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The Rangers First American Goaltender

By George E. Grimm

Pop Quiz time: Quick, who was the Rangers’ first American born goaltender?

Fans of a certain age might guess 1960 Olympian Jack McCartan. That would be a good guess but it would also be wrong. McCartan played his first game as a Ranger on March 6, 1960, but Joe Schaefer made his Rangers debut on Feb. 17, 1960.

Joe who? Exactly!

Schaefer, a Long Island native, managed an office supply company and worked part time at Madison Square Garden as the Rangers practice goalie, statistician, penalty-clock timekeeper and goal judge. It seemed that whatever the Rangers needed, Joe was willing to do it. If they had asked him to clean the ice and play the organ he probably would have given it a try. Joe also became the Garden’s emergency goaltender.

In the years before the NHL ruled that teams had to dress two goaltenders (1965) for a game, each home team was required to have an emergency goaltender in the stands to be used if either teams’ netminder was hurt and could not continue to play in the game. The Canadian teams usually had a promising junior netminder sitting in the stands as their ‘”house” goalie, but in the states the teams had to do the best they could with what was available. Detroit’s trainer Lefty Wilson saw action in three games, but only once with the Red Wings when he replaced Terry Sawchuk. In the other two appearances he had to face his own team when he took over for Harry Lumley of Toronto and Don Simmons of Boston.  Yes the NHL was a much different world back then.

Schaefer was first called to duty on the night of Feb. 17, 1960 when in the first minute of the second period, Bobby Hull of the Chicago Black Hawks accidentally skated over Gump Worsley’s stick hand. Hull’s skates ripped through Gump’s glove and tore tendons in his hand

The game was delayed for 23 minutes as the 35-year-old Schaefer, whose experience was limited to playing goal for the Sands Point Tigers of the amateur Metropolitan Hockey League and a few games in the minors, raced down to the Rangers dressing room to get ready to take Worsley’s place. The Rangers held a 1-0 lead when Schaefer, 5-foot-8 165 pounds, entered the game. Facing Hull and the rest of the hard shooting Hawks, Joe made 17 saves but ended up losing the game 5-1.  The New York Times reported that ”Schaefer had little to offer except courage.”

Joe made his second emergency appearance on March 8, 1961, Once again, Gump Worsley was the injured netminder and Bobby Hull was the culprit.  With the score tied at 1 midway through the first period, Worsley tore a thigh muscle while attempting to stop Hull’s wrist shot. As Schaefer made his way to the dressing room, the Gumper was being carried off the ice on a stretcher.

Schaefer made 27 saves but the Rangers lost 4-3. However one Hawks goal deflected off a Rangers defenseman and another came on a 2-on-1 breakaway.

Each game appearance put Schaefer in a rather unique situation. From a performance standpoint he was severely overmatched and could only perform to the best of his abilities. Basically he was there so that the game could continue, no one really expected game-saving stops from him. It was also a bit of a financial windfall for Schaefer who earned $100 for each game he played, a hefty raise over the $10 a game he made as an off-ice official. He also had quite a story to tell the next day at the office.

Joe also played a small part in NHL history on the night of Nov. 1, 1959 when Andy Bathgate’s wrist shot caught Montreal’s Jacques Plante in the face and forced him to leave the game for repairs. Plante told coach Toe Blake that he wouldn’t return to the game unless he was allowed to wear his mask.  No other netminder had ever worn a mask in an NHL game and Blake was against it. But faced with the choice of using Schaefer or a 33-year-old usher named Arnie Nocks (who also served as a Rangers practice goalie and later went on the direct the “Soupy Sales Show”) or letting Plante wear the mask. Blake chose Plante and hockey history was made.

After his second Rangers appearance, Joe was never again called upon to suit up for a game. He continued as a statistician until 1986 when he retired and moved to South Carolina. His final Rangers stats are 2 games played (86 minutes) 6 goals against with a 5.58 goals against average and an 0-2-0 record.

Joe Schaefer passed away in December of 2000 at the age of 76.

For the record, in addition to Schaefer, the Rangers have used seven other US born netminders: Steve Baker, Mike Dunham, Guy Hebert, Jack McCartan, Scott Meyer,  Mike Richter and John Vanbiesbrouck.





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  1. Also, Hey Tiki! I was wondering, if you think that Batting Average is such a useless statistic, why is there still a batting title? Shouldn’t they switch that to the “OBP Title”?

    Walk’s as good as a hit! (Unless there is a runner on second base or third base)

  2. Happy Birthday Paul Mara, Matt Cooke and Jacques Lemaire, plus Shannon Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth I and ME!!

  3. Because the criteria for getting credited with an At Bat doesn’t full encompass the effectiveness of a player to create a favorable outcome for his team. Even batting title rules recognizes this and the minimum criteria for winning the title is based on Plate Appearances rather than ABs.

  4. And I would have probably sided with Tiki (mark this down for posterity) on the OBP vs BA argument. Although on which Yankee player to deify or vilify I would have gouged my eyes out.

  5. I am also in agreement that OBP is a much more relevant statistic nowadays (and probably should have been pre-live ball era as well) but Batting Average is engrained in our minds and I think, as fans, we will forever be enamored with guys that hit .320 and up. It’s just so impressive. The invention of things like BABIP and OPS and other stats have clouded the water for the pure discussion of AVG and OBP. But I understand their necessity.

    But then again, Tiki is the one who is declared himself as near an expert as possible so maybe I should defer to him or just also declare myself an expert.

  6. _Manny_


    Tiki has different beliefs…very different…you won’t find a common ground there. It’s like trying to wipe your behind with a sandpaper…it will never work and all you will get is a bleeding a-hole.

    Ps, bleeding behind is just an analogy of the argument…you’re not a bleeding behind, Tiki.

  7. Well if you want the subject to be something else you should probably PROVIDE something else since nothing is happening.

  8. I was in a heavy metal band called testakill. We were horrible. Bleeding behind would have been a cooler name. We still would have been terrible.

  9. Testakill is an awesome name.

    I also like:

    Chum The Water

    and a bunch of others I can’t post here.

  10. Afternoon all,

    I am actually excited for a little AL east Pennant Race. Yanks will prevail,..they always do!

  11. My all time favourite metal bands (other than ST, Anthrax, Slayer & Metallica) were Lawnmower Deth, Tankard and Metal Duck

  12. Manny, I think you like the Class Action suits too much, but they should be outlawed, until we define the “class”. No class, no action !

  13. For my own curiosity more than anything else, for those hockey playing boneheads, what’s your stick brand and model?

  14. What’s worse about last night’s batting average “argument” was people using a single postseason series to say Player X batted .111. CTBlueshirt, would you please explain to the non baseball experts about sample sizes?

  15. While laying in bed last night, I was trying to think of the name of the media member who tried to uncover the drug use of Mark McGwire during the 98 home run chase, and also that consequently, he was shunned by the Cardinals organization and fellow media members.

    *Steve Wilstein*

    “He’s The Associated Press reporter who, during the fascinating/fraudulent Mark McGwire-Sammy Sosa home run chase of 1998, noticed a bottle of pills sitting openly in McGwire’s locker. The bottle was there for everybody to see, but Wilstein was the only one who dared to look. He wrote down the name of the substance_”a-n-d-r-o-s-t-e-n-e-d-i-o-n-e”_in his notebook, did a little research and discovered andro was a form of testosterone-producing steroid banned by virtually every other sport except Major League Baseball.

    “He sport tried to ignore Steve’s story. The team wanted him banned from the clubhouse. And the worst part: *Other journalists – writers and commentators – personally attacked him and wanted to know why he would write something so negative amid one of the most positive stories in baseball history.”*


    “Steve Wilstein is The Associated Press reporter who amid Mark McGwire’s home run chase in 1998 wrote a controversial story detailing his use of androstenedione, then a legal over-the-counter drug that raises one’s testosterone level. Sitting on the top shelf of Mark McGwire’s locker, next to a can of Popeye spinach and packs of sugarless gum, is a brown bottle labeled Androstenedione. For more than a year, McGwire says, he has been using the testosterone-producing pill, which is perfectly legal in baseball but banned in the NFL, the Olympics and the NCAA. The day after the story ran, McGwire reacted angrily, saying, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.” Manager Tony La Russa called it an invasion of McGwire’s privacy and even attempted – ludicrously – to ban AP reporters from the Cardinals’ clubhouse. *In the midst of all the good vibes coming from the home run chase, no one wanted the balloon to pop. The public took McGwire’s side. So did most everyone in the media. Headlines such as “Focus should be on the field, not the medicine cabinets” ran in major newspapers.* And perhaps most importantly, Major League Baseball and the players association essentially chose to look the other way.

  17. He did, NYR. The entire Armed Forces album was created while hopped up on ‘Roids. That’s why he wore all the lumberjack stuff.

  18. Manny, how about you actually read my previous 2 posts and attempt to learn something?


  19. Oh my god, Tiki! You’re right. I should read your posts for more -in depth analysis- copying and pasting what someone else said.

  20. Ha, Manny! When you asked for and received an in-depth analysis of the swing of Swisher and Granderson, you crawled back under you desk at work.

    Anyhow, since I have other things to accomplish today, I’ll accept your 1:58 pm post as an apology for doubting the Great Tiki! You are forgiven. :)

  21. Hey Tiki – I showed your posts to my friend. He’s an *expert* at baseball analysis. He has been studying for 15 years (2 more than you) and since he was an English Major he reads a lot of books. Anyways, he said a lot of things that I can’t post on this blog.

  22. And since you cant stop taking digs at me, LW3H. It has been a team-encompassing epidemic for the entire year, with the team having their lowest OBP since the early 90s when the organization was accustomed to missing the playoffs.

    There hasn’t been a change in philosophy or a better understanding of plate discipline from Day 1. Some people would call that a lack of urgency or needing a wake up call. An emotional fan might call that quitting.

  23. I mean what do you want me to say Tiki? That ARod has been a great player for most of his career and that he happens to have a few small sample sized series where he hasn’t been a great player? And depending on whether you think 150+ games every season of great play can be offset by 10 or so lousy games or not is how he’s going to be perceived by his fanbase and baseball fans in general?

    C’mon you know how the rules of engagement between saber-heads vs “I watch the games so I know better” fans go these days.

  24. I know, CTB. I was actually thinking of you last night during the batting average conversation. I knew a baseball expert such as yourself would understand.

    Manny, I’m not sure I’ve ever been bested on here. That’s almost impossible, due to my intelligence.

  25. But otherwise I don’t really care what he does off the field or whether he’s a nice guy to his teammates, fans and friends. There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to support he’s none of that but I’ve never met the guy nor do I plan to unless he’s handing me a couple of hundred basis points of his annual or total salary.

  26. I can’t WAIT for the seaosn to start so I can come out of blog hibernation. Maybe I’ll fill my time by writing my guest blog on the Bryan Trottier’s tumultuous reign as Rangers’ head coach. Either that or one on the origins of Paul Boutilier’s last name. Or the maker and whereabouts of Butch Goring’s helmet.

  27. Are we still going at it? YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!

    Fat Guy- that post would have to be _hand written_…

  28. World Cup Qualifying is on today. I’m not a supporter of Barcelona or Messi, but I think it would be cool for Messi to win the upcoming World Cup. I hope Argentina are able to right their back line.

  29. Have you ladies had enough down time to recharge your batteries in order to re-start punishing opponents, fellow bloggers and Carp alike?

    This is the year – I’ll be on the corner of Morris St. and Broadway for the parade!

  30. Er, wasn’t me who said it was a five-week issue. I was only basing that on what a near-expert told us. I don’t even watch -any hockey ever- the Yankees*.

  31. It’s ok, LW. Previous to today, I had mentioned that this was a year long issue. This 5-week offensive slump (which has consisted of even worse offensive production than the entire season leading up to that point) has been truly exposed in the past 5 weeks because of pitching woes and thus, the team consistently losing. And you can just call me an expert regarding baseball from now on. I mean, that’s one of a few things I’m confident enough to acknowledge I know more about than most people.

    So if you wouldnt mind, can you tell me about Liverpool this year… their strengths and weaknesses? What you think of their chances moving forward under their new manager?

  32. *has truly exposed the weaknesses and failure to change philosophy of the offense, and the reason it has exposed this in the past 5 weeks is because of pitching woes……

  33. Strengths: In theory, some decent players down the spine of the team.

    Weaknesses: No money, no players capable of regularly scoring, no strength in depth, under performing key players, new manager, over-expectant fans, *owned by tainted Red Sox devil worshippers who probably know Peter Gammons*

    Chances: Mostly put five yards wide

  34. I dont know why they got rid of Andy Carroll. He started to find success towards the end of last campaign.

    What are your thoughts on Gerrard? He’s obviously one of the top 2 or 3 English midfielders of his generation. But Ive read fans saying that he cant be allowed to see first team football anymore.

  35. Fran, I just received a few of your pictures. And a letter. A couple of boneheads are coming to visit me soon. Do you mind if I show it to them?

  36. I know this is simplistic, but would you rather have a guy who, in 100 plate appearances has 30 hits, 20 walks for a .500 OBP, or a guy who has 30 hits, five walks and hits 10 homers?

    And I’m not even going to respond to that idiotic story about the St. Louis writer and the andro.

  37. Be careful what you say here, y’all. This blog may be under surveillance by NSC and MI6 after UKRanger published his list of favorite metal bands at 12:11 pm.

  38. See, that’s what I dont understand. I provided you 2 stories, one from Newsday, and one with details on headlines during that time, and you completely dismiss it.

    In your example, Carp, you’re not saying anything about batting average. The difference between player X and player Y is 20 walks to 5 walks and 0 homers to 10 homers.

    If those are the player’s average numbers per 100 plate appearances, I’d probably take the guy that had 10 homers (which amounts to 40 total bases) + 5 walks as opposed to the guy with 20 walks and 0 homers.

  39. yes, i dismiss it, Tiki. I wish there was a stronger word than dismiss.

    and my point is, OBP might be better stat than BA, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the higher OBP player is better or more productive.

  40. Carp,

    So in case A are we assuming that no HRs are included in those 30 hits? And furthermore are all those 30 hits singles?

    And as for case B are those 10 homers randomly distributed amongst those 100 PAs? Or in other words is there equal chance that those 10 HRs are hit when the team is up by 10/down by 10/up by 1/down by 1?

    Because adding the power of those hits into the equation makes it more of a question that’s best answered by OPS rather than OBP. In general though, I’d still take the .500 OPB guy over the .350 though.

  41. Carp, speaking of truly great guys (and not just hero worship), do you know what Mariano Rivera said re: the 2001 World Series?

  42. No, OBP doesn’t mean the guy is more productive. But I’d take 30 bases loaded bloop singles over 10 solo moonshots. And a 30 single/0HRs in 100 ABs hitter will have the same BA as a 30 hits (inclusive of 10 clutch HR) hitter.

  43. and once again, for good measure, I am dismissing the andro/reporter story, and I am out of that conversation, too.

    and I consider myself an “expert” on sportswriting.

  44. CTB, these 30 hits and 20/5 walks and 10/0 HRs is an average per 100 PAs.

    Alone, 100 PAs means nothing.

  45. How is OPS flawed? I’m not saying it’s the perfect stat, because there’s really no perfect/all-encompassing stat, but on base + slugging? They pretty much capture what most people care about when it comes to being productive offensively.

  46. That’s fine, Carp. I agree to disagree, but at least you know I didn’t pull carcillo out of my ass, making up reckless claims. I dont need to beat any more dead horses. I already have authorites on my tail for my violence against dead horses.

    Do you want to know about Mo?

  47. Word stronger than Dismiss:

    abolish, banish, cast off, cast out, deport, discard, dispatch, dispense with, disperse, dispose of, dissolve, divorce, rive out, eject, expel, force out, have done with, kick out, outlaw, reject, release, relinquish, repel, *repudiate* , rid, send off, show out, slough off, supersede…


  48. I have a friend in Buffalo too. Her name is Hambone Mustang. I’m pretty sure her knowledge of OBP/OPS isn’t exceedingly better than mine….

  49. Technically we don’t really know how many At Bats batter B would have, since we aren’t given the scoring decisions of the rest of his 100 PAs beyond the hits and walks.

  50. Since it was a simplistic question, we can assume there are no HBP, sacrifices. And errors already be factored in.

  51. Based purely on not knowing how those HRs are distributed or even how any of each batters’ hits are distributed I’d still take the .500 OBP guy.

    But yeah, if you told me that along with 10 HRs the rest of the 20 hits per 100 PAs is loaded with a combination of extra basehits, bases loaded hits and even those 5 walks are bases loaded walks then certainly I’d take player B.

  52. I’d like to have Barry Bonds. One of the greatest batting eyes ever. .500 OBP (of course including IBB) + 70+ homers.

  53. Stats are a huge problem for me in assessing a players worth. There is no stat to determine ability on the base paths. It’s important. We need like, unforced errors, or something of the sort.

  54. AndrewMarchand Tex says he is fine to play, but Girardi wants to give him an extra day.

    Yay! Joe Girardi! In a division title race, in the final 3 games against the team you’re tied for 1st place with, and JoeGi will sit him another day even though he’s fine to play. BYFUGLIEN!!!!

  55. Back to school this week. Kids seem really nice. Said thank you, please and have a nice weekend. Having a boogie Stella to celebrate my first week of work. Or at least the completion of it

  56. I happen to coach a lot of baseball, and I will take the player with the BA over OBP every time.
    Minnesota (7th), and the Brewers (10th) in OBP has not translated to wins. meanwhile, Washington (12th), Cinci (17th), LA Dodgers(18th), Chisox (19th),and Baltimore(23rd) in OBP are winning with below average OBP’s. Washington’s team BA is 10th. Cinci is 15th. the Dodgers stay the same.the Chisox are 13th. andBaltimore is 21st in BA.

  57. and I think those 3 home runs Baltimore hit in the 8th inning last night were a heck of a lot more effective than a walk.

  58. I assume the people that love statistics are not always the people that actually *play* the game. (Not including fantasy)

  59. I am also a believer in the stolen base, and the sacrifice bunt. as well as moving the runner from 2nd to 3rd by hitting behind him.

  60. Ilb

    They’re your property now, and you can show them to whom ever you want. I had to space these things out for one thing seemed to overlap another and I didn’t want this to look like a hooray for me thing….all really it is , is pictorial of my environment and what happened to me at various stages. I did have quite a few adventures, and it seems like yesterday to me when I pull\out some of these old shots and recall what had happened. Some of the things were down right funny, and I wrote an essay / personal experience happening, and I was piecing it together and recalling with some laughter, that I bet Momma would find a few chuckles from it. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that these Marine Corps years, were during WWII which had not yet been finalized. Everything was quite primitive ( no long distance radio communications unless unless it was Morse Code, (you know ” Dit Dah, Dit,dah dee da”
    and you notice that shots of aircraft are all propeller jobs, no jets…they hadn’t arrived as of then. Our radio station was a Naval station with an ID call sign of NKT. Those fighters in the back ground were Corsair fighters of VMF 114 ( Marine Fighter Squadron 114′ V stood for
    aircraft, M meant Marine, and the type was the last. For instance, VMTB would be Marine Torpedo Bomber squadron and the number, 230 for example. Those close ups of the Corsair shown the reason why Chance Vought, the builder, had to make inverted Gull Wings, instead of the traditional straight wing. Just look at how close that prop is to the ground even with the gull wing. These birds won the Pacific war in the air, especially at Guadalcanal where Greg “Pappy” Boyington flew out of,,also Joe Foss from in the mid west , and I believe that he became a Congressman from there. It took 5 confirmed kills to become an ace…{Foss had more that a hundred, from what Ive heard. We only had one squadron of Grumman Hellcats,
    and that was VMF/N 111, which was a night fighter squadron, and was fitted with radar under the wing. Us radio clankers were assigned to the large Radio Central which was in the building that housed the Crash Crew ( and if you;ve ever seen McHales Navy,) those were the guys.
    and also the Control Tower. Believe me some of those crash crew heathens were some of the bravest guys imaginable. several of them were awarded medals for risking their lives climbing on a crashed and burning Corsair, and lean into the cockpit to drag out a semi conscious pilot.

    We did our flying in the DC#3 ( Gooney Bird), and the big Curtis Commando that hauled cargo.

    If you ever see that TV program Ice Pilots, they have two of the birds we used to fly..the
    DC 3 Gooney and the Commando.

  61. bull dog, with respect, you’re wrong. And FYI, Home Runs are not subject to luck. Any person that knows anything about baseball knows that OBP + Slugging % most correlates to a team’s runs scored. Offense in baseball is all about scoring runs.

    You can take the Batting Average over the OBP, but you’ll likely score less runs.

    It’s not a simple concept to understand.

  62. bull dog, I am not necessarily for or against stolen bases or sacrifice bunts given certain situations. BUT… if your team consistently sacrifice bunts, your team *WILL* score less runs.

  63. with respect, you’re wrong…anyone that knows anything… can’t….not a simple concept


    Classic Tiki self proclaimed expert arguing style. Thank god the expert is here to break down these difficult subjects for our little brains.


  64. And one last thing, bulldog… You do realize there’s 2 other facets to baseball that result in wins or losses. Pitching and Defense.

    Milwaukee has the 5th most runs scored this year, and the Dodgers the 24th most runs scored in baseball.

    He coaches, what, little leaguers? Does he general manage? Plenty of people coach that shouldnt be allowed to coach.

    No offense to you at all, bulldog. We just happen to disagree.

  65. Washington 12th in OBP, 10th in BA, 9th in runs scored.
    Cinci 17th in OBP, 15th in BA and runs scored.
    Chisox, 19th in OBP 13th in BA, and 8th in runs scored.
    Baltimore 23rd in OBP, 21st, in BA, and 17th in runs scored.
    the only team that your argument holds water is the Dodgers, who are 18th in both OBP, and BA, but just 24th in runs scored.

  66. and FYI Tiki,
    I coach 16 to 18 year olds. 1 or 2 have gotten college commitments as of now. not saying I had anything to do with it, just letting you know the level that I have been coaching at.

  67. bull dog,

    Washington, 12 and 10, too close.
    Cinci, 17 and 15, too close
    Baltimore, 23 and 21, too close

    The only one of yours that holds water is the Chisox. 19 and 13 is nice gap.

    We’ll just have to disagree. I’m not going to change your mind, you’re not going to change my mind.

  68. bull dog, I was illustrating the point to Manny (which probably wasn’t understood anyway) that because you coach doesn’t signify a superior knowledge of the game. Congratulations on helping your guys get college admissions. I think that’s pretty cool.

  69. *commitments

    And I believe that coaches in your position help students. Not just about on-the-field performance, but with character, work ethic, and growing as human beings

  70. I dont get any credit for those kids, there are other guys who have connections who I coach with. and those kids work very hard at what they do.

  71. I’ll take good care of those, Fran. And I’ll make sure I keep in order whatever else I get. Looks like it spans a few generations.

  72. Washington 486 runs against, +135 run differential
    Cinci 517 RA , +81
    Chisox 579 RA, +61
    Baltimore 612, -12

    With the exception of the Orioles those teams succeed by having quality pitching and run prevention.

  73. did not know the discussion was about pitching. thought it was about OBP. of course you need good pitching to win.

  74. What the Orioles are doing is astonishing. They have no shutdown pitchers. Their offense isn’t as good as the Yankees subpar pitching has made them look. They have a negative run differential.

    I’d like to know what their record in 1 run games is.

  75. In 1865, the Union was 21st in DWHBs (drunk while horseback riding,) 3rd in OC, (oat consumption,) 12th in CP (cotton production,) 9th in DB (dockside bullying) and yet still managed to finish first.

  76. 3-0 count, 90 mph fastball belt high right down the middle, lazy flyout.

    Green light a guy that hasnt hit all year on 3-0. :/

  77. did not know the discussion was about pitching. thought it was about OBP


    Well you made the statement that good team OBPs weren’t translating into winning and then listed that many of the division leaders had below average OBP.

    Tiki and I can are only submitting the idea that good OBP can lead to good offensive production which may or may not lead to winning. That’s where the pitching and run prevention come into play.

    Look at the Mets during the first half of the season and even into the second half, they had a good team OBP but were weak at run prevention.

  78. _KatieStrangESPN #CBA Second meeting between NHL, NHLPA has wrapped for the night. No word yet on whether the two sides will meet again tomorrow_

    anyone wants to take a guess as what was discussed? any chance they will have some sort of a deal before September 15?

  79. The players are about to face a triple whammy. If the Dems take power, they’ll get hit with a new fat cat tax as well as diminished league percentages and tighter caps.

  80. yeah Carp… i know exactly how you feel, man. As i said earlier… this baseball discussion is nothing but a sandpaper against the behind.

  81. You obviously understand and write two languages well, so you have me trumped, though I can stumble through a little Spanish (mas cerveza, por favor!) and read Latin. :-)

  82. Amazing how much money an aged 20 goal scorer can command these days and actually have multiple teams wooing him. Mind boggling.

  83. Of course, when the FSB questions me, I can honestly say in English that I have no idea what they’re talking about. You, on the other hand have no such easy out. Under torture, I tend to scream a great deal, but reveal very little.

  84. I’ve been stirred up from my customary hibernation by the obnoxious sound of popping shirt buttons – almost a 48 hrs mildly violent but still farcical chest baring show. Can we wind it down now ?
    @cooscoos – nobody’s torturing, please reveal more.
    @CCCP – second language my foot, what’s the first one, huh? Come clean, krutoy.

  85. cooscoos, thanks for scaring me to hell, I always thought by your contributions, that it’s only an ice fetish with you, nothing to do with the actual ice combat. A common condition for inhabitants of the Caucasus lowlands.

  86. Some website, cooscoos…

    Do you know what Chechens do to Russian soldiers and women? They’re animals…

    But Russia ain’t America that is for sure…Russians don’t give a damn about PC…they’ll torture the hell outta you and let everyone know about it.

    Iraq, Afganistan and etc. are really far from US…Chechnya on the other hand is right there on Russian territory…It’s a reall issue

  87. All of our wars (since 1865) have been fought overseas, giving the average American a false sense of security and a limited understanding of true horror. As Hemingway said (via the poet John Donne) “Ask not for whom the bell tolls.”

  88. Is everybody on a Google search to flaunt their ego now, CCCP ? You want to have a real fast exchange in Russian right now, go ahead, make my day.
    And @ cooscoos : please speak for the whole country of the U.S.A, citing them stylists and romantics. We will all learn from you what we did not learn in our high schools, my son never heard of Hemingway or Dos Passos or Dreiser, or Jack London, or Howard Fast etc. etc. I had to alert his young brain to those writers, because the school “system” would not.

  89. Perevod no perevod, the Odessa argot wins all the time. Keep your advantage as long as you can, buddy.

  90. HI pimp

    How’a things going down there in rich guysville?

    Just wondering if you folks down here have any notion of what’s gonna happen in this mess? At least there’s action of various sorts up there in Noo Yawk, and they know how to make the best of a bad situation, but us Floridians are stuck. The Dolphins??????? ehhhhh, the Marlins????double ehhhh’

    but hockey is hockey and if you can’t get it there, you can’t really now, get it anywhere.It’s gonna be a long cold wintah.

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