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How I became a Ranger fan.

OK, this might be geared more about myself and won’t really get the hockey juices flowing much but I find it interesting reading about fellow Boneheads and their experiences with the NY Rangers, so here is mine.

I grew up — OK I never really grew up — but was raised in upstate NY, 3 1/2 hours away from NYC. And in the little village where I grew up, not many people had any kind of interest in hockey. Pretty sure if my family did live near or in the city we wouldn’t have been going to any hockey games. Can’t really remember any of my elders watching any kind of sports on TV saying anything about driving to a ball park or hockey arena. So I am not sure where I get it from, but I remember sitting down in front of the television on Saturdays and Sundays at a very early age and watching any kind of football I could find on the few channels we received.

I was a huge football fan, pro, college, high school; became a pretty big NY JETS fan but you know that’s another story.  So how did this hardcore football fan turn to hockey you might ask?? Well I got married moved out of the sticks to a area of more opportunity, and had two wonderful kids.

And that’s how it happened. My son when he was about 6 or 7 years old took a liking to hockey. I didn’t know the first thing about hockey. But there just so happened to be a AHL team in town called the Binghamton Rangers so we went to a game.  And then we went to a few more and more, so much that my son, one trip, was upset because he was tired of going to hockey games.

This is when Zubov, Fiorentino, Ken Gernander, Kovalev played in Binghamton.  So that was it, I was hockey hooked, and obviously also started watching the big boys on MSG. I climbed on the wagon at a good time because soon after the ’93-94 season rolls around NY was celebrating. And even though I enjoyed it, I didn’t really know what it took to win a STANLEY CUP.

Well here it is 18 some years later, a diehard RANGER fan, and I am coming to know what it takes to win Lord Stanley’s Cup. I guess when I said back in ’94 that I would probably be an old man before they win another Cup might be right.  So far I have three grandchildren, not saying I’m a old man but …  things are also looking better regarding that Stanley Cup.

Looking forward to this season. Isn’t it so much nicer watching the boys having a winning season? Not sure how I will react if they actually go farther than they have recently.  Another one of my statements lately is WHEN they do win the Cup I will be coming to NYC for the ticker tape parade. I remember watching it in ’94, and thought the next time I WILL BE THERE.

So lets hope this country boy can find the city real soon. Thank you all of my fellow Boneheads and Carp for letting me tell you my story.  And thanks to my son for introducing me to the best sport in the world.


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  1. Interesting and thank you, Hockeyman Rangers, but being born with a name like that, you should have known something strange was up.

  2. In response to the posting of the Rangers letter to season ticket subscribers I thought I’d post the one I got from one of those lesser teams that has a stake in revenue sharing:


    As you are undoubtedly aware, the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL and the NHLPA expired
    Saturday night and the League has entered in to a work stoppage.

    We remain optimistic that a new CBA will be established soon, but regardless, our entire organization is
    committed to showing and spreading the Florida Panthers love each and every day.

    With our new “I Love Panthers Hockey” campaign, incredible fans like you will have the opportunity to unite
    and rally around your Cats pride, and your love for the sport of hockey.

    We are all in this together. Just like you – our most loyal and passionate fans – we simply can’t wait until our
    Panthers take the ice on Opening Night and we raise that Southeast Division Championship banner to the
    rafters of the BB&T Center.

    It seems like just yesterday when we were all standing together in a sea of RED, cheering on our Panthers
    during a thrilling seven-game playoff series.

    You have our commitment, that every single day between now and Opening Night, we will do our best to
    recreate that feeling of pride about Panthers hockey. We hope you will do the same.

    Thank you for your loyalty, your enthusiasm, and your unwavering support. Go Panthers.


    Michael R. Yormark
    President & COO
    Sunrise Sports & Entertainment
    Florida Panthers
    BB&T Center

  3. It’s also kind of funny as this is the first letter from the Panthers that actually names the BB&T Center since it changed its name from the BankAtlantic Center last week.

  4. Last year’s Panthers slogan was “WE SEE RED”, one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Did they expect us to get all crazy and murderous? So they went from that to a new slogan most likely thought up by one of Roberto Luongo’s children, probably the youngest one.

  5. If the rest of these owners are like Dolan, I doubt they know the blue line from the red line except on the balance sheets. GMs and coaches have the hockey knowledge to run the rest of the game, and Dolan’s full Garden and lack of interference is why Sather has personally prospered for so long from long distance with dim results. His ongoing romance with Isiah Thomas speaks loudly to the fact that he doesn’t know anything about basketball, either, though he does attend Knick games down in those courtside Spike Lee seats.

  6. He’s got a man-on for Isiah. That’s one story I was never able to run away from down here because he coached Florida International’s basketball team until recently. I thought he was still coaching there until you brought up his name and I checked. But guess what? It’s like Little New York down here. Rick Pitino’s son Rich is now the coach.

  7. Isaih had a dismal record down there. Rumor up here was that he attempted suicide after Dolan finally gave him his platinum parachute. Not too long ago, it was reported by the NY press that he and Dolan were AGAIN in “private” discussions on how to run an NBA franchise and that Dolan wanted him back!!! Pitino fils will no doubt do better (if he’s not closely watched by the NCAA.) They like the big names down there at FI. If Pitino stumbles, next they’ll hire Arnold Schwarzenegger or Angelina Jolie.

  8. Yeah, I read last week in the local paper that Dolan was once again looking to hire his personal masseuse, Isiah Thomas.

  9. Abolish the offer sheet, abandon (or widen the gap from mid-point to) the salary floor, cut players revenue to 54% with a freeze on the actual $$ amount until it reaches 50% then it re-links again. Increase revenue sharing by $150 million and remove restrictions to make it available to all franchises making a loss etc..

    ..oh yeah, and SACK BETTMAN the King of the Lockout!

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    I’m sure it could work, UK. That would bring mid-cap down to $59M, and cap to $67. Heck, I’m sure the players would agree on 52% share ( $57M-$65M), with 5% max escrow. Especially if there was a provision to get some back if profits grow unexpectedly. But the owners want more.

  11. Good post, HockeymanRangers…Everyone has their story, interesting how often people get into it by accident. And it becomes an integral part of their lives.

  12. ilb – i would love to hear from a few of the owners but it seems Buttman has silenced them by threatening the removal of draft picks if they break ranks.
    I would love Dolan or one of the other owners to come out an say something, especially seeing as the changes Buttboy has bought in have effectively failed (increased # of teams, expanded into non-traditional markets, failed salary cap and now its 3rd lockout – not to mention a poorly thought out TV contract compared with other major national sports).
    Dolan has the most interest of the big-market owners given the current state of the team, the renovations to MSG – anything he might lose by speaking out could be replaced with an increase in playoff revenue surely.

  13. @NYDNRangers@ RT @NYDNsports:@ #Rangers Rick Nash agrees to play overseas” – < Sorry, this tweet is incorrect. He's "close" to a deal

  14. “But the owners want more.”

    Well, I think it’s unfair to say that. Well run and financially sound franchises would rather save money than lose money. Higher ticket prices, more tv commercials, & expensive sandwiches aren’t feasible enough for every franchise to profit…it’s not worth for some of these owners to keep NHL hockey going if they lose money at every turn…

    Why should successful franchises be forced to lay out their profits so an expansion team can overpay a player?

    As far as I am concerned this has nothing to do with the players…it’s a shame it’s presented that way….

  15. Do you guys know what the deal is with these KHL contracts? Do the players get paid for both the NHL and the KHL? Do the players come back to the NHL immediately upon the end of the lockout?

  16. Standard contracts allow the players to return to the NHL as soon as a CBA is agreed upon. The majority of players do not get paid by their NHL teams during the lockout, as Carp informed me. Sauer is, but I do not know why.

  17. Carp, Im going to Francesco’s later tonight! Ill make sure to say hello to the owner for you. Unless of course, you’d like to join me and a bonehead lady… my treat. :)

  18. All players injured before the CBA expired continue to be paid until they are deemed fit to play. Two conditions-the injury has to be hockey related, and they have to be treated/followed by team doctors. Pronger, Sauer, Michalek, some others will get paid full salary

  19. Thanks ilb. I have a question for you, since you’re well-versed on the topic.

    Regarding a player’s NHL salary, what happens if a player gets injured with another team during the lockout, and then an NHL CBA is reached? How is their salary affected? Can the NHL team suspend the player without pay until the player is deemed fit to play?

  20. Thankfully, players who have been bought out still get their money during the lockout, so Alexei Yashin still earns his £2.2m from the Fishsticks.

  21. Yes, Tiki, if the player gets injured while playing elsewhere during lockout, the NHL team may suspend him without pay. They have to insure their contracts, which could be an expensive proposition.

  22. For a change, Wade Redden isn’t getting paid at the moment since his contract counts against NHL summer cap. I highly doubt Sather waived him in order to send him to AHL.

  23. LW, Yashin was able to negotiate his buy out in pounds? Must be Carol Alt doing all the talk with Charles Wang :-)

  24. When I was a kid playing Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo, and Yashin was in the game, I always called him Todd Yashin.

    Will do, thanks Carp. Maybe another time…

  25. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Enjoy it as much as you can . I just spent 4 wonderful days with my 2 “eating machines” aka my granddaughters.

  26. Do you guys think that in Japanese Baseball League the players also use steroids and the whole league is infested with drug users? Just a crazy question i have today…

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Nothing to say here

    There is no news to report.

    Nuthin going down.

    No scores ,no scoring, no saves , no fighting, no love ,no hate , no rivalries , no passion , no hope , no luck , no games , no injuries , no new standings , no leaders , no players at the rink , no fans in the seats , no money being made , no money being spent , no agreement in the barganing , no sign of a season , no chance at a cup , no hockey , no hope , no Rangers , no players and no fans.

    Nothing to see here ….move along.

  28. How does this clown still has his job? From what I’ve learned about him ( admittedly, only from reading RR, which is more than a reliable source in my book ), he isn’t even good at what he does.

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    No Gomez , No Drury , no Rozi and No redden , No holleweg man that guy was an idiot. I would be freaking out after every hit he threw. He always hit from behind!!!

    Weird …yeah Carp saying my name as I was typing.

  30. Sauer and Gaborik and others around the league continue to get paid because they had legitimate injuries prior to the lockout. When they are deemed medically fit to play, that ends. Everyone else stops getting paid. That’s the owners’ Sword of Damocles that Cicero talked about.

  31. It just seems so crappy that an NFL team would use the NHL Lockout to lay people off. Shame on you Carolina Panthers. Shame.

  32. Ella 'DuckMao' Platypus Correo on

    Best guest blog ever by Gregzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    “Nothing to say here

    There is no news to report.

    Nuthin going down.

    No scores ,no scoring, no saves , no fighting, no love ,no hate , no rivalries , no passion , no hope , no luck , no games , no injuries , no new standings , no leaders , no players at the rink , no fans in the seats , no money being made , no money being spent , no agreement in the barganing , no sign of a season , no chance at a cup , no hockey , no hope , no Rangers , no players and no fans.

    Nothing to see here ….move along.”

    I love you all, except some more than others.

  33. Good evening all! Manny, I hope that story lives forever. What a boudreau.

    Holy harrtnell, when I know the answers to questions you and tiki ask, then the world is truly off its axis. Pick up a fargin newspaper people!!!!

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Wohooooooooo!! ALRIGHT Mao!!!!!

    Heyyyyy wait a minute , I didn’t guest blog!!!??? Besides as i stated I am no guest. This is the only blog I blog a blog on.

    Still , there is nothing to say . Sorry. No players , no talky talky . What can a person do?

  35. If any or all of these players retired and put all their money into a struggling franchise, they’d be voting for both the lockout and a reevaluation of shared revenue. As with almost everything in life or in politics, where you stand depends upon where you sit. That truth stated, since the owners were so gung- ho about expansion, it’s their responsibility to either vote for contraction or otherwise deal with the situation they themselves created with some form of profit sharing.

  36. Ovechkin Heading Home To Play With Dynamo Moscow.

    He joins fellow Russians, Malkin, Datsyuk, Gonchar, Kovalchuk & Yakupov in the KHL.

  37. NHL 13 game is stupid… no KHL again… how come? KHL is the best league in Europansyland! That’s right! The best!

    National League A (Swiss)? Czech Extraliga?? REALLY? lame!

  38. I hope Ovechkin doesn’t play chess or sing any anti-Putin folk songs. Putin seems to enjoy arresting chess players and folk singers lately. Interesting charge: Hooliganism. 2 year minimum.

  39. @OccupyTheNHL – think I could get some support from you guys?? Follow me on Twitter. Wonderful stories being told about how I became a Ranger fan, but now is not the time to reminisce. Now is time to talk about how to get the owners to pay attention to us and to make sure this never happens again.

  40. Owners say “screw the fans.” So fans, let’s boycott team merchandise, beginning now! Continue AFTER games start, boycott for as many games as are canceled.
    Let’s use social media to show the owners that the fans matter!

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