Need Rangers hockey? MSG Network’s got some starting tonight


From MSG Network:

MSG NETWORKS to debut new hockey series this fall

 “The Essential Games” to Feature Rangers and Devils Season Retrospectives

on MSG and MSG+ 

New Episodes Twice Each Week Starting Monday, September 24

New York, NY (September 21, 2012) – MSG Networks will launch a new hockey series this fall titled “The Essential Games” that will look back at the Rangers and Devils 2011-12 seasons. “The Essential Games” will premiere on MSG on Monday, September 24 at 8:00 p.m. with the first Rangers episode.

A 12-part retrospective on both the Rangers and Devils’ 2011-12 seasons, “The Essential Games” will be hosted by MSG Networks’ Rangers and Devils on-air talent as they break down each game in the series and discuss the importance of each win. The Rangers’ series will feature Joe Micheletti and John Giannone and the Devils’ lineup will feature Steve Cangialosi and Glenn “Chico” Resch. The series will include both teams’ first round games from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which led to the teams clashing in the Eastern Conference Finals and the Devils moving on to Stanley Cup Finals.

The series will run twice-a-week starting with the Rangers’ premiere episode on MSG on Monday. The Devils’ “The Essential Games” episodes will debut on MSG+ in October.

“The Essential Games” Rangers series starts off with an early season match-up with the Washington Capitals, a team that knocked the Rangers out of the playoffs the previous season. The game also marked the debut of rookie Carl Hagelin, who ended up having a tremendous impact on the Rangers’ season.

“We had heard John Tortorella talk so often about the importance of team speed and there was a kid we had heard some whispers about, Carl Hagelin,” says Micheletti. “So there was some anticipation about him making his debut and it was not only quite the debut, but it turned this Rangers team into a team that discovered more team speed, and he was certainly the catalyst for that.”

Below is a list of the games that will be featured “The Essential Games.” Days and times of the remaining episodes will be announced at a later date.

“The Essential Games” – Rangers (MSG)

Monday, September 24 – 8:00 p.m.

Rangers at Capitals (11/25/2011): Ruslan Fedotenko scored twice, Ryan Callahan had three assists and rookie Carl Hagelin made his Rangers debut as New York broke a two-game losing streak with a 6-3 win over Washington.

Wednesday, September 26 – 8:00 p.m.

Rangers at Sabres (12/10/2011): In Carl Hagelin’s breakout game, the rookie put two into the net, both assisted by Michael Del Zotto, to lead the Rangers to a 4-1 win in Buffalo – the 2,500th regular season win in Rangers franchise history.

Rangers at Coyotes (12/17/2011)

Rangers at Bruins (1/21/2012)

Rangers at Flyers (2/11/2012)

Rangers at Bruins (2/14/2012)

Rangers vs. Blue Jackets (2/19/2012)

Rangers at Jets (3/28/2012)

Rangers vs. Senators: Game 1, Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (4/12/2012)

Rangers at Senators: Game 3, Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (4/16/2012)

Rangers at Senators: Game 6, Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (4/23/2012)

Senators at Rangers: Game 7, Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (4/26/2012)


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  1. Damn I miss the MSG Network. It’s already like hockey never even existed down here. At least in the circles that I run in. Unfortunately it’s not a very hockey-oriented bunch of circles. lmao

  2. Ilb – Dolan should be looking at that and saying its chump change and speaking his mind, i cant imagine he likes being dictated to by the little Hitler Buttboy.

    Would be interesting if this Alberta Labour Board rules in favour of the players, cant imagine those teams will be happy paying out millions in salaries with no gate receipts coming in to cover it(especially given the contracts handed out in Edmonton this summer).

  3. Everyone should boycott these broadcasts. That would be a way to get Cablevision’s attention, to see some horrible ratings. Maybe the “haves” of the league should grow some and put the pressure on bettman to get the deal done, despite bettman’s love and protection for the billionaire owners of the crap teams. I don’t believe Devallano’s claim that the owners vote to back the lockout was 30-0.

  4. Fran, i loved reading the wonderful story you sent ilb.. and i also enjoyed the pictures. Youre a very handsome man, and it is no wonder that people mistake your wife for your daughter. She looks so young, u must have robbed the cradle ;)

  5. Congratulations to Puck on his newborn. I have a feeling hes gonna have a lot less time for RR and might be welcoming a longer NHL lockout with his new addition. Cant wait to meet you Puck, mrs Puck and miniature puck in the future.

  6. I watched the last 10 minutes of the game, Carp on Ilbs ipad and slingplayer. This entire weekend was filled with good luck and favorable referee calls for my teams, and bad luck and bad referee calls for the teams i dont like. The only way to explain it is that i was in the presence of godliness, ilb, mrs ilb and baby ilb. I told them this and that if theres a game of life and death importance to me, i shall fly up to Staten Island to watch it in their presence.

    And i hate Ray Lewis with the best of em, but i think he just obstucted the investigation of a murder case, and didnt actually murder anyone. And i used to post on message boards in the early 2000s saying “Ray Lewis is a MURDERER” lol bc of SB XXXV

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Alright Tiki saying hes a handsome man wasn’t really called for…haha perty funny though . Your vanity is ovious.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Maybe its time for the Rangers to create a new 4th jersey? Is it under laws that we can’t do that? Speaking of law breaking , talk about Jordan Staal shipping out of Pittsburgh to join his older brother. How did that kid become so good so fast? Marc took years to develop ( being a dman didn’t help speed his development) I see Something fishy in the trade winds and im thinking Marc could be going to Carolina too. Marc has and always will have high salary , Rangers could be unloading him if the price is right. We have alot of expensive forwards and if something has to give it could be one of our big assets on defense.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    This Prust thing really gets to me.

    We Must Bust Prust!! Bust him up !! Hes gonna clobber someone on our team. You know that. I know that. Prust need to get taugh a lesson before he starts something. I’m not gonna watch him pound someone on our team and enjoy it. We need to send Prust a message. Don’t Firetruck with the Rangers. First game against us Prust is gonna wanna beat up someone on our team and I say we kick his azz before he even blinks at us. We were #1 in fighting last years and it ALL wasn’t Prust. Most of it was but hey hes not our only source of Chippy ,scrappy , in your face and can score the odd goal guy? Boy i’m gona miss him.

  10. Tiki

    I must thank you for the kind compliments you’ve bestowed, and the word “handsome” leaped out at me…ahhh ….would that it were so..( I’ll have you fitted for glasses in the AM…just kidding.)

    But you must know that tbw is only 4 years younger than me, and we’ve been through many adventures together. Tell you a quick item for during my flying years ( yes I’m a Private Pilot, and still have my license…but they are forever, but the annual medicals determine whether you fly or not. Haven’t flow for 30 plus years
    And I find it unusual that there aren’t any Private Pilots among the Boneheads. I had a short cross
    country trip to cover for my Instructor to pick up film for them in Worcester Mass, and it was a fairly short hop from our FBO ( Fixed Base Operator ( Owner of the airport in Chester CT) I offered to take her for the trip and it was a beautiful early morning, but with many soft puff clouds, ( designated broken cloud formation…and you know what that means, a bit of turbulence. Well
    we made it to Worcester, and she admitted that she’d been air sick, but didn’t want to let on for fear that it would make me do something wrong…so she suffered in silence. I got the film, didn’t dawdle, and we hopped back into the Cessna 172 ( high wing four seater ), and started back and then she told me, so all I did was put the nose up and climbed out above the turbulence, and she was fine. 58th wed aniversery, coming up nest Feb. Oh we;ve been on many adventures together, from Cape Cod to Panama Canal Zone, to the frigid north land of Duluth, and half of our kids were born in different States. and already related how after her first hockey game, she said that she saw no point in it til she found out that there was a puck on the ice. She didn’t want to admit that she needed glasses. I haven’t flown for the past 30 plus years, because both hearing diminished and so did the eyesight to a degree. Could not read the flight charts, and it was not chic to ask controllers to “please repeat that last direction” etc…………just isn’t done.

  11. I read that every million dollars in insurance cost each player, personally 30 grand. That’s a big number even for role players like Prust, and a million won’t do it compared to their expected life time earnings projections, never mind the superstars. Maybe their lockout clubs help?

  12. From all reports, Polish people are among the most industrious. Why are they the butt of so many jokes? Polish pilot approaching JFK: Tower to LOT Polish Airlines flight 1437 – “What is your height and position?” Pilot: “I’m 5’9 and in front of the plane.”

  13. Fran, I look to forward to meeting you one day and taking in more of your experiences. I already have prescription glasses, but the prescription might be a little outdated, Im kidding, haha. But, with 100% certainty, you have aged very gracefully, and your wife even more gracefully. Im extremely impressed that you are a private pilot. Id love to hear more stories, on RR and in person, about your piloting days.

    Speaking of private pilot boneheads, Im sure one day ilb will embark on a quest to become a pilot and will somehow learn how to pilot an aircraft in 24 hours. I have no doubt.

  14. The players worry about such things and I worry if this year I can afford the three bags of winterizer for my lawn from Home Depot.

  15. Tiki

    Flying is just like any other discipline, no great mystery. But it is terribly unforgiving of mistakes.
    I knew a few guys who took it up, and they were “cowboys” shouldn’t have have been given licenses, and proof was in the fact that one of them showing off, tried to fly an old open cockpit Bi plane beneath the bridge in Beacon Falls Connecticut, a tiny town up the Housatonic River…he made it safely….but he was lucky. All it would have taken would have been a sudden downdraft, and there would have been no recovery room. If that had happened, he’d probably still be somewhere along that river bottom, plane and all.

    I forgot to mention that I was having a fair amount of trouble with my only son, who was about
    20 at the time, and we weren’t getting along. One night at the Chester FBO, ( and it was a dark and terribly gusty wind night, the turbulence was bouncing light planes all over the place.) FBO was sending one of their instructor pilots across the Long Island Sound to an airport there when they had material for picking up, and I asked the Pilot if I could let my son ride with him, and he said sure bring him over. I called my son up and told him that he had a chance for a plane ride to LI
    and to come to the airport if he wanted to go. He leaped at the chance, andI was figuring that if he could ride this turbulence and not get upset, then I’d give him Pilot training here. He went and he loved it. I asked if he wanted to fly, he lit up like a torch, and I enrolled him in training, and in due time he got his license, and they cut the back of his shirt tail off and hung it up on the wall with all the other former students there ( including my own). He’s been doing some flying in recent years, but mostly not much due to his job …no time for it. We’re no longer on outs with one another, but is he pig headed!

    You know, I’m still trying to reconcile myself to no Hockey this season, and it’s actually difficult to imagine. Great Geeks, what possibly can they be thinking?

  16. Sounds like if you don’t kick over a small fortune and badly tear up a knee playing elsewhere, and you were relying on an NHL type insurance contract to cover what you’re owed by your team for future years, you’re in deep doodoo.

  17. Doctor told me I need more exercise, asked what I do for exercise; I said I watch baseball on TV. He said, watch tennis.

  18. Thats just awesome, Fran. Young people tend to be more the know-it-all pig headed types than us old folks who actually do know it all from age and experience. How many children do you have?

    Ilb, i got my 3rd ever pedicure tonight courtesy of the lady.

    Im actually happy with a lockout, Fran. Ilb can use more time with his baby, same with Puck CTB and eric. I guess id be ok with a canceled season (though i doubt that happens), the likelihood of Rangers winning the Cup isnt that great. Takes a lot of luck and good health. And i can use the rest from worrying about the bruins. Maybe a shortened season will help the Rangers and Henrik win it all, though.

  19. Tyred of Bullocks on

    Right, you see me live in the bloody UK and likes me some proper Rangers of NY hockey. But seeing that these bloody retards cant keep a season fit I lost me urge to follow the hockey and will go back to the Boring Game of football and makes me a yorkshire pudding sandwich whilst on the pitch. BUt I aint returning to the fields of the NHL … tyred of this bullocks bettman … later mates.

  20. I did my best translating this from Russki…


    One old man at a market is selling water-melons under a sign that says: “One water-melon — 3 rubles. Three water-melons — 10 rubles”. The man approaches and buys a water-melon for three rubles, then one more water-melon for three rubles, then one more water-melon for three rubles — and while leaving joyfully says to Rabinovich: — Look, I bought three water-melons, and paid only 9 rubles! You are a bad trader! The old man turns and says: — And as always— they buy three water-melons instead of one, and then teach me about commerce…

  21. Russian butcher has shop under lawyer’s office. Lawyer’s dog comes down the stairs, eats 10 frankfurters. Butcher goes upstairs, asks lawyer: Can you sue someone whose personal dog ate 10 rubles worth of franks? I don’t see why not says the lawyer. Well, then you owe me 10 rubles, your dog ate my franks. Okay, says the attorney, you owe me 100 rubles for the consultation, deduct the ten and leave 90 with my secretary.

  22. coos coos

    Ahhh me….those are the type of commerce ramblings that I love to read about

    Now- local bartender looks down the end of his bar, and sees a wee guy sittin there, elbows on the bar and looking straight ahead. Bartender approaches, and says ” What’ll ya have”? The little guy says ” I’ll have a Hennesseys”. Bartender brings it to him puts it on the bar and says “That’s 4.50.

    The little guy says, ” Fer what?” The bartender says “why for that drink you just ordered.”

    Little guy looks up indignant and says, “I ordered nothing of the kind, you came up here and offered me a drink. /it was a gift.” The bartender hauls himself up and says, ” What are ya tryin to pull wise guy? “Get it up 4.50.” Another bar sitter came over and said to the Bartender,
    ” You know, I’m a lawyer and in a court of law, he’s right …you’d lose.”

    The Bartender P.O.d says, ” OK smart alec but you get outta here and I never want to see you here again”

    Several weeks later he spots a lone sitter at the far end of the bar, and he walks down to the little guy sitting there and he looks at him real close……” You know, you look familiar to me, ever been here before”?

    The little guy looks him in the eye, and he says ” No – nivir have I set foot in this place before.”
    bartender walks away shaking his head and looks back, then returns, You’ve been here before:” Nivir” says the little guy….the bartender shakes his head again, “Then by George you must have a double. ” ” I will indeed, says the little guy, “and make it a Hennesseys

    A wee bit o Irish humor ya see.

  23. Guy with dog says to bartender “My dog can talk.” Would You give us both a free drink if I prove it?” Prove it says bartender. Man asks dog, “Who was the greatest ballplayer of all time.” Dog says: “Ruff.” Bartender pours them a whiskey and a soda and says, now get out of here. Guy says wait minute, bad question. “What’s on top of a house?” Dog says” Ruff.” Bartender says, I told you to hit the road. Bad question says the guy, “What’s the texture of sandpaper?” “Ruff,” says the dog, and the bartender comes around the bar and tosses them both out on the street. Dog looks up at his owner and says: “If I knew he was gonna act like that, I wouldn’t have said a goddamned thing!”

  24. MSG Networks can stuff their hockey reruns. Let me know when they start broadcasting 2012-13 season matches. Until then, I want nothing to do with NHL hockey [exception made for Kathryn Tappen, of course].

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    Live football or stale hockey?

    Hello, NFL. It’s only after the Super Bowl that I will feel the pain…

  26. Either hockey or someone hit him with a high heel while he snored. Great picture, apropos. He notes that at the dog walk, some people asked him for his autograph and said, “Thank you, Mister Nash.”

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    Of course, if there is an accident, you could always name him Woodrow Charles.

    His nickname would be “Woodchuck”…

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