Catching up: Nash hurts his shoulder, not his melon


Because NHL players don’t have nearly enough money, they have to go to Europe to play during their work stoppage. And, hence, put at risk their health, forgetting — despite being locked out — that they are first and foremost responsible to their teams and the fans of said teams.

So Rick Nash hurt his shoulder yesterday (here’s Andrew Gross’s blog post on it). The internet, which never features bad info, had it as a concussion. Wrong. Apparently.

We don’t yet know the severity of Nash’s shoulder injury. IMO, though, a guy being paid $7.8M on his contract — even if he’s not being paid it currently — needs to be a little more indebted to the team to which he is signed. That, in this case, is the Rangers.

Maybe that’s twisted logic, and players will surely disagree with me. But Nash hasn’t yet lost a Rangers paycheck, and now the Rangers may have lost him. How’s that work?


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BUST UP PRUST !!"...says Greg L. on

    Carp , the reason players are going over to Europe to play isn’t for the money . Well mayyybe a little bit but really the players go there to keep in game shape so when the season does start …they will be ready.

  2. I think the NHLPA doesn’t mind all this defection to other leagues either, especially by the big names.

  3. agree with ZZZ…its unfortunate but I think many/most of the guys who go to Europe do so as to not get rusty.

    It’s rare that you see poorly paid NHL scrubs go over this early who probably “need” the money more. When you see the first guys heading over like Malkin, Ovi, Nash, I think it’s a safe assumption that its about the game and not about the money.

    WITH all that said, kind of embarrassing to get hurt in the “soft euro leagues”…Nash should not out there grinding, it should be more like Sunday morning pick up for the NHL stars that go out there, and they should be aware that they will likely be targeted by jealous guys who can’t get to the NHL.

  4. Injury???!

    This only happens to the Rangers’ ‘durable’ star….

    Now watch Dubinsky have a great comeback season, Anisimov a breakout season, and Erixon develop into one of the game’s top young two-way d-men… Of course, should the league decide to start the season.

  5. Christian Ehrhoff is playing for his home town Krefeld Penguins without any salary only the insurance was paid by the club and some sponsors.

    HC Davos the swiss team Nash is playing for has a home game today and I try to find out if he is in the line up as soon as it starts (1.45 pm )

  6. The problem is you can watch swiss soccer in the internet but there are no pictures from hockey..(:

    I have to try to make something positiv Carp to calm down a little after trying to make some jokes about that very important golf event of Ryders Cup :)

  7. I would find the best game I could be in and go play it.

    Guy’s a hockey player. It’s what he does. I’m actually glad he’s playing there. Shows his love for playing the game.

    And I’m glad he doesn’t worry about getting hurt. Only soft players would even thin that way.

    So for me it’s a ++

    And he has a responsibility to a rangers organization that probably has more pull and reason to get this season going and so far has done nothing visible? If anything, now fans can see him play!

  8. Can’t fault Nash for wanting to play. Actually, I always took issue with the NHLers who sat out the whole season during the last lockout and kind of thought it showed their true commitment lever level(or lack there of). And really, I think when you come down to it, these guys are making pennies on the dollar over there when it comes to what they’re risking. As Nash just showed, one wrong turn and it could be light out fora few weeks, a few months or even forever.

    All that said, I’m sort of surprised the number of players now fleeing to the KHL and Europe hasn’t spurred a degree of urgency among the owners. These are assets they’re losing that may not ever come back. Them playing over there is also a very good indication of where the players’ union stands regarding the lockout. I said it early on: Players wouldn’t be going over there for a week or two. They’re going over there for the rest of the year at least. Maybe the rest of the season.

  9. no one told nash he had to bolt to europe on day two of the lockout when about 13-15 ranger players were gathering on ice renting ice time to hang together. whats the rush going over there.

    if he is out for awhile and with gabby still on the mend i may just be ok if this season turns out to be lost. the last thing i need is a season in which there are 50 games and nash and gabby miss a majority of them

  10. I am convinced in a world of greedy arrogant mega owners the nHL owners are the dumbest. Mainly because many of them really cannot afford their toy but they insist on owning it.

    move; the panthers, devils, islanders, coyotes, and bluejackets to markets that want them and can support them….but what happens is the rich teams subsidize the poor and the poor/small sign free agents they really cannot afford so need do overs……………..

    buttman is also a jac–ss.

  11. players have a finite period to make money they need to play somewhere to make this $$$$$$$$$$$$$..

    a great player has a earning period of 8 years they need to maximize their income…..

  12. CCCP – Hank wasn’t even in the NHL during the last lockout. And this one is in it’s infancy. I think it’s premature to make that call right now.

  13. I thought about it for the last couple of days :

    Why dont they put the players of the Rangers, Flyers, Bruins and Devils and make a world tour with games whereever hockey is must not only in some places in Europe, why dont they go to Asia and I can remember they had once a preseason in the Carribean ?????

  14. MRI reportedly shows no serious injury to Nash. It’s a little easier for a player with no kids (in school) to decide to head east to play during the lockout. Nash, for instance, is single.

  15. Ricky will spend day shopping for Swiss Army Knife, Rolex Yacht Master, and chocolates for Jessica.

  16. How sweet would it be if a season of the “Olympic Teams” was organized in lieu of the NHL season…would be a giant middle finger to NHL and an awesome little season.

    Think how awesome last winter olympics was…imagine seeing that for a few months.

  17. identity hidden on

    Are you kidding me? Nash is foremost responsible to himself. He, and anyone else, can do whatever the hell they please especially when there is NO SEASON going on right now. So if he doesnt go play there and the season starts and he’s in game shape what’s the argument going to be then? Injuries happen, so what. Luckily we’re not starting play tomorrow so there’s plenty of time to recover. But to blame Nash or anyone else for that matter for going overseas WHERE THERE IS HOCKEY and play the game they love, not for the $$, but for the LOVE OF THE GAME, is ridiculous.

    “no one told nash he had to bolt to europe on day two of the lockout when about 13-15 ranger players were gathering on ice renting ice time to hang together. whats the rush going over there.”

    did you count them yourself? any problem with any other Ranger not “training” with the team? believe it or not playing a game is actually a bit more useful than going to a rented ice facility and pretending you are training for a real game. im assuming you have no problem with Hagelin going to Sweden to play? why? because it’s 1 week later?

  18. its wrong what I said earlier hockey swiss is on tv but you wont find it as single games on my favourite platforms. I just finished a soccer game and they joined it a game in progress SV Bern- Lugano. but I hate it players looking like advertising pilons and you dont see the real ice because ads are all over it….ridicioulous….you dont even see the puck….

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    He didn’t get hurt playing football, rugby or fighting MMA. He’s a hockey player for a living and hockey player’s get hurt. He’s not under contract with the NHL, so what should he do? Sit home and play with himself?

    The risk of him getting hurt playing for Davos is like him playing preseason NHL games or going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. It’s a necessary risk in order to be ready for the game.

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BUST UP PRUST !!"...says Greg L. on

    Actually going to a rented facility and training would be for a real game…when it starts up. The team practicing for a scheduled game wont happen but the team is together by contract, meaning the NHL will eventually have a schedule and the players will have spent time together preparing for the inevitable.

  21. Good afternoon all! This hartnelling bufuglien carcillo is really starting to get to me. Enough! (oh, I’m talking about the lockout, not you all…:) Plus, I’ve been sick for several day and am wearing socks indoors. I don’t wear socks when it snows out. HARTNELL!!!!

    So, how is everyone else?

  22. According to an interview with Hank, he and his family will be visiting Sweden for a couple of weeks, during which time he will consider playing there during the lockout.

  23. …about the same, Mama.
    *”Dum Spiro, Speros”* – While I breathe – I still hope. (or something like that). Applies to many things, from your personal health to lockbyfuglienout.

  24. willy – that would be cool if a whole team did that together. But the bottom line is that they’d have to do it on their own. And that would be a ridiculously complex undertaking. Not to mention, the competition they’d face would be akin to a NCAA Division I team playing a squirts team, and getting 12 people to travel together in tandem is tough as it is, much less when they have families and/or are primadona athletes, et cetera. I seem to remember a couple of guys during the last lockout found a team together. That was the rumor behind Nash and Thornton too. They joined Davos in 2004 because of their friendship from the world championship I believe. Come to think of it, them talking about it this year was probably why we started hearing rumors about Thornton coming here several months ago.

  25. so…who’s looking forward to Brooklyn Nets home opener against the rival Knicks on Nov. 1st? I think i am a little excited about a Brooklyn pro-team!

    While NHL and NHLPA are trying to figure out whose penis is bigger i might get into the NBA again…

  26. the owners locked them out. so they have to take their chances. I would say it is perfectl kosher for Nash to play when his employers refuse im employment.

  27. Playing hockey is this guy’s job and his passion. Of course, he’s going to go get paid to do it elsewhere if the NHL won’t create a situation for him to earn a living here. Glad he’s not injured, but don’t fault any of those guys for doing their jobs and, also, for reminding the NHL that the international leagues have lessened the NHL’s leverage.

  28. CCCP, cool story bro. Almost as cool as that coat checking story. Nets/Mets/Jets. What do they have in common? 2nd class NY residents.

  29. So it’s 1 in the morning and I’m at the beach and the Nash thing is the first thing I see, checking on the baseball scores. I don’t know if I should be angry or not but I’m definitely upset. I guess I’ll just wait for more information before I put my 2 cents into the discussion.
    Besides….. Nash is still healthy in NHL 13!

  30. Let’s repeat after me “cool story bro”, “cool story bro”, “stoy za derevom brat”. Kozhedub says “that’s enough and nighty night now”. Like they say – wisdom is when you shut up voluntarily….

  31. Ilb, its your last day of vacation, spend every moment today w the lovely ladies, do not be on here. Thats an order.:)

  32. Forget about Jimmy Hoffa and U.S. Grant; Is Vince Lombardi really buried at the Vince Lombardi Truck Stop at Exit 8?

  33. Shhhhh, Tiki….she is asleep. Her mom is in church….It hasn’t been that quiet for a couple of months. :-)

  34. CCCP,
    I suspect now, that newbear, “…kazachok to zaslanyj”, as for this new troll it is harmless – inarticulate low with no fawn.

  35. Lockout Departures to Europe
    Sergei Gonchar (OTT) & Evgeni Malkin (PIT) – Metallurg Magnitogorsk (KHL)
    Ruslan Fedotenko (PHI) & Alexei Ponikarovsky (WPG) – Donbass Donetsk (KHL)
    Jaromir Jagr (DAL) & Tomas Plekanec – HC Kladno (CZE)
    Ilya Kovalchuk (NJ) – SKA Saint Petersburg (KHL)
    Pavel Kubina (PHI) to HC Vitkovice (CZE)
    Andrei Loktionov (LA) to Atlant Mystichi (KHL)
    Nik Antropov (WPG) to Barys Astana (KHL)
    Nikolai Kulemin (TOR) to Metallurg Magnitogorsk (KHL)
    Anton Khudobin (BOS) to Atlant Mytischi (KHL)
    Nail Yakupov (EDM) to Neftekhimik (KHL)
    Kaspars Daugavins (OTT) to Dinamo Riga (KHL)
    Jason Demers (SJ) & Jussi Jokinen (CAR) to Karpat (Finland)
    Michal Handzus (SJ) to Banska Bystrica (Slovakia)
    Jiri Hudler (CGY) to Lev Praha (KHL)
    Vladimir Sobotka signed with Slavia Praha (Cze)
    Roman Cervenka signed with Slavia Praha (Cze)
    Jiri Tlusty signed with HC Kladno (Cze)
    Mark Streit (NY Islanders) to Bern (SUI)
    Lubomir Visnovsky (NY Islanders) to HC Slovan Brastislava (KHL)
    Ales Hemsky (Edmonton) to HC Pardubice (CZE)
    Logan Couture (SJ) to Geneve-Servette (SUI)
    Raphael Diaz (MTL) to Zug (SUI)
    Rick Nash (NYR) and Joe Thornton (SJ) to Davos (SUI)
    Christian Ehrhoff (BUF) to Krefeld Pinguine (Germany)
    Jakub Voracek to Lev Praha (KHL)
    Yannick Weber (MTL) to Genève-Servette (SUI)
    Patrik Berglund to Västerås (SWE-2)
    Niklas Backstrom (MIN) to Dinamo Minsk (KHL)
    Jesse Joensuu (NYI) to Assat (Finland)
    Anze Kopitar (LA) to Mora (SWE)
    Marek Zidlicky (NJ) to HC Kladno (KHL)
    Jason Spezza to Rapperswil Jona Lakers (Switzerland)
    Luca Sbisa (ANA) to Lugano (SUI)
    Alex Ovechkin joins Dynamo Moskow (KHL)
    Datsyuk and Bryzgalov to CSKA Moscow (KHL)
    Andrew Ference and Radek Martinek to HC Ceske Budejovice (CZE)
    Artem Anisimov (CMB) to Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (KHL)
    Michal Neuvirth (WSH) to HC Sparta Praha (CZE)
    Lennart Petrell (EDM) to HIFK (Finland)
    Roman Josi to SC Bern (Switzerland)
    Tyler Seguin to Biel (SUI)
    Anton Babchuk (CGY) to Donbass Donetsk (KHL)
    Valtteri Filpuula (DET) to Jokerit (FIN)
    Viktor Fasth (ANA) to Tingsryd (SWE)
    Ondrej Pavelec (WPG) and Ladislav Smid (EDM) to Bili Tygri Liberec (CZE)
    Rostislav Klesla (PHX) to HC Trinec (CZE)
    Tomas Kaberle (MTL) to HC Trinec (CZE)
    Jared Spurgeon (MIN) and Tyler Ennis (BUF) to Langnau (SUI)
    Tomas Tatar (DET) to SHK 37 Piestany (SVK)
    Michael Frolik (CHI) to KLM Chomutov (SVK)
    Last edited by chilly666; 09-22-2012 at 07:54 AM.

  36. Im so disgusted with the referees being back.

    The last time the replacement refs were in the NFL was back in 2001, only for the 1st game, and the Patriots lost that game, then went on to win the Super Bowl.

    I assume one of the agreements was that the refs were to do their best to make the Patriots win.

    This year, they were 1-2 with replacement refs. Immediately, a deal is struck.

    Anyone in need of money, I suggest you put all your money on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl this year.

  37. More Departures: Eugeni Nabokov to the Dead Sea Novelists
    Brendan Bell to the Reykhavic Ringers
    Michael Sauer to the Petrograd Pickles
    Jody Shelley to the Paris Poets
    Sidney Crosby to the Dublin Danny Boys
    Michael Caruso to the Turin Tenors
    Jay Beagle to the Tortorella Pound
    Joey Crabb to the Latvian Lice

  38. LOL…is there any good news???

    Don’t worry, boneheads. We can still come up with creative acronyms…it’s barely October.

    Not A Sure Healing.

  39. This Jets game is really funny. The 49ers are utilizing some QB named Crappernick, whereas the “genius” braintrust of the Jets cant utilize Tim Tebow.

  40. The Jets are so brainless, zombies would walk right by them.

    *zombies eat brains.

    ilb = Indeed loves breasts

  41. My goodness, Mork Sancheese is awful. Rex Ryan is awful. Why did Eva Longoria significantly downgrade from Tony Parker, a suave NBA champion, to Mork Sancheese?

    That’s like going from Brad Pitt to Matthew Lillard.

  42. I feel bad for Carp, that he got stuck at this game. Its the 49ers against a pee wee league team. I hope he doesnt get swallowed whole by Vince Lombardi following the game.

  43. BillyBleedsBlue on

    Whats up boneheads?! It just keeps getting better, huh? What is Nash thinking? Cant these guys stay in shape and healthy with no contact?

    Leave it to a newly signed big contract Ranger to get injured playing with the euro pansies. What a joke.


  44. BillyBleedsBlue on

    Tiki I’m watching the jets game with jets fans. This is really sad. No points on the board and 3 1/4s deep… I’d rather have 1 quarterback than 2 eighth backs. Pretty sad.

  45. Is there really such a thing as a Jets fan??? It’s near impossible to cheer an organization as badly managed as the Jets. Theyre a laughing stock. The only positive thing about the Jets having Tebow is that the Patriots dont have him…

  46. I feel terrible and ashamed for paying attention to the Jets game last Sunday while spending the weekend with my niece. I was really rude, looking at my phone the whole time. What a mistake.

  47. You mean he needs to be “indebted to the team” and league that has locked him out and refuses to pay him? Really? You cannot be serious.

  48. Giants are getting cheated in this game.. same as usual. You need CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE to overturn a challenge. Yet, they called it a completed pass.

    The real refs are back, sadly. Nearly as incompetent as the repl refs, a whole lot more biased, and arrogant.

  49. Regular refs back, the decision to call numerous holding penalties is back. Team isnt valuing 1st downs, product of Gilbride. Brown has a good game last Thursday, so hes relegated to the bench. Frustrating. Excluding injuries, this team is the most talented all-around in the nfl.

  50. No holding calls on this eagles drive. Couldnt continue putting the game in the hands of the defense. Eventually, the defense gets fatigued and fails.

  51. Webster is a good cb, asomugha is one of the best cb’s in the game. Giants secondary is depleted w injuries. Asomugha is out of game.

  52. Thems the breaks. We got 2 fair PI calls, and our play calling cost us the game. I guess Eli is human, he made too many poor decisions tonight, inc the final pass that we got a PI called against us.

    Only team in the league that gets 2 favorable PI calls and then gives a PI call right back. We wasted fair refereeing.

    Just stupidity, no reason to run to Ahmad there.

    And the Iggles played nearly perfect. They commit loads of turnovers and only cared enough to clean it up against us.

    Only way i can look at is, Eli and Tynes are entitled to have a bad game. Dump Gilbride in a ditch somewhere. And for Eric, i know youre happy now, but please remember the Iggles havent ever won anything and they never will with Vick and Andy Reid. Theyre losers, dont mistake them playing their best against the Giants and the Giants playing poorly for anything other than just that

  53. Carp, I obviously don’t know what goes through these players’ heads during a lockout, but I think playing in Europe is more for staying in game-shape than for money. I wouldn’t jump to concussions…er i mean, conclusions.

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