Thank you fans!


Remember when the last lockout ended and the NHL painted “Thank you fans!” on both ends of the ice in every league arena?

Well, today they might as well do it again, only this time replace “Thank” with another word ending in the letter “k” as we begin the third lockout of the Gary Bettman era.

Hey, I’m not putting this all at the feet of the owners. But I am putting most of it there, since I don’t believe for a second that they’re losing the kind of money they claim, and if they are, well, in a lot of cases it’s their own fault with the ludicrous contracts they’ve been tossing around and the failing franchises in places there shouldn’t be franchises, among many other issues.

I also blame some of youse, who go out and buy every alternate jersey and piece of overpriced garbage merchandise your team sells, not to mention tickets and prime-rib sandwiches, cost be damned.

Also, just so you know, and to be completely fair to all of youse who root for a team owned by James Dolan, and who blame him for everything under the sun … I would be willing to bet that Dolan’s rep at the owners meeting the other day was the last person to raise his hand in the unanimous lockout vote, and that it probably took some convincing for him to do so.

And that if it were entirely up to the Rangers’ ownership, there’d be no lockout now or ever. But especially now, with the arena being done over at big expense. Just sayin’.

So Thank you fans. Or something similar to that.


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  1. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    well said, well said!!

    I agree with you about the bettman that bettman has done and the majority of this is on the owners and that dolan would not come within a 10 foot pole of a lockout if he was in charge,

    I just watched the nash interview form a few days ago and it kills me, you just can see it in his eyes how bad he wants to be here, I love it…I hope we see him play a meaningful game sooner than later!

  2. Over $120 million in contracts given out before the old CBA cutoff yesterday, doesn’t it make you angry when they give the contracts out with one hand while using their mouthpiece to try and renege on them at the same time?

    Can we send Bettman a kick-in-the-balls-a-gram?

  3. I blame whoever is responsible for why it’s so expensive to even watch on TV nowadays, with requiring a bundled cable package with hundreds of byfuglien channels just to watch the home team, and god forbid if you’re out of state the NHL GameCenter Live package is pure cooke (not even taking into consideration the grainy video quality) because 25% of the Rangers games are on NBCSN or NHLN and hence blacked out, and require a cable package anyway. That goes back to the Sniders and Dolans. And the people who subscribe to overpriced, bundled cable, cost be damned.

  4. Kaiser Permanente on

    Another lost season is going to be awful. But it certainly appears that is going to happen. I can only watch so much college basketball.

  5. The NHL is a joke. 30 teams? Only 20 of which are stable enough to even be in business. The Salary cap should be abolished. The league should be contracted to 20 teams. Any momentum the NHL gained since the last debacle is gone.

    The only good thing about this lockout is that the NYR could use the extra time to recover from last year’s grind. a 40-60 game season would be very advantageous for the Blueshirts.

    …otherwise, this whole league sucks.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!


    I’m pretty sure Dolan isn’t the only owner who wants nothing to do with lockout. That’s why it’s interesting to hear that they supposedly voted unanimously.

  7. By the way, John Carlson’s deal in Washington ( 6 year, just under $4M per) is what MDZ probably looking for. Same age, very similar offensive numbers.

  8. I don’t disagree, cw, but there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell they will abandon TV markets in the US and contract.

    Right, ilb?

    Good morning, Sally! (no, I don’t expect you to be up yet).

  9. Not *my* fault. All I bought last year was one Official Game Puck. Well, maybe the prime-rib sandwich. But I didn’t eat it. ;)

  10. Well, look at it this way: Gives Gabby some time to recover without it costing us games/points during the season?

    (Hey, I’m trying to find a silver lining here).

    This whole lock-out thing blows my mind. In the end, the REAL losers are the fans. Yes, we will lose part or all of the season of the sport we love to watch (and how many of us laughed nervously at the NFL and NBA last year?), but the fans have absolutely NOTHING to gain from this. Ticket prices will continue to rise (putting much of the game we love out of reach for many), the cost of memorabilia, food, and anything else team-related will remain very expensive.

    The owners will claim poverty. The players will claim unfairness related to revenue. But it is the fans who will be getting the short end of the stick, as usual.

  11. Reading always, posting rarely. This blog has more ingenuity and conviction than the rich, arrogant NHL owners who deserve 99% of the blame for this lockout.

    The owners hired Butt Face. The owners voted unwisely and greedily to expand the league creating a weight they couldn’t and now refuse to support. The owners have willingly agreed, and continued to right up to the bitter end, to player contracts which push the league deeper into the red. The owners expect the players to make sacrifices when the financial situation they created is untenable. Some owners agree to stand united when it is clearly not in their best interest, their team’s or the league’s as a whole.

    If I’m overlooking something, I welcome someone’s explanation how any of this falls on the players.

  12. While I don’t side with the owners seeking to renege on agreed contract terms, I would say it’s slightly disingenuous for some players to feign shock and outrage at being asked for a salary rollback, when they have signed clearly front-loaded, lockout-protected deals.

  13. You’re right, Heave Ho. But the league is what it is now. No chance they will contract. And it’s also hard to argue against it when they generate almost $3.3B, up from $2.1B just a few years back. They’re closing on NBA very fast. How it’s distributed within is an issue. And while it’s mostly owners, do not totally absolve the players. First, it’s very difficult to run any bussiness when your employees take up 57% of your total expenses before you have to deal with other overhead bills. But, more importantly, for some teams it’s much more than 57%. If you have to pay 40% of total player’s contract during the first two years, you lose money potentially. Will you ever recover it? Add to that the ridiculous length of some of those contracts, performance bonuses, buy-outs etc., it adds up. But that’s what players and their agents demand. They know if one team doesn’t do, someone else will. And the team that doesn’t do it might become less competitive, sell less tickets and merchandise etc.

    Again, while I agree it’s mostly owners’ fault, I think the players need to take a long, hard look at it too.

  14. Take a look at Kevin Alen’s work in USA Today ——>. I think it’s very well written smart article. The funny thing, both sides know they will have to settle sooner or later. And both sides probably already know what would they settle on exactly. Get this carcillo done, jackwagons!

  15. True, Dolan is doing just fine financially and would be happy to have the puck dropped in a packed Garden except for a few of things, a couple of which are: If the owners win, (and they will win no matter what the final compromise,) the players will effectively pay for his Garden renovations and, since there will be no contraction, he fears he will eventually be outvoted for profit-sharing schemes to bolster the shaky franchises, an eventuality which he loathes.

  16. Ilb, as always, I can count on you for a well crafted and reasoned response.

    Your point, in part, regarding the overblown contracts “… that’s what players and their agents demand. They know if one team doesn’t do, someone else will.” strikes me as one aspect that should be seriously addressed in the new CBA. Let’s call it “Deterrents to Brinkmanship”. Short of collusion, controls need to be put in place to protect the owners from themselves with respect to contract amounts, durations and money up front. Their determination to sign highly sought talent motivates them to discover and exploit loopholes in the very agreement they help create and approve.

  17. Dolan is already in possession of a large amount of deposits from ticket holders for the upcoming season. At much increased prices. And by the time the puck drops, he will have made a solid profit by investing it. The fans pay for his renovations before the players even enter the locker room.

  18. Thanks, Heavo Ho. I, for the record, do believe that he length of contracts should be limited depending on player’s age. And the cap hit should equal salary per year. What’s wrong with Gaborik’s contract? Nothing at all

  19. I’m out for now. Little princess woke up from her morning nap. Diaper time! Her older brother is on his way to join us for the weekend, so it’ll be busy. You stay tuned, and make sure those jackwagons make some solid last moment moves, dammit! Yeah, I know, fat chance…

  20. It is a matter of verbal golf to say that the fans pay for Dolan’s renovations rather than the diminished the players’ share. Whether the”new” income goes to renovations expenses or his vacation fund or his Ferrari repairs is sophistry and immaterial. Some people try to stretch simple logic like Turkish Taffy in order to assuage their unwarrantedly inflated egos.

  21. Bettman is good at lockouts and that is it..

    this is the facts. there are many teams that cannot survive in this league unless they are subsidized or protected by the wealthy teams. again these great businessman owners and paramount of the free market do not believe that BS unless they are the strong and rich.

    Move the Devils to Kansas, move the Preds to seattle, and move the Panthers to Canada..move the islanders somewhere else also. the league has been doings stupid crap for the small market financially unssutainable teams for years… the owners are free marketeers when it comes to profit but they love socialism when it comes to debts….

    that simple……..

  22. Ha! Had to think about this one for a second. You’re right, Walter. Wasn’t by design, but sorry about that.

  23. Such is the human condition. Your last sentence defines all of us, not just the owners whether or not we care to admit it.

  24. We all know and the NHL knows there are many teams that shouldn’t be in the league and many that won’t survive. Yet, what is going on in Washington State? The last I heard they were attempting to get approval to build an arena for basketball and HOCKEY. The NHL can’t take care of what they have, but let’s add another team to the league.

    Agree with most of what has been said, but it’s the ludicrous money the owners gave out and the length of contracts, for whatever stupid reason. Tried to think about who started it. Was it the Islanders with the contract they gave to DiPietro? Can’t recall.

  25. Hockey will be back in Dec. The owners wont have any hand and the players should stand strong. The reason is …. 110,000 seats in Ann Arbor, MI.. Bettman you suck as a commish . Three lockouts, nice job. The Winter Classic will make crawl. How do you spell national hockey league> NFL now on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays. ” No one cares about hockey,Boomer.” Those words might be true now.

  26. The owners can do whatever the hell they please, they took all the risks to bring hockey to their cities…this is America…they may lose more $ by having a season under current CBA which is about to expire….revenue does not equal profit….

    The problem is Bettman. He convinced the big time owners that they would make more money with expansions. They did. Except the small markets never stood a chance…they were raped (for lack of a better term)…and now, face little hope aside from a remarkable different CBA which is no where in sight…

    The problem now is that there are realistic competitors to the NHL such as the KHL and that America is mired in a econcomic malaise and will be for some time….

    The players have more options now than they ever did….

  27. This says it best: @DaveMaloneyMSG@ So you shut your league down 7 years ago and claim victory and now you have to blow it up again. Am I missing something here? #NHL

  28. It’s the owners who put hockey in cities that can’t support teams…it’s the owners who put forth half-hearted efforts in said cities where they draw more people to Outback Steakhouse than to an NHL game…It’s the owners who dole out ridiculous, ludicrous long-term contracts that they can’t get out of…It’s the owners who keep crying about money they’re losing, while handing out millions and millions in contracts without a second thought…

    I don’t blame the players. Remember, this is an OWNERS LOCKOUT. Not a players strike. I don’t blame players for accepting contracts offered to them. And don’t believe Gary Bettman, whose tenure as NHL commissioner has done more to ruin the sport of hockey than anything else.

    But, much like last time, this is gonna make me think long and hard about giving a single dime of my money to the NHL. So no going to live games, no buying merchandise, no doing anything except watching on tv. Until Dolan’s daddy decides to take MSG off the air for some silly reason like he does every other channel lately.

    The NHL, it must be said, is plummeting when it comes to U.S. interest. Take away another season, and we’ll be behind BMX racing.

    I haven’t paid much attention to this whole “negotiating” nonsense because we all know the owners and Gary “can’t keep my head straight or look right into the camera, so i’ll just look up and to the left” Bettman WANT a lockout. Maybe Dolan doesn’t want one…but by and large the rest do.

    So…once again…we hockey fans have to suffer. Thanks alot, fellas.

    Sorry, the owners got what they wanted a few years ago and now are crying that the system isn’t working? I call shenanigans. Actually, I have more than a few choice words…but i’ll refrain.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their summer!! I’m getting married next week so hockey is gonna be the LAST thing on my mind for the next few weeks.

  29. My feelings towards the lockout can be best summed up in a quasi humorous anecdote (bear with me here)…

    So this guy has a costume party where he asks attendees to dress up like emotions.


  30. The first guy shows up dressed all in yellow.
    “You must be cowardly” says the host and let’s the guest in.

    The next guest is dressed all in green. “Ah you must be green with envy”…

    “I am!” Says the second guest as he walks past the host.

    The third guest then arrives, completely naked with a bowl of what looks like flan or hello pudding covering his groin.

    “Umm….I give up…what are you supposed to be ?”

    “I am f@#%ing disgusted”….

    Get it? This custard. Try the veal ill be here all week….

  31. This league has become the laughing stock of major pro sports.. Bettman is a disease, his insistence of Phoenix being a legitimate NHL franchise, along with his ego have set this league back 20 years.. After 1994 the NHL was on the verge of becoming a sport everyone paid attention to but the constant labor strife he’s allowed let alone encouraged for years has people looking at hockey like its a third world country.. The NHL needs a comish with a vision for the future of the league, improving the leagues public image which has been beaten to crap over the years, and settling this labor nonsense for a term longer then a week before there’s another lockout.. It’s painted on the wall that he needs to go any owner that follows his lead is a fool.. The league will lose more money going this route of the lockout this season and in the long run then by just coming to an agreement of 50/50 or even something close to that that favors them monetarily.. Since godforbid they own up to the contracts they are dishing out right up until the lockout goes into effect.. No accountability for they’re lack of financial actions.. We face the consequences and have given in for way too long…

  32. Got back to the USA through Chicago last week. Customs officer asked me if I had anything to claim. I said yes, I claim that Gary Bettman and the dopey owners suck for shutting down the NHL again. His response: do the Bears play in that league?

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    wow , I called Chicago pathetic in the last thread and apparently Olga Folkherself is calling the Rangers even worse!!!??

    Now WAIT A MINUTE…..Olga you useless excuse for a fan . Start comparing your DUMBAZZ CHICAGO to our Rangers is so sick. Your worse then any troll we get ’round here cuz you always come back!! You hate the Rangers cuz of Sather , so get lost. Linda fed you half the time you come here and now she not around, who wants you? Watch your words because they don’t fly with me. You only come around when the bars closed and im telling you Chicago was only good because of the draft picks. Ill expect your reply( useless) after happy hour.

  34. Gosh

    All these facts figures, ideas, numbers, interspersed with muted growls and hiccups, …don’t know what to think. Didn’t I read somewhere that Anisimof (v?) is gone? And I’m sure I saw that
    Doan was back in the desert ( where he belongs, from my biased view point) and what it’s worth. and he probably is commiserating with One Hundred year old Ruthie, the white haired lady who sits in splendor in her personal top of the Arena box seat, and watches all the games of the team… I tell ya, THAT’s a FAN. I wonder if the Garden will be ready for a sudden arrival of the team, all things settled, and Rangers set to rumble…… awwww ( and a little aww for losing Doan ( Tee hee.) If true.

  35. Good evening all!

    I truly don’t understand this….I have such a rant going in my head but I’m going to keep it on check…..but I am really, really, really mad and would like just 5 minutes with the “leaders” of this debacle to clear my head…..unhartnelling believable….wish I got paid so much money to hartnell things up, and still have a job.

  36. Izzy???? It takes a lockout to get you back!? Shame!!!! and Olga too…

    but thanks for the shameless hattie…..niters all

  37. I have an idea. Since the populaces of the failing franchises don’t know or care much about hockey, and since they won’t seriously follow or support their teams, let them each begin the 80 game season at a handicapped 20-0. This way, they’ll usually be in the playoff hunt late and the “fans” who follow their hockey can have delusions of grandeur, former star players can extend their careers into their 50s, and the owners can keep their total team payrolls under ten million.

  38. I think this is a big F–K U to NBC as well.

    As I understand it, they still have to pay.
    So of course the owners don’t care if there is a season.
    No players to pay + full income from NBC!

    Why isn’t the network leaning hard on them?

    This seems to be a leverage point that is going either unused or un-reported??


  39. I have never posted before but Carp you nailed it “@#$k you fans” says it all, and its written in league hand writing not players. Hockey fans tend to be very well educated, Mr. Bettman seems to have forgotten that. Good luck on this one think people are upset today, just wait and see as this plays out. The players will be paid eventually on there contracts at some % regardless of attendance and cable revenue. Thats when the pain will begin and reality of fan sentiment for the owners behavior will come to a very sharp focus. Hockey is a luxury and in a US declining economy with its second major fan base in europe in economic turmoil this is not an enviable position to occupy. Good luck now and in the future you just dug your own economic grave.

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can’t talk now Greg, I’m in the middle of watching the 2010 Chicago Black Hawks winning the Stanley Cup. You can watch Sather smile and suck on his fat stogie.

  41. True words have never been spoken, Carp.

    Owners want more money, but they were giving out $170 million in contracts over the last 2 days. How does that make ANY sense?

  42. CCCP, the NHL is more Socialism!!! Can you pick me up now, Mickey? I’ve got a pink shirt with Jagr and 68 on the back!

  43. Are you sure you know what socialism is, Tiki?

    “private profit driven by the accumulation of capital” is the @apposite@ of socialism.

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kane…. walks by Kimmo Timmonen… to the net… where’s the puck? (pause) It’s Over!!!!! Patrick Kane has scored the goal… The Chicago Black Hawks have won the Stanley Cup!!!!!

    Awww… Greg- those pathetic, awful, lucky, miserable DUMBAZZ Black Hawks won the Cup in 2010. Well, at least you have Sather’s 12 immensely successful years in New York to fall back on.


  45. I guarantee James Dolan (even though he’s a jackwagon of the highest order) isnt a driving force in this lockout. It’s the fault of these loser small market teams.

  46. I cant believe youre stranding me, Mickey! Im all alone, Im just a girl in an unfamiliar world! ;)

    8 minutes!!! Woohooo!

  47. PISSEDOFF HageLinMcCally on

    and hey, maybe they can finish the Garden renovations during the lockout and they won’t have long road trips to start the next season, whenever that is

  48. “Per Katie Strang: Matt Martin agrees to terms on 4-year deal worth $4 million — ”

    Damn, the Fishsticks were cup-bound, and now there’s gonna be a lockout! Tough luck, Wango-tango!

  49. Is it unanimous? Even if it was unanimous, it doesnt mean Jimbo is a driving force, it could just mean he’s sided with his fellow owners.

  50. PISSEDOFF HageLinMcCally on

    lmao C3 you sexaaaay beast

    hundredthousandaires, millionaires, billionaires= ASSHATAIRES!

  51. it is the small market owners that cannnot afford to own teams… florida, nj, islanders, phx., nashville, and that is about it…

    they are clowns……

  52. Crack of Midnight!

    The lockout begins….

    I hope they all lose more money than they can ever recover from.

  53. Mickey

    come ovber…i got some penne bolognese, some kosher pickles, Gefilte fish… then we can chase it all down with crispy golden delicious apples dipped in hockey!

    Happy New Year – Shana Tova to all my Jewish sisters and brothers! Love you all!

  54. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Dipped in hockey. That’s the funnies thing I;ve heard in weeks!! And I will be right over!

  55. PISSEDOFF HageLinMcCally on

    time for sleep! the sun will shine tomorrow and life will go on… all the while we’ll be cursing out bettman and the owners in our minds!!

  56. IT is not the end of hockey. but a downer on the NHL.

    I will have to watch the local ECHL and college hockey here in Alaska. Let the rich people fight it out.

    Yes I will return for your overhyped product but you won’t get any money from me…… this year

  57. I can’t believe there hasn’t been a riot in Vancouver yet!

    Yesterdays mass contract signing was the biggest display of hypocrisy I’ve ever seen, especially as a lot of them were small Market teams we’re supposed to believe are losing money hand over fist.
    I don’t think this thing will be settled for a couple of months, the players will get last years escrow cheque soon, so that will give them a false paycheque and delay their urgency and the owners won’t flinch until the Winter Classic is in jeopardy.

  58. Good morning, ‘heads!
    Or is it?

    So it’s now official. Let’s see how many sign with KHL today…

  59. While I am as upset and disgusted as any other hockey fan (“What am I going to do all winter!?” was the agonized scream all my housemates heard last night), I think we’re being a little selfish in thinking that the fans are the ones getting shafted the most.

    What about the people who work in NHL arenas? The NHL staff and arena workers depend on this sport for their livelihoods, to provide for their families. And you know, at this point, the layoffs or pay cuts will start to roll in until a lockout ends. We lost out on a sport we love; they lose out on a paycheck they rely on.

    Just a little perspective.

  60. Good point, Leine…Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that. Still plenty of time, September 15th isn’t as meaningful as it seems. Everyone pretty much knew it wouldn’t be done by that date.

  61. Well said, Carp. Well freaking said. As much as the players are to blame, I firmly believe this is all on the owners and Count Bettman (One, Two, Three! Three Lockouts! ah! ah! ah! ah!). Bettman needs to go. He’s driving this league into ruins, and he’s been doing it for years.

  62. Well, no surprise here. I posted last season this was going to happen so I’m not surprised at all. The players held out the entire season back in 2004-2005 w/o fehr so there is no doubt in my mind w/ fehr they will hold out the entire season this year. I didn’t care much that they held out in 2004-2005 because the rangers were rebuilding but this time it stinks because i was looking forward to this season knowing the rangers had a legit chance of going to the stanely Cup, oh well. I can’t stand Buttman, never like the greasy little rat. I would love to punch that little turd right in his face if i ever met him in the street and be happy to do my time.

  63. CCCP: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Meaning that an unmarried Gaborik or Lundqvist would each be paid less than a Martin Biron who had a wife and two kids. Don’t work; never did work; won’t ever work. I assumed that you know that and were only kidding about communism.

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sorry Linda, that wasn’t me. {{{{{linda}}}}}

    I have my own Sathername. Slatsko Folkyerself….

    Now I need one for Bettman.

  65. LockedOut HageLinMcCallahan on

    so there’s an OLGA imposter? I guess I should have come around more often since July 1! I need to catch up lol

  66. Bette Mango Folkyerself on

    The owners voted unanimously to support the lockout. I only had to kill three of them…

  67. Bette Mango Folkyerself on

    “Nobody wants to make a deal and play hockey more than I do,” Bettman said.

    Except he can’t play hockey and isn’t doing anything to make a deal… otherwise I would agree with him.

  68. LockedOut HageLinMcCallahan on

    he who speaks with forked tongue!! Their message to the fans was a farce to begin with, seeing the did not speak at all yesterday and their message said they would work ‘around the clock’. asshats

  69. Bette Mango Folkyerself on

    “This is really hard. You only get involved when you understand what the issues are and you know you’re doing the right thing for the long-term stability of our game and our sport. This is very hard. And I feel terrible about it.” – Gary Bettman

    Oh, look. I see that I have colon polyps. I’ve had my head up here a lot of times, but never noticed them before…

  70. SONG: A great adventure is waiting for you ahead Bettmanwinks. Hurry onward , for you will soon lockout the players. The journey before you may be long and filled with woe. But you must escape the NHLPA, or your tale can’t be told.

  71. there are some players wanting to play in Europe next week ….

    Well they cant wait to get on the ice…..

  72. Malkin and Gonchar signed for Metallurg of the KHL for the whole season 2012/13…
    oh man they are not really optimistic for the NHL …

  73. _”*A plague on both your houses!* …”_
    One thing is clear. Although SEASON IS OVER, The GAME continues.
    The teachers in Chicago could be justly proud.

  74. all NHL players signing in Europe and the KHL will obviously have the option to opt-out of their contracts as soon as NHL play resumes so there is nothing special to the fact that they are signing for “a whole season” in Europe.

    Shana Tova to all!

    so glad to see Yankees unquit again today.

    Giants on the other hand…..

  75. So youre thinking Malkin will stay with Magnitogorsk with the closest NHL talent being MZA rather than return to Stanley Cup contending Pittsburgh Penguins?

    there’s a reason all those guys dream of coming to the NHL….they all go back at the age of 40 because they dont get a spot in the NHL anymore but they still love the game and KHL is the only league that is willing to bring back the stars of so many years ago.

    in summary, no i do not think for a second that any NHLer will stay in the KHL or in Europe once play resumes.

  76. I guess Malkin has -accepted the deep trough of cash from- made up with Metallurg after the way he left them to reach the NHL in the first place then.

  77. You know what guys everything becomes bussiness and we need find another way to entertain ourselves……….even after 30 years beeing a sports fan I have to consider that and its sad because in previous times it was reallly fun …

  78. Tweeted this earlier … and said so all along:

    Rangers Report ?@rangersreport

    Seriously, without defending either side (gag), only the extremely naive would think there could have been a settlement before the lockout.

  79. Good evening all! What a sadly ridiculous day. Speaking of thanking the fans, have you all read the piece of buillcarcillo put out by the league? A fabulous combination of lies, idiocy, hypocrisy and bush-league double-speak. I want to boudreau. Whoever crafted this must not put much stock in fans’ intelligence….no matter how stupid we sometimes get here :)

    Tremendously tremendously admisal.

    There endeth my mini rant.

  80. so
    i’ve been lazy and semi-cranky all day

    do you think this is because of the lockout?
    if YES
    can i sue snider et al?

  81. Bette Mango Folkyerself on

    “The League, the Clubs and the Players all have a stake in resolving our bargaining issues appropriately and getting the puck dropped as soon as possible. We owe it to each other, to the game and, most of all, to the fans.”

    So we shut down the League, closed the doors to the clubs and locked out the Byfuglien players, until they all knuckle under and agree to a massive cut in pay, shorter contracts, longer free agency, and longer rookie contracts. I owe that to the owners.

    Love and kisses,
    Gary Bettman

  82. Ray Rice is the real deal in every way, and any team would be happy to have him. Local boy makes good.

  83. Is Santonio Holmes a supremely annoying, send-it-in player or what? I don’t know who’s more overrated – he or Antonio Cromartie. Jets should have learned their lesson last year. So much for long-term contracts.

  84. Cromartie is a bum. That’s why they were trying to attain an upgrade last offseason.

    I remember having a discussion a few months ago with someone on here… My stance was and is that Tim Tebow is a good football player (*not* a good QB) and the other person was too stupid to formulate his own opinion so he resorted to calling me insane (probably Manny).

    The Jets coaching staff has utlitized Tebow somewhat, but Id like to see more. So far, Tebow has been used as a TE (smart), and used during punts for blocking (smart). Today, his presence in a different position during a punt forced the opponent to burn a timeout for fear of a fake. These are all effective uses. The one thing Id like to see, and see a good amount of, is Tebow lined up in the backfield as a halfback. The NFL is all about matchups, and with Tebow in the backfield, he’d create a number of problems. They could hand him the ball off to run, they could send him in motion to line up as a WR or TE, they could hand him the ball off with the run first/throw 2nd possibility, or Sanchez drops back and Tebow can block. There’s just a whole carcillo load of stuff that you can do with him, simply because he’s a good football player and a good teammate willing to do anything for the team.

    One thing that Bill Belichick preaches is versatility. Belichick lines up WRs and TEs and halfbacks, occasionally giving them carries. In the absence of CBs, he plays WRs as CBs. He made a defensive player Mike Vrabel famous for catching 1 yard TDs.

  85. Well put. The Jets didn’t pick up a big part of Tebow’s bonus and pay him another 2 million this year because they thought he was cute.

  86. I find it hilarious that Stepan has TWC and doesnt pay for Dolanvision even though he plays for him technically.

  87. Yeah, but NHLPA statement was also “Pravda”‘s editorial from 1937.
    Something I don’t understand… As disingenuous as it is, players are not sacrifice much moneywise to back their resolve, going on strike (even if it is NHL inflicted lockout), playing somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be fair, if owners will organize during lockout some kind of tournament with “strikebreakers” – perspective, young and non-unionized players of the same teams to generate some revenue. “Proudly crossing picket lines”- notwithstanding. Loyalty, solidarity and moral purity are banned words in billionaires vs. millionaires’ game club. LMFAO to barf.

  88. Agree, CCCP, *LW* – Left Wing and Last Warrior – always great and is my favourite for this dry, fine,sometimes borderline and sophisticated humor, not to mention knowlege and ballanced serve. Always look through page for LW posts. Really.

  89. Flash Headline: Sather Rumored to be Wooing Michael Vick; Ranger Coach Apoplectic, Growls to Media: “If he comes here, he’ll be on a short leash.”

  90. CC: My psychiatrist told me I had to find a way to get in touch with my real self. I asked him, how do I do that? He said, Where were you the last time you were in touch with your real self? I said I was in a bar. He said, go back to that bar and find him. I told him if I go back to that bar and find him still sitting there, he’ll have an enormous tab by now and he’ll think I’m supposed to pay for it.

  91. MSG is still ripping people off making thier season ticket holders pay for the season in advance and then crediting it towards next season, major ripoffs cause there in the hole on massive renovations to the arena. although bringing the blue seats back was totally cool and is sure to make fans feel nostalgic, they wont get to put thier asses in them for a whole nother year

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