Brad Richards Foundation to host kids benefit in NYC Oct. 2.


Most NHL players — those who haven’t gone to Europe, and those who can’t play in the AHL — aren’t allowed to play hockey right now. That doesn’t mean they can’t still do the off-ice good they normally do.

The inaugural Brad Richards Foundation Wines of the World event at the Hotel Chantelle in New York is scheduled for Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.

According to Richards’ web site, the foundation exists to provide exceptional experiences and treatment for children and families enduring chronic and life threatening illness. The foundation also supports pediatric hospitals, kids with cancer, and the advancement of youth and amateur sports. The focus of the cause is on Richards’ hometown, Prince Edward Island, as well as his two most recent NHL stops Dallas and New York.

We had a chance to chat with Richards about the event via email this week.

He was asked what the foundation means to him.

“Everything,” Richards said. “It is about family, friends and giving back. the foundation was started as a way to remember and honor my cousin who passed away at age 7 1/2 years old of brain cancer.”

Richards said that, being a wine lover, he chose the “wines of the world” tasting event for the fund-raiser. It will include a silent auction.

“We will have a room with a silent auction, and a nice party scene on the downstairs level,” Richards said. “I wanted to do something fun in NY, something to show a little of who I am off the ice, and a chance to meet some people I would not necessarily get to meet.

“I was fortunate to have some great opportunities as a kid. This is my way of giving other kids those opportunities.  A chance to give back to kids who are going through a tough time, to help some people out and to do something meaningful in NY as a Ranger player.”

Though many of his teammates are scattered all over the world during the lockout, Richards hopes some will lend a hand and support. Mostly, he hopes to meet Rangers fans who want to help.

“Of course,” Richards said. “That is why we do stuff like this.  Usually we are on the other side of the glass. This gives me a chance to meet people that I typically do not get a chance to connect with.”

Tickets are $300 and $600 (for VIP access, including a special pre-party event) and still available. To buy tickets, or to donate in another way, go to click here.


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  1. Touché, Brad! Didn’t take long to get involved in NY. And sounds like the event itself should be a different experience. Any boneheads going?

  2. Good early morning, Boneheads!

    Going to my first clinical practice right now! Excited and scared (a little) at the same time! Jamaica, Queens here comes your new hot future RN! :-D

  3. Prucha sighting…he’s in the KHL on SKA St Petersburg, with Kovalchuckles. i’m watching them play Ovi and Dynamo (first row sports). SKA St Pete jerseys look like the Rangers. :(

  4. Tiki and Mama are visiting since last night. Guess what Tiki was doing all morning instead of playing with my daughter? Yup, watching some sort of soccer game. From what I understand he roots for some team that plays against the other team which LW3H roots for. Well, he just screamed. Sorry, LW. I guess.

  5. All you young fathers ( and Moms)……..from someone who raised a son, and three daughters…….
    and now has two Grandsons, and 6 grand daughters………enjoy them all you can for as long as you can, because you will not believe how quickly they grow up ( and away), and suddenly….there;s just the two of you left to rattle around the home that once housed all their passages throughout childhood, adolescence, and teens…… and eventually …bye and bye, and you are lucky if you get to see them now and then and for some festive events, like major holidays and THEIR kids events.

    But still….I wouldn’t exchange it for the world…….it was a wonderful and fun trip through life despite the occasional mishaps that come along the way………..and the most wonderful thing of all is that they all still love you. ( And we’ve got the thousands of photos to bring back the memories.)

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Funny how Tiki (cr9) was the blog creepy guy , talking about how beutiful Jagr is and how he would love to be in a sandwich with him. To sleeping at ilbs house and blogmomma there of all peeps…talk about zany.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Well said Fran , you could be our new Voice of reason. Our last Voice grew up and flew the nest finally or hes on strike like the rest of the league.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Lets go with a visual…


    lets go gog og iogo gog go gogog!!!!

    Rangers are back!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    the boys are back in towwwwwn!! Back!! Back in the NY groove!!!

    Gaborik is HEALED!!!! The Rangers keep spankin teams!! This team is possesed!!! Nash is a super beast. He wants the cup…you can tell. LOOK in his eyes. Hes smiling but the look seems evil and determined!!! This whole league is OURS!!! MUHAAHAAAA!!!

    end of visual. nothing to see here . Move along.

  9. Judging by the blurb on the NHL’s Facebook feed that says “Best U.S. born D-man in NHL history? Yup.” in referring to Phil Housley, I’m guessing the league has laid off everyone in their marketing office except a chimp with a computer already.

  10. LW, Leetch was born in Texas, so he’s not an American. And Chelios was born before Columbus discovered America. That would make Housley the best American-born defenseman. Maybe.

  11. HI Ilb

    hope I’m nor breaking into Miss Blueshirt’s personal time with Daddy, and if so my apologies.

    Now it is prideful to be a member of a group who puts forth a gesture such as Brad made, and try to remember a sport, any sport, some 50 years ago that would have even considered such a magnificent gesture, let alone, nurture it to fruition.

    I will on occasion submit to you for your own consideration some writings ( and lets face it .. writing is what I do…) and leave it to your judgement as to whether it is worth showing the rest of the folks. Several of these are the product of writing of essays for my late in life courses at the Brevard community college, and as assignments to put forth some type of essay. This latest one is
    on the game itself in it’s elemental attraction to lovers of the sport, and I’ve entitled it “The Law of The Ice”.

  12. meanwhile Rick Nash is making a Swiss cheese outta the Swiss league… i wanna rip Bettman’s eyes out then slow cook them and feed them to the stray dogs! Yeah…this is how mad i am!

  13. Every single hockey writer twitts about football…Don’t you just hate that? I know I do…

    This place is dead today…sigh

    Hockey :(

  14. Went to the Jets/Miami game today. It was a battle to determine which team was the least horrible. Turns out it’s the Jets. They are only semi-less horrible than the Dolphins. Wacky game. It was like Rangers/Isles games in the 80’s in there. Miami fans getting kicked out all over the place. Turns out the rednecks and tweekers can’t hold their liquor. Who knew?

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