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My Greatest Goalie Coach

By Patrick Hoffman

I didn’t learn how to stop a breakaway as a goaltender from the usual suspects. Was it from a goalie coach? No. Was it from summer hockey camps? Nope. Did my dad give me advice on the position? No way.

I learned how to stop a breakaway from one of the best goaltenders ever to do so in the National Hockey League: Former New York Ranger, Mike Richter.

Back in the 1994-95 shortened NHL season, I was a Pee Wee “B” goaltender for the White Plains Plainsmen in White Plains, N.Y. For most of that season I had trouble stopping breakaways because I was either too aggressive, too deep in my net, or I wouldn’t get enough of the puck before it went in behind me.

Essentially, I was stuck; desperate for guidance from someone, somewhere.

That all changed on March 10, 1995.

That day, my father and I – he being the then-lawyer for former Rangers head coach and current NHL senior VP and director of hockey operations Colin Campbell – were going to be travelling with the Rangers to Montreal. The team was scheduled to take on the Canadiens the very next night at the great Montreal Forum.

When we got to Kennedy Airport, I introduced myself to the players. I mingled, as any hockey-obsessed child would, with Mark Messier, Adam Graves and Brian Leetch.

While that was all good and dandy, the real person I wanted to talk shop with was my hockey idol, Mike Richter. As such, I took a walk around the airport and was able to find him in a small magazine shop.

Star-crossed, I introduced myself to the lifelong Ranger and told him my problem when it came to stopping breakaways. I knew he was a nice guy, having met him before, so I was confident he would have some valuable tips, but what I didn’t know was what that he was going to explain it all for me.

Richter looked at a nearby shelf and grabbed two small 3 Musketeers bars, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Snickers. At first, I assumed he was being courteous and buying me some candy, but then he took to the ground and started setting up the chocolates.

In the middle of the shop, Richter used the two 3 Musketeers bars as the net, the peanut butter cup as the goaltender and the Snickers as the shooter. With each candy bar having assumed its respective role, Richter demonstrated what I needed to change. He told me that my best bet was to do everything possible to stay with the shooter and let him make the first move. He continued, showing me how to play the correct angle and not start backing into my crease until the shooter was the perfect distance away.

Since that day, I have been a changed man when faced with an opponent on the break.

After always coming up on the losing end in penalty shot situations prior to Richter’s lesson, I went 5-for-5 to close out the season. In later years, I continued to excel, winning breakaway competitions at the high school level and in men’s leagues.

Looking back, it’s safe to say I owe at least part of my ability as a goaltender to to the best teacher I ever had.

And, I suppose, the availability of chocolate.


On top of his work as the New York Rangers’ blogger for Kukla’s Korner, Patrick covers the NHL for, the NHL Home Ice web site and Liam Maguire’s Ultimate Hockey Web Site.

Prior to writing for the above-mentioned outlets, Hoffman’s musings have been published on the Red Light District Hockey Blog,, The Fourth Period, Spector’s Hockey, Hokeja Vestnesis, Blueshirt Bulletin,, as well as a slew of others.

For comments and hip checks, feel free to contact Patrick at or on Twitter at @pathoffman35.




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  1. Nice story Patrick.

    Is Gary Bettman still alive? I vote we send Jack Bauer in to hold a gun to his head, Elisha Cuthbert and Deon Phaneuf can provide the backup.

  2. Good mornin Patrick……………

    What great information from your teacher. And so cleverly done. And I’ll bet your Dad heard all about it also.

  3. Lou Lamoriello is scratching his head wondering how it was possible to influence a goaltender using as few as five candy bars.

  4. Difference between Richter and Maarty: Mike showed the kid some tips using Candy bars, Maarty showed the kid how to eat candy bars

  5. Gracias, Patrick. I remember reading about another young goalie aspirant from ancient Greece for whom breakaways were a constant problem. About 500 BCE, he sat down on a dusty Ionian promontory, lined up two Black Alder twigs for the goalposts, a decaying fig for the goalie, and an olive pip for the shooter. Hour after hour, he worked on the angles. Suddenly, it all became clear to him. He never really made his mark in early hockey, but he did become famous for various seminal geometric, mathematical and angular theories. Who among us hasn’t heard of Pythagoras Puckstopper?

  6. “You’re my boy, Blue.”

    Nice job Patrick. Don’t mind the “Guest Bloggers Stink” guy when he gets here later.

  7. does anybody else think this is stupid? the Brooklyn Nets are opening a brand spanking new arena, and they are going to play an exhibition game against the Knicks at Nassau Coliseum.

  8. Good late morning all! Great story Patrick. What an awesome memory to have. What happened with the candy bars?

  9. Maybe the Knicks refused to play a pre-season game in Brooklyn. Regular season is one thing, but why give the competition money in the pre-season?

  10. They had their 1st team meeting of the year before yesterdays game in which one player said they needed a wake up call and they had it too easy…. Aka lack of effort and urgency.

  11. I think the Yankees team meeting was about how to properly inject HGH into your body. Maybe the guys were just doing it wrong recently and thus were -tired- *fatigued*

  12. They did quit on 9/4/12 hence the team meeting on 9/5/12

    I offered to take your bet yesterday, asked you what the proposed terms were…

  13. Maybe the Yankees team meeting was to discuss Bobby Kraft’s shacking up with a 32 year old model 1 week after his wife’s death following her courageous battle with cancer and the danger of STDs….

  14. i know youre not gonna like that one, but youve been needling me for 2 days… its time for me to needle back! :)

  15. Of course u can un-quit, with the proper motivation and message being delivered.

    Carp, asking a serious question here, when you belittle these guys, have you ever stopped to think about how they’re human too?

    Have you ever considered that maybe you’re luckier than Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, and that Alexander might trade places with you if given the opportunity, just so that he could have a father growing up?

    This assumes you grew up with a mom and dad.

  16. “..the Yankees team meeting was about how to properly inject HGH into your body”

    Actually, Manny, I heard that it was about Vitamin B12 shots…and they were all administered by Roger Clemens with oversight from expert, Brian McNamee…

  17. Patrick Hoffman on

    Don’t worry folks. The candy was put back in its place in the store, hahaha.

    Thanks for all the kind words regarding my post. I am glad you folks read it!

  18. I may have to regain respect for Aves. There’s only one type of person that Avery can do better with than Blogmama, and that’s royalty!

  19. Hmm. If you’re related by marriage to a GB princess, does that make you a Royal? If you marry into a Stalin’s family, are you a Red? If you marry a Budweiser heir, does that make you a Brewer? And if you marry the Pope’s sister, then which are you, a Padre or a Cardinal? The only way to get the Astros to these questions is to ask a Brave man or an Angel.

  20. Well, gracias, Tiki. You’re a National Patriot, a Saint, and a Giant among men. Though I never actually Met you, I’m going to Pack up and return those Diamonds Back that I stole from you.

  21. I mean no disrespect here at all. None at all. But you sit atop your moral high horse, act like youve never made any mistakes in your life. You condemn a guy for making the admitted mistake of cheating when he was in his early 20s. In addition, you act like him having all that money means he must have a good life. Money doesnt buy happiness. You have no idea if or what kind of personal struggles he deals with.

    He used drugs, when drugs in MLB weren’t against the rules. If you want to call it cheating, fine. He cheated, so what. Get over it.

    This guy didnt Jerry Sandusky or Joe Paterno anyone.

    Are you going to condemn every person thats ever done marijuana… which is legal in some states and illegal in other states?

    If you want to continue condemning people, that’s your right. But I have the right to try and help you become better.

  22. Left Wing Take: ARod’s a one percenter. I bet he pays no more than 8 million a year in federal taxes, that cheap…#%@&@!

  23. Please Manny can you not turn this into a joke. Im not going at it with Carp. Im having a serious non (g)jibberish conversation with him and speaking to him as another human being that deals with struggles.

  24. I looked up WT and LMPG on google and only found: White Trash, and Liggett, Mandelbaum, Peters, and Gorman, attorneys at law????

  25. What is non (g)jibberish? I don’t even know what that means. I know about (g)jibberish though!

    So Carp is the human being and *not* the horse?

    I think everyone has a right to hate, loathe and despise the guys that put up tainted numbers in the most hallowed sport on earth. A sport that has the only hall of fame that actually means anything in this country. Carp is a sports writer (in addition to parenting us and talking people off of ledges) and therefore he is supposed to have an opinion on these guys. His opinion is fine with me. A-Rod has done some awful things ON the field as well as having paintings of himself painted as half man/ half horse (the man who not only sits on his moral high horse but is the moral high horse). Remember the time he screamed at the rookie who missed the ball? Remember the slapping the ball out of the glove thing? Remember when he had his cousin, a non-athlete, inject him with something that he apparently, “didn’t know what it was”?

  26. So he has paintings of himself as a centaur? And he yelled “Hah!” to a 3rd baseman in hopes of the guy dropping the ball? And he slapped at a glove to knock the ball out like players are regularly allowed to do at home plate? And he used drugs (that werent against the rules at the time) that he ADMITTED to and didnt use the excuse “didn’t know what it was” like David Ortiz?

    And that makes him a bad person??? Yeah, okay :/

    But Carp has no condemnation of David Ortiz, a guy that threw bats at umpires out of anger, beat on Tanyon Sturtze, told the media he’d find out what he tested positive for 3 years ago and then betrayed his word and never got back to the media.

    If I was a media member like Carp, I’d take more of an issue with a guy that promised the media something and never delivered like David Ortiz.

    Not a guy like Alex Rodriguez, who said he wanted to “take his mistake and turn it into a positve” by working with U of Miami athletes in the offseason, talking to kids about not using PEDs, and working with foundations for the same cause.

  27. For the record, Tiki, I like A-Rod. But I like him in a bit of a tongue in cheek way. Like the way someone likes Styx or YES.

    I don’t really get why you’re SO into him. I get why you’re against Ortiz. You hate the Red Sawx. That’s irrational but understandable.

  28. And since you brought it up and opened the gates, Manny….

    All these media members (not specifying Carp) knew that the players were doing drugs. They all knew about it. And yet they all did nothing. *NOTHING*

    Because they all benefited from covering the McGwires and Sosas and Bonds.

    So they played a role in the drug use, and they have no room to judge.

  29. To clarify something, I dont actually hate the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Bruins, or the Celtics.

    What I do hate is the disparity with which and hypocritical way those teams/players and my teams/players are treated in the national and local media.

    Carp is an excellent example of that. He rails on and condemns every NY athlete for every mistake they make.

    While no media member condemns Bobby Kraft, or Kevin Garnett for insulting cancer patients, or David Ortiz for never holding up his word to the media, and the list goes on.

    It’s not right.

  30. I have never, once, not once, seen Carp rail on anyone or anything. ( I mean that in blog language no some weird lascivious pun)

  31. Considering how much * Freddy (RIP) had ingested in his life, he could’ve easily won a bunch of MLB batting titles…

  32. “Teo torriatte konomama iko
    Aisuruhito yo
    Shizukana yoi ni
    Hikario tomoshi
    Itoshiki oshieo idaki” – Queen

  33. Andy Murray finally has a real chance to win a grand slam. Discuss…

    Federer suffered the injustice of being knocked out a grand slam QF by Berdych for I think the 2nd time. Discuss…

  34. Great story Patrick and nicely done.

    I still owe youse guys one more installment and I apologize – will get cracking on it and should see it next week. Been a real busy stretch.

  35. Not defending the news media, Tiki, but it’s kind of hard for the press to collect urine samples and administer tests.

  36. A-Roid’s a much bigger fraud and a much worse person than Ortiz, Tiki. And I don’t like Ortiz at all, by the way.

    It’s really hard for me to find anything decent to say about A-Roid other than he was blessed with perhaps the greatest skills in the history of his sport and he chose to cheat anyway, and he still is one of the all-time post-season chokers except for one year.

  37. Peter, we’ve been waiting for you to enter the Rangers locker room!

    The media didn’t have to collect samples. They knew what was going on and chose to not report it, because those reporters and their newspapers were benefitting from it all.

    Leaving Ortiz out of it, you’re wrong on Alex. He’s not a fraud. He actually is a wonderful person.

    And these stats dont say “one of the all-time post-season chokers except for one year”: .386 .498 .884

  38. Interesting, though, isn’t it, to see the normal and quick physical deterioration of aging athletes who (presumably) no longer use.

  39. I don’t have to worry about his reading my Dracula comment because, according to his Senate testimony, he doesn’t understand English. :-)

  40. Tiki, you may know about sports, but you know very little about media. 1). You can’t report something on hearsay or speculation. 2). Any editor would much rather break a big story about steroid use than “benefit” from the steroid era … as if newspapers really benefited from it, as they all downsized, some went completely out of business and many took reporters completely off beats.

    Have you met A-Fraud? Because he’s a jackass of the highest order. A self-smitten, no-good, despised jackwagon and a bad teammate. If he didn’t have that 40-100 power (fraudulent as it may have been thanks to his cousin), no team would want him.

  41. OhmyGod! If hockey doesn’t come back when it’s supposed to, will we all have to endure an endless array of football, baseball, tennis, soccer and golfing comments and opinions?

    This is very serious! Get me Bettman and Fehr in a conference call….stat!!! ;-)

  42. I saw a Ranger in Scarsdale a number of years ago who was out with a leg injury. He played at about 190, but after a couple months, he must have been 240! The grind of nightly, super-speed hockey sure keeps these athletes in top shape.

  43. Yes, Patrick – good post – it was about *hockey* with a *New York Ranger* connection! Good old Mike Richter!

  44. “He’s not a fraud. He actually is a wonderful person.”

    This comment sums up Tiki as a person in a nutshell. That is simply the best thing I have ever read. How could you not know he’s a WONDERFUL PERSON, Carp. Did you know that once A-Roid only had one vial of ‘roids left and he selflessly gave it to Barry Bonds (possibly the only more naturally gifted cheater in the sport).

  45. Hey Jimbo. Interesting story. I had to replace my sink and in doing so I had to remove some of the mouse protection I installed throughout the piping system and cabinet backs. Anyways, sure enough, I come back from visiting the ‘rents in CT and there is the little mouse hanging out in my cupboard. Needless to say, last night was a lot of hammering and filling holes.

  46. LMAO Manny…

    When A-Rod voided his contract a few years ago I bet Tiki didn’t think he was so “WONDERFUL” then…


  47. First, I’ll start off by acknowledging I do not have extensive knowledge about the media. I won’t pretend to.

    1. I understand that. The following is something I strongly agree with. From the link

    ~Another critical aspect of the steroids discussion is the role or non role the baseball writers played. The baseball writers cannot go unscathed, they deserve blame for this era as well. The baseball writers of America are the ones who vote for the hall of fame. On the hall of fame ballot there is an integrity clause which a lot of writers like to point to whenever they give reasoning for why they left someone off their ballot who is worthy of induction. It is the baseball writers role to be the watchful eye over the game, to call out nonsense, to expose the truth, and to make the figures inside the sport accountable. If at any time during the steroids era the baseball writers would have written and informed the public that major league ball players were not being tested for steroids, they would have drawn a lot of attention to the subject which would have set the forces in motion that would have led to steroids testing in baseball. But instead it took the Balco scandal to begin to shed light on the entire issue. Did the baseball writers not know major leaguers were not being tested for steroids? Or did they know and decided to not make an issue of it? We cannot forget the influence and the power of persuasion that the media has over the public. As much as baseball writers and other members of the media love to get into everyone’s business and break bombshell stories, we didn’t hear a word from anyone in the media about the possibility of steroids use in the game. The baseball writers let the entire era take place right under their noses, and missed the story.~

    To add on that story’s focus, these baseball writers are chummy with a lot of the players, and the same was true of then. They spent much of 9 months of each year around these guys, every day. It is not a stretch to think they had knowledge of the drug use while it was going on.

    Also, it’s not like the media (again, this is nothing regarding you) is the symbol of morality and integrity.

    Take this, for example. Bernie Fine of Syracuse University was recently accused of molesting children many years ago. Shortly after the accusations came to light, it was discovered that ESPN had possession of an audio tape of Fine’s wife and one of the victims implicating Fine in the molestation. This recording that occurred in 2002, ESPN had possession of since 2004. Yet, they kept possession of the recording concealed until last year, following the introduction of the Sandusky/Paterno story.

    In essence, ESPN did the same thing they condemned Joe Paterno for. They did nothing (like turning over the audio recording to the police) to help prevent a potential sexual predator from harming any more victims.

    2. The Steroid Era lasted until about about 2003. While a slight decline of the newspaper industry began in the early 90s, the severe decline of the industry didn’t occur until the beginning of the decline of the economy in the mid 2000s.

    This is how it benefited media members. More home runs drew fans and their dollars to the game. That money allowed regional sports networks to be created, of which most MLB teams now have one. Now, franchises are worth more than they ever were worth prior to the creation of regional networks. What do these regional sports network provide, more jobs to members of the media. In addition, it has provided more exposure for beat writers, who know are regularly seen or heard TV, on ESPN, etc. But it’s not limited to print media and beat writers. The success of baseball in the steroid era has not only impacted the success of Bud Selig, MLB owners, and MLB players, it also has affected the success of media members.

    If you disagree with that, that’s fine.

    To answer your question, I have never been lucky enough to meet Alex. But, I do have a friend whose nephew is a top prospect for the Pirates organization. He and his nephew are around Alex in Miami for a period of time each offseason, and Alex works with the nephew among other minor leaguers. I have heard tremendous things about Alex.

  48. Tiki I think you are confusing the media today with the baseball writers of the 1930’s and 1940’s. You know, the ones that told players they wouldn’t break certain stories about them and would go out drinking at all the hot spots with the players. Those guys are a different breed.

    I seem to remember a book being written about A-Roid……

    I heard really good things about Pol Pot as well. His mother was a huge fan…

  49. Manny, Im not sure how that sums me up as a person. I guess you’re saying I’m a terrible person too. Just like youre saying that once a person has committed one mistake in life, he is a terrible person.

    Actually, NYR, I didnt blame Alex for opting out, simply because of the way Joe Torre had treated Alex in the 2006 playoffs. At the time he opted out during the 2007 World Series, he had no knowledge that Torre wouldnt be returning to the Yankees the following year.

  50. Blame Torre!

    You’re right Tiki. What i was saying is that you’re a horrible person. I also said, verbatim actually, that A-Rod made a mistake and that mistake makes him a scumbag. (<–Sarcasm)

    Also, you're an absolute idiot if you think the only time he did steroids was the time he got caught.

  51. Alex never got “caught.” A steroid test that was supposed to remain anonymous was revealed by a *media member*

    He then admitted to using the drug Boli bi-monthly over the course of 2001, 2002 and 2003.

  52. How is that not getting Caught? He did something he shouldn’t have and people found out about it. It was, of course, not the only time he injected himself with something.

    Anyone else at all rational here? NYR, Carp?

  53. LOL…the only reason he opted out was because both he and Scott Boras knew Ca$hman was the only GM with the dollars to give him what he wanted

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ > anything else

  54. Manny, I know what you’re referring to regarding the writers of the 1930s and 1940s. But these baseball writers are just as chummy now as they were then. Beat writers author books with players, for example, Carp’s buddy Pete Abraham wrote a book with former Yankee Chien Ming Wang. Peter Gammons is invited to weddings of Red Sox players. The beat goes on..

  55. Manny, you are the only one that’s being irrational.

    NYR Fan, Cashman wasnt responsible for Alex Rodriguez’ contract. Can you at least get your facts straight????????????????????? Cashman spoke publicly about cutting ties with Alex. Hal Steinbrenner basically dismissed Cashman’s desire to let Alex go, and was solely responsible for the re-signing.

    You people dont even have facts. You basically pull carcillo out of your ass.

  56. Manny, I apologize in advance for this. You have no rationality or intelligence. You should stick to quoting Arrested Development. That’s about all you’re good for.

  57. Err…Ok fine…

    LOL…the only reason he opted out was because both he and Scott Boras knew -Ca$hman- the Yankees* -was- were the only -GM- team with the dollars to give him what he wanted

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ > anything else

  58. HAHAHA. Good one, Tiki, Oh, the pain! I am not intelligent! I am not Rational! A-Rod *is* a wonderful person. On a day-to-day, tip the starbucks employee basis.

    “Oh, the burning! It burns me! Evacuate all the schoolchildren! This isn’t a fever! Can’t even see where the knob is!” (That’s an Arrested Development quote there)

  59. Folks, take it easy…It’s about to go south. I have no idea about any of those facts, all I know is that sharing one’s opinion doesn’t make them a terrible person. Or more or less intelligent.

  60. I was attempting to have a rational discussion with Carp. And then people blog-jack the conversation, pulling lukewarm carcillo out of their asses in an attempt to start trouble, with no regard for facts.

  61. Yea. The General Manager has nothing to do with the Contract. The Yankees always defer to the guy that is an expert in HORSE RACING.

    I am so irrational!

  62. *BLOG-JACK*

    Hey ilb – “You that’s it let’s go!” (That quote is from David Cross, who plays Tobia Fuenke on Arrested Development, playing a character called Ronnie Dobbs on his sketch comedy show, Mr. Show)

  63. It’s been going on for 2 days, ilb. Constantly with the words insane, irrational, and unintelligent being thrown around. Im sick of being carcillo’ed on by 1 person trying to stir up trouble.

  64. Do you have knowledge of anything regarding baseball, Manny??? Steinbrenner was responsible for the signing of Rafael Soriano 2 years ago. Cashman did not want Soriano. Hal went out and got him.

  65. A word search of this page shows that “unintelligent” was used once by Tiki at 9:08PM.

    It was used ZERO times on Sept. 5, 2012 (a/k/a yesterday) and…

    Zero times on Sept. 4, 2012 and…

    for good measure, Zero times on Sept 3, 2012.

  66. I don’t know if I know anything about baseball, Tiki. Let me consult my bookshelves and see if I have any books on baseball or what my reference section consists of.

    Hmmm…Nope, seems to be entirely books published by Taschen regarding modern photography and the female form. Where is ORR when you need him.

    Although, in my defense i think I once heard something like, “never make the 2nd out at Home plate” or something along those lines….

  67. You just used the word Intelligence at 8:59 pm to say NYR Fan has intelligence and that I do not. Who do you think you are fooling?

  68. I hear B12 is good for hangovers…is that true Dr. Ilb? I know the patients you often see aren’t of legal drinking age…

  69. I may have said that NYR has intelligence. You specifically said that it was constant with the word “unintelligent” so I just double checked. Specifics, my boy.

  70. All you need to do is refer to your comment about Swisher batting 20 points higher this year than his career average to recognize that you have no knowledge of baseball :)

  71. Arod opted out because of Boras, knew he wouldnt get anything close on the market, couple of days earlier called Cashman and personally negotiated (begged) to resign. Bye bye Boras/Arod relationship. You cant spell Alex Rodriguez without the letters c-h-o-k-e-r appearing consecutively.

  72. Did you also search how many times you used the words insane and irrational and other forms of those 2 words to attack me?

    And since when did you become concerned with specifics or facts?

  73. They drink anyway, Manny….And if they do enough to become my patients, I use a different “vitamin” to treat them….

  74. Lev, Wrong. Hal Steinbrenner was solely responsible for Alex’s 2007 offseason contract. And you’re sorely mistaken if you think his playoff statistics label him a c-h-o-k-er.

  75. Oh wait, Tiki. Really? You are going to go after this point? You think that A-Rod is not a choker in the playoffs? Carp acknowledged he had one near unconscious year but other than that…..

  76. You want some facts?

    The Celtics are the finest franchise in the NBA’s history.

    Peter Gammons is a true professional.

    Bob Kraft is a leading philanthropist and role model.

  77. Hi Manny! Some might say I dont know anything about baseball but I do know the Yanks are embarrassing themselves again tonight. But I may be wrong about that too.

  78. Carp is not wrong. Statistics don’t lie, Tiki. A-Rod had ONE good post season. Guy is an all time great, but it’s sadly true that he isn’t a playoff hero. He hasn’t hit a playoff Home Run since 2009.

  79. Lev, you’re an intelligent guy who’s not out to start trouble. I have nothing negative to say about you.

  80. Tiki, I know that I have no knowledge of baseball and am unintelligent in general, but, isn’t a lot of “coming through” in the playoffs about situational statistics. Things that numbers can’t entirely tell you on paper? My memory may be failing me but I remember lots of times that A-Rod completely failed in the post season.

  81. You may as well be using the word “clutch.” And studies throughout baseball history have determined that “clutch” doesnt exist. There is no such thing as “clutch”

  82. Nice try Tiki… try again. .313 over 10 years and that is like that only because of his numbers when he was with Seattle. In his time with NY he’s had .421, .258,.133,.071,.267,.455,.429,.250,.273,.190,.111. So basically with the Yankees 2 good series in 2009 and before then and since then c-h-o-k-e.

  83. Listen Manny, I apologized in advance. Ill apologize again. I shouldnt have said that. You’re not a dumb guy. I dont appreciate or understand your purpose of intentionally antagonizing me words like insane, (un)intelligent, and irrational, and furthermore, not even using facts. Ive got heart problems just like you, I dont need to be intentionally riled up solely for your humor.

  84. And you might want to add that the low, low numbers of A-Rod all result in the Yankees being eliminated from the playoffs. I remember the .071 or 1-14 against Detroit.

  85. 2000 ALCS: .480 .773 1.253

    2004 ALDS: .476 .737 1.213

    2004 ALCS: .378 .516 .895

    2007 ALDS: .353 .467 .820

    Lev, nobody eliminated Alex’s Seattle career in this conversation.

    Why dont you scour Manny Ramirez’s postseason career. Im sure they have a few less than stellar series mixed in there too. Same for Derek Jeter.

  86. Tiki, if you’re heart is so fragile maybe you shouldn’t be getting into heated arguments that other people are taking so lightly. I would not even attempt to put that sort of blame on myself or anyone else on this blog. I will just go ahead and doubt you have a serious heart ailment or congenital defect in your heart that requires transplant or something of the sort.

    Let’s not accuse people on this blog of endangering your life for arguments that you are at least 50% of.

  87. You cant expect a guy to perform in every single postseason, or every single postseason series.

    It’s not possible. The sample size for any one series is too small to make any inference from.

    Why do I have to explain this?????

  88. Manny, I have heart problems in the family, Im unhealthy, and I have loads of stress. Your antagonism is simply for sport. And it’s not right.

  89. Tiki, stop using slugging % and use batting average, i see what you are doing. You want to know Jeter’s numbers? 18 years of .300 baseball basically. Most years.320 and up. And jeter’s play against Oakland so many years ago is already more than Arod ever did for NY.

  90. No way Nomar used Steroids. Man, without injuries he would be the best SS of all time. Easily.

    I don’t see how any of that is anyone on this blogs fault. Stop accusing people of threatening your existence on this planet.

  91. Oh man. The flip. Classic Jeter being in the right place at the right time, anticipating the play and being *CLUTCH* on both sides of the ball.

  92. Hey Tiki, as your elder, I might suggest that you stop participating in arguments/debates/fun blog talk where you place yourself in both the throne of knowledge, a/k/a master of truth and simultaneously place yourself in the position of Martyr that must teach all of us the truth that only you know and which we refuse to believe.

  93. As are wins and losses I assume. As long as A-rod gets a hit once every 10 hits it’s all good. Im done with this. Not even funny anymore.

  94. I was having a conversation with Carp. There was no purpose for you to get involved the way you did other than to antagonize me for sport.

    Please dont say that Ive dubbed myself the throne of knowledge, master of truth, martyr, only person to know the truth. I did no such thing.

  95. You may not have done it consciously but your subconscious sure came through your words. Things like,

    “Why do I have to explain this?????”

    “A-Rod is a wonderful person”

    These are statements that assume you are correct and the other people are not only wrong, but they lack the basic knowledge to even have a counter opinion. You are all-knowing and burdened with the task of enlightening all these people who seek to contradict you.

    That’s how you present yourself.

  96. Lev, the first primary statistic is OBP. The purpose of hitters in baseball is to “not make an out.” It’s not to “get a hit” but rather to “not make an out”

    The best way to “not make an out” is to walk, because you are eliminating the element of luck from the equation entirely.

  97. IMO, Alex is a wonderful person. Im not allowed to convey an opinion?

    I’ll give you the “Why do I have to explain this?”. Im frustrated. Im not an expert on baseball, but Im as close to an expert as possible. Ive studied baseball and statistics for the last 13 years. Ive read countless studies and countless books.

  98. “Im as close to an expert as possible.”

    Unreal. Great job. Did you award yourself with an honorary PHD or something like that?

  99. Im enrolled in a school on baseball management which Ill complete by December, then Ill have a diploma at least to show for my efforts. :)

  100. Tiki, I’m done with you for now. Seriously, you put the biggest cretins on a pedestal, you are completely wrong about the news media in general. I suggest keeping your non-hockey opinions off this board if you don’t want to draw ire. I’m not mad at you, but I don’t think you know what the hell you’re talking about sometimes.

  101. “…I have never been lucky enough to meet Alex. But, I do have a friend whose nephew is a top prospect for the Pirates organization. He and his nephew are around Alex in Miami for a period of time each offseason, and Alex works with the nephew among other minor leaguers. I have heard tremendous things about Alex.”

    Does this guy’s nephew stay away from rampant steroid use in the developmental leagues? Because…it sure doesn’t start in the majors…

    IMO, Alex was probably doing some form of steroids his whole career (people told him to take it and he still chose to) and only admitted it because he failed a drug test. He lied to Katie Couric on national TV, for crying out loud…only admitted it was “amateur hour” when did it in DR with his cousin…LIAR

  102. Carp, ok. I didnt draw your ire, and youre the only imporant one on here. The other 2 are simply trying to antagonize me, I shouldnt have allowed it to happen. Im *not* putting Alex on a pedestal, I’m just defending him. And I’m not unique, Im one of many many people that place some blame on the media for the steroid era. Did you even read what I posted regarding ESPN and Bernie Fine? Doesnt that offend you as a member of the media?

  103. I wouldn’t know, NYR. And if I was privy to that information or allowed to be with him and his nephew for his offseason practice regime, Id have been in Miami in past offseasons with Alex, Posada, and others.

  104. I think you make heroes out of non-heroes. That wouldn’t make you a Hero-Worshipper but it would make you a … something.

  105. why should I care what Bernie Fine says. Well, first I should find out who Bernie Fine is. He was one of the Three Stooges, right?

    Yankees* bullpen just quit.

  106. I dont believe that. I know what Alex did was wrong. Alex isn’t perfect, he’s made mistakes, stupid decisions, cheated. He’s human.

    I know that Lawrence Taylor’s trouble with the law is wrong. I know Jim Leyritz’ DUI or DWI which resulted in the death of another is wrong.

  107. Bernie Fine is an alleged child molester.

    ESPN held evidence of Fine’s alleged child molestation for 8 years. Never giving it to authorities to investigate. Doing nothing to possibly help prevent the harming of any more children.

  108. i kinda feel bad for Tiki, to be honest… bunch of you going against him… kinda like bunch of you went after me when i was defending Avery.

  109. Thank you CCCP.

    Carp isnt going against me. NYR Fan didnt go against me. Lev didnt go against me. They just disagreed with me.

    Manny chose to continue throwing the 3 words: (un)intelligent, insane, irrational over the past 2 days.

  110. Carp, probably a piece of crap wrote that piece of crap. But it fit my opinion, so I used it. HAHA! :)

    But there are many other pieces across the internet of people sharing the same sentiment.

  111. I thought you were saying that somebody named Bernie Fine wrote that piece of crap you posted.

    Who wrote that? and was it with a crayon?

    also, ESPN had very little journalistic integrity.

  112. yeah, across the internet everybody says “why didn’t the baseball writers do something … blah, blah, blah.?” … well, if any writer worth his paycheck knew for sure about the steroids, it would have been a huge story … just as it became a huge story when Balco finally busted open the whole dirty thing, which is still dirty as hell today. I’m a member of the BBWAA, though not a baseball beat writer. I had zero clue that so many guys were juicing. Everybody suspected Canseco was, but it pretty much stopped there.

  113. Bernie Fine was an assistant basketball coach with Syracuse. I found that out from Google. Never heard of him.

  114. How can anyone blame anyone other than the people injecting themselves with hormones, synthetics and bull testicle juice? I mean, those are the guys to blame. Now you can blame MLB for not actually making moves to clean up the sport once and for all. Just like you can blame them for horrific umpiring and not going to instant replay to solve the problem.

  115. Didn’t the people that were “American Gladiators” also use steroids incessantly and to their serious detriment?

  116. LOL Carp.

    You guys never heard Bernie Fine during the whole Joe Paterno scandal? Wow. Im shocked, and not in a “Im the be all and end all of knowledge”

    It was a huge story. And ESPN did the same thing with evidence that Joe Paterno did. And they condemned Paterno, but didnt condemn themselves.

  117. “How can anyone blame anyone other than the people injecting themselves with hormones, synthetics and bull testicle juice?”

    That’s like saying “How can anyone blame Joe Paterno for Jerry Sandusky preying on children?”

    If the media knew about the steroids and did nothing to stop it, they are partially responsible for the steroid era. My belief is they did. Carp disagrees with it.

  118. Tiki – how did you do on the SAT’s? I would assume not well (at least on the English part). The people injecting themselves with steroids were the ones doing the action. In your example the person doing the action, Jerry Sandusky, is masked with another person who is condoning the action.

  119. “Hey Jimbo. Interesting story. I had to replace my sink and in doing so I had to remove some of the mouse protection I installed throughout the piping system and cabinet backs.”

    Yikes, Manny! Did you capture him and train him to sit and watch hockey games with you like the last little visitor you had? ;-)

  120. Well, Tiger was also associated with teh Doctor that was helping A-Rod cheat (and Jose Reyes). You know, that Canadian guy that did blood spinning out of his home. Oh yea, he was unlicensed. No big deal. I want all my work done by unlicensed doctors.

    It’s like in Arrested Development when Tobias gets hair transplant surgery from an unlicensed physician and he gets Graft vs. Host and …..

  121. Has anybody actually come up with one baseball writer who knew and didn’t report it? or was it all rhetoric and speculation? Could you imagine somebody like Joel Sherman or Bill Madden not busting up that story? I can’t.

  122. “A: The police officer.”

    Hahaha!! And I’ve never even heard of a single one of those guys before, but let me guess? Football (American) players!? Second guess – NBA players?

  123. 1520s on the SATs, when 1600 was still the highest. And I didnt even try. :)

    “person who is condoning the action.” In my example, the entity condoning the action is the media.

  124. Great, Manny! At the rate that the NHL negotiations are going, maybe we can get your mouse-league games televised for the boneheads!

  125. Right Tiki, the example you gave justified YOUR analogy for the writers and steroids. It did not equate with mine.

  126. Hey, according to TSN, Doan says he will be staying with Phoenix, once the new owner gets all his ducks in a row…no, not Anaheim…

  127. Hell, I’d watch it, Manny! The thought of no hockey this fall is very scary….especially when our team has such promise now..

  128. Again, Manny with another unnecessary shot. My ramblings? I presented well thought structured opinions, to which you crapped on with your usual pseudo-intellectuality.

  129. Guess you can’t read, either. “as close to an expert as possible” Nowhere do I claim to be an expert.

  130. Sometimes I wish you were as light hearted and joking as the rest of us on here. Sadly, Tiki, you are not.

  131. What is there to be humble or arrogant about? Baseball knowledge? Hardly something worth being modest or arrogant about. It’s not really a big deal. So Ive studied the game for the past decade and a half. Doesnt make you any less intelligent than me. It just makes you less informed.

  132. Tiki, you are literally unreal. You do make this place really entertaining in the offseason.

    Stay golden, ponyboy.

  133. Hello, Tiki – how have you been? I’ve been reading the posts, hoping for some real hockey discussions, but the spectre of a delayed (or lost) season is now looming large…

  134. I just meant less informed on baseball matters. Like you’re probably more informed on political matters.

    This is me being self-deprecating. My extensive baseball knowledge has never done anything for me. I’ve never benefited from it. You’re a successful lawyer.

    No hard feelings for tonight, Manny. You’re right, I struggle with being light hearted, it’s difficult to be in my situation. I’ll make more of an effort from now on.

  135. Hockey talk! The Doan thing is not a joke. I never expected him to go anywhere else really but it’s annoying to see him stay in that situation when he could be helping us dominate in a 20 game season!

    So sad to be Tiki. No one will understand how hard it is. Poor, poor Tiki.

  136. Manny, I was gonna rag on the Yankees here tonight, but I don’t want Tiki to think I’m doing it to hurt him personally, even though I’ve hated the Yankees since before Tiki was even born!

    I shall refrain, however – I have no desire to cause trouble here in bonehead-land!

  137. Well, as they say, Jimbo, “the Devil created youth so that we could make our mistakes and God established maturity and old age so that we could pay for them.”

  138. C3!! How are ya, buddy!? Still got those working girls pounding the boardwalk down in the borough of my birth?

  139. Manny, that is a *very* appropriate quotation – and as I age, the payments are getting harder to make!

  140. I meant “it’s difficult for me in my situation to be light-hearted” and you turned that into mocking me some more saying “Poor Tiki”

    Im not “Poor Tiki.” I live a pretty damn good life. But I have personal struggles, like you and everyone else does.

  141. You can be serious!! Except when you’re posting hockey news! ;-D

    I saw your report earlier this evening – Nice Odessa-babe!

  142. Jimbo, Ive been great. The best Ive ever been. Thats why Im so frustrated with the Yankees. I finally find a bit of peace in my life, and it’s like I have to be punished for it with the Yankees struggling and likely missing the playoffs. Id rather be miserable and have them succeed. Any happiness I have while they’re struggling, I feel like Im betraying them.

    I know you hate the Yankees. It’s ok. Everyone has their imperfections. ;)

  143. Manny’s got a tough day of typing on RR at work tomorrow… :)

    That’s me being lighthearted and joking.

  144. Well, Tiki – that’s only a MINOR flaw of mine! You should check out some of the really important ones!

    There is a talk-show host that used to say that he hated the Yankees, but I think he was tossing the bull when he said it – but he always called the New York Yankess “The New York Inevitables”, because somehow, they always managed to overachieve and incur the disgust of their detractors.

    I don’t expect this season to be any different – they will probably “right the ship” just in time for a long playoff run, dammit! ;-)

  145. ” Any happiness I have while they’re struggling, I feel like Im betraying them.”

    If only those feelings were reciprocal, Tiki!

  146. Vy, rebjata, prosto oxueli.
    So, what we will discuss like 3-4 month from now? Snails’ menstrual cycle? Don’t even try to translate it, Tiki-son.

  147. What report, Jimbo?

    I’m doing well, thanks. Finally doing professional part of my nursing education. Lots of fun :)

    I miss hockey badly!

  148. I like Lev a lot. So this isnt a dig. But I cant believe so many fans in this day and age still place such value on batting average.

  149. The one about Warren 77, C3!

    Glad you’re doing well – *excellent* that you’re finally getting to do what you’ve been working towards!

    Don’t we all, my friend? You’ll be watching the KHL games, though – so you won’t be totally deprived like most of us will…

  150. Jimbo, so you mean reciprocal as in they’d feel like they’re betraying me when theyre happy and Im struggling?? I wouldnt want them to feel that way. I just want them all to be happy.

  151. No, Tiki – I meant that I hope that they would feel bad when they’re losing and making YOUR life miserable, because it seems like athletes don’t take the losing as hard as some of their fans do. Not only the Yankees or baseball players, either…

  152. Oh, Jimbo. Of course that’s the way it is sometimes. People like Carp and others would say “nobody wants to win more than the players.” And I understand they want to win. After all, they dont play to lose.

    But some fans take things personally and probably do care more about the team winning than the players. In the end, most of these Yankees and players from other teams have other interests or hobbies in their life.

    Also, my superstitions make me feel like Im partially responsible when a team loses, like there’s something more I couldve done. Like going to NY in May following Game 2 of the ECF cost the Rangers.

  153. Hahaha!!! She sounds wonderful, C3! I hope you both had a good time – any “number 16” sightings while you were there?

  154. Yes Tiki – they want to win, of course – but they get paid a load of money whether they win or lose – that must soften the blow of losing somewhat!

    I know what you mean about the superstitions – I have them, too – but they are complete B.S.!! Nothing *we* do can affect the outcome of a game!

  155. I dont know about that Jimbo.

    I believe that if I believe something enough, if I have enough faith, if I care enough, I can impact the game.

    Like before this past year’s Super Bowl, I believed in my heart that the Giants had to win.

    I had come to the conclusion prior to Super Bowl that if the Giants lost, I had no desire to live in this world any longer. Other stuff in my life was primarily responsible for the way I felt, but a Giants loss wouldve been the final nail in the coffin (no pun intended) so to speak.

    So I asked the 2 best people I know, ilb and his wife, to cheer for them earlier that week. And the morning of the Super Bowl, I was walking the dog, and I started crying and looked up to the sky, and I asked my dad in heaven to watch over the Giants for me. And I just believed with every ounce of my being that having my dad and ilb there for me would make all the difference. And the rest is history.

    Ill remember that day forever. I didnt say a word. Not a word during the game. Complete silence, and then when that ball hung up in the air forever and then hit the ground, I just started crying.

  156. OK, Tiki – if you really believe that, then fine – but torturing yourself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time which then caused our beloved Rangers to lose this past spring doesn’t do anyone any good – they would have lost no matter where you were situated, because they could *NOT* score enough goals on Fatso!

  157. What five words do pro football players in three piece suits hear most often during their careers? – “Will the Defendant Please Rise?”

  158. You think that Pippa would let him near the “almost-royal” honeypot? With the way he’s been swinging lately, maybe it’s the other person he’s “sloppying”….

  159. Jimbo, I dont know why, the psychology of it.. But it’s what I deal with. I blame myself for everything. You guys would have a field day mocking me if I revealed what I blame myself for.

  160. Avery would be dating Calvin Klein if he had the chance. Er…not that there’s anything wrong with THAT. – (disclaimer included on advice of my attorney)

  161. Well, I have no desire to mock you, Tiki. You should try to be a little easier on yourself, though. I think you would feel better about things if you could do that.

  162. Now you know what Tiki does for a living. He’s the guy inside the Phillies Phanatic suit. And he’d take a serious pay cut to become the NY Yankeatic.

  163. The Yankee thing is in my blood, Tiki – born in Brooklyn to parents who loved the Dodgers, at least my dad did – I don’t think my mom really cared about any team!

    Someday soon Blogmama and lots of the bonehead-folk will get together again – I almost met her last St. Patrick’s Day when she had the Norwegians with her, but it didn’t quite work out.

  164. Tiki, you are so lucky to blame yourself for “everything”, means you’re still in control, but when the others start blaming you for “everything”, game over. I myself think we should adjourn this de-bait ce soir.

  165. Oh yeah, she really wanted to do the march. But the Norwegians couldnt do it.

    Want to hear one of my theories?

  166. Correct! They could not do it, unfortunately – that would have been a blast!

    Theories about what? Yeah, go ahead…

  167. NONE of the boneheads blamed you for the Ranger loss to the swamp-rats, Tiki – only you yourself did that!

  168. About the multiple teams in NY. I cant stand that they must have the Yankees and Mets, Rangers and Islanders, and Giants and Jets. Along with Buffalo teams. And the old NY baseball teams.

    The creation of all the teams in NY is solely meant to divide the population of NY, take away fandom from each team.

    I mean, could you imagine how much success a new baseball team could have in Boston? All the fans of the Red Sox could be fans of the new team too. There wouldnt be any division in boston. They’d all stand united.

    On the positive side, it gives NY more chances to beat boston, like the Mets in 86, the Jets a couple years ago in the divisional playoff, the Giants in 2 Super Bowls, the Yankees pounding on the Red Sox for 86 years.

    But I cant stand seeing the division amongst fans. In my perfect world, there’s either.. only 1 NY team per sport, every fan of one of the teams is automatically a fan of the other team and “united we stand”

  169. Well, Boston once did have another baseball team, Tiki – the Boston Braves!

    What about long ago, when we had THREE baseball teams in New York City? Dodgers, Giants AND Yankees – I’ve read that the Giant-Dodger rivalry was really intense and hateful – I never experienced that myself – too young – but it was very bad!

  170. Boston probably would not support another BB team – the city isn’t all that big.

    I don’t mind that there are two teams in New York, because each one is in their own league. I really dislike the fact that the NHL has forced two other teams into the Ranger territorial boundaries, and that they all play in the same division.

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