Rest of pre-season canceled due to lockout


No surprise here. Nothing will get done until the players start losing paychecks (Oct. 15) and owners start losing home games (Oct. 11).

From the NHL:


NEW YORK (September 27, 2012) — The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the remainder of the 2012 preseason schedule.

The cancellation of the preseason schedule was necessary because of the absence of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players’ Association and the NHL.


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  1. The Montreal Canadiens had an annual charity golf tournament on September 19th. Not a single member of the current roster attended. Maybe they’re holding out for more money for their charity.

  2. 4generations 4 cups on

    its funny that i used to be excited this time of year for hockey. the rangers’ first scheduled home game is 15 days away and I feel like we just got eliminated from the playoffs..and theres a looooooooong summer ahead..

  3. On- ice officials and Zamboni drivers should now go on strike simultaneously and get it all over with.

  4. Zotts tweets “Any ideas to kill spare time other than the gym and drink?” Or…did he say ‘rink?’

  5. Does anyone have any idea how expensive caviar is??? I tried some this past week, was mesmerized by the taste, so I wanted to go out and get some. Okay, so I knew it wasnt inexpensive, but sheeesh! :O

  6. I never thought I’d ever find myself defending Wade Redden but the first comment on the ESPN article about Redden’s situation was just too much too ignore. Apparently there are still moronic fans of other sports that still don’t view the NHL as a “legit” sport. I was going to call him a bonehead but quickly remembered that that’s actually a good thing. lol

  7. No hockey no ORR.

    No hockey no Manny.

    No hockey no Izzy.

    No hockey no Linda.

    No hockey no NYR_FAN.

    No hockey no Rod (unless he’s hiding under cooscoos :-D )

    No hockey no…

    Point: WE NEED HOCKEY!

  8. No, CCCP, say what you want, but *coosintuchas* is way too smart for Rod and much classier, if anything…

  9. Hey triple C how’s NHL13? I haven’t popped it in yet because I’m still deciding whether to trade in all my cards in HUT to get more in the new one and I finally just reached the NHL with my be a pro. lol

  10. Evro

    The game is pretty good…tho, my pucks from the previous version (almost 70 thousand!) didn’t transfer to the new version for some odd reason…I think I should call EA to figure out wtf

  11. What really PO’s me, is a cruel irony of this summer. I started working in a new place – on a top of MSG, so to speak, (Penn Plaza building) in a hope, that I will be “up closer and personate” to my Rangers in the coming, very promising season. And here we go…the very season is under question. I hate it more than comrade Lenin hated capitalism!
    (Can’t promise you The Great October, of 2012, Revolution, though…for whatever it would be worth).

  12. Which reminds me. I talked to Grabby yesterday. He is fine. Said hello to everyone. He’ll be back on the blog soon.

  13. It’s time to start talking about the Whale 29 Bissonnette, Matt LW 6-4 209 L 01/16/1992 Acadie-Bathurst (QMJHL)
    17 Bourque, Ryan LW 5-9 168 L 01/03/1991 Whale (AHL)
    4 Collins, Sean D 6-1 205 R 10/30/1983 Washington (NHL)/Hershey (AHL)
    28 Courtney, Andrew C 6-3 209 R 06/06/1985 Missouri (CHL)
    27 Delisle, Steven D 6-6 234 R 07/30/1990 Springfield (AHL)/Chicago (ECHL)
    14 Flanigan, Ryan RW 6-1 180 R 06/12/1988 Hamilton (AHL)/Merrimack College (H.E.)
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    24 Haines, Kyle D 6-0 192 L 09/26/1987 Lake Erie (AHL)/Lake Superior State (CCHA)
    18 Haley, Micheal LW 5-10 204 L 03/30/1986 NY Islanders (NHL)/Bridgeport (AHL)
    47 Hayes, Colten D 6-3 210 R 01/31/1990 Stockton, Reading (ECHL)
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    9 Jean, Kyle C 6-4 203 L 03/01/1990 Lake Superior State U. (CCHA)
    25 Johnston, Jordie C 6-0 180 L 08/18/1987 Bridgeport (AHL)/Ferris St. University (CCHA)
    3 Klassen, Sam D 6-2 199 L 01/01/1989 Whale (AHL)/Greenville (ECHL)
    42 Kolarik, Chad RW 5-11 185 R 01/26/1986 Did not Play – Injured
    19 Kreider, Chris LW 6-3 230 L 04/30/1991 NY Rangers (NHL)/Boston College (H.E.)
    2 McIlrath, Dylan D 6-5 215 R 04/20/1992 Moose Jaw (WHL)
    20 Miller, J.T. C 6-2 195 L 03/14/1993 Whale (AHL)/Plymouth (OHL)
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    5 Parlett, Blake D 6-1 205 R 05/13/1989 Whale (AHL)/Greenville (ECHL)
    7 Piche, Sebastien D 6-0 194 L 02/04/1988 Grand Rapids (AHL)/Florida (ECHL)
    44 Pitt, Scott LW 6-0 190 L 01/25/1988 Charlotte (AHL)/Florida (ECHL)
    10 Pyett, Logan D 5-10 199 R 03/26/1988 Grand Rapids (AHL)
    46 Segal, Brandon RW 6-2 215 L 07/12/1983 Tampa Bay (NHL)/Rockford, Norfolk (AHL)
    30 Stajcer, Scott G 6-3 196 L 06/14/1991 Owen Sound (OHL)
    33 Talbot, Cameron G 6-3 185 L 07/05/1987 Whale (AHL)
    39 Tessier, Kelsey C 5-9 177 R 01/16/1990 Whale (AHL)
    23 Thomas, Christian RW 5-9 170 R 05/26/1992 Whale (AHL)/Oshawa (OHL)
    43 Tremblay, Nicolas RW 6-0 189 L 04/05/1988 Providence (AHL)/Clarkson Univ. (ECAC)
    48 Vernace, Mike D 6-0 215 L 05/26/1986 Norfolk, San Antonio, Whale (AHL)
    22 Verreault-Paul, Francis RW 5-10 188 R 05/07/1987 Hershey (AHL)/McGill University (OUAA)
    45 Wiebe, Shayne LW 6-0 190 L 01/23/1990 St. John’s (AHL)/Univ. of New Brunswick (AUS)
    26 Wilson, Jason LW 6-2 205 L 04/15/1990 Greenville (ECHL)
    21 Yogan, Andrew LW 6-3 203 L 12/04/1991 Whale (AHL)/Peterborough (OHL)

  14. The only thing saving me from morbid outlook on life without hockey and gloomy thoughts about NHL future, is that I’m crazy busy working, trying to recuperate money I spent traveling this summer all around Europe.

  15. BillyBleedsBlue on

    Ugh. This is the pits. Carp, please make it stop, I mean start. You know what I mean. Hockey, please.

    I hope our guys are stayin sharp and ready to make another run for the cup…in 2014. :(

  16. Had to look up Pedialyte. Hate when that happens. Knowing that ‘ped’ in Latin has to do with the feet, and in Greek, children, and ‘lytos’ has something to do with being untied, I decided that either DelZotto was removing his wing-tips or that his children had been released (didn’t even know they were kidnapped,) and that he was celebrating with a quart of Stoli after his workout. But…quick research tells me it has to do with a medicine to alleviate childhood diarrhea and vomiting. Live and learn. Love it.

  17. Lol, sorry Coos. It’s a very well designed oral hydrating solution. Absorbs and rehydrates much better than Gatorade and other drinks. Doesn’t have to be used in children only either.

  18. 3 days of meeting where no core economic issues will be discussed (according to some writers). And apparently NHLPA “wasn’t planning to head back to the bargaining table with a proposal in hand.” Awesome… so now its the players who hold up everything.

  19. What’s the news on Grabby???? Good evening and good night all. Been sick all week and have to suck it up for work tomorrow. Wish I were an NHL player and could get paid for not working.

  20. All I can say aboot it(as ORR would type) together with Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    …”And enterprises of great pitch and moment
    With this regard their currents turn awry
    And lose the name of action.

  21. “Present mirth has present laughter; What’s to come is still unsure: In delay, there lies no plenty…Youth’s a stuff will not endure.”

  22. In other words, to Bettman et al, as you might say to a guy lining up his putt for ten minutes: While we’re still young, huh?

  23. Given the lack of action for the Rangers i through i would provide you with an EIHL update:

    Apparently the Coventry Blaze’s pursuit of former New Jersey Devil (and convicted criminal) Mike Danton (
    seems doomed to end in failure as the UK Border Authority have denied him a Visa for the 2nd time.

    BTW – we now have 2 conferences: Erhardt (British Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medal winning captain from 1936) and Gardiner (1934 Blackhawks Goalie/Captain born in edinburgh) – cool, huh?

  24. i think i am gonna start posting under seasonal beer names. Maybe post road pumpkin ale and then sierra nevada celebration ale, maybe great lakes christmas ale. Uggh i am bored.

  25. At least if they get some of the minor issues out of the way both sides might start to concede the odd point in the major issue of % Revenue split – if they get their own ways with the RFA/UFA statuses, discipline procedures etc..

  26. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Long time no see everyone. Is anyone as pissed off as me that I am excited about the Whale’s training camp…

  27. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Watching a show on NHL Network right now about Lindros and I learned for the first time that Lindros was on the Rangers! I don’t like him. Guy was a peice of carcillo. He should have played with Quebec.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" BUST UP PRUST !!"...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is healing.

    Nash is talking with the teammates.

    Kreider is getting more comfy with our system.

    Hank is resting.

    Torts is cooling down.

    Biron is practicing.

    Callahan is weightlifting.

    Sather is smoking.

    Boyle is shooting.

    ORR is dating.

    Dubinsky is crying.

    Richards is workin a powerplay plan.

    Hagelin is watching.

    Asham…who cares.

    Prust is petting a cat. Building bird houses.

    Olga is drinking.

    Girardi is ready!!

    Staal is sleeping ( resting his head)

    Delzotto slapping pucks at his washing machine.

    Good post CCCP it inspired me.

  29. Hash nurt?? :)

    Adam Rotter@AdamRotter 25 Sep 12
    @Andy86CH would you have interest in writing about Nash playing for Davos for

    Andrea Branca@Andy86CH
    @AdamRotter Looks like Nash got injured against HC Lugano (upper body) More details later…

  30. 3:42PM: Ville Lampinen tweets that Nash injured his shoulder in the first period and left the game.

    4:35PM: According to, Nash was injured and fell after a “duel” with former member of the Rangers organization Ilkka Heikkinen in the ninth minute of the game.

    During the 2009 season, John Tortorella said that he liked Heikkinen’s “jam.”

    amazing! Nash went overseas so he can get injured by an ex-ranger! i wish there was some sort of a legal thing that prohibits players under NHL contract to outside of the NHL during a lockout! I’m pissed!

  31. 4:46PM: Website, suedostschweiz, says that Nash left the ice after a collision with Heikkinen pretty “groggy.”

    4:55PM: via at tweet from Matias Strozyk, he says that there are rumors that Nash has suffered a *concussion* after a hard collision with Heikkinen, but adds that it is too soon to tell.

    it gets better and better!!

  32. On the other hand, I bet none of you knew that ilb was an avid fan of reality tv, most notably the Bill and Guliana Rancic show.

  33. If Nash (or any other player) is still injured when the NHL begins playing, the Rangers have no responsibility to pay him unless and until he proves himself healthy. At least, this is my understanding. We’ve seen first-hand what can happen with lingering concussions.

  34. ALERT

    Dog rejects Tortorella’s order to sit. Sather suspends player before he realizes it was a cocker spaniel.

  35. i freaking knew nash would get hurt. i have said at least one or two nhl stars will get hurt and my money was on nash.

    just cancel the season please. watch it be a 6-8 week injury.

    i also blame nash for going there on the first freakin day. im so pisseddddddddd

  36. It doesn’t really matter that Nash is hurt; one calendar year is more than enough time to heal all wounds and even concussion. So, don’t be upset folks and don’t let this to ruin all your season’s holidays. It is just nothing, like a hole in a Swiss cheese, or what were Seinfeld shows all about.

  37. If our freakin’ owners (Dolan and Co.) would be really concern about their team’s fans, as a little token of consolation, they could negotiate some TV deals and show at least few games with HC Davos to entertain us with our new acquisition and other NHL participants in Swiss League. How about it? Is it too much to ask or would be too considerate on their part? Owner’s creativity to satisfy fans stops with a last ticket sold. Morons.

  38. Don’t know about the Rangers, but I already have a *fatigue* out of this carsillo. Shell I give up on NHL and start watching AHL and college hockey, or should I ask Russian government permission to become a fan of some KHL team, let’s say Ak Bars or else? Please advice. Disgusted as hell.

  39. Oh, and I saw somewhere in today’s posts…
    btw, it is a _Yiddisher Kopf_.
    Sorry, for experienced, but uneducated correction and for disturbing you intellectual, unperturbed harbor.

  40. Solder is drunk and tired. Good night good people. …and bad – go to hell (if it exists). Assuming, all who read it are good ppl.

  41. CCCP,
    I consider it a treason, my friend. For an hour you left me bleeding on a minefield.
    OK, now I think, I’m not making a mistake to keep my proverbial mouth shut? Because I guess, in my case, wisdom not necessarily comes with an age, sometimes age comes alone…

  42. 4everanger

    Sorry, comrade! Didn’t mean to leave you behind! I was studying…that’s all I do all day everyday lately! Acquiring knowledge ain’t easy, yo! :-D

  43. Oh, I know, trust me. Just remember, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.
    Knowledge is to know a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

  44. coo-coo suspiciously interrupts forever angry’s litany of posts to publish some quasi-vitriolic lines of jibberish. So I’m not Jewish. I do the best I can under the circumstances.

  45. “What are this circumstances?” One who is obviously skipping his ESL night courses should be more polite in his linguistic criticism.

  46. Wow! OK, it is “those”, right, professor? Thank you for this lesson, chiseled with the most steady and unforgiving hand and admirable austerity. Forgive me lack of formal, academic education. I’m just a freakin’, drunk immigrant, who never skipped his ESL, because never enrolled in any courses, for a lack of time, working 2 jobs for long time, when I came in this country, knowing just 2 words in English (guess) in tender age of 43. Besides, I never criticized you, not your English (God forbid), not even your Yiddish – just corrected *politely*, without any arrogance,( so distinguish in your regular stances), justly considering that if by whatever reason you decided to show off your “knowledge” of use, it should be done right, isn’t it? If, by any strange reason, you would like to know my method of learning languages (and I know another 4 as bad as I know English and 2 a little better), I’d like to share.

  47. The stress is getting to everybody, I likes it very much, even more for the grammar critiques, immigrant tales, ego waving, jist good ole’ clean fun. May I remind you of the Pokhryshkin axioma: ” The amount of intelligence in the Universe is fixed while population is growing.”
    Good Grief…..

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