Are you ready for some football?


… Because, God knows, there isn’t going to be any hockey any time soon. You may have seen reports (I think it was Tim Pannacio in Philly) that Gary Bettman will address the Board of Governors Sept. 13 to get full approval to lock out the players on Sept. 15. Which is nice.

So tonight the Super Bowl champions open against South America’s Team (Steve Somers coined that). Just wondering if any of youse would be interested in doing NFL picks each week? Just for fun, not for profit or prizes.

Also, don’t know if you saw the story on about the best leaders in NHL history. Of course, the Captain was No. 1 (though some in Vancouver think of a different number when they recall the Messier years). Future Ranger Shane Doan is No. 10.

Skid Crosby was No. 7. I just thought you guys would enjoy some of the reader comments regarding Mr. Slewfoot’s whiny leadership, since most everybody shares your view of Bettman’s Baby. (Hope I don’t get fined for saying that).

Got some good guest blogs ready to go in the next week and a half. Still expect a few more. And can probably handle a few others. If you want to volunteer, drop me an email at

PS, was watching the 1997 Ryder Cup last night. Just to show you how out of control the technology has become so quickly, Tiger Woods had a 234-yard shot and hit a 2-iron and left it short. Today he’d probably hit a 6-iron. Maybe a 7-iron. No more than 5-iron. I’d hit driver.

Finally, did you see Chris Kreider’s close-cropped haircut on Adam Rotter’s SNY blog yesterday?

My Week 1 picks:

Giants over Cowboys.
Bills over Jets.
Bears over Colts.
Eagles over Browns.
Lions over Rams.
Texans over Dolphins.
Chiefs over Falcons.
Jaguars over Vikings.
Saints over Redskins (Bounty Alert!).
Patriots over Titans.
Seahawks over Cardinals.
Packers over 49ers.
Panthers over Bucs.
Steelers over Broncos.
Ravens over Bengals.
Chargers over Raiders.


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  1. Just wondering what happened to that guy peter who was gonna have a part 3 to his blog entry, was looking forward to reading it.

  2. Bring back hockey!

    I couldnt care less about the NBA and I only follow the Steelers and Stl Cardinals are all but out of the MLB playoff race, it’s not looking good for October! F**k you Bettman!

  3. guest bloggers stink on

    With a lock out in the cards, this is guest blogger concept should really pick up steam. Anyone for another 1994 mention.?

  4. My Week 1 picks:

    Giants over Cowboys.
    Bills over Jets.
    Bears over Colts.
    Eagles over Browns. Lock of the week.
    Lions over Rams.
    Texans over Dolphins.
    Chiefs over Falcons.
    Jaguars over Vikings.
    Saints over Redskins (Bounty Alert!).
    Patriots over Titans.
    Seahawks over Cardinals.
    Packers over 49ers.
    Panthers over Bucs.
    Broncos over Steelers.
    Ravens over Bengals.
    Raiders over Chargers.

  5. So I was at the sports authority (doesn’t deserve capitalization) directly across the street from the soon to be former BankAtlantic Center (where the Panthers play) and I asked if they had any hockey equipment. It’s my little cousin’s birthday tomorrow and I’d like to get him started early in the greatest of all sports. Of course they didn’t have any. So I asked if they had any Panthers gear to which they replied “we’re sold out” as if it’s hot merchandise. They then told me they were focused on the Heat and motioned towards a table of some left over Heat championship (ugh) items. Of course I made sure to commiserate with them the difficulty of keeping merchandise in stock of two same-season sports franchises.
    Needless to say there was plenty of Dolphins and Marlins stuff as it doesn’t matter how crappy those teams are doing, they still make sure to keep those in stock, even when nobody’s buying it.
    Hockey is the red-headed stepchild down here and the lookout’s gonna kill any momentum it gained with the Panthers recent successful season.
    At least I’ll have 17 weeks to make fun of the Dolphins. Go Gints!!

  6. So was that the best captains of all-time on that Crosby was ranked at #7? If so, that site’s lost all credibility in my eyes.

  7. Demand truth in NFL promotions. Cardinals aren’t Catholics; Too many Saints are being arrested; Bills are perpetually overdue; Browns are not all brown; Not one indian on Chiefs or Redskins; The Patriots don’t want to pay the fat cat IRS surcharge; and the Giants are no bigger than anyone else.

  8. Good morning, Sally!

    ilb, as far as I can tell, the Giants don’t cheat and the Red Sox do. I think I got that from tiki.

    Jimbo, for all intensive purposes, JR could care less about football.

    … also, no Gretzky on the all-time leaders list. Nobody from the Islanders or Habs dynasties. But Shane Doan and Skid.

    No, we’re not picking against the spread because it’s too much work. And nobody has to do it or even pay attention to it if they don’t want to. But let’s face it, we’re going to be without hockey for a while here.

  9. Bills vs. Jets. An epic matchup to determine which team will win upwards of 6 games this season! Which overpaid QB can throw the ball to more areas where no receivers are standing?

  10. and how exactly is football better than baseball? I mean I enjoy watching 300lb overweight ex, current, or future felons sprinting for 2-5 seconds and then resting for 3 minutes as much as the next guy but…… no thank you.

    Ill hop on the Giants bandwagon after they go 8-8 once again.

  11. I do enjoy Eli Manning’s story. But im not holding my breath. Also what that former Giant (no idea what his name is) did was nice. He signed with San Francisco this summer i believe and some kid wanted to give him his piggy bank $ so he would stay in NY. The guy later met up with the kid, gave him a $5 bill i believe and spent the day with him.

  12. That story is great. Thank BANJ. Since that’s a 47% interest rate I guess the child should be brought up on charges for Predatory Lending. It’s clearly Usury lending. I would arrest the kid immediately!

  13. as an eagle fan of 25 yrs tonite giant cowboy game for me the only thing i want to see is either romo or manning to go down with a season ending injury. someone starts 0-1 thats a good thing.

    hockeywise a potential black friday day after thanksgiving rangers bruins on nbc to start the season on nov 23rd is the latest buzz.

    gabby could be back sign me up. a 6/7 week lockout would be ideal for the rangers we may not like it as fans but for the benefit of our team it could help

  14. BANJ – good guy Brandon Jacobs – if only there were more like him (Cristiano Ronaldo take note!)

  15. That NHL’s top 10 captains list is a joke…No Scott Stevens? But Skid made the list of course…can’t get around ANY list without the skid!

  16. Or Matts Sundin…longest serving Europansy captain in the history of the NHL…I guess none of writes care about real facts…really…why bother?

  17. Hey! Pipe down, Carp!

    Hopefully, this will be the final year of Sexy Rexy as coach.

    I really need a Giants win tonight. If they dont win, I dont think Ill be able to go to NY on Sept 17 to see Springsteen with Blogmama and baby ilb in late Sept.

    The Yankees disgust me. Ill defend cheaters, I’ll defend criminals, I’ll defend murderers, what I cant defend is a complete lack of effort.

    I apologize to Henrik Lundqvist for questioning his effort. The only time I ever remember him quitting on a play was that 3rd goal to go down 3-0 in either Game 4 or Game 5 of the CF.

  18. I think the “lack of effort” thing is incorrect. In fact, Piniella — who is awful, by the way — spoke about how, when a team’s not hitting, or unable to move a runner, it looks like lack of effort. I refuse to believe those guys aren’t trying (except for Cano and Martin and Jones, who never run).

  19. Well Cano’s lack of effort is highlighted by him not diving to stop that ball on Sunday. Whatever. I don’t believe that Cano doesn’t put forth effort. I think he just makes it look easy. He does tend to watch his home runs and he does not run hard to first. That is true. But I can’t call it “not trying.”

    The Yankees shouldn’t disgust you, Tiki. They have a lot of injuries. Gardner is out which means they have no speed. Pettite and Pineda are on the DL. Tex is hurt and has been all season. They can’t win every year.

  20. Carp, they’ve just quit. Nobody is grinding out ABs. They’re all up there constantly guessing pitches. They consistently take pitches right down the middle for strike 3 and swing at slop in the dirt for strike 3. The best AB yesterday was had by bum Chris Stewart. That speaks volumes.

    I saw Dickerson hustle on every single play yesterday. Because he hasnt yet had the stink of Joe Girardi rub off on him yet. This is the culture Girardi has created. He gives the offense no continuity and no urgency. And what we’re seeing now from the offense is a complete lack of urgency.

    *MUST WIN* for the Giants!

  21. Even with all the injuries, Manny, they’re not short of talent. It’s not about winning, it’s about trying.

    It’s been bandied about across the media the past few days, Cano’s non-effort. He needs to be benched, even in a division title race. Id rather see a 20 year old guy out there who has to fight to stay in the big leagues than Cano. Im this close to being done with him.

    I am done with Swisher, I cant wait until he’s off this team in the offseason. I never wanna see his face again.

  22. Same story as last season. Injuries aside, the lineup designed to outscore everybody and to score the most runs in baseball can’t hit the ball when it matters. Not sure that disgusting is the right word…more like a “waste”.

    Eric, nice! Keeping it classy like an Eagles fan, wishing injury on a QB…

    Starting to think NHL hockey at all this coming season is going to be miracle (on ice?)….

  23. Bench Cano? You’re insane. Why would you ever lose a playoff race with your best player on the bench? Give them a chance. They just got A-Roid back and he really gets the team going.

  24. Granderson overachieved to an insane rate last year. He raised his batting avg against lefties almost 100 points. That’s unheard of. Martin has been horrendous this year, I even think it has effected his play behind the plate. I don’t think it would change anything but I am shocked that Cervelli isn’t up here at least to provide a young spark.

    We have almost no one who can steal bases. Ibanez, Jones, Chavez and Stewart in a lineup is not going to win you much. Dickerson still has something to prove but isn’t a stellar player by any rate. And they are incredibly weak against lefties (of whom they will face 4 or 5 straight)

  25. Carp,
    not sure if you know the answer to this. In the event of a delay in start of season. Do they start wherever the schedule is at that point, or do they take the games off the end of the season? Not sure how it was handled in past. Was looking foward to Rangers opening with banner raising in L.A. :(

  26. Well said NYR Fan. :) B

    You bench Cano to teach him a lesson. He’s not above exhibiting effort because he happens to be more talented than everyone else.

    Dickerson is just a 30 year old non prospect.

    Contrary to most Yankees fans, I actually like Russell. His defense (which is what he’s supposed to be here for) sucks. But he has had terrible luck with BABIP. His line drive rate is high, it just so happens that every line drive for him is right at someone. And while his BA is low, he’s still walking over 10% of the time. He’d make a nice backup catcher next year.

  27. I love fans who say a team “quit.” if you believe that, then don’t jump back on the bandwagon once they rip off eight out of 10 and coast into the playoffs.

    there’s not a chance in hell that Jeter, Teixeira, even A-Roid, Granderson, Swisher, Sabathia, any of them, quit. Not a chance in hell.

  28. Gerry, I don’t remember. I think in ’95 they drew up a new schedule and, if I’m not mistaken, just played conference games.

  29. I know you’re post isnt directed at me, but those fans in general, Carp.

    I dont stop cheering for them, I dont stop praying they’ll win, I dont stop taking these losses personally.

    Of course Jeter and Alex and CC havent quit. Nor Chavez or Russell. The team has a whole has quit.

    But Granderson, Swisher and Cano have.

  30. yes, I am directly talking to you. It’s ridiculous to think those guys quit. Cano dogs it all the time. No chance, zero, that Granderson and Swisher quit. Why would they quit?

  31. No one has quit, Tiki. You’re insane. Your analysis of the Yankees is so irrational and jaded based on your personal loyalties.

    Granderson has come back to earth.
    Swisher is, surprise everyone, not a great player! He certainly hasn’t quit.

    Cano has not, and will not “quit” or whatever you want to call it. He is injured and having a tough season for him, which is still top notch for most players.

  32. All this just because the Yankees are tied for first place. Could you imagine if they were in third?

  33. Swisher is just a buffoon. Baseball is just a game to him. He’s there to have fun. Everything is all carcilloes and giggles for him. He goes up to the plate in every AB the same way every time. He doesnt treat any one AB with more emphasis than any other AB. Last night, up 2-1, with 1st and 2nd and 0 out, he had a 2-0 count. And he swung at the next 3 pitches, each pitch worse than the previous one. He didnt understand the importance of the situation. He could have taken a walk, but he was up there to get his hacks in.

    Granderson comes to the plate in key situations, and he makes no attempt to even get a bat on the ball. With 2 outs and 2 strikes, you have to make sure to put the ball in play. Putting the ball in play can result in any number of positive outcomes. But he has no desire to do anything differently. He just takes strike 3 right down the middle, or swings at strike 3 in the dirt.

    These guys dont even have the desire to stop guessing pitches, and just “see the ball, hit the ball”

    The team has been notorious for being guess hitters for the past several years, and even Alex has been a guess hitter his entire career.

    Conversely, Manny Ramirez just saw the ball, hit the ball.

  34. At least I have personal loyalties to players that have actually accomplished something.

    Like CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez, the 2 players most responsible for the 2009 World Series.

  35. so you admit you’re equating a hitting slump to quitting? you really think Granderson and Swisher are trying to NOT get a hit?

  36. I blame Granderson for coming to the plate in too many key situations. He should have a talk with the guys that hit in front of him.

    Swisher is a buffoon. Great point, Tiki. I never saw it before. What a loser. He has too much fun with the game and just spends too much of his time on charity. If he could stop trying to help the world and just work on playing RF then this team would really win. I mean he’s only hitting about .20 points above his lifetime average and he only hit 20 HR. It’s not like he almost leads the team in RBI or anything. But yea he’s had a bad week so screw him.

    Personal Loyalties? I have never met Mr. Cano. I have no loyalties to him. I just think your assessment of his playing style and ability are a bit odd considering he might be the best pure hitter in the game.

    Or they would have just all retired @CCCP@

  37. Alex accomplished getting caught doing Steroids as well. That was cool.

    Great choices, Tiki. You’re right. You are such a good decision maker. Your decision to throw your loyalty behind the two highest paid players on the team is a good one.

  38. Carp, Ill give you a reasonable comparison.

    When I say quit, especially in regards to Granderson and Swisher, I mean they make no attempt at changing their approach, even though their usual approach ends with the same failure.

    In comparison, when I was hated on here, and I acted like a jackwagon to you, I couldve just quit. I couldve just continued being an aasenhole until I got myself banned. But i made a real effort to change.

    That’s something these guys refuse to do.

  39. You’re comparing you acting like a total idiot to people trying to hit against the best players in the game? Now I really do believe you are insane.

    If you’re mad about their approach you might want to put that blame on their hitting coach, Kevin Long, who is probably saying, “their approach is good they are just a bit off right now, not seeing the ball well, but when they get a pitch to hit they aren’t missing it.”

  40. Manny, you’re not riling me up. For whatever reason, you’re making this personal.

    Alex Rodriguez isnt good anymore, and the Yankees are stuck with his onerous contract (which Id love to have dumped), but he’s got my forever loyalty for his success in giving me the 2009 World Series.

    Swisher was invisible in that postseason. Same with Cano.

    Is that difficult to understand?

  41. It’s not difficult to understand. It’s just not at all what you said. You said Swisher was a buffoon and that Cano quit this year.

  42. Manny, I do blame Kevin Long. The guy has done nothing to help this team aside from helping Granderson late last year hit lefties. The offense is in a 5 week slump, and he’s done nothing to change any of their approaches.

  43. And Manny, you mentioned Swisher batting .20 points higher this year than his career average. You do realize that batting average doesnt mean much, right? Batting Average is mainly just luck.

  44. and it is even more ridiculous to blame a batting coach for anything, unless you are in the cage with him every day. You have no idea what he’s doing with/for/to anybody’s swing.

  45. Actually, Carp, a person that watches every game can detect differences in a batter’s swing, or a pitcher’s delivery. Even on occasions, the broadcasters might make light of changes.

    Also, the proof is in the results. Lowest OBP since the early 90s.

  46. so, is he to blame for Jeter’s swing? or Chavez’s? or was he to blame when Swisher or Ibanez was hitting all those homers? has he screwed up Cano’s swing yet? is it Long’s fault that A-Roid’s body broke down and he became 50 years old? or that Andruw Jones swings for the fences every time, for his entire career, especially the second half of it after he, um, muscled up? Wasn’t Suzuki fading before Long got ahold of his swing?

  47. Derek and Mariano are the team leaders. Unfortunately, neither of them is a hothead, the type of guy to get in someone’s face.

    It’s no coincidence that we missed the playoffs in 2008, when Jorge Posada was injured for much of the year, and now, we’re going to miss the playoffs this year, the 1st year without Po. Not a coincidence at all, Posada wouldnt have stood for the lackluster effort being displayed daily. He wouldve gotten in people’s faces and cursed them out. We dont have any guys like that anymore.

    Instead, we have the buffoon Swish who giggles and jumps around over everything.

  48. Long could do something about the team’s OBP. The Yankees offense of old was successful because they used to grind ABs, work counts, draw walks, get into bullpens early in games. Long could try to instill a change in the team’s offensive philosophy. But it’s apparent he hasnt.

  49. Tiki

    i’ll pretend that what you said to me is funny…since we are separated by the cyber space…but if you said this to my face – I’d probably break your neck.

    and i mean it in the most nicest way possible :)

  50. Hey – remember that time Kevin Long went down the The Dominican Republic and lived with Cano and helped him day in and day out…..

    What a loser.

  51. I agree with NYR and @CCCP@ that the Yankees should go back to cheating. Melky was obviously the steroid induced key that supported A-Roid and the other juicers like CC.

  52. CCCP, it was intended to be funny. I promise. :)

    Manny, constant personal attacks from the person that places value on batting average. You can attack me all you’d like, it only speaks to your character, not mine.

  53. Kevin Long definitely needs to teach these guys to walk more. Walking 100+ times a season is something you can easily teach someone.

  54. CCCP, I’ll let you get one free kick to my Bickels or a punch to my Lundqvist when I finally meet you. :)

  55. Have you applied to be their hitting coach? What, specifically, do you think is wrong with Swisher and Granderson? Please analyze Swisher’s approach from both sides of the plate.

  56. Granderson is a groove swinger. He has the ability to be more. Since the introduction by Kevin Long of his new batting stance in late 2010 when he opened his batting stance, moved his hands back on the bat, and began keeping both hands through his entire swing, he’s shown quick enough hands and enough bat speed to be better than we are currently seeing. For the most part, his swings are the exact same no matter the situation and if it hits his bat, it has the ability to do damage, if it doesn’t he K’s.

    In addition, like most of the Yankees lineup, he struggles on offspeed pitches.

  57. Swisher’s swing has been better from the right side throughout his career. Compact, very little motion, head of the bat moves quickly through the strike zone. His swing from the right side is tailored for line drives, thus his higher line drive rate which correlates to a higher BABIP and higher batting average, a higher OBP. His swing from the left side is longer and less compact, which gives him more power from the left side than the right side.

    He’s got a career OPS above .800 from both sides of the plate though, so he doesn’t have significant platoon splits. However, this year, he’s had a lot more power batting LH as he’s slugging almost 100 points higher from the left side, due to the long swing designed to hit the ball out of the ballpark.

  58. And again, he struggles on offspeed pitches, like most Yankees do.

    The scouting report on Yankees hitters is to throw them offspeed slop.

    The reason for these struggles is the fact that they’re all guess hitters. When I originally started this conversation with the word quit in regards to the offense, it was mainly due to the constant guess hitting of the lineup and their refusal to change. The guessing simply isnt working, and it’s about time for a change in philosophy.


    Read this article entitled “Swing For the Fence – Ruin Your Mechanics”

    Almost every player, with the exception of Jeter, swings for the fences. That’s the most significant problem of the offense.

    From the article, “The player must be made to understand that home runs should not be sought after. They are something that just happens when the hitter least expects it.”

    Again, this is nothing more than a batting philosophy. Who is responsible for batting philosophy? Hitting coach.

  60. To conclude, the 3 things that will end the Yankees season early, in no particular order:

    1. Guess hitting
    2. Inability to hit offspeed pitches
    3. Constant swinging for the fences

  61. For the football pick ’em why not set up a group on yahoo. That way you can do it against the spread if you want and keep a running total throughout the season.

    BTW, here’s my guest blog entry:

    I got nothin’

    Go Giants

  62. Tiki, would you like to bet the Yankees miss the playoffs? I’ll even give you a game and a half. In other words, for me to win, they have to get in two games clear of the best team not to make it. How’s that?

    It’s a slump. S-L-U-M-P. Every team goes through it, especially those with an average age of 45, whose steroid days are behind them, and who have Bozo The Clown for a hitting coach :) … not to mention the injuries in the middle of the lineup. I imagine this isn’t your first year watching sports.

    Or maybe it’s fatigue ;)

  63. I’ll never bet on one of my teams because of superstition.

    I’ll bet against them, but I pray I lose the bet. What are the proposed terms?

    A 5 week slump is no longer just a slump. Carp, I hope you at least read (past tense) the stuff I just detailed. It’s the reason for the prolonged 5 week slump.

    This is for Manny… I expect to have a conversation in which people actually try to debate a topic, rather than throw around insults in place of a substantiated rebuttal. I noticed that once I provided the information you sought, you crawled back into your hole.

  64. speaking of fatigue, Carp,
    I have watched game 6 against the Devils a few times over the summer. you know who the stronger team was for the 2nd and 3rd periods? thats right, the Rangers. they were taking the game to the Devs from the 2nd period on.

  65. Without getting into my in-depth knowledge of BABIP…I suggest a sample size of at-bats over a five-week period is still too small to distinguish between random variation (i.e. luck, a “slump”) and a significant decline in performance/approach etc.

    Paging CTB…

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA just kiddin , even talking baseball the site is fun!!!

    While were off the topics , Im on pace to run over 1200 miles this year!! So Far ive ran 1 marathon , 2 half marathons , a couple 10ks and a 5k so far this year. No hockey? Im running!!

    You American supporters should be very PROUD of your country for winning so many Medals in London. Lots of gold medals in swimming and Athletics. Us in Canada…EMBARASSMENT!! 1 stinking gold medal in…. omg i feel silly, Trampoline jumping!!?? Thats sick. ALL Canada got was a few lousy bronze and 1 trampoline jumping gold. Every parent will buy a trampoline now. YIPPEEE!! A neibor across the alley is flying an American flag on his garage !!! What a messier over here!!!

  67. bull dog, you realize that’s because the Devils were in control of the scoreline, and therefore playing a “prevent defense” if you will. And once you begin playing a ‘prevent defense” it’s difficult to flip the switch and turn your play back on.

  68. Kevin Long is so bad that even players from opposing teams go to him for help and rate him as one of the best, if not the best, in the league.

    Cano is the best player on the Yankees and it’s not even close. Bench Cano? To do what? Prove a point? He has played this way his whole career, he wont change. Bench him today, probably lose the game, come back here tomorrow and whine why Girardi didnt pinch hit for Nix in the 7th with Cano on the bench.

  69. Aw geez, after going all this long without Hockey down here, and diminishing hope of it happening up there, …………………..I’m gonna be freaking out when I start to see bad messages coming cross the lines, and no one seems to have a handle on anything…why it’s getting so creepy that I’m ready to say , OK you want Doan, go for it, but lets get the games going for Pete’s sake.

  70. I see the lineup today is Jeter Swisher Cano Arod Martin Granderson Jones Nix Pearce. So basically if Jeter, Cano, and Arod cant go a combined 7-12 or better we lose. Kuroda will probably allow a couple of runs early and then be lights out rest of the way.

  71. Lev, of course Cano can change. Anyone can change. He just needs the motivation. As for Long, we can agree to disagree. Our offense has declined each of the past 3 years. They are one of the worst situational hitting teams in MLB. And they are largely home run or bust. Look at the details and stats I posted earlier. If anyone takes the fall for this collapse, it will likely be Kevin Long. It wont be Girardi or Cashman.

  72. This Rays offense cant hit, yet they find a way to hit against us. We need Kuroda to step up. And youre right, Girardi has gotta get those righties in against the LHP. Yeah, let’s play Andruw Jones, who no longer even belongs on a Little League World Series team.

  73. That’s correct, bull dog. And thank you for some hockey talk.

    Speaking of American pride over the Olympic medals, did you see that the USOC gives out cash bonuses for medals, like $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver, $10,000 for bronze. And the US won what, 100 medals? So the next time the USOC comes knocking for donations from me, they can shove it.

  74. Are you ready for some football, cause I’m sick of this dog and pony show they call the NHL.

  75. Hey Carp, Tony from AZ send his love to you. And I’m staying away from everything else here today….oy!

  76. Some guy I argued with on thinks that Bobby Clarke is the best 2 way forward ever. HAH!!

  77. There it is! An 82 mph changeup right down the middle. Literally right down the middle, and the buffoon takes it. Just guessing pitches.

    Usually, guess hitters abandon guessing with 2 strikes. Not this team.

  78. All we need is one clutch hit to get everyone revved up. Please Hiro shut them down in wait of that hit.

  79. Oy. This is just horrific. How do they sleep at night??? I guess on large piles of money…

    NYR, how long you been a fan of the Rangers, etc?

  80. This is the game right here. We can barely manage to get 5 hits a game, so 3 runs will be unlikely.

    Great job Hiro to get the 2nd out.

    Cool, NYR.

  81. 3 pitches right down the middle in an at bat. Just take strike 3 lookin’! This team has more strikeouts looking on pitches right down the middle than any team in the history of Earth and Mars.

  82. Hey, there’s another strike 3 right down the middle!!

    Man, I wish I could blame the umpires for cheating us. I really wish I could.

  83. Then Nixy takes strike 3 right down the middle, which was called a ball, and then strikeout at a pitch low, inside, and in the dirt. Yay!

  84. Maybe Alex and his cousin and Rocket and Pettitte and Giambi and Sheffield and Knoblach and Melky and Bartolo can come up with an idea on how the Yankees hitters can get better.

  85. Sweeny Murti ?@YankeesWFAN

    9 Yankees up, 9 Yankees down. 7 strikeouts, 0 balls out of the infield.


  86. This is a good tweet. @JimmyTraina Girardi would’ve benched Ted Williams against lefties.

    Come on Jeterrific! Get things started!

  87. Are the Yankees* in as bad a state as the Giants when you posted this, Tiki?

    “I feel terrible about the Giants current situation and our future. Tom Coughlin has lost the players’ respect, rightfully, and it really is time for him to go.

    The same act of red face, yelling like a maniac gets tiring when no changes are made. When there’s no discipline, urgency, or awareness, that’s on the coach.

    We have an opportunity to replace a one-year contract, lame duck head coach with Bill Cowher, we ought to do it.

    Under no circumstance should we go into the season with a lame-duck coach in the NFC East. It will amount to a wasted season.”

  88. LMAO, LW. The difference between you and me tiki …

    Hey, I wonder if the Empire State Building is lit in silver and blue for the Cowboys tonight, along with Jerry Jones and Mr. Snider, et al.

  89. Hey, Tiki, if you have unconditional love for A-Roid for his one decent postseason ever, why don’t you have the same for Girardi, who brought multiple rings as a player and a manager? just wonderin’ aloud.

  90. LW, Ive been known to be wrong once or twice. And there’s a point in every Giants season of the past several years, usually after they start off 5-2 or 6-2, the Giants lose focus, awareness, and urgency Then in 2 years, they happened to go on 2 of the most miraculous playoff runs in NFL history.

    I take issue with the way Kevin Gilbride offensive coordinated in the Super Bowl this past year. He coordinated the game as if the Giants were playing the Patriots in 2008 or the Bills in Super Bowl XXV. He tried to play field position, run the ball and chew the clock.

    By all rights, the Giants should have beaten the Patriots on February 5, 2012 by a score of 42-17. We could have blown them out like the turds they were, but instead, Gilbride’s coaching kept the Patriots in the game, and by the luck of a Wes Welker drop and the skill of an Eli Manning throw, we won.

    Winning doesnt negate poor coaching decisions.

  91. wonder if LT is going to be allowed out of jail to attend the ceremony. And if so, will he be stopping off at his dealer and then the motel in Rockland on the way back?

  92. I like Girardi. I just dont want him as our manager, he’s an awful manager.

    And the reason I have unconditional love for Alex is because he’s an underdog IMO. He’s like me in a lot of ways, except the part where he’s filthy rich.

    He grew up without a father and a role model, he’s always seeking the approval of other people, all the good on the baseball field he does gets forgotten (for instance, 2009 wasnt his only good playoffs… he was never the playoff choker everyone made him out to be), all the stuff he does away from the field gets ignored. There’s plenty more reasons, those are just a few.

    Nice shutdown inning Hiro!

  93. LT was on ESPN the other day. ESPN’s entire live interview of him was asking him questions about Bile (misspelling intended) Belichick.

  94. This loser Witten is playing. He’d sit out a Super Bowl against the Patriots if he had a hangnail.

  95. I must applaud Gilbride for coming out throwing the ball 3 straight times. Too bad he didnt do that against a team (Patriots) that couldnt defend the pass.


  96. Those 2 things couldnt have happened at better times. Loser fumbles the ball. And Hiroki placed all his focus on the runner on 1st and failed to focus on the batter, thus giving up the tie game.

  97. Russ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And loser Jason Garrett puts the ball in the backfield on 4th and inches. Bill Belichick knows you dont put the ball in the backfield on 4th and Inches. You QB sneak it every time.

  98. Just cheated us. A interception TD that wasnt, and the referees miss a clear defensive holding on 3rd down. Same carcillo different day.

  99. There’s Swish again! Failing to get the runner in! A 38 year old Jeter trying his heart out stealing 3rd with 1 out, and there’s Swish acting the fool.

  100. just saw that remark earlier … one of many that have been off the wall today … A-Roid an underdog? Huh? That’s flat out nuts.

  101. This Cris with no “H” for honor Collinsworthless really hates the Giants. He’s a despicable human being.

    None of my comments from today were off the wall. Maybe the “underdog” comment, but like I said, that’s my opinion.

    And here’s Kevin Gilbride working his magic again. Bill Belichick knows that in the absence of a run game, you throw short passes and screens to the halfbacks. But we keep wasting 1st and 2nd down, leaving Eli with only 3rd down to convert a 1st down.

    Same carcillo.

  102. A shameful 1st half performance. The Cowboys have committed 4 false starts and 1 delay of game, and given up a near INT TD, and yet they lead because of a rookie fumble and because Kevin Gilbride is still Kevin Gilbride. Nothing ever changes. The Patriots will likely go 14-2 or 16-0 this year, and here we are the Super Bowl Champions struggling at home on opening night.

  103. The team must come out in the 2nd half with the same urgency it displayed in the final 6 games of last year.

  104. Theye just constantly holding or D Line. Just wait, when we finally get a big play, it’ll be called a holding.

  105. Kenny Britt got suspended for 1 game, a game against the Patriots.

    But Dez beats his mother Bryant doesnt get suspended for 1 game, a game against the Giants.

  106. Defense is done for the night. Too many injuries and too many offensive 3 and outs and the D is too tired.

    Oh well, at least this didnt happen in the Super Bowl.

  107. I hope nobody is going to think Tony Romo is any good. The guy will never win anything in his career. He’s a bona fide loser

  108. Cris without honor just said “against this defense” as if this defense wasnt playing its 5th cornerback. No urgency. Ya know, Tom, i love your mantra of Finish, but it doesnt hurt to also Start! Too many 3 and outs, cost us 4 points on the INT and thats that for this game. 1st super bowl champions to lose the night opener.

    The patriots suffered no injuries the entire preseason, in practice or games. And as usual, our players are dropping like flies.

  109. Looks like the Giants will lose their first game of the season and all hope of making the playoffs with it. Shame…coulda been a great season :}

  110. The referees actually helped us keep the game alive by calling a penalty to take away a 1st down and create a 3rd and long. And we give it up anyway. Deserved to lose. And this punk Al Michaels keeps saying Oooooogletree. Hey you loser, there’s only one O in his name.

  111. Once again, our Home Field Advantage meant nothing. It took 172 years to beat Tom Brady at home. And its because Bill Belichick understands that this is a passing league, its no longer a league where u run on 1st and 2nd down. But this turd Kevin Gilbride cant get it thru his sick skull.

  112. Pretty funny, already, Giants fans reaction to this … as if they weren’t a 9-7 team that happened to run the table last year. no, they were Lombardi’s Packers and this was the start of a dynasty. Very funny.

    And Victor Cruz, I don’t believe, did much dancing or cavorting with celebrities tonight, did he? but the night is young.

  113. Just heard one of the Giants being interviewed on the radio, presumably a graduate of a four year university, say “The offensive line fought they ass off.”

  114. MDZ let’s former-future Ranger Zach Parise go right through him. Parise sets Zajac up for 2-0 goal in te the first period of game 4…Hagelin hit the crossbar about a minute before Zajac’s goal

  115. Not sure why the possibility of a Giants dynasty is funny to you Carp.

    The best QB in football, along with a good group of WR, a decent RB, good OL, good LBs and secondary when healthy.

    4 of the best lineman in the game. Tuck, Umenyiora, Pierre-Paul, and Kiwanuka (converted from DL to LB).

    Tom Brady’s Patriots have been a dynasty for 11 years, largely on the right arm of Brady and the brain of Belichick.

  116. Had Parise come to us, he would’ve been the loser that he is, and for that money. Now he’ll rot away in Minnesota for the next 10 years with an organization that

    And Victor Cruz has got a case of the Canos. He’s arrived. He’s made it. So now he no longer has to bust his ass. *This is just the anger at tonight. I sure hope this was an aberration performance from him.

    And yeah, he Salsa’d his ass all over the Patriots on February 5, 2012 and gave Bob Kraft the ending he deserved.

    I still cant believe Kraft is sleeping with a 32 year old chick less than a year after his wife’s death. Way to tinkle on her grave, Bobby!

  117. I didn’t see this game because in was in Paris at that time but man…this game is boring! Rangers haven’t created anything in the first period at all aside from some stupid penalties.

  118. Actually Minesota has a pretty damn good roster. Setoguchi, Heatley, Koivu and now Parise and Suter with a good mix of really good young players plus a decent goalie. I think Parise will be just fine there.

  119. It wasn’t that Gaborik was so bad in the Devils series….it was that he was just average most of the time…It’s hard to believe that he even played that effectively with the injury he had…guy is a warrior…

  120. Google it, Tiki ;)

    Yeah this game so far seems like its all Devils…shooting and attacking Lundqvist from every corner. As far as Gaborik goes…this is what he is…an injury prone extremlely streaky player. Aside from Staawlh Hagelin and Kreider nobody else is visible

  121. Bobby Kraft* is a warrior. He fought through the hard times of losing his wife for a week or two before shacking up with a 32 year old actress. HA!

  122. Commenting on Carp’s opening: Almost all Touring Pros actually deloft their irons at impact and have incredible swing speeds despite what appears to the eye as slow and smooth. Also, they hit “late,” much later than we can muster unless we hit 500 balls a day every day for many years and have the proper instruction to go along with it. Also, in competition, they would never take a sleeve of balls from the pro shop, not even ProV’s. Their balls are specially handled and inspected by the manufacturers for them, weighed and balanced each.

  123. Addendum: Most weekend golfers, on a 234 yard par 3 never consider it, but would do themselves a serious solid by hitting two nine irons and then try to sink the putt. Instead, everyone pulls out the fat boy and depending on the narrowness of the fairway, the usual score is double or triple bogey, or worse :-)

  124. Great, great story Patrick, and very well done.

    I still owe youse guys one more installment and I apologize – will get cracking on it and should see it next week. Been a real busy stretch.

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