Statement from Bill Daly


from the NHL:


NEW YORK (October 4, 2012) —  National Hockey League Deputy

Commissioner Bill Daly today issued the following statement concerning the

cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through Oct. 24:

“We were extremely disappointed to have to make today’s announcement.

The game deserves better, the fans deserve better and the people who derive

income from their connection to the NHL deserve better.

“We remain committed to doing everything in our power to forge an

agreement that is fair to the players, fair to the teams and good for our


“This is not about “winning” or “losing” a negotiation. This is about

finding a solution that preserves the long-term health and stability of the

League and the game.

“We are committed to getting this done.”


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  1. Here is what else Bill Daly said -” Blah blah blah screw the fans. Blah blah blah we are greedy and dumb blah blah blah I heart Gary Bettman”

  2. Meant to tell u Carp…

    I was watching The Mob Doctor a few days ago, it’s a new tv show, and there was an actors name in the credits named James Carpinello. Different spelling than u, but kind of funny. So i look him up and hes married to one of my favorite actresses, Amy Acker.

  3. _the people who derive income from their connection to the NHL deserve better._

    And I thought the players derived income from their connection to the NHL…

  4. IF, and when, Fehr ultimately comes to a definitive opinion that the owners will not seriously negotiate, he should play his ace and declare that a players’ strike will take place at some soon date. IF, and only if, he becomes certain of this season- long lockout as a weighted probability, what’s the difference? Most all of the players won’t be paid one way or the other. It can only gut punch shaken owners to the table daily, round the clock.

  5. Bill Daly is a liar! They say every lockout is for the “long term stability”……..if it really was, then this wouldn’t happen every 7 years.

    (Of course, moving teams out of small markets would be better for the long term stability.)

  6. I dotn know if anyone’s heard of the Taken movie… I saw the 1st one long ago, and really liked it. Then, I found out that Liam Neeson was a Liverpool FC supporter, so I had a sour taste in my mouth that I liked the movie.

    The movie Taken 2 is coming out tonight at midnight, and Im delighted to say, Im free to enjoy the movie and enjoy Liam Neeson’s excellent acting. He was on ESPN Radio a couple days ago plugging Taken 2 and when asked about his fandom of Liverpool, he said he’s also a supporter of Manchester United because of family of his. So since he’s a “supporter” of both football clubs, I dont really consider him a true die-hard fan of either. Therefore, I can enjoy Liam in the future!

  7. All I hear from that is the sound that the teacher in the old Charlie Brown show sounded like…wha wha wha……

  8. Carp, it just occurred to me, does this all mean my chances at a 2012-23 calendar are gone??? Now I’m really angry.

  9. From Nicholas Cotsonika:

    “The NHL should be on the rise after seven years of record revenues and seven different Stanley Cup champions, a marketable product with exciting action and competitive balance. Instead, the league is taking a step backward, again. It’s a joke. It has lost 1,698 games to labor disruptions since 1992, more than the other three major sports leagues combined – if you still consider the NHL one of the major sports leagues. Major League Baseball has lost 938. The NBA has lost 504. The NFL has lost zero.”

  10. tiki, Liam Neeson is a big Rangers fan, probably at more Rangers games than any other celeb who doesn’t work for MSG … except DMC from Run DMC.

  11. Wow! Thanks Carp! Even more reason to like the guy. You are excellent at what ya do, Carp! Ill be seeing Taken 2 at midnight tomorrow.

  12. I don’t think this will end like any other lockout. It would take a miracle. Like Sidney the Kidney buying the Blue Jackets or something…

    I think a new league has to be formed and these dinosaurs like Daly and Bettman have to be out of the picture.

    The NHL is flunking. D minus. Failure is imminent.

    The product on the ice is far from perfect and it has become cheapened with the crap going on with headshots…

    Sometimes, it’s wiser to go out of business and start over from scratch…it’s not too late yet…

    This would also be a great opportunity to change the game for the better. Goalie pads, headshots, and wider ice surfaces come instantly to mind…

  13. Maybe Sid can just declare the lockout over, since Bettman and Co. would never disagree with him or prevent his happiness.

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    Daly said the league already had lost $100 million in revenues from canceled preseason games.

    Ahhh, that’s like music to my ears… :) Keep right on losing, A-holes….

  15. Yahooo!!!! The Mara family member I met at Bruce finally responded to my email!!! Its been like 2 weeks. I thought maybe he’d dissed me or wouldnt respond bc he thought I was crazy.

    He wasnt too happy with the play selection on the final drive against the Eagles. A shame that a relative nothing like me knows more about football play selection than a 2 time Super Bowl champion Kevin Gilbride. We had a chance to win a road game against a team that’s had our number in recent years, when our best QB in the league Eli wasnt at his best and most of our defense is injured. Still so frustrating, to give away games for no other reason than your offensive coordinator doesnt know what he’s doing.

  16. There was a time, boys and girls, before mandatory helmets, when high sticks and “head shots” were much more uncommon.

  17. “To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short.” – Confucius, 400 BC (that’s not Boston College) :-)

  18. Vincent van Gogh asked Gauguin, both of whom worked and lived together for a time in Arles, what he though of his paintings and why they didn’t sell. Gauguin replied: “You paint too fast.” van Gogh replied, “You look too slow!”

  19. Henry

    Do you have anything else to offer besides “boring” two nights in a row?

    Maybe you should go play with yourself… It’ll keep you from being bored.

  20. Henry is very rude. I give him my best Vincent van Gogh anecdote and I get a vituperative review. Guess he doesn’t like paint.

  21. Ev – good to read a non-lockout hockey article. Of course, all writers should be forced to add the line “If there is a 2012/13 hockey season” at the end of any non-lockout article.

  22. I hope the players hold out for ever, kill the NHL, go play in the KHL, screw Buttman and the owners who are crying there losing money, the same idiots who handed out stupid contracts.

  23. Tiki

    Walter is a great manipulator and will stop at nothing at this point to get advantage back on side. Walt is dark and becoming even darker. Jesse is pretty gullible and I sort of feel bad for him because most of his relationship with Walt is based on lies and manipulation by Mr. White. Again…it only gets better and darker ;)

    Enjoy the ride while it lasts…

  24. You know what? Fehr needs to shaddup about the players are willing to play hockey while negotiating and the owners aren’t and therefore, it’s the owners who are the guilty parties.

    We’re not stupid Fehr so stop treating us like we are.

    Of course the players are willing – they love the current system and would be happy to continue under it indefinitely.

    In other words, the NHLPA would have very little motivation to negotiate.

    The owners had no choice but to lock things down.

    And don’t get me wrong – I’m not siding with the owners; everyone’s to blame (owners, players, agents and GMs).

    But geesh, will you stop spouting crap please Fehr!!!

  25. BTW, Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t get the argument from the players that the NHL is healthy because revenues have increased over the past 7 years from something like $2,000,000,000 to $3,300,000,000.

    Revenues without expenses factored in (which obviously measures profits and losses) is misleading. The NHL cap in 05/06 was something like $4,000,000. Last year it was $65,000,000, an increase over that period of 60%.

    Guess what?

    That reflects the revenue increase.

    What a surprise.

    I don’t have the statistics, but I’ll bet in a lot of cities, the ticket price increases over that time isn’t far off.

    As we all know, unlike the other 3 big leagues (especially football), there’s no lucrative national US TV contract (much to Phuckman’s consternation, not to mention his stubborn belief that hockey will thrive in the US sunbelt), meaning ticket sales is the league’s primary revenue generator.

    So at what point will teams reach the the maximum in terms of what they charge? It cannot continue endlessly, especially in the less rich cities. Sooner or later (and probably sooner), in other words, the revenue increases will flatten out.

    No wonder the owners want a clawback of the 57% figure the players enjoyed in the last CBA…

  26. Carp,
    I’m not much of a business man, but at what point could, or would the league fail? Is it possible the league shuts down?

  27. Cccp, i really must thank u for turning me onto the show. I never thought for a second Walter was capable of poisoning a child. Great twist to end the 4th season.

  28. Staal Wart: Dunno if that can happen, but what could, I’m sure, is if the lockout went a few years, some teams would not return. How many is obviously anyone’s guess, but it sure is reasonable to figure those that struggle to turn a profit and those that never turn a profit would seriously consider closing up shop indefinitely.

    I suspect a rival league would spring up….

    All in all, however, it would be a complete fuster-cluck and look good not on the fans who love hockey but all the greedy billionaires and millionaires.

  29. Well, Staal, it depends on what you mean by FAIL….some would argue that it is already a failure…

    The world’s top professional hockey league shouldn’t have room for players like Micheal Haley and Trevor Gilles.

    The world’s top professional hockey league shouldn’t have to collectively own failed franchises in the desert and make other teams foot the bill.

    The world’s top professional hockey league shouldn’t have to have a disciplinarian who is a hypocritical clown.

    The world’s top professional hockey league shouldn’t have to be the red-headed step child of professional sports.

    The world’s top professional hockey league…not for long at this rate…

  30. If the NHL somehow managed to get ten trillion dollars from TV, all the greedy parties would divvy it up and ticket prices and cable too would rise exponentially in order to “reflect the popularity of the sport.” I have little sympathy for any of them. Remember when we spent billions in dollars and blood and liberated Kuwait from Saddam? They, and the rest of the Middle East oil producers thanked us by continually conspiring with OPEC to drive up the price of our oil.

  31. Jim and NYR_FAN,
    All good points…it could be argued then that “failure” could be beneficial for the league if as Jim said, smaller markets, ie; the florida teams, nashville, phoenix folded and didn’t come back.

    I wonder if it could also be argued then, that less teams could make the league more money since the league spends money to keep other teams afloat…

    I agree, there are a lot of things about the league that could be considered failures…However I think the foundations of league itself are strong…I’m not sure I’d want to see it fold…

    Wonder what trophy the a new league would play for? The Carcillo Cup?

  32. Would someone PLEASE get Sean Avery off the “Tweets from the Members of the Rangers?” He’s either begging for a free iPhone or promoting himself or some dumb product or another. May as well have Trojan on there selling rubbers.

  33. John Davidson agreed to have final 3 years of contract bought out by Blues – hope we bring him into NYR management

  34. Loving this comment from the tsn article posted by ilb


    “Remember people, the NHL went through a great depression, a great recession and two World Wars yet it took greedy owners and players to cancel an entire season”

    So true!

  35. iBillyBleedsBlue on

    Hiya boneheads! That’s all I got. Oh, and, please bring back hockey Carp, thank you.

  36. Good evening all! ilb posts elsewhere!? WTB?

    e3!!! Nasty!

    Huh, Gilroy was at the BRich event, and I didn’t even think anything of it. Oh well. Yay!

    Here’s what I would really more hartnelling debate on the CBA, a CBA, and a season…now. Byfuglien!

  37. The NHLPA have blocked me from going to their website the past couple of weeks at home and the office, does that mean we are no longer brothers? That’s okay I will see if I can join the brotherhood skull and bones, hope the NHLPA are not the same guys that screwed up my email at home and at my office. Thanks NHLPA, you let me back on your website last night from my home…
    October 4th 2012
    Time to get the job done Mr. Bettman and Mr. Fehr, I will give you till 11/11/12 enough is enough…..
    Sending this to the owners and the NHLPA again.
    I will start off by letting you both know I represent the 1000 workers that work game day at your arena and the 330,000 paying fans, I am using 11,000 as the average per arena per game. I know this can be done on or before November 11th 2012, Remembrance day in Canada, what a day that would be for hockey.
    I will start off with you Mr. Bettman. I want you to present your last offer to the NHLPA for a vote on or before the due date of 11/11/12. If you can’t come to an agreement than please bring up all farm teams to play in the big arenas. I bet you will get the best out of these players as they all want to make it to the big leagues. Reading the paper this morning and seeing a child holding up a sign at a game that states PARKING $25, TICKETS $500, Gary Bettman is USELESS. I’m standing up for this child as I know how he feels. I am a very fortunate guy in Calgary that has season tickets and my tickets are only about $30 a game. They are in the nose bleeds but are very good seats as I can see everything. The good thing I think on the owners side is that I am pretty sure that they read my stuff on this site.
    Now for you Mr. Fehr. I will say it again that you have a way with words (smart) at least it looks that way. I wish I could be like that but I am not and I am not a writer. I’m a good old Irish boy and you wouldn’t want to go face to face with me buddy because I like a good fight just like any good Irishman. I think you live in the old days with your union thoughts with a board that you take orders from and I am starting to wonder if it’s the same board from the past lockout?
    Let go of what happened in the last lockout, I mean really how can your members complain. The cap didn’t work the way the owners thought it would and the players also got extra pay from it, through revenue sharing over and above the contracts. Who cares about what the owners are making as the players are making more today than they ever had as a group. The everyday people (fans) are getting sick and tired of what is going on as for us the numbers being discussed are not realistic. Can’t you see that the players did win after the last lockout. Another thing that the media is talking about is that the owners pushed Goodenow out. That is bull the players got rid of him and if they have the same board as when Goodenow was in. I think they better start looking at replacing them as well. Maybe these players are the 5% that think the NHL still owes them something.
    Today’s unions don’t cater to the 5% anymore as they are the problem children in the unions, the ones that cause sh__ and are never happy with anything. I now work with the other 95% that deserve our attention and it’s time for you to get out of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I hear 10 teams are doing great 10 teams are doing okay and the other 10 teams are not doing so well so find the 51% of the owners that will make this work. DON’T go home or whining to your board just fix it Now! The best thing you can do is take this whole website to your members for the right answer and then I can take the blame. I am doing this for your membership so they can play the game they love and miss. This is something you are taking away from them because you think you are always right. You need to lose that attitude now, this is my tip to you. I don’t want to repeat this when (September ends) next year. This sounds like a song we all know. GET THE 95% to read this website because the other 5% you will never make happy. The sad thing is we only hear from the 5% though the media.
    My hope is that common sense prevails soon on both sides!!!!
    Maybe your next meeting should be in Calgary so we all can get together and roll up our sleeves and butt heads, till we get the job done.
    I’ve heard that Mr. Fehr was going to present the owners with a new proposal but the players are saying no way we’ve lost enough. This must be the same board as 2004. It looks like no hockey this season and if it’s the same board members they really must be part of the 5% ‘s. Again Donald Fehr I really think you should do what you think is best and hand over the new proposal to the owners and if they except it you will be a hero. I will back you up if they try and fire you because I am the
    This is my view not yours’ I’m Peter Montgomery from National Hockey League Players Association. com

  38. Maybe I missed something along the way here ( someone mention Skull & Bones?)

    Only one I’m familiar with is the secret society in Yale University Skull & Bones, and this is a blue blood group that hang together, have several Temples) and I mean real ones, George Bush the senior was a member as were other Bushes ( Kennedy…ah, I don’t know but probably not, but they’ve been here since who knows how long….their meeting sites are really remarkable, and they
    are just practically across the street from the Yale Hockey Rink..odd looking building often called
    “The Whale” due to it’s peculiar shape, but it is a beautiful arena. Yale doesn’t do things slip shod.

  39. Fran: Before moving to Cheshire, had a large house and lived for some time right across a small section of Long Island Sound from the old 1890’s Yale Sailing Team Boathouse at Short Beach in Branford. Surrounded by water on three sides and had my own dock and winch (and winches) in those salad days. Ah youth! Ah beauty! Ah, distant memories. I relate this because I know you are somewhat familiar with the area and your post started me reminiscing.

  40. Pete….great post! “My hope is that common sense prevails soon on both sides!!!!”

    This is so farging insane and ridiculous…..I would love to part of the “talks”….give them some mama love, and not….Yeesh

  41. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – ” I urge the 3 sides of this dispute to futile exasperation”

    My brutha from anutha…

    Ilb – Andersson’s opening

  42. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR ” the one good thing that can come from this is extension by unification, therefore”

  43. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR “the owners are the owners because they own their team,,,,as such, nevertheless the transparency is unequivocal”

  44. E3 pimp's angel on

    Ever since I updated my EA tiger woods 2012, I can’t crack 70 at St. Andrews. Damn near ready to break my virtual putter over my bended knee…. Bertha, don’t you come around here anymore

  45. No arrests the last 24 hours, but since the NHL strike, there’s a new sign just inside the Garden that says: CAUTION, Only Ebonics Spoken Here.

  46. CoosCoos

    Yeah I’m very familiar with the shoreline and towns. In fact the very first home that we bought after marriage, was in the town of Clinton …nice little town about half way between Branford and Old Saybrook. Just past Branford is Guilford, and then Madison. Madison is also the section known as
    big ..Money…also was a beach area and park called Hammonassett, nice boating and bathing there, and it was also the site of Griswold Airport, and old man Griswold had a small fbo ( Fixed Base Operator) where I took my first flying lesson, and where I often flew out of when just cruising around. This whole area was well kept for beach goers, and just past Hammonassett is the town of Clinton, and then Westbrook. Know who a familiar figure in Westbrook was? Ed Norton…er, I suppose I should say Art Carney. He was a nice guy, kept to himself, but I ran into him in the local convenience store one day, and we played musical doors, him coming out and me going in. No one bothered him and that’s how he liked it. treated him as just another towns person. And the actress
    Catherine Hepburn owned a home in Old Saybrook. She was in and out of there a lot and also was
    left alone. Everything past Saybrook was on the way to Old Lyme, and the far eastern corner of the
    State. (BTW)…do any of you folks ever get out to Mystic Seaport in CT?They’ve got a beautiful State park there with all manner of old historical sights and places.Home of the greatest Whaling ship of all time, the Charles W Morgan, and a complete reproduction of an 18 forties whaling town.

    And I don’t know how many of you ever saw the movie Amistad ..the slave ship that was taken over by slaves, and landed eventually on display at Mystic. It’s still there as an attraction.

  47. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    couscous – I had 4 years of Latin in HS and 12 years of serious Ebonics in college…know what I’m sayin? My Brutha

  48. A descriptive travelogue for the inner eye from fran! I’m Familiar, of course, with all those scenic Connecticut towns heading right up to Rhode Island. Before I moved to the house in Branford, spent summers up there, thoroughly enjoying the beaches and boating of Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, Mystic and Old Saybrook, where in the posh little waterfront section called Fenwick, Hepburn grew up and died. Convenient little golf course there, too. Huge old waterfront homes owned mainly back then by top insurance execs from Hartford. I believe her parents were medical doctors. Thanx for rekindling fond memories.

  49. E3 – Four years of Latin here, too. Translating Virgil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres. That still sticks in my head but little else.

  50. E3 pimp's angel on

    Kooz – we read a lot of mythology – Greek and Roman…nomen mini est Eddie Eddie Eddie, aka e3, is about 90% of what I remember …..

    Tis be done, will be done …

  51. We’re about even. Number of years ago, I was in a bar in NY with a buddy and there was a pretty girl there from France. Since he was single and he actually majored in French at a top college in Massachusetts, I told him to strike up a conversation with her. “Are you nuts?” he said. I can’t speak goddamned French.” Crazy world.

  52. Wish I were on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” I’d be up $250, and I’d take the money and run before the next Latin question.

  53. Hey, CCCP, just out of curiosity, do you have to have some familiarity with Latin to understand all those handwritten prescriptions, etc.? Or are they not even Latin any more?

  54. Coos- European medschools require 1.5-2 years of Latin language. Useless. US medschool curriculum doesn’t include Latin. Nor does the nursing school i believe. Modern scripts are written in English.

  55. “Jackson described Howard as a better all-around player and *complemented* him on the improvements he’s made to his offensive game in recent years…”

    I should be an editor for online websites. Im constantly finding mistakes. Dont these people have professional editors that are supposed to catch these things?!?!

  56. Smith is a dreamer. The reason the Rangers struggled was because of the lockout?? Yeah, right. And hockey was clawing its way at being No. 3??

    Why cant hockey and its supporters/fans be happy for hockey to be hockey? Why does it have to be more popular than sport X? Inferiority complex. Oh no, ESPN doesnt show hockey highlights. Boo hoo hoo.

  57. cooscoos

    what ilb said at 2:02 am.

    also, i do not deal with prescriptions. I am studying to be a RN not a doctor or a pharmacologist. Maybe one day down the road…

  58. Thanks to you and ilb for the clarifications. I guess many modern doctors’ handwriting only LOOKS like Latin. :-)

  59. What if fans were drafted to fill in for hockey players while the NHL was dealing with a lockout? Who would you want to play for?
    With more than 20 days of the NHL lockout in the books, has been helping give fans a voice.

    Until the game we love returns, we will continue to highlight one fan’s take on the lockout each day from the posts we’ve received on Facebook, Twitter and the comments sections on

    Here is Saturday’s Fan Comment of the Day from user tobenamedlater:

    “Forget the players and the owners. How about a fans only league. I was a decent goalie in my day and will work for beer money.”

    What do you guys think? Lets talk about it.

  60. I know a few prospective civilian “players” whom I would relish pounding into the boards at the expense of only a 2 minute penalty. Where else in life do you get that opportunity without being arrested?

  61. The Law of the Ice

    Ice Hockey-
    What do these two innocuous words mean? Do they mean a game played on ice skates, on a frozen pond, with sticks and a hard rubber disc ..a puck by name? Do they refer to the spectacle of two teams of toothless goons, thrashing about the surface of the ice, banging each other off the side boards, in pursuit of a small object that is barely visible to spectators? They mean all of the above, and then some. Hockey is really a simple game,especially compared to baseball with it’s thousands of rules. A team of six men on ice,a goaltender, ( goalkeeper in Canada)’ two defensemen and three forwards, Referee and two linesmen to control the game. 60 minutes of playing time split among three 20 minute periods. The most goals wins. It is a game of youth,skill,stamina, laced with ballet and ferocity.

    No quarter is asked and none given.There is but one single admonition given, and that is ” Keep Ya Head up!” to anyone stepping onto the ice to do battle – and Battle it is- Perhaps taking the reader on a journey out on to the ice and providing a close up and personal view of the sport is the best way to introduce people to the frozen world of Hockey, and ” The Law of the Ice.

    That first step onto the ice coming out of the dressing room – that first step onto the sheer white glare of hard fast ice, dispels all the pre game “Butterflies” that Always occur just before game time. In the very first glide as the skate blades bite into the hard ice/ the feel of coldness that rises clears the had of any misconceptions about where the skater is, and the reason for being there.That first stride allows the skater to move effortlessly across the ice, like a shark in the sea, is an unconscious and traditional move;casual but significant, an unplanned
    movement that signals “here is a player, here is where he, like you, belongs – prepare for him.”
    There is a casual confidence that comes from knowing that here is power and speed to be generated by those sharpened skate blades which has not yet been unleashed. Just a few of the intangibles, the intoxicants,that draw players to Hockey, game after game, year after year.
    There are sounds in hockey unlike other sports such as during the “warm up”, the boom of pucks against the backboards as the shooters put their goal tender through his personal warm up, can be startling to the newcomers viewing the sport. The clack of sticks on the ice as players signal to team mates that they are prepared to receive a pass, a sound oddly innocent compared to the thunder of pucks hitting the back boards. How does one explain the rush of adrenaline, the sheer excitement of finding oneself in the clear, after having broken between both Defensemen and seeing open ice ahead, all the way to the opponent’s goal – with none but the goal tender as an obstacle? This is the joy of the breakaway. …and breakaways do not occur that often. And scoring on one is not all that commonplace, for the goal tender is a formidable obstacle.Yet the breakaway is what the skater lives for. New viewers see the open ice “body checks” which are sometimes devastating, when one player steps into another and drops him violently to the ice, and checks happen regularly during a game. A fascinating and sometimes humorous sight is that of a player who has just had “his bell rung”, picks himself off the ice and skates slowly off the ice to his bench.
    It sometimes amazes to notice the deftness with which the players continue the game, and casually avoid contact with the departing skater. The most obvious question arises…”Why on earth would anyone become involved with such a violent game?” Often asked of myself , especially after a particularly rough (and losing) game.The answer comes just a few days before the next scheduled game. The early tingle of excitement comes while trudging into the locker room with sticks skates, and gear bag,/ The question is often answered while dressing, putting on the pads, taping up the sticks ( and sometimes bodies)-there is far more than the odor of linement,that establishes the true atmosphere of the game. There is camaraderie, the meeting of team mates whom one knows primarily from mutual participation in the game. The other people are probably those whom one has no association with in their “other” life.The feeling that one is part of a select few,is always there. The good natured joshing ,the chit chat ….all a part of the mystique,that draws folks from all walks of life, Doctors Lawyers, Professors, Cops, firemen, Construction workers, even school teachers. All set aside their “other life” as they conform to the law of the ice.Minor injuries oft forgotten, for THIS game, the “game tonight” is a new contest a new opponent, and new ice. It is always new…always been thus. almost as if there were no past. The pitting of ones self against the best that the other team can muster, and the better team shall win. It has always been thus.
    A wise man once describing a situation in terms that would seem to apply: “If you’ve been out there, no explanation is necessary – if you’ve never been there….no explanation is possible.”
    That – is the sum of “The Law of the Ice”


  62. Haven’t read any sports commentary quite that stirring since Updike’s “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu.”

  63. Bob Clarke bites Tiger Williams, Williams bites back. Medical staffs report no wounds, but terrible gumming bruises. Game held up while saliva is shoveled from ice.

  64. So frustrating for hockey fans everywhere to see the talents of Zac Rinaldo to have to wither away in the AHL at the moment.

  65. Olga, JD would be great for this organization. But he won’t accept anything less than GM. And he won’t be anyone’s puppet.

    Tiki, are you OK?

    I am very lucky to have a couple of more similar writings by Fran in my possession. I’ll be very happy to share it with the ‘heads if Fran is ok with that.

  66. LW3H “I thought that was how the Flyers found players for their fourth line.”

    Against the USSR (Army team?), that’s how all FOUR Philly lines played. I don’t think they were interested at all in scoring more than one.

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