Photos from the charity dog walk, courtesy of the Rangers



(Editor’s note: above is proof that John Tortorella smiles AND answers questions)

Photos by Adam Pantozzi/MSG photos. To see more photos, click here:

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  1. 4generations 4 cups on

    it just depresses me thinking that this is what we’re gonna get outta the boys before the imminent lockout

  2. Impressive turnout by da boys. This could have been easy to get out of by claiming previous obligations, but so many showed. It’s a pleasure to see the pictures. And, silly as it sounds, this is how REAL teams are built. Not that we couldn’t use a young Joey Kocur or a Nick Fotiu to keep the opposing head indian in check.

  3. cool pictures! THE kreider looks like some creature from the avatar with that haircut…and who is that next to THE Kreider in glasses? And behind Hank… is that Zucc?

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    I love the blond with the golden hair!!!

    Cool pics, hey is that Nash next to Staalsie? Boyle looks small on the end so that has to be Nash? The little guy behind Hank is Zucco .

    My guesses in order;

    Richards, girardi ,some new guy,Zucco,Hank,Stepan, Kreider, Mccilrath( or Sauer)Bickel,Mcdonagh,Staal,Nash,Boyle and bottom row is Torts ,Delzotto and Haglen .

    Hows it goin guys?

  5. ZzZz – Guessing the dude in the shades is McIlrath, who’s listed at 6’5 because he’s taller than Bickel (6’4), and Sauer is listed at 6’3 ??

  6. It’s Asham behind Lundqvist, no?

    And it’s definitely Bickel on Kreider’s left, Pyatt on McDonagh’s right.

    Zuccarello is in Russia and Sauer is still in a dark room somewhere.

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    Walter, amen. Tells you a lot of how this team is built. Hey, I think everyone on the team should have dogs. Mama and I can work on that :-)

  8. I’ve heard they just found a new book written by Dr. Seuss that has never been seen before… it’s called “Torts in Shorts”…

  9. Back (L to R): Richards, Girardi, Halpern, Asshat, Lundqvist, Stepan, Kreider, Bickel, Pyatt, McDonagh, Stauwahl, Nash, Boyle, Dunkin’ Schonuts

    Front (L to R): Tort, Del Zotto, Hagelin

  10. Morning Boys.

    Carp if Del Zotto doesn’t have a contract by the 15th, and if he’s locked out. Does that make him a free agent? Could he sign for Big Money in the KHL and play there if he wanted? or at least till the season starts?

    Any ideas of Ranger players playing elsewhere if there is a lockout?

  11. Ranger fans are quite obviously the most handsome and the most lovely of all the fans in the entire NFL.

  12. Good thing Avery is gone. If he DID show up, he’d be wearing a Fioravanti vicuna suit, Tistoni alligator shoes, and holding a platinum studded leather leash tied to a well-groomed feathered Saluki.

  13. …and for the next month Andrew Gross will have this photo, with a caption “Dog Days of September” with no further updates.

    Stupid Lockout.

    Walk those dogs in front of the NHL offices!!!!

  14. YES! EMINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all solved. Too bad we didn’t sign him before the dog walk so he could have attended.

  15. Biron knows that he might be the only one who doesn’t have to cozy up to Torts. He’ll get no more ice time one way or the other. Stay healthy, Hank!

  16. fran – just read and enjoyed your last Cheshire post from late last night (early this morning.) Recently finished two Hilary Mantel books about the other Cromwell (Thomas) – Henry VIII’s right hand man. Recommended.

  17. HOLY SHYTE!! Sir Alex Ferguson is at the US Open Final!! I need to fly to New York to meet him!!!!! SIR ALEX!!!!!!!

  18. I cant believe it, CBS just shortened the interviews so they could go to repeats of HIMYM and other crap. Idiots.

  19. No, thank you, Carp.

    Mario Lemieux has four kids and all four of them are ugly! I guess thats the deal he made with the devil…world class hockey skills over good looking children.

  20. “Go easy on the underage Shiska’s, Lev.”

    Errr……Manny, my friend – it’s *SHIKSA*, because she’s not on a rotisserie over an open fire! (And this, from a nominally-Catholic guy) ;-p

  21. I can’t believe it’s already been 11 years. The only day of my long career when I was going to be happy to use my skills all day and couldn’t. Not a single patient. Dammit.

  22. Time really flies, doesn’t it, ilb? Some days, it seems like it just happened yesterday – I lost some friends that day. I used to work up there sporadically..

  23. Its not so much the people dying that gets me, its how they did. Its what their final moments were like, the fear they had, calling family members to say goodbye.

  24. Yes, the ones that weren’t killed immediately by the impact and fires where the planes initially hit – those were awful deaths. All of the people who were in the upper 1/3 floors of the building were hopelessly trapped – and the very top of the buildings is where all my friends were..

  25. Good morning, Mustang Hambone!

    Great job, Evan. … and, yes, NHL HQ has seen this.

    What you guys (and all fans) need to do is organize one day on the schedule where nobody shows up. Or where nobody buys beer at the game, or everybody skips the second period … got to be a big showing like that. Otherwise, if single people are going to boycott, they won’t even notiice.

  26. Do you recall when Ronald Reagan fired all the Air Traffic Controllers for going on strike ( and that was not permissible, but they did it anyway.(going on strike that is), and everyone thought that he was nuts, and how would they move the air traffic…but he hired new ones from the general public and gave them crash courses, and it worked out. And those former ATC folks never got their jobs back ( nor any other Government job)

    This situation is nothing like that, but the same principle applies….someone has to do something, to break the log jam. What do you all think it will be?

  27. By; the way, there is a photo of a young lady holding a little white dog in a Ranger uniform, and I was wondering who that lady is…………??????

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