stretch. In Hockey you Swarm and Attack the Net; in baseball, you just want to be Safe.

  38. Girardi actually did a nice job last night. Disagreed with one thing, but it didnt hurt us. I liked Ichiro’s aggressiveness in the 1st inning trying to steal 3rd. Many people disagree with it because it was with nobody out, but the Yankees struggle greatly with RISP and situational hitting, he may as well have tried to put himself at 3rd with 0 out.

    Girardi’s still a putz, though.

    CC has been battling injury all year long, gave up loads of cheap hits last night, not his fault. Then, when Ichiro gets a cheap hit in the 9th inning, Ripken (surprise, surprise… no bias there ;) ) calls it a cheap hit after not mentioning any of the Orioles bloop hits, broken bat hits and seeing eye singles.

    Alex showed some nice patience last night and worked a nice walk, Swish put together good at bats, drew a couple walks, but Alex’s bat speed is gone. He needs to start his bat earlier to have any chance, like David Ortiz started doing when he was in the toilet a couple years ago and became revived.

  39. Carp, you gave it to one guy who before the game and called him “junior.” Im still laughing at that!

  40. And in his first few at bats, Cano looked like his usual postseason self, swinging at every pitch, and not zoning pitches. Then, in his final at bat, he showed patience and found a pitch to drive and went with the pitch the opposite way. Phenomenal hitting. All these players need to do is stay within themselves and not try to play hero ball.

    And Mussell Martin! Ive been his biggest fan all year. Come through in a few big spots, was still walking 10% of the time even when he batted less than .200. I can’t imagine it happening, but with Girardi, you just never know… if Stewart sees a start in the postseason without an injury having occurred to Martin, he’ll be an even bigger fool than usual.

  41. We should rumble with the Yankees posters for the way they treated Carp last night. Not that he couldn’t handle it, but I’d like the chance to go all King Kong Bundy on those Yankee fan dooshes

  42. Since only you guys will care, The “Puerto Rican Day Parade” Seinfeld is on TBS right now.

  43. Sorry for the absenteism, Carp. Thanks for summing it up there, ilb.

    Miss you guys/girls!

    Freak out on them, Carp. They make me as mad as the “Bench Texeira” clan.

  44. I don’t know how many of youse are of the religious types, however, if you are…
    I’d covet your prayers…my precious little niece Juliet was diagnosed yesterday with ALL or Acute Leukocyte Leukemia. She is going in right now for a bone biopsy, and to put a stint in for chemotherapy.
    The more thoughts and prayers the better. She’s 4 and her dad love hockey.
    Thank you all…

  45. Sorry to hear, Staal. You got it.

    Manny, I never have seen that episode on TV. Watched it online once.

    Thanks, Fat Guy. you were there last night. Was I right? But, no need to rumble. I actually enjoy trying to enlighten the chicken littles and the jackwagons alike. Might hand out a shinebox tonight.

  46. Thanks Carp and youse!
    BTW Carp the game chat was pretty cool last night…will you be doing them throughout?

  47. You did a great job, Carp. But why do u allow posts from idiots insulting you to get posted… you should have the ability to block those questions.

  48. 1) Happy Hambone Day!

    2) Manny?

    3) Gotta love Paul Maurice putting the Hobbit Wizard with the MalKING. Does it get any better than that?

  49. Yes, Staal. That’s the plan. Throughout, as long as the Yankees are controlling my life, er, I mean, as long as they are playing. :)

    Tiki, I let a few slide, but once it became apparent which were just rude or crude, they got the door.

  50. Then there was someone named Trisha actually accusing someone named Trish of impersonating her and planting chat posts…what world are we living in?

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