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76 Guest blogger: Rob C

“Regular fans need not apply” By Rob Canone As I prepared to sit down and finally write my contribution to this blog, I stared at the screen for a long time.  Being a life-long Ranger fan whose life, at some point each day, touches this team and city it was…

73 Any more guest bloggers out there?

I’m going back on vacation Monday, and will be officially back right around the time the lockout starts. But I will be around the whole time, on here with youse on a daily basis. I still have a couple of guest blogs in the hopper, but if anybody out there…

85 Happy September … lockout in two weeks

Told ya, they won’t/can’t get anything done until the deadline passes, and probably not until the players start missing paychecks and the owners start missing home games. So, yeah, forget about training camps and preseasons starting on time. Ain’t happening. Here is TSN’s coverage. Here is USA Today’s coverage.