Reminder: Torts’ dog walk for Humane Society Sunday


From the NYR:


Sunday, September 9 – Riverside Park

New York, August 30, 2012 –New York Rangers announced today that tickets to John Tortorella’s first NYC Dog Walk are now available. The fundraising event, which will benefit the Westchester Shores Humane Society and other organizations dedicated to the humane treatment of animals, will take place on Sunday, September 9 at Riverside Park and will feature members of the New York Rangers team, coaching staff and select alumni for a one mile walk with fans and their dogs. The walk will culminate with an interactive session, featuring a Q & A with the Rangers Coach, dog adoptions, along with many other contests, games.

WHAT:             NY Rangers Dog Walk

WHO:             John Tortorella, Coach of the New York Rangers

                        New York Rangers players Henrik Lundqvist, Brad Richards, Rick Nash, Ryan Callahan and others

WHEN:           Sunday, September 9th

8:00AM – Check in

9:00 AM- Walk begins

WHERE:                     Riverside Park              

                                 Entrance at 103rd & Riverside


By the way, if you can’t go, but you want to donate to help, click here.

Not sure what to make of the NHL and NHLPA meeting through the evening last night … but I’m not optimistic that this is going to get done before the lockout goes into effect next weekend, and before the start of training camp is, at best, pushed back.


Hope I don’t get into too much trouble for promoting another newspaper’s columnist. But for those who don’t know, or those who have seen it but haven’t bothered reading it because they might have thought it was something other than what it is, check out my friend Hondo’s football picks on Fridays in the New York Post.

I’m telling you, it is the most irreverent, most politically incorrect, most immature, funniest column in any paper anywhere. Oh, and there might be some football picks mixed in.


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  1. _featuring a Q & A with the Rangers Coach_


    “What is your favourite breed of dog?”

    “I’m gonna keep that in the room. Next question.”

    “Do you like other ani…”

    “(Hastily interrupting) I’m not talking about the other team.”

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    NO DOG , I gots a cat ….

    The NHL will lock out the players…maybe.

    The NHL season will be shortened…maybe.

    The NHL will not host an all star game / or winter classic this year …maybe.

    The NHL will have a champion this year …maybe.

    The NHL Strike will last for two years …maybe.

  3. Torts: “Look. I think today is a good test to see where these dogs are at. They have trained hard but that means nothing if they can’t come out here and put together a good effort.”

  4. “I didn’t even know this Fido guy and when I first saw him I didn’t like him. But I tell you, he has balls as big as a kennel.”

  5. Some funny stuff early today. Always consider that humor is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. That, and roughing penalties.

  6. “If these dogs are tired this time of year somethings is wrong. They still have a whole day to walk”

  7. Off in a little bit to hang with the other lady Boneheads in BFL. CAN’T WAIT! Despite the crappy weather!

  8. Torts: “Look, I’m not up here trying to rip anybody apart. But let’s be (explative) honest about what is going on here. Some people, I won’t say who, come around here for autographs and donuts and never adopt a dog. They know who they are. It’s getting old.”

  9. Has Tony told everyone that hes got his medical marijuana card?!

    Im doing well, coos! I did fine yesterday, i finally realized that it’s not worth getting upset trying to teach someone who’s unwilling to and/or incapable of learning. It’s like trying to teach scrabble to a 3 year old :)

  10. Well, 3C.. ur pretty much a genius like ilb. What i admire most about the Russians/Ukrainians on here is their aptitude for many different languages. I think ilb knows 10 diff languages. My dad knew I think 10 diff languages. How many languages are u fluent in?

  11. Im fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, English, gibberish, Hebrew. Studied French and a bit of German. Not an expert in baseball though.

  12. “The ability to speak several languages is an asset, but the ability to keep your mouth shut in any language is priceless.” – Mark Twain

  13. Russian, English, (j)gibberish, some Ukrainian…know how to curse well in Moldavian…some Yiddish… recently started learning a little Hebrew…

  14. Be quiet, Lev. :) You can’t be perfect at everything. Im envious of you. And you too CCCP. Just amazing to me.

  15. Sadly, just 3. English, Yankees, (g)jibberish. Ive got Rosetta Stone for Russian, Spanish, and German. Never gotten around to starting them though.

  16. I like this site because I enjoy learning more about hockey. Most of you guys know much more than me regarding hockey… I know little about hockey. I couldnt even tell you for certain if Jaromir is a RW, I think he is.

    I don’t understand why on 5-on-4 PPs, there isnt more us 1 D, 4 Forwards. IMO, all you need is 1 of the forwards to be defensively responsible along with the 1 D. I mean, is a team going to give up that many more SH goals if they play like that as opposed to 2 D, 3 forwards?

    Risk, reward…

  17. Speaking of the Samuel Clemens quotation, (not the pitcher,) I had a professor in grad school who had the unique ability to bore everyone in eight different languages. I know he spoke eight, and can only assume he was as snore inducing in the other seven as he was in English. Moral: Sometimes you can be educated beyond your intelligence.

  18. When you have a rushing defenseman like Brian Leech and your other defenseman is disciplined, talented, and defensively orientated, you can do what you suggest. The Bobby Orrs and Brian Leeches are few and far between. When you are lucky enough to get one of that type and you keep him healthy, you’re in every game no matter what the score.

  19. I can only assume you were talking about Brian Leetch. On both occasions. Moral: Sometimes you can engage in intelligent conversation about things you, in reality, have very little knowledge about.

  20. Agreed, Lev. He has to be hurt, I hope. He’s not finishing his pitches. His arm slot appears to be lower, hes not getting on top of his slider and it doesnt have the downward plane it usually does. Everything is flat and worst of all, he has no fastball command.

  21. Umpire cheated us. No surprise. Even when we’re down, the umpires decide it’s their job to keep us down.

  22. Unless instant replay is put into the game, this will continue to be part of the game. As upset as i am about the play, it wasnt even freaking close, right now I just want MLB and the umpire to admit that he made a mistake. This same ump, Jerry Meals, made a horrible call last year in a Braves-Pirates game and after the game received death threats from Pirates (of all teams…) fans. His children too. That’s way too far. But an apology and admittance of error is necessary.

  23. Death threats to him, I see no problem with. To anyone else in his family is going too far.

    Once in a blue moon, an umpire displays the integrity by apologizing.

    However, on a play that was not even close at all, the umpire must have already intended to call Teixeira out long before his slide. No surprise, really.

    And idiot Orioles fan will compare Maier to a play that ultimately ended a game, when they game should have been tied.

    In an attempt to take my mind off this travesty….

    Lev, are you a Russian Jew too?

  24. Jew already know Tiki. Tex said it on the post game sometimes the umps just make it seem as if they cant wait to get out of there asap. He thought his strike out in the8th was questionable too.

  25. Yeah, his strikeout in the 8th prior to the Alex HR was a 3-2 pitch in the other batter’s box.

    I actually agree with something Michael Kay spouts, though. The fallacy of the predetermined outcome. We can’t know if Alex would have hit the HR had Teixeira been on base.

    I try not to complain about officiating on here much anymore, that irks Carp more than anything. But this was egregious

  26. Justin Verlander is dating Kate Upton…

    There is no NHL hockey in sight…

    Yankees probably aren’t making the playoffs…

    Welp… that’s all I got

  27. Yep. Why go after the umpire that screwed you when you can go after hecklers and beat writers, instead? :/

  28. Good morning, boneheads!

    Officially on vacation. Gonna spend the next 3 weeks with my little princess and mrs. Driving upstate in a bit. If anyone wants to visit us, let me know. Can’t promise we’ll be able to pay as much attention to you as we did last year, but the alcohol part is covered. And we won’t ask you to change diapers :-)

  29. If you meander over into Connecticut, stop in Cheshire where I grew up and take a tour of Cheshire Academy where Brian Lee(t)ch also grew up and played hockey before transferring to Avon Old Farms (another nice tour.)

  30. NY Thruway all the way, but thanks for your suggestion.

    Capping the escrow defeats it’s purpose as it is introduced to ensure that the players’ share doesn’t go above the agreed %, whatever that might be. Under the current CBA escrow fluctuated from 5% to 17% during some quarters. There is no reason for NHLPA to believe that, considering constant increase in revenue, the escrow return would become less than 97.51%. Unless, of course, it’s only designed to disguise an actual rollback. But he is absolutely right about owners trying to _legally_ breach all current contracts.

  31. There already is instant replay in baseball!! :)

    …and there’s no legitimate reason to not expand it. There certainly isn’t any harm in including disputed game-ending calls like last night.

  32. CoosCoos

    I not only know Cheshir CT, I have a daughter who lives with her family there, and they all live just a short distance from where the Pettit family daughters were murdered by those two goons who fortunately got the Big needle for their troubles. That house was burned to the ground, and nothing ever was built there again. In fact the neighbors have created a modest shrine there with appropriate decorations.

  33. I know, fran. Cheshire was locally known for Brian and flowers until those two consummate cretins put it in the national spotlight. I miss the plethora of colorful chrysanthemums and pumpkins this time of year, A beautiful town with Sleeping Giant Mountain and Quinnipiac U. right down the road.

  34. BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    She’s the MAN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Mark twain also said in the response to bigotry and racism the only man I need to be better than was is the man I was yesterday.

  36. Love Lohud’s “Recent Activity” box to the right that reads: Rangers Sign Chris Kreider. Surprised it doesn’t say: Esposito Nets Two in Ranger Rout.

  37. CoosCoos

    The Sleeping
    Giant ( isn’t it a State Park now)?….what a lot of people overlook is the two great trap rock cliffs that are in that area and and act as a wonderment to people in New Haven, East Rock and West
    Rock..they can be seen from miles away. Someone is always trying to climb them…….and way too many meat their end trying to do so.

    And so much of early American history is wrapped up in the city of New Haven, and it’s adjoining areas. Several key battles against the British took place there ( spilled out into LI Sound and into
    Noo Yawk.) mmmmm Here’s a little history feature for y’all………if there are any Brits out there, this may tweak their memories a bit…..I mention The Stuart Kings, King Charles I, and Charles II ( His son).

    You recall Oliver Cromwell and his bloody “Roundheads” ( and they tried Charles I to death for treason and Beheaded him. When sonny boy came into power Charles II that is, he got his revenge against the court that killed his pop, and put a contract out on the three judges who did the actual condemning of Chuck the first, and those three got aboard ship and sailed to America, landing in the greater New Haven area. But Chuck II was a sharp dude and he sent his hit men to the States to find and wipe out those judges. Those judges begged for protection and a farmer named Sperry
    hid them in a weird pile of rocks on his property, and those Judges names were M’Lords Whalley, Goffe and Dixwell…now three of the so named thoroughfares in New Haven…and Sperry is one of the side streets. Cromwell’s bunch never found them. Judges Cave is nowadays a tourist site,
    the only Judges Cave recalled now is a brand of cigars.

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