Some lockout odds


Courtesy of Bovada, (,  Twitter: @BovadaLV).

When will the NHL Lockout end?

Before December 15th 2012                     -115
On or After December 15th 2012               -115

Will the NHL cancel any regular season games in the 2012-13 season?

Yes                  1/10
No                    6/1

Will the NHL cancel the 2012-13 Winter Classic?

Yes                  1/1
No                    4/7

Will the entire 2012-2013 NHL Season be cancelled because of a lockout?

Yes                  2/1
No                    1/3
What % of hockey-related revenue will the players receive in year 1 of the new NHL CBA?

Over/Under                    50.5%

Will Sidney Crosby play in Europe at any point in the 2012-2013 Season?

Yes                  2/1
No                    1/3


In case you missed it, our friend LW3H had his usual unusual take on the NHL’s lockout statement yesterday on his Springing Malik blog.



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  1. According to the NY Times, Michael Sauer will receive full salary all season no matter what happens. Also, if a player chooses to play abroad, he has to pay 35 grand for each million in insurance, AND, if he’s injured while playing elsewhere, and the lockout ends, his club can suspend him without pay until he proves himself healthy.

  2. Are there any Rangers player looking to play overseas ? the swedish guys, Lundqvist in Frölunda or Mike Richards or Rick Nash in Switzerland ?

  3. I don’t know anything about oddsmakers and their terminology – so what, essentially, do the figures above point to, in all likelihood?

    I can’t believe that so many North American-born NHL’ers would want to go to play in Russia. After the Lokomotiv aircraft incident and the Cherepanov death, with insufficient medical facilities present in that rink, I think that they’re venturing into unsafe territory.

  4. Carp: If you stopped using this blog to report on the Rangers (which is all part of supporting the NHL), your numbers will dwindle, probably to point where you wouldn’t do it anymore.

    In other words, your regular blogging about the Rangers is supporting the Rangers and the NHL just as much as those buying alternate jerseys and big sandwiches and so on….

    Bet you’re not gonna close this blog down once the NHL starts….

  5. Lucky KHL. Feds will be playing for Donbas, new team. Others to follow. Wonder when KHL will be stupid enough to lock out to get all these europansies here for cheap. Oh wait… Never mind.

  6. Yeah, we can all pick KHL team with most of Rangers’ players and root for it on this blog. Let’s go Dooonbaas! May be Carp can live stream Donnas’ games?

  7. Sounds like a plan. I can’t wait to watch our favorite players get pummeled by angry fans who storm the ice during goal celebrations.

  8. Great point by Larry Brooks yesterday.

    If the 2004/5 CBA was such a disaster, why did he get a contract extension and a raise to 8 MILLION dollars a year in 2010?

    Also – I’d love some feedback on what pressure NBC has to put on the league? If they have to pay disirregradless of whether or not there is a season – that can’t be good for the owners.


  9. “Less than an hour before the beginning of the NHL lockout, the Winnipeg Jets have locked up franchise forward Evander *Kane* to a six-year, $31.5 million contract.” -TSN

    There goes that…

  10. “NHL stars Evgeni Malkin and Sergei Gonchar have signed with Mettalurg of the Kontinental Hockey League” -TSN

  11. _I’d love some feedback on what pressure NBC has to put on the league_

    “If you don’t end this lockout soon, the fans will be missing out on Milbury and Roenick on TV every week.”

  12. Jim, must disagree. Carp is supporting us no the team. His blogging doesn’t support the Rangers and the NHL just as much as those buying alternate jerseys and big sandwiches doesn’t cost or supply a penny of support.

  13. Carp: you should get business cards for this site and they should be just like Newman’s business card. Just the logo and simply “Carp” in the middle.

  14. “BrandonPrust8 Don’t know why we can’t just start season as scheduled n work to an agreement throughout the season?”

    Out of the current and ex-Rangers seems like only Prust gives a damn about the stupid lockout (according to widget)…everyone tweetts / twitts about some bull-crap like football or golf or fashion or some dog walking… others (non-Rangers) bolted overseas already…I expecting no hockey for a LOOOOOOONG TIME! FURGING PIECES OF POOP! OWNERS AND THE PLAYERS! I AM MAD NOW! FORK THEM ALL!

  15. I guess. I am sad about the lockout. It’s a big loss for all of us, the nation of Canada, and about 15 other American citizens who love Hockey. Bettman is a disaster. I don’t understand how a sport can have 3 lockouts under the same GM. But then again, he was selected for his Business acumen and not for his Hockey knowledge. It’s a real shame that they can’t just do what Prust is saying and negotiate throughout the season while extending the current CBA for another season.

    I guess the owners and Bettman just want to make sure that the sport doesn’t get too popular so they don’t have to pay the players too much to get concussions and get their teeth knocked out on a semi-weekly basis

    (Better @CCCP@ ?)

  16. It’s a start, Manny :)

    wouldn’t it be awesome if we had commissioner election every 4 years? Vote a new guy in every time or keep the old one if he’s doing a good job…wouldn’t that be sweet?

    What do you guys think of a female NHL commissioner? :)

  17. im fine with the lockout until gabby is ready to go. once middle november comes and gabby is close to 100% i will be pissed. i would sign for 65 game and no injuries to rangers then 82 with no gabby for first two months

  18. When John Scott Scott was signed by the Rangers, he listed on his personal profile questionnaire under Goals: None. And he meant it.

  19. KatieStrangESPN #NYR Rangers are skating at MSG training center in Westchester. They are leasing ice from the team but not allowed to use rest of facility

    not allowed to use rest of facility? what if they wanna pee-pee?

  20. _Would that be a commissionaire or a commissioneress?_

    lol i think commissioneress is better than commissionaire… i think… but then again – English as a second language.

  21. Pee on ice makes the ice better, if a bit off color. Can Torts show up at these sessions, give some layman suggestions?

  22. Accotding to Brooks, players renting ice at tram facilities don’t have access to the kitchen.

    Expect the New Jersey representatives in the NHLPA to suddenly withdraw their support.

  23. i don’t understand. where did the rodent go? it’s not like we’ve even lost a minute of training camp yet. not like he was getting paid by nhl or a team. today for most everybody even remotely involved in or around the NHL, even fans, is no different than it would have been if there had been no lockout declared.

  24. Monica! Bring her in for Bettman. That should loosen him up. “I did not discuss pucks with that woman!”

  25. My wife cut me down to once a week. I shouldn’t complain, I know six guys she cut off altogether. – Rodney Dangerfield

  26. In his previous rants rodent said if there is a lockout then he’s done. I guess he kept his word.

    But i agree with Carp… we’re still in the offseason…there is no difference if there was or wasn’t a lockout.

  27. Great….now he and Jumbo Shrimp can enjoy the Alps and buy a nice watch….maybe win the Swiss championship while they are over there….

    Who cares…

  28. Just an hour ago I saw MDZ wearing short that said ‘Running sucks’ in the Lower Manhattan talking on the phone (with his agent I guess). Life goes on!))

  29. “Also – I’d love some feedback on what pressure NBC has to put on the league? If they have to pay disirregradless of whether or not there is a season – that can’t be good for the owners.”

    Comcast owns NBC, just Ed Snider indulging in some incestuous money maneuvers.
    Who knows what kind of creative accounting writeoff it’ll give him.

  30. by the way, love that disirregradless … when did JR join the blog? Two grammatical errors and one spelling error in a single word.

  31. Carp, do you think there is some pressure from certain owners on Bettman to make the deal sooner rather than later? I was very surprised how suddenly and unexpectedly the NHL dropped their demand to redefine the HRR. That was widely reported as the most contentious, and potentially the most difficult issues to resolve.

  32. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    This lockout is a bunch of horsebettman, I may have to choke someone out if it lasts too long!

  33. Wicky, u need to choke someone out? Can i pick the person… if so, i choose Bill Simmons. There’s nobody less deserving of life than him!

  34. Hey Carp,
    Can Selanne be fined for his comments about Bettman, considering that right now, Selanne has be locked out? Are there penalties if players other than Crosby badmouth the league? You know, say….Torts says something now?

  35. Unspoken Arbitration Issue: Players demanding private rooms in luxury hotels and first class seating on flights.

  36. Any oddsmakers willing to explain those gobbledeygook odds quoted above? (No offense Carp – I know you were just quoting the source of them, but it’s all ‘Jimmy the Greek’ to me!)

  37. @aneirin: Ed Snider doesn’t own any part of Comcast or even the Flyers themselves. He’s the chairman of a subsidiary of Comcast that owns the Flyers, the Wells Fargo Center and the local regional cable sports network, Comcast SportsNet. I had to research this recently while I was having a “discussion” with an anti-American lambaster on lol

  38. Since Sean Avery’s tweets are still being posted is there a chance we could add Chris Simon or Donald Brashear. How about Rich Pilon?

  39. Cooscoos, no plans to go there in the near future, and I’ll leave the money at home if I ever do get there, thanks!

  40. Right. Ever notice Avery’s comments and responses are never to or from NHL players let alone Rangers? Mr. Popularity.

  41. Well, the Snider family once DID own the Flyers outright, didn’t they? I guess family ownership of teams is becoming a rarity in today’s times.

  42. I just added Petr Popovic, Evrock.

    Walter, most teams fly charter now, so first class isn’t an issue. and a lot of players still bunk up with a roomie. what is enormous gluttony though is the per diem these guys get … once upon a time known as meal money, it’s now hundreds of dollars, even though the teams provide meals. most of the meal money is pocketed by guys making tens of thousands of dollars a day.

  43. Yeah Jimbo. He sold his 66% in them as well as the Philadelphia regional cable sports network to Crapcast in, I believe, ’96.

  44. First Ranger playing overseas…It is believed in Davos Switzerland that Rick Nash is joing his friend Joe Thornton playing for HC Davos. They won the Swiss champion there together in 2004 during the lockout…Thornton is already confirmed from swiss websites and Nash should confirm in the next couple of days…

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    Odds of me spending any money on NHL hockey? Let me consult the Magic 8 Ball…

    My reply is no.

  46. Your odds are “no”, Olga?

    I want to slap Bettman in the face with my dirty socks that i wore all day today… anybody know where he lives?

  47. Jimbo – You and me both! I bet large on an NFL game some years ago giving three points and led 35-0 at halftime. I watched the game in a bar, and proceeded to back up everyone in the bar twice over. Needless to say, I not only didn’t cover; my “team” lost the game outright!

  48. CCCP – You sound like the Ralph Lauren version of Mark David Chapman. :-)
    Bettman lives in Saddle River, which I presume is in New Jersey. Aerial view on Google in case you come in by helicopter.

  49. NY POST HEADLINE May 6, 2017: Convict Who Waved Smelly Socks in Commissioner’s Face Applies Again For Parole Hearing.

  50. —-Yeah Jimbo. He sold his 66% in them as well as the Philadelphia regional cable sports network to Crapcast in, I believe, ‘96.

    Thanks, Evrock – I didn’t know when it happened, but I knew that he was “the big cheese” in that franchise of rats at one time!

  51. —I not only didn’t cover; my “team” lost the game outright!

    Sounds EXACTLY like something that would happen to me! No gambling for Jimbo!

  52. Hey guys – I started a new Twitter acct today: @OccupyTheNHL

    please follow and let’s shoot around ideas on how to get the owners to listen to the one constituent of this fiasco that has no voice in the talks: The fan. We need to mobilize. Not like the stragglers left on the streets of NYC one year in the occupy movement. No sleepin’ on the streets for me. I have a nice apartment. We need to boycott the NHL Store and all merchandise sold on We need to ask for refunds for any games missed as opposed to leaving money in escrow. If you really want to take a stand, demand a full return and give up your seats. I know that’s a lot to ask, but the owners need to hear us loud and clear.

    This isn’t a joke or in any way meant to capitalize on the other occupy movements. The owners and NHL management think they can continue to behave this way because, as herr bettman says, the fans will come back. He has to be shown, no, we won’t. This is a failed system and guess who is the face of it?

    Help me out here, boneheads. Thanks!!

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    I learned my lesson on the ponies… The horse I bet on was good, it took seven others to beat him!

  54. Not sure if anybody saw this…it’s the letter from MSG to the season ticket holders:

    As a New York Rangers Season Subscriber, you are an integral part of the Blueshirts family!

    As you may know, the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association are currently engaged in the process of negotiating a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement to the current agreement which expires on September 15th, 2012. It is the League’s objective to successfully conclude negotiations by between now and that expiration date.

    During this process, we are committed to keeping you informed and rewarding you for your continued support. In the event that a new Agreement is not reached prior to the start of the 2012–13 regular season and a work stoppage occurs causing home regular season games to be cancelled and not re-scheduled, *Season Subscribers will each have the option of either receiving a refund with interest on a monthly basis or choosing to keep money on account with interest. More specific details about refunds or credits will be shared at the appropriate time as necessary.*

    While we are hoping that a work stoppage does not occur, this plan has been developed to ensure that you, our loyal Season Subscribers, are protected.

    We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support of the Blueshirts. We look forward to seeing you soon at The Garden.


    Howard Jacobs
    Executive Vice President, Teams Marketing and Sales
    MSG Sports

  55. _CCCP – You sound like the Ralph Lauren version of Mark David Chapman._

    So you’re saying I’m about to kill someone famous or make a nice polo shirt?

  56. Olga Folkyerself on

    What kind of interest? the 0.25% that the banks give you? You’re better off keeping it in one of CCCP’s smelly socks.

  57. Olga Folkyerself on

    I put $50 on a horse last week and he came in at twenty five to one. The rest of the field came in at twelve thirty.

  58. Especially like that last one, Olga. – The seven horse in the first race ambles up to the $50 window and says to the teller, “Give me two thousand dollars on the seven horse.” The teller looks startled. The horse says to him, “You’re shocked that a horse can come up to you and speak, aren’t you?” “No,” says the teller, “I’m shocked that you think you got a shot in this race.”

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